AC Milan presenting competition to Arsenal for Premier League winner

Arsenal would have loved to finish the just concluded season inside the top four because it gives them an opportunity to sign the best players in European football.

The Gunners, however, will play in the Europa League from next season after a poor end to this campaign.

Mikel Arteta’s men will still bolster their squad, and they remain ambitious with their targets.

A new report on Todofichajes claims they remain interested in a move for former Liverpool man, Raheem Sterling.

He has just won another Premier League title with Manchester City, and the Gunners could make good use of his winning experience.

However, they are not the only club in pursuit of his signature, with the report claiming AC Milan also likes the attacker.

They have just won the Italian league title and have been scouting for top players that can join them.

Sterling is one of them, and they are hopeful, he would choose a new experience outside England, which will help them win the race for his signature.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Sterling will bring so much quality to our team, but a move for him will not be easy to pull off.

City is one of the best clubs in the world, and he also earns a huge salary at the Etihad.

Moving to Arsenal to play in the Europa League will be a hard decision for him to make, and he would demand a huge financial package to swap his present home for a stint back in London with Arsenal.

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  1. I have expressed my view on buying Sterling many times before.

    Not on your Nellie!!!!!!

    If we want to pick up Man City left overs, then for heavens sake. lets get Jesus. Sterling brings too many distractions.

    But Please Please Please buy a top DM FIRST!!!!

    Finally, I thought we wanted Madison from Leicester, not Tielemans. Why the supposed change of direction?

    Madison, after a slow start, had a great year!!

  2. No .. he is not the striker that we are looking for .. we need a finisher in the box which is rare these days but don’t get Sterling just to fill a gap!

  3. Sterling aside, it will be interesting to see whom our first publicly acknowledged transfer target will actually be…some reports suggest that Jesus has had some sort of preliminary discussions, while other rumours have suggested that Oshimen is more than just on our radar…I would contend that if MA engages in any media discourse involving the possibility of a tactical shift, this will likely direct speculation in a particular direction

    kind of like Sterling, in that if MA wants to make a slow transition from our rather negative 4-2-3-1 into a more City-like 4-3-3, then this player, or a Jesus, might make more sense than a more traditional target man Striker, like Oshimen…whereas if the present tactics are here to stay, acquiring someone with some height, considering our propensity to attack from the wings and put crosses into the box, would surely be on the top of our wish-list…I just hope that all the rather nonsensical lip service from the manager will subside a bit and that he will instead provide some more “real” footballing insight about his vision for the future of the club, from an actual tactical and personnel standpoint…I highly doubt it though, as this current PR organizational crusade seems to care infinitely more about perception than reality

  4. Sterling is better than we currently have so we can’t turn our noses up at such quality. We need more goals in the squad. The midfield goals output is dreadful hence Madison could be great for us: clever, technical and loves goals. Odegaard and Xhaka alone simply cannot threaten top four sides let alone top champions league teams. A great wide attacker who can play left or right so we can rest Saka occasionally. I fear he will continue to be overplayed.

    1. Maddison yes but Sterling I feel is the type of player to crumble under pressure. I believe he will have very hard time to perform when he’s not around superstars like he’s at City.

  5. I don’t know if it has already been mentioned on here but I see we now have an EN14 shirt for next season.

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