AC Milan v Arsenal Review – Gunners silence the critics in style!

Arsenal started the second half as they ended the first with great confidence and belief and they nearly made it 3-0 straight away but sadly it was Danny Welbeck on the end of it! Bonaventuea was in the mood to retaliate and he came close in the next few minutes but Ospina was equal to it. Kolasinac went off injured and Maitland-Niles slotted in perfectly in his place.

Arsenal, incredibly, looked totally in control and dealt with everything Milan threw at them, although the Italians were growing in confidence after a couple of substitutions. The Gunners decided to camp in their own half and soak up the pressure and with 20 minutes to go it looked their game plan was perfectly executed as Milan wre looking extremely frustrated. Milan’s pressure was dealt with easily.

But Milan kept up the pressure and brought on another attacker in Borini, the ex-Liverpool flop, but Wenger responded by taking Ozil off and putting on Holding to build up the wall. A 2-0 win would make Arsenal hot hot favourites to progress and the game plan has been perfect from start to end.

Five minutes to go and Wenger took off an injured Chambers, who has looked good tonight, and brought on Elneny who was tested in right back early this season but with terrible results!

But Arsenal were imperious and gave Milan no chance at all. I can’t remember seeing Arsenal playing this well any time this year and all Gooners should be feeling confident that Arsenal have turned the corner and we can look forward to the usual end-of-season renaissance…

Milan kept trying but were banging their heads against a brick wall and the only thing we can honestly say is that Arsenal were briliant against a team that hasn’t lost since Christmas. Give credit where it’s due…



  1. gotanidea says:

    Told you, it’s just Gattuso’s Milan (we crushed his team in 2008 and it is repeated now, because his team was lousy). Arsenal’s midfielders usually play well if there is no heavy pressure from the opponents (like Ludogorets, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, BATE, Everton, Ostersunds, etc):

    – Welbeck: Still not slick and not creative enough, but his excellent through ball should have been another goal, if only Mkhitaryan could finish it. His work rate and confidence have decreased, he has to practice harder

    – Ozil: As usual, he plays well if there is no heavy pressure from the opponents. Throw some nice ideas in the field and created excellent through ball for Ramsey (we have been waiting for balls like this from him!)

    – Mkhitaryan: Good movements and shots. He is similar to Ozil

    – Wilshere: Worked hard to pressurize the opponents

    – Ramsey: Arsenal suffered when he was not around, because of his energy and creative flicks. Very good composure when he has the chance to score

    – The defenders and the goalkeeper: Very focused today. Chambers has good aerial power, but he is still too slow to be a fullback

    – Wenger: Kudos for Monsieur Wenger for increasing his players’ motivation (despite the negative atmosphere at Arsenal) and setting up 4-3-3, because it worked very well!

    1. muffdiver says:

      ac milan have been unbeaten in 2018 and not conceded a goal in what 600 minutes of football
      credit where its due we played very well today

      even wengers subs- holding for ozil
      proactive rather than reactive- he did well- he even stood up most of the game on the touchline


      proof that they have hugely under performed this season- this was a quality european performance

      well done lads

      1. Footballistrivial says:

        If you will have noticed there wasn’t much closing down done by Milan and that’s why our midfielders thrived, also they were just hopeless when they went forward. It was like they had 3 Welbecks as forwards.

        1. Footballistrivial says:

          So point is that this team cannot perform in most cases if the opposition is setup to bully us and play a high energy game.

        2. gotanidea says:

          Which was strange because Gattuso used to be a very hardworking DM that liked to chase his opponents around

          1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            Now he’s just fat

        3. Sony says:

          Haha 3 Welbecks haha. Please wenger put Ramsey as striker he is better than Welbeck atleast he know how to shoot and run as headless chicken same as Welbeck. It is a improvment.

      2. Sony says:

        Agree with you. If they can play like this. I am okay even with a lost. I just want to see them do whatever they can to try to win. And Wenger should bow off with this cup it was nice to see him getting angry on Xhaka. It was recless shot he should keep or pass the ball in the dying minutes not go for glory.

      3. Gunnnerup says:

        Milan played like how Arsenal generally play, which is baaaad. Which made Arsenal look like City. That’s all there was too it.

        1. Sean says:

          AGREEED! didnt find arsenals performance that freat. Another team would have bulldozed us.

    2. Nay Sayer says:

      agreed except for ospina.
      still looks shaky. atletico would badly expose him.

  2. Sue says:

    Finally…. we win a game!! ???????
    All played well…. even Welbz. Well done boys!!

    1. Footballistrivial says:

      Welbeck worked hard but he is just a terrible professional footballer.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Maybe convert him to be a right wingback/ fullback like Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia?

        Because his technical skills and creativity are not top notch, but his speed, stamina, aerial power, strength and bravery are admirable

        1. Footballistrivial says:

          With that ball control a wingback? Not going to happen.

  3. Footballistrivial says:

    AC Milan are just terrible. One victory silences the critics? How delusional is this title?

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think Premier League and Serie A have different level now. It used to be the other way around, but everything changed after massive investments came to England

      Today Arsenal trashed AC Milan 2-0 again at San Siro and yesterday Juventus were totally dominated by Tottenham (despite Tottenham lost, because of their carelessness)

      1. Footballistrivial says:

        Yes Tottenham had everything in their team to qualify easily. I’m quite disappointed they didn’t qualify as they’ve been really interesting to watch since the past 2-3 seasons.

        1. MW supporter says:

          Spuds achieved what they have achieved for years…….nothing

          1. Footballistrivial says:

            They’ve been playing better football than Arsenal though for quite a while now.

          2. MW supporter says:

            And won what?

    2. MW supporter says:

      Have no idea what you are saying, Milan are terrible, you have no absolutely idea whatsoever

      1. Footballistrivial says:

        Milan were terrible today going forward, and in midfield they didn’t pressure us enough. Maybe watch the match before you say stupid things? But Arsenal were much better organised today off the ball than they are usually.

        1. MW supporter says:

          I’m not arguing at all, perhaps read what I said.

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Footballistrivial: Just saying you were disappointed to see Tottenham get knocked out sums you up. Think you’re on the wrong site.

          1. Footballistrivial says:

            I’m sorry I’m not stupid enough to hate other teams just because I support arsenal.

          2. Sue says:

            Well why not???? ????

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    I thought everyone, bar Welbeck, played well. Maitland-Niles was outstanding when he came on, and Welbeck should be in the Championship!

    1. Ojay says:

      Absolutely agree

    2. MW supporter says:

      Gotta say welbeck did really well.

    3. Sony says:

      I agree with you. What a shame every time he is starting to be good he got an injury…… Should be sold he is injury prone.

  5. Konstantin Mitov says:

    It was a marvelous performance by the entire team! But Wenger should still leave the club.

    1. Lupe says:

      Was a brilliant result. We played really well and we would qualify. Wenger now has an excuse as usual to stay after beating milan in two legs. Wenger is not going anywhere because one win removes pressure completely off of him while multiple defects only add a bit of pressure. If we win the europa league which i would like us to win, wenger will sign a new contract which i don’t want to happen.

    2. pires says:

      Please konstantine wait until the next bad result before coming with your negativity….you’r helping our oppenents with your hatred of the manager and yourstupid protests

  6. muffdiver says:

    you know what tonight was
    ..thats right


  7. FCUKWENGER says:

    A good win admittedly, But unfortunately I hope this doesn’t paper over the cracks, Nor do I hope that those 2 goals get Wenger a 2 year deal.

    Played a average Milan who are probably the equivalent to our West Brom or Swansea

  8. Hector says:

    wenger should leave at the end of the season no matter what happens, even if we win the Europa league it will be papering the cracks

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think he would leave once he wins this major trophy, so we had better support him and his players to win this one

    2. Save gunner says:

      L had PSG are looking for Wenger to replace unna ermeric.

  9. Tatgooner says:

    The tie is not done yet.And i hope the players prepare even more next week.
    I dont want them to start celebrating a tie that isnt over yet

  10. barryglik says:

    I predicted Milan 1 Arsenal 3
    so I am not the least surprised.
    This is 6th v 7th.
    Milan is the Burnley of Serie A.
    Average v ordinary.
    The Europa League is Arsenal’s level.
    Mhki Ramsey Ozil can all shine in this league
    but are invisible v Brighton.

    1. st sass says:

      so u mean, STILL Wenger OUT. I side with you.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Because Brighton were more intense and pressurizing than Gattuso’s AC Milan

      Today AC Milan’s apathy reminds me when Alberto Zaccheroni was still managing them

  11. ks-gunner says:

    We did not play that well. We won due of Milan being very awful. Srry. Rodrigez was the sole player at Milan i would have liked to have in our club.

    1. Footballistrivial says:

      We were better organised off the ball though, but hard to take any worthwhile conclusion since Ac Milan didn’t press us enough.

    2. Sony says:

      We passed the ball well today and defence was working this time. Ospina made couple of good saves, but for me that was a penalty probably and crosses or anything flying around our box is looking like a goal.

  12. bran911 says:

    Silence the critics? The critics silencers have been quite living in a shame after the series of shameful defeats, don’t you think? And one game silences the critics?? Funny

  13. Me says:

    Credit where it is due they played well and deserved the win.
    But it does not change a thing – the failings of a whole season cannot be compensated by one win.
    All the people who believe we have turned a corner will be the same ones who come on here moaning when we next capitulate.
    I see no other option but to move him on – Arsenal simply cannot have a repeat of this season again.

  14. sol says:


    1. MW supporter says:

      Be happy for gods sake, we had a great win enjoy it, forget the baggage or whatever you want to prove. We are arsenal supporters we won. Smile.

      1. sol says:

        on sunday against Watford are we gonna win? how about Wenger’s situation?what about the poor performances for the last 4 games? these days the pressure was mounting but after this win….?

        1. MW supporter says:

          No idea what your point is.

          1. Sony says:

            His point is. Are we back and going to solve all the problems or not ? Can we win the cup and salvage our season with tickect to CL. Untill we do not have that or top 4 Wenger is done.

          2. sol says:

            point is am glad we win but WENGER OUT

          3. MW supporter says:

            I’m not arguing with Wenger out, just saying enjoy a good win, that’s what being a supporter is all about, enjoy the good result.

  15. Sean says:

    A good result for the 1st leg, 2 away goals & tbh did not expect that. I said earlier no matter the cirumstances around the club i wanted us to stay in the EL & have a real go… didnt disappoint tonight, now on to next Thursday at Home! I do worry about Athletico, looking good so far & have won it twice in past 6 years…

  16. Sagemode says:

    Mehn!…so sick of some so called arsenal Fans sometimes! Please credit where its due! The lads played a good game AWAY from home against a milan side that hasn’t conceded in somewhat 600mins and we bettered the without conceeding and people come up here to make funny comments?? Common on! Great Job to the lads! I hope this builds up their confidence for league games! #SupportTheTeam!

    1. MW supporter says:

      Well said

  17. Robin Vanpayslip says:


    This is what winning feels like?

    Have to admit it’s a nice feeling. Can see what all the fuss is about.

  18. GB says:

    No of course it won’t silence us critics and it’s still that Wenger has to go and Milan weren’t very good but for goodness sake let’s give some credit where it’s due. Arsenal fought for every ball, competed where we haven’t in the past dozen games. We defended well and even Kalasinac played a decent game. Welbeck might not be able to hit a barn door with a banjo but he ran their defence ragged. Mikki was very good and Ozil too.
    Some people on here can’t find anything good to say about the team they supposedly support!

  19. Arsene Out says:

    I feel like we wont the battle but risk loosing the war

    1. MW supporter says:


    2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      If losing the war = selling Iwobi then I’m in

  20. john0711 says:

    My choice were and still are
    1) win Europa and Wenger leaves
    2) lose Europa and Wenger leaves
    3) win Europa and Wenger stays
    4) most likely lose Europa and Wenger stays

  21. qone says:

    i dont want to be pessimistic, but we just played a half and the second half is next thursday. lets not count chicks before they hatch.

  22. Waal2waal says:

    its a pleasant surprise tonight – came in from work last week found we was 2-0 down then come from work this week to find we’re 2-0 up, its just the arsenal driving me potty/insane (again), we never quite know what we’re gonna get anymore…

  23. Ronny says:

    Wenger to go still please.
    But I ask what was different tonight? Apart from the fact Milan weren’t great.

    Miki did some defensive work and played well going forward I thought, Jack was on it but the biggest thing……Ramsey.
    He played similarly to how he does in a Wales shirt lots of movement and attacking threat.
    Jack and ozil together wasn’t enough creativity but add Ramsey to that equation and this is what you get.
    But with Kolasinac, chambers and xhaka at the back wed have been put to the sword by a better team. I watched Milan a couple of times recently and chalanoglou, suso, and boneventura looked like a huge threat, thankfully they didn’t turn up tonight.
    Ps chambers slow, opsina what was he thinking got lucky, mustafi positing and decision making very strange at times. I think kos must be having a heart attack net to him at times.

    1. Footballistrivial says:

      We were much better disciplined and organised off the ball than we are usually, that was one of the major differences along with the fact that AC Milan were just not pressing enough.

  24. GoonAR says:

    Good win. Credit has to be given to the squad and AW. Hopefully we can finish them off next week.


    1. GoonAR says:

      Critics aren’t silenced I want a top club and Champions League not AW trophies and Europa League.

      1. MW supporter says:

        Ok hopefully we win every trophy in the same season….. oh gosh have you woken up yet, there aren’t that Many trophies and a lot of top clubs.

        1. MW supporter says:


  25. Innit says:

    Fantastic evening
    I really needed this win. We all did
    Beating Milan at San Siro
    Excellent 1st Match
    Now let’s finish them off at Home and hope Lacazette comes back soon. Welbeck was better but still our worst player on the night

    WENGER OUT!!!!

  26. Sony says:

    They are just blinded by hatred for wenger. Nobody can fault them.
    Our season in league is over, FA cup was disaster not to mention mickey mouse and for god sake another city game they trashed us and humiliated.
    This is last straw for wenger take it or you are done. Lets see if team is behind wenger or they will let him down one last time. I do not think he can survive without this cup. If we win this we will be back on track most fans will be happy and will look forward for next season atleast. Than our misery will start again and we will say good bye to Wenger.

  27. Ronny says:

    Yes well done team! Worked hard and demonstrated some really attractive football at times tonight.
    Please let’s leave Iwobi on the bench for a while.

  28. AB says:

    Well played team. Happy with th victory. Doesn’t change my opinion on wenger. He should be fired.

    1. Innit says:

      I totally agree
      Even if we WIN Europa League he should be fired

      That’s best case scenario. Win Europa and Wenger out. Actually I would be happy with just Wenger out lol

  29. Avenger says:

    Milan, without initiative, was unable to get close to Ospina’s goal.

    The second half was much more placid for Arsenal than you might think. Bonaventura threw to the equipment to the back, but it hardly disturbed to Ospina with endless shots from outside the area. At the end a disciplined Arsenal with good football in the first half got away with the win

    Wenger smiled all the way to the changing room?

  30. Lexynal says:

    For such an outstanding result against an AC Milan side that hadnt been beaten in 2018 and for not conceding a single goal in the last several games….it is simply outstanding performance. If we had changed coach before today – he would be an instant genius before some pathetic Arsenal fans. Kudos to Wenger for the extra motivation, team set-up and for Maintaining he grounds he could turn things around. At least, this result is in already in that direction.

  31. RSH says:

    Finally a good result AND performance. Milan were pretty shocking, but more importantly Arsenal took advantage of that and scored. And people like Wilshere more, but Ramsey yet again comes through for us. One of the few players that makes runs out of midfield and doesnt just wait fort he ball to fall to his feet.

  32. Always the same played with an inferior team who played like shoot and everything is forgotten Wenger redeemed ….Brighton was a better team than the so feared Milan bunch of young kids …
    nothing changed Wenger must go just hope for his sake that every team we play in the Europa League play as bad as Milan and he wins the Cup after that please leave

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