AC Milan v Arsenal Review – The Gunners 2-0 up at half time!

Well we all wanted a positive response from Arsenal after our awful few weeks, and the first ten minutes was end to end exciting football, but Milan came close a couple of times but Arsenal could have taken the lead as well and were pressing and looking confident for a change.

And it paid off as Ozil lobbed a lovely pass to Mhkitarayan and he cut back in and got the perfect deflection to put Arsenal in front. Arsenal looked like a top team again suddenly! Mhki looks like a class player at the moment but Welbeck? Well not so much..

Arsenal putting loads of pressure on but they are not quite getting past. On the half hour Milan put in a dangerous cross and Ospina qnd Mustafi end up clashing heads and both get rattled. Arsenal were definitely in charge at this stage….

Bonaventura is looking masterful in the Milan midfield, but Jack Wilshere is impressing along with Mhki and Ozil. Arsenal definitely deserve to be in front in the first half. Mhki was in exactly the same place just before half time but hit the bar this time around. The Gunners could have easily been 2-0. And 2 minutes later Ramsey is left free in the box and he walks around Donnarunna and suddenly Arsenal go into the break with an incredible 2-0 lead…


  1. Sue says:

    Nice one boys! Keep it up in the 2nd half please!!

  2. Muff diver says:

    Bus park
    Hit on counter
    Let’s show our experience here .

    We can second gear the second leg

    An hope to avoid the big teams till final

  3. Tatgooner says:

    This has been Such a great performance.
    Terrible day by wenger out fans

    1. John0711 says:

      Yea let’s keep
      Him because we are winning a game ?

    2. Kenneth Noel says:

      You are as duluteded as wenger

      1. MW supporter says:

        ’duleteded. Go on give us a clause wtf you’re on about

  4. Me says:

    I want Arsenal to be successful.
    But I want him out even more.
    This is just papering over the cracks of all our deficiencies – surely people are not fooled by this !

  5. Coldzero says:

    For heavens sake can we just for one game just leave the negativity and get behind the bloody team!!

    Who gives a stuff about Wenger- we are playing well and this looks good.

    I want this damn win and want this damn cup- so should every other Arsenal fan.

    COYG!!!!!! Let’s finish this!!!

  6. barryglik says:

    I predicted Milan 1 Arsenal 3
    so I am not the least surprised.
    This is 6th v 7th.
    Milan is the Burnley of Serie A.
    Average v ordinary.
    The Europa League is Arsenal’s level.
    Mhki Ramsey Ozil can all shine in this league
    but are invisible v Brighton.
    Milan are making the Arsenal defence look like Juve.
    But still half an hour to go

    1. Sony says:

      They were pretty good in their league and Arsenal were playing with their badges today. They were actually running and pressing. So i am very positive vs Brighton if they can play like this. Especially our defense was working i was very suprised.

  7. Waal2waal says:

    the fans deserve this… and much much more imo

  8. Gelz says:

    Good win stopped the rot, don’t care what people think this win was about Arsenal not Wenger, there will be plenty more times to bash Wenger, let’s just enjoy the win

    1. Coldzero says:

      Well said!

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