Actually Arsene was right NOT to play Bellerin!

Wenger proved me wrong! by SW

All of us that love and follow Arsenal, will (at least at times) disagree, and even get irate at our manager and leader Wenger. Like a few others here, I’ve been cursing our defence.

And I’ve been mad that we were playing Monreal in central defence, when we could have played Chambers their, and use the young Bellerin at right back. Bellerin was outstanding in pre-season. But I stand corrected – what can I say, Wenger was right. I finally got my wish, and let’s be honest Bellerin had a shocker against Galatasary. He shows some talent, and I hope he has a bright future, but he lacks experience, a physical presence and defensive positional awareness.

So whilst I will continue to have my views, and no doubt disagree with Wenger at times – it’s also good to remember he knows the players better than anyone! And in this instance at least, he was right.

So perhaps, just perhaps, we should get behind Wenger a little more, pray that we get defensive talents in January, overcome some injuries and be positive about our future. Because with a fully fit team, on form, with Walcott’s speed and goals, OGs hold- up play and goals, Ozils assists, Sanchez’s speed energy and goals, Welbeck’s runs and goals, Ramseys talent, Cazorla’s two-footed dribbling, Koscielny clearances, and Podolski’s bullets we have an excellent team in the making!

Let’s keep the faith!

With just one or two additions, and a fully fit squad playing well, we have everything to look forward to…..



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  1. Twig says:

    He had a shocker against Galatasaray? I must say, I didn’t see that incidence.

  2. davidnz says:

    “I hope he has a bright future,
    1 but he lacks experience,
    2 a physical presence
    3 and defensive positional awareness.”
    Yep he will fit in perfectly at Arsenal .

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Shocking article, and the writer proves he has no concept of football at all!

    I didn’t watch the whole game so I can’t pass judgement on Bellerin’s performance, but I’m more annoyed that you claim Wenger was right all along to not give Bellerin games, and to play Monreal in the centre.

    First off, if you didn’t know, Bellerin is a RB, but had to play at LB. Players in general that are new to a team, especially inexperienced youngsters, obviously need a run of games to bed in, and learn how best to work with their team mates. If I remember correctly, Bellerin had only started two games (maybe three if he played in the league cup) before Tuesday night, and the mastermind Wenger decided that Dortmund and Stoke away would be nice easy games for the poor kid to bed in. Awful decision from Wenger. Why not give him a run of games against the likes of Burnley, Sunderland, Anderlecht or West Brom? Much easier games that would help Bellerin find his form. Also I really hate people that judge a player on just one or two games. You can only judge a player once they’ve developed from a youngster, over a longer period of time.

    My final major point is…look at the results and the performances. Awful! Especially in defence. Wenger was wrong to put Chambers at RB. Chambers was one of our best players when played at CB, and should have been kept there, especially when you think how bad Mertesacker has been. Also Monreal never should have been played at CB. Have you ever known any team (even Sunday league) to put a LB or RB in the centre for a run of games when you’re only missing ONE CB. I could understand it if we were missing three, but one! Have you ever seen the likes of Clichy, Evra, Cole, Filipe Luis or Shaw play at CB when their respective clubs were missing just a single CB. And before you say that we were short of numbers, well who’s fault is that? Wenger’s the one that decided to not properly strengthen us in the summer, so why on earth should I ‘keep the faith’ with a man who hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing.

    Sorry, rant over.

    1. DaveJay says:

      You make me want to scream…

      Funny how a manager “with no clue” as you put it has been in the Champions League basically since his appointment.

      Just stick to playing FIFA buddy.

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        Yes Wenger has got in each time, but Arsenal never do anything once they’re in it. You also should take into account how we qualify. Under Wenger it was the top 2, then top 3, and finally the top 4. Soon it will it probably be the top 5 or 6, and so I guess you’ll then be just as happy with finishing fifth and six as you are right now with fourth. Consistency is good, but what’s the point when it’s never anywhere near good enough to win the trophy.

        I’m sorry, but I’d prefer a manager that as the ability and ambition to challenge in Europe. Obviously you’re happy with mediocrity.

        1. DaveJay says:

          That’s not true – I’m not happy with your mediocre comments.

    2. Gunnerphyte says:

      Why is wenger always blasted for every crisis management measure he takes? 1st, we lose 3 of our 8 defenders (koscielny, Miguel n debuchy). What does wenger do? – he deploys monreal at CB and pushes Chambers out to RB.
      Then some stupid ppl argue that he should have used Chambers (inexperienced) at CB with Bellerin (way inexperienced) at RB. Isn’t that suicidal….? playing 2 most inexperienced defenders at a go?
      Guess what…an injury to monreal then forces wenger to grant the retarded fans their wish and he plays Chambers and Bellerin together in one game against stoke. And bang! 3 goals conceded in the 1st half. Doesn’t that justify why monreal started ahead of bellerin?

  4. jaweant says:

    Lets talk about Chambers shocker against Stoke. Everybody talks about his position, but he’s been average in right and center back. No composure. Both have potential Bellerin and Chambers.

  5. SaveArsenal says:

    Belerin was played out of position by Wenger (surprise) against the best team in the Turkish league, kid was thrown in at the deep end.
    Pointless article.

  6. Bolly says:

    The writer of this article is having a shocker!
    Bellerin had an ok game.
    What will the next headline be; “Alexis needs to improve” maybe !

  7. Am a Gooner u bitches!!! says:

    yeah right playing right back as left back and player doesnt perform…is a shocker…stupid deluded akb would kiss his **** without getting facts right

  8. MDOwn says:

    OK in the Galatasaray game he wasn’t great but he wasn’t that bad. Plus he was played out of position. I know a lot of people that think LB and RB aren’t very different positions but you have to overcome muscle memory to turn your body in the different direction, and you cannot attack in the same way you are used to as you have to cut into your stronger foot when on the opposite side, which means your pace, which lets be honest is Bellerins strength, is near useless.

    I think for a while he should be used as an impact sub at RW or RM, like Monreal was last season to build his confidence back up, plus his pace will impact tired legs. In a way he reminds me a little of Eboue, who played anywhere up the right, I think that is Bellerins zone, not the left.

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