Adam Kemp – A sorry state of affairs at Arsenal Football Club.

Firstly, I would like to wish all the readers well. I know it has been a while since my last post however my appearances have become sporadic, in an era where the fans are finally on board with my views. Seven years’ ago I was as active as possible banging the drum on the Wenger Out Brigade. Many of you loyal readers will remember the way my views were ostracized as complete blasphemy. Nonetheless, I have been proved right via the insipid consistency of mediocre returns.

Arsene Wenger is now a villain, a putrid cancer who has let the club, and all the fans down. His once great legacy has been overshadowed by years of abject performances resulting in complete failure. His conduct over the past two seasons has been to talk the talk, but he has not walked the walk. The best thing for Arsenal Football Club would be his resignation at the end of the season, although I would like him to step down immediately. I know most of you now agree with me, just look at the movement on Arsenal Fan TV.

That said, I feel it important to highlight some of the other issues leading to failure at this once great club. The board are a complete joke, in particular Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke. I cannot stress how much these two remind me of a modern day Basil Fawlty. We have an owner who is more concerned about seeing his shareholding increase with no real commitment to challenge for trophies. Just look at his other sports teams and how unsuccessful they are. This owner has no business at Arsenal Football Club as he simply places his son on the board for work experience; seriously… disgraceful!

The owner and the board have no idea about how to operate a successful sports team. For them a top four finish and last sixteen Champions League is acceptable. The vision that was sold to fans was to be patient when we move to the Emirates as this was supposed to enable us to compete on all fronts. Gazidis stood up in front of fans during previous AGM’s and promised we were in a position to compete after funding the new Stadium. Partly funded by the most expensive season ticked prices in Europe. Well tell me how a 5-1 defeat in Munich is competing? The man is a fraud and acts like a deluded yes man

What is frustrating is that Arsenal Football Club should be able to compete as in 2016 the most valuable football teams in the world were as follows: Real Madrid $3.645 billion, Barcelona $3.549 billion, Manchester United $3.317 billion, Bayern Munich $2.678 billion, ARSENAL $2.017 billion, Manchester City $1.921 billion, Chelsea $1.661 billion and Liverpool $1.548 billion. On this occasion we are not fourth but the fifth most valuable football team in the world. However, the results and performances against the top sides are a million miles apart!

Arsenal Football Club has the means and resources to compete but the issues are borne from the manager and the profile of players signed. Where I can offer credit, where credits due, is the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Two world class footballers who deserve better players to compliment their talents. The issue with this squad is that we have built a squad of internationals of similar pedigree. We have too many diminutive players who crumble under real pressure against the top sides. The mentality comes from the manager, the coaches and the tactics adopted to counter your opponent.

Arsenal seem to have one way of playing which comes off when teams sit back and apply a low pressure tactic. Even more effective when the opposition comes out to play a high line with no pressing. However, teams have worked out Arsenal do not like pressing as there is less time for them to play the their short passing game. The players are drilled to simply turn up and complacency sets in where the players want to play the beautiful game, but are not prepared to dig in, battle or bully their opponents. Arsenal are simply too nice and open defensively. How many seasons have we seen the same results with various personnel?

Be careful what we wish for? I don’t wish for this anymore. I have been that disillusioned that I have gone to less games. I cannot watch these same mistakes season after season, without the manager being accountable for his actions. He has at his disposal some very talented players, lots of money and the history/traditions of Arsenal Football Club to attempt to progress/attract players. Arsene Wenger has simply regressed in his stubbornness to prove his doubters wrong. The man has lost the plot and he should walk away, as I cannot see how fans will accept another two years of this rubbish. Signed Xhaka for £35 million when he could have had Kante for £30 million.

We need to trim the squad. We have so many average players such as Coquelin, Gabriel, Monreal, Gibbs, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Walcott, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere etc… Some of these players are on more money than the likes of Alli and Kane! Tottenham dare I say it with considerably less level of resources available to them, can identify better talent and pay less wages. We have too many players on wages over and above their performances. Football in performance based and not played on paper! Then to top it we are not willing to pay Ozil and Sanchez £250,000 per week; we can afford this and should pay them what they are worth.

It makes me angry we pay the likes of Walcott £130,000 per week, but will not pay world class salaries to world class players. When we lose these two players we will be left in a position where things will be even worse. Is this truly the vision Arsene Wenger wanted when we left Highbury? With all due respect I would have rather we stayed at Highbury as I know the last twelve seasons would have been far more enjoyable. What has the manager done to deserve a new contract? He has under-performed with the resources available to him.

Wenger Out, Gazidis Out and Kroenke Out!!!

Adam Kemp


  1. JAmerican says:

    Watching the Udinese Juventus game and the commentators seem confident Alexis Sanchez is going to Juve in the summer. On the other hand Allegri is highly tipped to replace Wenger and why would he let the best player of his supposed destination move to the club he’s apparently leaving?

    1. khangunners says:

      Because allegri is not coming to arsenal. He might end up in barca

  2. vinie2000 says:

    Adam man, welcome back. spot on. As my previous comment. we can not afford to let Alexis go. manager needs to go and so is half of the board and half of he players or all you mentioned. Let’s give a new start to Our beloved club. i’m no scared of changes. we have put up with the same crap for 13 years so why not another 2-3? getting the right man i t is KEY. getting 3 WC players and keep the 2 we have will fill our mood with optimism rather than vile insults and hatred between ourselves. Make Alexis Captain and pay him bloody 200 plus. You can not let go your BEST player and the one who sweats every single bit of sweat when on the pitch for our club. well, after yesterday I do not think it will bother anymore. Adam, what do you suggest can happen comes Tuesday? i’m not going to the game, why should I or we ? to be humiliated again? Bayrern won yesterday and Ribbery scored..he’s back so Is robben.Do you think Alexis will give his all? Maybe he does it for us but not anumore for the coah.Again, it is great to have objective people back into the site. Well done

  3. luvdaguns says:

    until we solve the mess that has been 5 yrs of giroud, we will never win… wenger bet his career on him, the two should hit the road together, even spurs have harry kane…

  4. highbury44 says:

    Spot on Adam.I personally don’t care if we win or lose anymore.In fact I hope we do loose if that means we drop out of the top 4 and Wenger leaves

  5. tweety says:

    ok, but can anybody pls tell me how to change the board and manager, thnks = gooner for ever

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Welcome back Adam,
    Nice article, bang on.?

    Maybe the clubs nickname should be changed from the Gunners to the GroundHogs ? what with it being the same ?? different season, scenarios… And revamp our songs too ? ? we love you Bottlers, we do ? and of course there’s ? and its GroundHog Botters, GroundHog Bottlers Fc, by far the greatest Bottlers, the world has ever seen ?

    Anyways, we are in 5th spot and it’s more than likely that things will probably get worse before we see the usual late Winning run that will see us snatch 4th on the final day of the season and watch our players celebrating it as if they just won the World Cup.??

  7. vinie2000 says:

    Manager will go when he see the fans had enough, the board will go when all the banners come out inside and outside the stadium. anybody remember the black scarf protests at UTD? they have to listened to the fans after it. VOICE your discontent, empty seats do not make much as they already sold the allocations but social media is a good tool so is the TV. get together and protest peacefully but we need change.

  8. gmv8 says:

    We all know Arsenal hasn’t been the same since David Devin left – yes he made catastrophic mistakes as well, but he was part of AWs success, He also provided a moderating influence on AW, someone who could question him – now there is nobody to do that as Arsene has complete power and no one on the board has any footballing knowledge. Arsenes complete power and isolation is leading him to become more and more deluded, and make decisions that could not be termed shooting ourselves in the foot, but blowing off both feet, with a bazooka held in each hand.

  9. luvdaguns says:

    sorry, you cant fire an owner, and kroenke isnt going anywhere… the man is building a $1 billion stadium in LA, he has tons of cash, this is the year its obvious Wenger hit the end of his road at arsenal, you can tell its a different discussion. his problem is keeping up w the times, the guy wants to spend 2007 money in 2017. whoever comes in will rebuild, bring renewed energy, et…

  10. hecmanx says:

    The most annoying thing right now is that some fans are still backing a deluded manager dat can’t motivate his players and still don’t know he is under performing.

    How have arsenal improved in recent years? What’s the evidence of improvement feom last season disappointment? What lessons have the manager learnt from the past?

    If wenger is honorable and loves arsenal as he claims he should resign this week not even wait until the end of the season, cuz he is destroying his legacy.

    Am totally obsessed with the thought of wenger leaving arsenal for good, cuz he can’t offer anything special to this club.
    Am so disappointed with wenger, but my biggest disappointment is with the deluded fans that still support mediocrity and a deluded manager, despite seeing arsenal in a sorry state.

  11. doggydgunner says:

    I am of the view that Wenger should quit arsenal & certain fringe players removed from the club. The management hasn’t tried @ all & i have been faithful 2 this club 4 as long as i can remember but these disappointments I always get shld at least stop @ some point. We deserve a new manager & a rejuvenated squad.

  12. Twig says:

    We missed you sooooo much Adam Kemp. Where were you during all these turbulent times? 🙁

  13. Ozzy AFC says:

    When are you guys going to get it in your heads that THIS IS THE WAY IT’S GOING TO BE.
    Stan Kroenke isn’t bothered about Arsenal football club per sey other than the financial leverage it affords him. He could give a tuppence f@ck about the success of am “English soccer team”
    So with this in mind you have to remember that success on the pitch is absolutely the last thing that the board is after, Sanchez WILL be sold because A) he want far more money than the board are willing to pay him and B) he knows that the club are NOT seeking to up Thier game or compete on a higher level.
    Wenger knows all this as well and despite his reluctance to say it pubically (he gets paid 8 million a year to keep his mouth shut and toe the party line) he may well have had enough OR totally streets with the boards ethos, who really knows?
    What is absolutely clear is that Arsenal CAN financially compete but WON’T and that winning trophies is not the main ambition of the club
    Keeping the club in the black and enhancing g the boards profit is the ONLY ambition they have and regardless of if this is Wenger’s fault or not , my respect for someone who claims to love the club above all others ( of course he’ll pick AFC over the barca job as there is no expectation at AFC ) he SHOULD tell his loyal fans the truth of what’s really going 9n and if he doesn’t agree he should go and expose the boa5d for what they are, soulless money grabbing, silver spooned profiteers who rob the fans season in season out.
    We won’t see any changes even IF Wenger goes as the scheming scum on the board will pick and identically like minded manager to carry on regardless.
    Only mass protests and empty home games may change the boards direction BUT the vast majority of the fans I see at the ground now are plastic youngsters who got Thier season tickets from “ma mamah and pappah” and who have no real l8ve for the club as the old school fans do so forget about getting them to vacate the emerites on a home game, it’s just a day out for tarquin and Timothy and they could cate less about the result.
    It’s a disgusting situation but it’s been like this for a while ( why do you think the board sacked Dein?) And I can see no real way of loosening Thier grip on the club.
    Think on this
    Where has the 180 million from the BT sports deal gone? Prior to this deal we had around 80 million to spend on transfers AND we’re running in the black so why was this m9ney not put towards buying players that could compete for trophies? Instead we have only one transfer from last year who is worth anything . And one who will up shirt sales in Asia but NEVER be seen an Arsenal shirt.
    I want things to change too I want Wenger gone but I fear it will make very little difference to the clubs ambition or ability.

    1. stubill says:

      In respect of Kroenke and his cronies, this is spot on.

      There is not one of them who understand football, or the culture around it, all they are interested in is the bottom line, and while this shows a positive figure, they are rubbing their greedy little hands together. To them, Arsenal is no more than collateral to fund his new ranch and various teams (businesses) in the USA.

      Usually rot starts at the bottom, but in Arsenals case it’s starting at the top, and working it’s way down at an increasingly worrying rate.

  14. khangunners says:

    You know the biggest problem we hve in our club is that one good performance and all past errors are forgotten. The biggest issue for me is that the same errors keep occurring in games over and over again. What is the manager doing to adress them. Just look at how pathetic we are in crossing. Only ozil and sanchez can deliver top quality crosses. I look at bellerins crosses the dude has learned nothing at all. His crosses leave a sour test. Defending has never improved we still defending the same way

  15. Trudeau says:

    Wenger is a “putrid cancer”? Get a grip and a bit of perspective. I hope Wenger leaves this season but don’t ever think I’ve come around to your pathetic melodramatic point of view Mr Kemp.

    1. The only problem I see in calling WENGER a PUTRID CANCER is that is still too nice…..the Man is beyond that…………

  16. arsenalfan1 says:

    Well done, Adam Kemp, your article is spot on! Keep up the pressure, I hope you post again soon.

  17. frank says:

    Yes Adam we use to cop a lot of stick back then. The RVP sale to Fergie was the one that broke me. I can’t explain how much I want Wenger, the board and Kroenke to leave. I already pity the next manager that has to come in next and clean up the mess. If Wenger stays another 2 years, I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

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