Adam Kemp – The recurring reasons why Wenger must go!

Adam Kemp – All good things must come to an end! Wenger Out!

We’re only two games into the season and the same shenanigans continue. I recall first posting six years ago and many of you heavily criticised my views about Arsene Wenger. Many of you thought I had no right to call for the manager to resign, as in your view he was still the man to take the club forward. Six seasons on… lo and behold the penny has finally dropped! A sudden realisation that the man is indeed, a specialist in failure! Arsenal Football Club has not transcended into the elite bracket of teams we supposedly would be joining after moving to the Emirates. The fans are finally united in this mutinous fashion.

I feel there are several issues that are now the catalyst for this wake up call. Let’s look first at pre-season. Since 2010, Arsenal have won just one of their seven first league matches of the season due to a combination of not making new signings until the end of the transfer window and players either being injured or not fit after pre-season. There seems to be the odd early signing illustrating a false dawn of further business, i.e. Cech and Xhaka, followed by a couple of youngsters who may or may not make it. I cannot understand why Wenger seems eager to write off the first few games of the season.

Another trend of Wenger and including certain board members for that matter, is to make certain statements, then to follow up with hypocritical comments. After the Liverpool game he noted “some players are not ready” when one week earlier he stated.. “we look ready” after the Viking fixture. Comments like this just show how he lacks any integrity and respect for the fans. He takes no responsibility for preparing his players properly, which has been the same for the past six seasons.

One of the most frustrating aspects of his management is the clear lack of ambition when compared to the resources at his disposal. Arsenal Football Club have the most expensive season tickets in Europe which in part covers his world class salary, yet the ambition is that of a mid-table side (second tier club). This is why he comes across as being cheap in the transfer market, when last season we should have won the league. If only in January he added to the team, then we could be starting the season as Champions! No we just keep paying premium prices for mediocrity at the highest level!

Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis is another yes man. Do you recall the comments this yes man made in June 2013 – “We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich. I’m not saying we are there by any means but this whole journey over the past 10 years really has been with that goal in mind. It really is time now for us to turn that into sporting success. We have a certain amount of money which we’ve held in reserve. We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you. We are moving into a new phase where, if we make our decisions well, we can compete with any club in the world.” Fast-forward three years to July 2016 – “We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money. We have to be very careful, very selective.” Sure, let’s pretend we are not wealthy so we can claim austerity when we fail to acquire world class talent.

It is evident that the club has not utilised its spending power by the publication of Arsenal’s financial results for the six months up to November 2015, which exposed cash balances of £159 million. This is in line with the £162 million cash at the same time in 2014, but is lower than the £228 million reported in the annual accounts as at May 2015. This is simply due to the usual phasing of cash inflows and outflows with most of a football club’s income coming in the second half of the season. In particular, most of the overpriced season ticket renewals are paid in April and May, so Arsenal’s cash balance will always be at its highest when the annual accounts are prepared, estimated to be close to £250 million.

Wenger has explained that his lack of spending is due more to supply and demand than an unwillingness to spend: “It is not a shortage of money, just a shortage of players”, adding that there was “not quality” in the transfer market. Of course, not all of this £250 million is available to spend on transfers. Chief executive Ivan Yes-Man emphasised this point: “It is quite untrue that we are sitting on a huge cash pile for some unspecified reason. The vast majority of that cash is accounted for in various ways.” Whilst the most Wenger Loyalist may agree to some extent with his comments, I find it disappointing that his scouting network has failed to identify a few decent players somewhere in world football that could improve the squad.

Wenger’s summer transfer budget is in the order of £100 million to £150 million. He does have the money to spend, given that with the increasing revenue (new television rights), he doesn’t need to worry about breaking the bank. This team is so close to challenging to major honours, but we lack a world class striker to ease the burden on Giroud and a quality partner for Koscielny. Another issue is that Wenger seems to stockpile players, particularly midfield. He is also loyal to some very average players, none more so than Theo Walcott. We need to freshen up the squad and add the right players. That is part of his job description. His job is build a side, with the resources he has, capable of challenging for major silverware. Being honest with ourselves, he is not good enough to compete with this newer breed of manager, ruthless in their approach to win at all costs.

A big worry for Arsenal fans is that the two genuine world class players we have in the team may not extend their contracts. Alexis and Mesut both came to Arsenal to win major honours. Can you really see them hanging around if they cannot work with a genuine world class striker? If we fail to qualify for the Champions League this season, which is a realistic possibility, then they both may be sold next summer. Arsenal do not have the appeal of Manchester United in the Europa League, and we will revert back to being a selling club, in the same fashion as 2006-2012. This is Wenger’s legacy. A club on the brink of success, ending up a second tier club but financially secure for years to come. Is this why we support the team to be proud of our financial position, or to be proud that the club gave everything to compete? Sadly, with Wenger in charge we will never progress beyond a top four finish, the odd domestic cup success and a last sixteen exit in the Champions League.

Arsenal under Wenger are stuck in the same old rut, not signing players we need to cover our obvious and evident flaws. Everyone and his dog knows what’s wrong with the team – the manager, the board, the players and the fans to some extent, but we enter this season with morale lower than it has ever been. I also believe Wenger has too much power in his role. He acts as if he is the owner of the club, not just the manager of the first team. He is not challenged by the owners and set relatively mediocre targets, given that he is still employed when an ambitious owner would have sacked him five-six seasons ago. Another aspect of his management is his paranoia to have former players in coaching positions as it could undermine his authority, cited in the recent omission of Thierry Henry from his position as under 18’s coach.

Personally, I find the most frustrating weakness to be his ability to set up the team to win football matches where he needs to be a tactical coach. His tactical naivety has been evident pretty much since 2004, and fans cannot understand how the same glaring defensive weaknesses are not addressed year after year. Seeing the team ship four goals against Liverpool on the opening game was unbearable for supporters but what made it worse was that it was hardly surprising. We conceded eight against United in 2011, fours, fives and sixes on so many other occasions. This is borne from his lack of ability to identify the oppositions playing style and adjust to them with the personnel at his disposal. Could Mourinho or Klopp get better results with this group of players? Almost certainly so!

Furthermore, how can we forget that all the players seem to be made of glass. The never-ending injuries at Arsenal is almost up there with the club’s transfer policy as a universal hindrance. The main frustration is that so many of the injuries could seemingly be avoided if Wenger managed his player’s workload better. Recall last season where Alexis looked visibly shattered against Zagreb, then he was played at Norwich with the outcome of a two-three-month injury layoff. I recall fans begging for his not to be risked in that game. Wenger’s decision making in recent seasons is progressively becoming more irrational, proving how far this once great manager has fallen from the limelight.

Remember the ‘time for change protest’? That was an opportunity there for the fans to unite and sing ‘Wenger Out’! Instead all these brainwashed fans sang ‘Only One Arsene Wenger’. Pathetic! Then they got on Twitter and type #WengerOut in the following weeks when we blew the title. Some of the fans lack any true conviction to voice their frustrations, and for that I say shame on you! I hope true Arsenal fans can finally wake up and agree with everything I have been saying for the past five-six years? I hope you can continue to revolt and if so force the change we need at the club! Arsene Wenger, thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye!

Tweet @adamjohnkemp with any questions you want me to consider or address in my next post.

kind regards, Adam


  1. I respect Arsene Wenger. He is a great manager that has done alot for the club….

    But right now the club has to move forward…. Cash wise, the club makes good cash. Trophy wise from 2000-2016, you won’t be impressed at all… No wonder some people call Arsenal a business club.

    Off Topic: Who saw the Sunderland v Middlesbrough game? I did see it and it was a great game. Good first goal from middlesbrough. What a rocket and great second goal. It was a team goal. I was delighted when they interviewed Downing and he said this team has goals in it.. .incredible

    We definitely have goals in our team if we twig our formation abit or get us another striker…

    1. Business is correct.

      Who paid for the new stadium? Us fans, through inflated ticket prices and a lack of signings and success on the pitch.

      Who owns the new stadium? Arsenal Football Club. The stadium is an asset, increasing the value of the club.

      So who profited from the new stadium? The owners of Arsenal football club.

      Notice how many of the shareholders of Arsenal before the stadium was built sold up after it was completed and their share values had risen. Their profit at the expense of us fans.

      By contrast, look at the stadium expansions happening in the Premier League right now. Abramovich is paying for Chelsea’s. The Sheikh is paying for City’s. FSG is paying for Liverpool’s.

        Big dividends for the Board and Wenger as well as Wengers 8 m a year wages.
        Wenger is getting Money for old rope.

  2. Getting rid of Joel Campbell makes no sense, unless Wenger is getting another forward (which i highly doubt)
    He played well for us and played better than Theo who makes £140,000 per week

  3. Arsenal_girl, I can’t wrap my head up with Wengers hatred on Joel Campbell… There’s something going on that we don’t know.

    Joel seems to be a great guy in and off the pitch. I wish him well wherever he goes.

    1. Yeah I don’t understand it too. It must be personal
      He had a similar attitude to Podolski his last couple of seasons

      1. There are only two potential explanations for the Campbell loan situation:

        1) Wenger needs the squad space for a foreign striker he is about to buy


        2) Campbell stepped on Wenger’s brand new kicks and that is it for him at Arsenal unless Wenger leaves at the end of the seasn.

        1. I believe Joel asked to be loaned out so he can play. Joel has been told by his national team coach that he needs to play more if he is to be counted on for Natl team. In the recent Copa America tournament, Joel did not start in several games. Joel needs more playing time and if he can’t get it here he is going where he will play. I would like to see Joel play more, and at Porto it will happen.

          1. Let’s hope so but i doubt it. He is making to much money for the Board without spending a lot. Also would you walk away from an 8m a year job unless you were shoved.

      2. Arsenal gal, after a return from olympic duty, I’m hoping Serge Gnabry will figure into the team. Do you think he is ready?

  4. very very well written.
    Tbf Wenger wasn’t brought to the club to bring success but to take the club through a difficult period.
    The players remain blameless.
    Wenger the board and the akbs are totally to blame.
    Van persie and fabregas were absolutely right to leave the way they did and I would take them back in a heartbeat if they were still quality.
    In these situations where players leave Wenger acts as if he isnt the one to be pointed the finger upon while the fans tolerate this.

    1. Yeah because Wenger was on the pitch, making defensive errors and squandering goal scoring opportunities lol wake up! Players are responsible for their shortcomings, Wenger is responsible for his shortcomings

  5. Apparently in 44 days Walcott will be the longest serving player under Wenger. What is the reason behind it?

    What other manager would stand by Walcott for 10 seasons to wait for him to become prolific. The guy still can’t dribble past a player unless it’s a team in the championship and below. Still Wenger backs him. He only signed Walshott because he dribbled fast in one match and left the camera man behind. That was his scouting for this player.

    Walcott is too good, no other club wants him.

    1. when i referred to walcott as the whippet i was roundly condemned by the arsene fan club that passes for football pundits on this site … i now see that i was wrong …and would like to extend my profoundest apologies to whippets everywhere for maligning the genuine qualities of that particular breed … as for walcott…

  6. Another very difficult season to win trophies awaits us our last 2 summer transfer Windows have bin abysmal.
    Ticket price crew should be lowered immediately.
    No ambition from the board or Wenger
    And we also aren’t good enough to win the league or compete in the champions league on a budget like Leicester did winning the league.
    We are toothless on and off the pitch.
    Sanchez and Ozil will be gone next summer along with any of our top players.
    Top 4 will be a struggle if the players lose Believe which looks like it’s happening.

  7. Doesn’t matter who Wengers buys now, the man has past his best. Him and his arsenal lickin backroom needs to call it day. Let someone like Simeone come in and inject passion, intensity and life back into the team and the suffering fans.

  8. Good to have Kemp back. A few of us have always known you were right and supported you. We still have a long way to go to get our club back. The dark force is is strong in dart wenger

  9. Well, on Walcott, mate, let me remind you that Arsene Wenger waited for eight years for crooked Abou Diaby to get fit and play the defensive midfield role, but never to be. He finally had to let Diaby go — amid fans outcry — after wasting Arsenal for those eight years in time and money. These days I keep a distance from Man U fans because it’s difficult to face them. The other day in Nairobi I bumped into a group of young men selling sport merchandise and after a close look, I saw replica shirts of Man U, Man City and Chelsea selling like hot cakes but there no Arsenal shirts. Since we won our last EPL title in 2004 — big credit to David Dein — Sir Alex won five titles with Man U and retired in 2013. Wenger is shameless to have only three EPL titles in his 20-year stay with Arsenal, and has never won the Champions League. Compare that with Pep Guradiola, who has won over a dozen trophies, including the Champions League, with Barcelona, and more recently, with Bayern Munich. Remember Pep played against Wenger’s Arsenal as Barca player and manager, and then as Bayern manager? Arsene, do you have any feeling of shame? Adam, please wake me up when this man is gone.

  10. Agree with Adam, however I think it goes deeper than Wenger alone, still think he protects the board and that in turn keeps him ever increasing contract, reasons for this.
    1/ He interviewed Gazidis to be his boss, we have been poor on contracts and signiong ever since , he allows Wenger to dither on signings. The great David Dean who brought Wenger to the club did not allow thismention a signing he would get him before the dithering process.
    2/ Ktonke taking consultation fee each year, but not investing, Wenger gets them a dividend, keeps them all sweet, proves this when a 30% shareholder is blocked from the board because he wqants to invest in the best players and his partner goes to Everton and promises them investment.
    3/ Only signing playerrs when they are better than we have and Wenger lists Senogo, does he think we are stupid.
    Time for a reality check the dream was that self finance from the satdium would put us up their with major players, good idea in the years we moved, however time for investment from Usminov or get some Chinese backers (looks like liverpool are) as football has moved the oalposts from the dream eg Man City, Chelsea, PSG etc

  11. Unfortunately Wenger is not the only problem, the board and Stan are just as much to blame. They are all peas in the same pod. I mean top four finish with minimal financial input balances the books nicely and more. They have found this happy medium where Wenger is just the right man for the job, not requiring too much to get that top four finish. No ambition, passion or anything like we had in the highbury days…unfortunately Arsenal will have to fall from grace for anything to actually change. There are still many fans who are content to have that carrot dangled in front of them hoping that maybe somehow this season is ours (I was one of them). It will take a mid table finish, perhaps two or three seasons of complete mediocrity for everyone to unite and demand a change.

  12. Wenger out.

    What a good article.

    I don’t think Sanchez or ozil will stay to risk their career for a stubborn, senile and demented manager. No chance for us to win the league or the champion league. For what we spent, we don’t deserve to be in the European league.

    Let’s hope that we lose again and force our senile manager to buy defenders and strikers. For both positions, we need more classy players.

  13. And let’s make sure that Kroncke will sell the club as well. He and Wenger are the ones to blame. That American just wants to suck up all the money from the fans…….

    He doesn’t care about the result as long as Arsenal is profitable. We need a new OWNER!!!!! ‘

  14. GREAT ARTICLE ADAM. The Board will never get rid of Wenger as long as he is making money from them. I said it before and I will say it again the only way he will go is if the board don’t want him it does not matter what the Fans think Wenger and the board don’t give a monkey’s about the Fans. So I for one will continue to support Arsenal but from a distance. No more paying my hard earned money by buying tickets for games or buying jerseys or other Arsenal Accessories I will watch the games on TV and keep my money.

  15. Good article. Well written.

    For some time I have wondered if Arsenal’s style of play was solely down to Wenger or if the catalyst was really Dennis Bergkamp. Or to put it another way, could Arsenal have developed that particular style with out Bergkamp in the side. Patrick Viera did say that Bergkamp was the best player he ever played with after all.
    Many years ago I came across an avid West Brom fan who never missed a game and I asked him about their team from the late 1970’s or as I mistakenly put it, Ron Atkinson’s team.
    He told me that Atkinson simply got all the credit but that the team was Johnny Giles’.
    My point is that things sometimes are not always as they appear to be.
    Wenger inherited a defence you couldn’t buy these days upon which he built the rest of the team but Bergkamp was a Bruce Rioch signing.
    So my question is really, was Wenger ever as good as people generally assume he was or did he just get lucky?
    There are plenty of other examples of this e.g. Sven and England. It took years before he was rumbled as being completely useless mainly because the crop of players he had to work with at that time were fantasti, every single one on a steep upward curve.
    Mourinho inherited Lampard and Terry.
    Ferguson inherited lots of alcoholics and thereafter built team after team so maybe he’s something of an exception.
    For me though, Wenger just looks too cerebral. Contrast that with the likes of Klopp and Simeone and the energy they seem to transmit to their players from the touchline.
    I think Arsenal look tired already and it seems that on the pitch at least, the club is slowly bleeding to death.
    The time for change was probably five years ago but it’s never too late.

  16. I can’t see Wenger going soon,he is earning 7.5 million a year ,he knows well no other club will pay that sort of money to a failure manager.Wenger has a problem with hearing,he can’t hear the fans abuses.
    Why on earth hi keeping Theo, the boy has a big problem with dribbling,every time he got stuck in his own feet.May be other club don’t want him,then at least send him on loan,so that he can lean his trade.Then come back after one year and ask for 159.000 a week.
    Campbell is better player than Theo, he run forward and backward to support the midfield, it must be a personal with Wenger.i got the impression Wenger does not like a threat or someone to challenge him at any cost.There are few players that should have been sold and use the money to buy a couple of players.We lost on Kanye,ibramovitch,Bailey,and a few others,simply refuse to pay market value. Wait after August ,the same excuses no quality players around.
    Also he must stop being the account of Arsenal ,concentrate on your football and try to achieve some better year after year. Recognise your fault after every Season and learn from your mistakes.
    As everyone says that the club will not kick him out ,as long he is filling the pocket of the owners. I would be ashame in his place. Poor fans kept paying the high cost of tickets . The fans are weak ,they have not got the gut to ban matches or going home half time.

  17. I noticed that there are spuds element on this site, tumping down every good comments its time admin find them and block them.

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