Adidas – Arsenal can still attract massive sponsorship money but where will it go?

It has been reported today that Arsenal have agreed to let Adidas sponsor the team’s shirts for the next five years, and will double their income from the £30m per year deal with Puma. The Mirror reported it like this today….

Arsenal have give their fans something to shout about, as they are on the verge of signing the third biggest kit sponsorship deal in football.

Football.London report the £300million deal with sports giants Adidas will be behind only to the brands agreement with Manchester United, and Nike’s deal with Barcelona.

The clubs current deal with Puma expires at the end of the season, with fellow German company adidas set to swoop in as their replacement.

Ex-Gunners striker Ian Wright previously said of the deal: “So pleased Adidas are back sponsoring after this coming season️. Especially after seeing what Puma have come up with.”

The agreement would see Arsenal take in £60m per year over the course of a five-year deal, significantly boosting the clubs finances.

With Stan Kroenke in the process of making Arsenal into a private company without and conflicting shareholders this will be another deal to increase the value of Arsenal PLC, but will all this extra income be given over to strengthening the team?



  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Ozil is a luxury, Ozil is luxury!! Anyone seen Pogba? Don’t tell me he won the WC..Ozil won the WC too…
    Poor Sanchez, must’ve been tough knowing he’s in a team who play more worse football than Arsenal..
    Regarding the new kit deal, forger it, the money ain’t going into our transfer kit

    1. Sue says:

      My heart bleeds for Sanchez ?????

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sue, karma comes back to bite you; Aaron Ramsey take note. I wonder how Alexis Sanchez shirt sales are going outside Chile?

        1. Sue says:

          It does indeed & I’m glad it has ?

      2. Dammy says:

        Sanchez can sulk elsewhere- I couldn’t care less.

        On the real, there is summat dodgy at Arsenal. Club rakes in around £424m (2017 accounts)- £100m from gate fees, £124m from commercial, and £200m from TV (all circa). Wage bill as hyped in todays media over Rambo’s contract is at a £220m high (£199m from accounts). Operational costs of running the club from the published accounts was around £86m. Club made £138m profit in 2017 yet only £70m (about half) was available to Emery for transfers? Where does the other £68m go? Player trading in 2017 made a profit so clearly not there.

        Under Wenger we were told the transfer kitty included any wages included in contracts of players signed- BS. And even this summer, rumour had it that Rambo’s renewal was part of same kitty? Kroenke isn’t taking it out, and the club aren’t spending it so whats going on? Hows is Liverpool able to afford top quality players and the new Arsenal manager is left with one marquis signing and quality bargain additions? Where is the money going?

        Where is this new adidas money (extra £30m on Puma deal) going?

    2. mobella says:

      moanrinho, the only coach I won’t want to see in arsenal. The man is classless. His petulance when things to go his way annoys me. He is C Ronaldo of coach. Did anyone see how he did celebrate with Mandzuric when he scored the goal that was setup for him nicely.

      1. Mr Patrick says:

        Sorry morello didn’t see it since bt sports didn’t inform it’s customers it lost the rights to la liga

    3. Ignasi says:

      Was thinking this – I think there should be a discussion/thread on Sanchez’s plight at Utd?

      Essentially discuss how Mourinho’s tactics/methods etc are effecting Sanchez?

  2. GanjaMan says:

    I’m so happy that Emery’s 1st season of reconstruction coincides with our last season with puma. So hopefully between these next 2 transfer windows we can make some solid recruitments as well as shifting the remaining excess to benefit his philosophies. Then hopefully next season when things are starting to click we will be rocking the 3 stripes…

    1. RSH says:

      im glad im not the only one who thought Puma made horrible kits. Haven’t bought a kit in ages b/c of the ugly designs and managerial problem. I think both are about to be on the up though

  3. Malaysian gunner says:

    Yes Arsenal can still attract sponsors.To do that they have to be successful on the pitch.
    The last 10 years has seen the gunners trailing the big teams on the pitch
    and getting high value sponsors.
    They will have to start winning games and trophies.Onlythen will the big names come a calling.
    If the US owner doesn’t wake up he will find achasm so deep it will take years to bridge the
    gap with the other big teams.
    BTw,Arsenal is ahigh premium brand which has been allowed to atrophy for too long.
    If nothing is done to correct it,the gunners will sink to the level of 2nd tier clubs.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Malaysian gunner, you are spot on in your assessment, as you like I am, are aware of the drawing power and global brand of the Arsenal in Asia and the Pacific. You see far more Arsenal shirts than LA Rams or other NFL franchises combined.
      If Kroenke pockets the sponsorship money rather than invest in high profile players (who sell shirts), the Arsenal brand will be debased and sponsors like Adidas will invest elsewhere. Unfortunately many fans overseas are not welded on by locality or family ties and thus follow the most successful clubs. Kroenke better learn this quickly, otherwise such sponsorship deals will not be repeated.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Of course Arsenal will use the money to purchase cheap or young players like Guendouzi, Holding, Bramall, Nwakali, etc

    The rest of the money will mostly be used to pay Ozil’s salary

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Unfortunately gotanidea, it is the high profile players who sell the most shirts for Adidas. If the shirt sales don’t meet the expectations of Adidas, because the Arsenal doesn’t sign high profile players or develop stars and is not successful as a club, then they will not reinvest in future.

  5. Jah son says:

    Ozil must be saying to himself what if I was born English ???? he’s been compared to the likes of Jack and Ramsey ???? and iwobi this is embarrassing champions league, Spanish league World Cup come on Arsenal give the guy some quality

  6. Innit says:

    We will need to find quality youth players at low prices for the future.

    Kroenke is a business man FIRST. He has lots of businesses including sports clubs. He has other clubs that need investment, not just us.
    Kroenke owns:
    Denver Nuggets
    Colorado Avalanche
    LA Rams
    Other businesses

    He invests in all these to make money
    Most of the time his clubs are not very successful
    He won’t spend huge amounts on players in the future in my opinion
    I doubt he will mind Arsenal being a mid table club

    I hope I’m wrong

    1. snowden says:

      I think you are right.

    2. Midkemma says:

      While what you say is true, I do think you missed out a key part, he hires people to do the work.
      He doesn’t run the accounts for the multiple investments he has, as you pointed out, he has a number of investments.

      There has to be a point where the CEO of the company needs to take the blame.

      Glazier was a businessman as well before he passed away, he bought UTD using UTDs own income to pay for it, heck… I could afford Arsenal if the banks would allow me to do that PMSL!

      Has Silent Stan done that to us?

      Did you know that Gazidis was the highest paid CEO in the EPL?

      If you look back at Arsenals transfers, go back to Dein… Then the period without Dein but before Gazidis was hired then the 1st season Gazidis starts at CEO for us. Big change was when Gazidis came and took over, we went from spending a chunk of our budget on 1 player to spreading it over multiple players.

      Remember Arshavin fee? Okay, undisclosed as always lol but it was rumored to be close to a record fee for us, we wasn’t at Highbury so… stadium reason why we couldn’t invest didn’t apply prior to Gazidis. The transfer window prior to Arshavin we got Nasri, he signed a new deal a few months before we got him and we paid the inflated price without haggling all window.

      Compare that to Auba deal. How much haggling? Waiting… Time to get a CB that Wenger wanted? Okay… it looked to be Evans and urghh… but ultimately Wenger was blamed for not getting a CB when he asked for one.

      The common factor in all of this business side, even the contract issues we have had and Wenger got blamed for, it was Gazidis.

      Last bash on Gazidis… Look at who hired him. The old board when they was holding out on selling the club. Look at history and tell me the old board wasn’t looking to bump up the share value… Two mega rich people who wanted it… They got the CEO who would do the job THEY wanted. Dein sold his shares to Ustmanov as he wanted to see Arsenal invested in, if they cared for the club then why hold out and make a pact not to sell then sale to Silent stan for more than what we was valued at?
      For me, this points towards Gazidis being good at raising the value of something without actually improving it, a ‘safe’ pair of hands to oversee a sale. Silent Stan is a businessman as you said, he likes his asset increasing in value… I can’t see him replacing Gazidis while the asset is ‘doing well’.

      Silent Stan is the man who can and should make the change, the responsibility is his. I am not defending him and sorry for sounding like I am, I do believe they are both areas of issue but get frustrated at how Gazidis has been given too much of a free pass for his bumblings.

  7. After watching Tottenham’s performance at Old Trafford yesterday, it pains me to admit they are a very competitive and balanced team with no clear weak points whatsoever. Lucas Moura was particularly deadly upfront, making his way at will towards Man utd’s goal and terrorising the likes of Smalling and the utterly clueless Herrera who for some reason was a defender yesterday. Dembele had his usual dominant displays in midfield and Aldeweireld and Vertonghen confidently stamped out all the fire at the back when called upon. Am afraid spurs show a hunger and finesse that is not with our current team. They will most likely finish above us along with City, Liverpool and Chelsea. It’s another depressing 5th spot battle with Man utd for us, they are almost as bad as us at defending.

    1. Sue says:

      So St Totteringham’s day is on hold?? ?

      1. Going by yesterday? Abso-damned-lutely!!!

    2. Midkemma says:

      I like to poke fun at Jose.

      Long term, for me, Jose is one of the worst managers. He can come in, make a big signing or two and get that team to perform… Short term only.

      I read Zidane wants to manage UTD and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jose is sacked before the end of the season.

      As for the spuds, they looked too good for my liking against UTD, I hate to admit anything good about those chokers but being honest… They did look good. Let us see how the season unfolds though, it is still early and they could get bad luck with injuries or their players could choke right towards the finish line.

      I also think it is a bit early to predict ourselves as we did have the hardest starting two games along with Emery still needing to work out in his head who the best players are for situations/tactics/etc. I do feel we have seen some good steps in player response to the training. Cech saving penalties and sharper, still bad with ball at feet but looking more like the GK Chavski had than the one Wenger turned him into. Bellerins final ball is picked out, he looks for the player and tries to pass it to the player rather than just whack it into the box poorly. Okay def side still a nightmare but early days under Emery coaching right? And we do have Lich this season who could start if Emery picked him. Iwobi looks inconsistent still but that Chavski game was a good one for him, been a while since I seen him play with purpose but he shown some good decision making and drive that game.

      How quick our players can adapt to Emery along with Emery adapting to our players will be key and this I feel is unpredictable from just watching our games, we could be like this for a month or two then suddenly turn things around as we sync as players.

      try not to get disheartened by our start dude 🙂
      I think we all predicted losses in the 1st two games and even though we gave WHU too many chances, we did walk away from that with the 3 points. We have had some good periods and I want to believe that those good moments will grow as time goes by till we can perform consistently well for 90 mins.

  8. Wolfgang says:

    Agree with QD. Football is a simple game but has been made complicated some managers.
    Hopefully Emery will go more direct instead of indulging in the passing orgy.
    Spurs were more direct and didn’t waste time.
    As for sponsors,once upon atime it was gate receipts that counted. The game has changed .
    Successful teams will attract the biggest sponsors who wish to be associated with winning teams.

  9. ackshay says:

    Kroenke is a disgusting shit of a leech feeding off our club but he is a billionaire businessman and won’t let his investment lose value as it means that he loses money. He did sanction some transfer windows where we invested heavily(when we bought xhaka and mustafi) and some where there was little investment(cech).

    We won’t invest in signing like city do or liverpool off the back of a season with huge financial gains but a budget of atleast 100m would be good enough. Poch didn’t break the bank to build his team and pep is still using half of the previous team despite his illegal spending.

  10. Midkemma says:

    I do not think Silent stan will be the problem, I honestly think he is happy seeing the value of AFC increase as he can go to banks with a higher valued asset for a bigger loan to buy a new ranch or move his football team to a new city for the dollar.

    Has anyone looked at UTD?
    When they got their shirt deal?

    Please do not tell me that Silent Stan is ruining this club when we could be spending and investing in our club if we had a CEO who knew what he was doing.

    If Gazidis was likened to a card player then he is the type who would fold if someone bluffs while Gazidis is sat their with a royal flush.

    Gazidis could have pushed the boat out for Emery, used a lot of the savings to back the new manager, to give the new manager what he needs. The same flaw with Wenger happened with Emery, Gazidis failed to get the right people in.

    Done better but he has Sven to advise with Raul. We Arsenal supporters know about the off field changes.

    I do not think we will use that funds on player investment, not because Silent Stan wants to take it out and put it in his bank account but because we have a CEO who likes to play things safe over taking the odd risk to win the big jackpot. Like a game of cards, he will fold and use the chips next summer… where he will prob fold again and use the chips for the year after… All along proclaiming his hand is the best and then failing to act with belief in his own words.

    1. ackshay says:

      Wow that’s a lot of bs in one post, Kroenke is the problem he always is on the long term which is play safe as you say. Why invest now potentially for nothing when you know your shares will always increase in value is the motto of silent parasite stan.
      He wanted to do nothing yet get the money so he gaves gazidis and wenger all the controls of the club. He transformed the best COACH in our history into an average manager whose micromanaging and addiction to power wrecked our club. He put gazidis who is one of the best at his job which is management and recruiting off the field staff in charge along with wenger of negotiating player transfer which was never their job and they were both horrible at it.

      Kroenke got his hands on a golden goose and instead of looking after it and reap the benefits, he ate it lol

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