Adidas cut ties with Mesut Ozil following negative impact on his image

German sports brand, Adidas has ended their £22 million sponsorship deal with Mesut Ozil with Bild (as cited by the Sun) claiming that it could have been because of his recent image.

Ozil has been sponsored by the German firm since 2013 and his last contract is set to expire at the end of this season.

The report claims that the company has no intention of giving him a new deal.

Ozil has become more of a controversial figure both on and off the pitch in recent years as the German continues to struggle to justify his hefty salary at Arsenal.

He resigned from the German national team in 2018 after accusing the country’s FA of racism.

He was also photographed with controversial Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan a few years back, a move that caused a stir around the world.

More recently, he criticized China’s treatment of a Muslim minority group in their country and that angered China who retaliated by taking his name off their search engines.

The German was also revealed to be one of the players who refused to take a pay cut at Arsenal this season as the club struggled to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

With companies around the world struggling to survive due to the impact of the coronavirus, it has also been revealed that Adidas may have opted not to give him a new contract because they want to sort out their finances.

Ozil is clearly a toxic figure, largely self-inflicted and this move from Adidas should come as no surprise. It will not be too long now when Arsenal will finally be able to rid themselves of this man once and for all.

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  1. Hello Gunners, hope everyone is safe.Well no one likes loser/ I give up mentality, so its no surprise from Adidas, hope this serves as an eye opener and he changes his attitude and starts delivering results on the field. Well we are in June and the countdown for his exit has started. Cheers everyone!

  2. Admin ….please do yourself a favour and read up on the Adidas and Puma founders who were siblings. The fact that an athlete has a political or social position is their right and if big brands prefer their ambassadors to be without any then so be it. Your bashing of a young man who with his own resources has shown his empathy with the vulnerable and the desperate speaks volumes for your wisdom . Ozil didn’t develop his own contract it was an offer he accepted so get over your bitterness.

    1. Your final sentence is deceitful, though on the surface iis true. FACTS are his agent fought hard to get him that grossly obscene wage and he is his own man, as are all human beings, and could, were he prepared to , have said “NO”, He could and should have recognised that his heart is not inPrem ftball and it is too physical and demanding for him. TALENT SUBLIME BUT COURAGE AND HEART , MISERABLY ABSENT.

  3. I have two totally different opinions on Ozil. One as a person, which is of a fine, humane and decent man; the other as a player, who is next to useless, purely because his heart is not in the game and has not been for a number of years past. Further comments would only repeat what I have constantly said before, so I will leave it there.

  4. Ozil let himself down by his behaviour. It’ll be very difficult for big brands to associate with him.

  5. I’ve really not got the energy for yet another let’s slate Ozil fest. All I’m looking forward to is 2 weeks tonight, our fixture against City, with a starting 11 including Ozil 🙂 yay COYG

  6. I’m just amazed that on top of his handsome salary he was getting £22m for wearing Adidas boots as well.

    I suppose the same has applied to many others but the sums involved are crazy

  7. As Adidas haven’t told anyone why they are dropping Ozil’s sponsorship deal, the headline of this article is noy factual, but rather a personal opinion regarding the situation.

    I suggest that Adidas will be cutting back on ALL sponsorship deals, due to the corona virus – time will tell if my thoughts are correct, but I have to smile at the way this news is being interpreted.

    Hasn’t the cry always been that “our shirt seller” was just that – and it didn’t make any difference to his playing abilities?

    But because this news is a negative, rather than a positive, suddenly our “boot seller” image means something so much bigger!!!

    As for him being a “toxic” presence, again only if one wants it to be seen like that, does it become fact.

    Mikel Arteta doesn’t see it like that at all and as Sue points out, when we face city, MA will probably keep faith with someone he has selected for every league game to date.

    Come on the ten men eh Sue!!!

    The “real toxic situation” will be if Arteta keeps playing him and we finish with a fa cup win, or a top four/six place and offer him a new contract – any one of those scenarios will see who supports the club’s actions and who puts the outcome of an individual player above the club – interesting times ahead – “no player is bigger than the club” will be a real topic then!!

    SueP, as you say, if this reported figure is correct, the mind boggles.
    I guess the question we should ALL be asking ourselves is this — why did Adidas see him as one of their leading figures and offer him this contract in the first place?
    They must have seen something in the player that made them invest so heavily – could it have been the incredible following he has world wide?

    1. Ken
      I’m not disputing why but I’m incredulous about the sums involved. They could have been sponsoring other players too and ultimately when anyone anywhere goes into a sports shop they will be paying a surcharge to buy the boots. I know it’s the way the world goes round but, mercy me!

    2. 7 long years from 2013 upto now.A good point Ken1945.And it was a tug of war between nike and adidas back then for ozil back in 2013.
      And also ozil was one of tge main readons that adidas signed to sponsor us after puma.So much for a toxic personal…..

      1. Shakir, common sense doesn’t play a part when discussing Ozil, as the slightest hint of negativity is seized on and blown up out of all proportion.

      2. Gremlins? No, just censorship….
        Swathes of comments deleted and now complete articles going missing too.

        1. Hi,
          No articles gone missing, but I am deleting and stopping comments on the articles that are causing all the arguments. We stopped talking about football a long time ago…

  8. I’m sure you are a very controversial figure here yet you still have your own friends and supporters. That is not a cane to flog Ozil with. The fact that he is a friend Edogan doesn’t mean he agrees with his policies. Gudogan was also in the same picture and I can’t remember the last time anything been said about that anywhere. China deserves Ozil criticizim of treatment of Muslim minority group and much more for the state they put the world in because despicable eating habits.

  9. To be fair, this is just business. Ozil has been on the decline for years, and he’s coming towards the end of his contract with them. It’s only natural that Adidas would prefer to invest in bigger stars, or upcoming talent.

    In regards to Ozil’s political/religious views, I do believe that has played a part though. People in the public eye, who express strong political or religious views will cop it from one side or another. Especially as it’s so easy to reach anyone in the world because of social media.

    On one hand, we can applaud Ozil for criticizing China about the oppressed Muslims over there. On the other hand, Ozil stays quiet about the huge oppression Muslim females suffer at the hands of Muslim males, and even in the developed countries.

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