After 3 draws Arsenal MUST overcome November Blues

The jury is still out on whether Arsenal are set for their usual Nasty November or not, and tomorrow’s game at the Emirates will be a big pointer for us.

The Gunners haven’t simply become a bad team at the end of October, as has happened in previous seasons, but three successive draws have made the fans become a little jittery, which makes a win in tomorrow’s game even more imperative. Arsenal are currently three points from the top, but with Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City all playing today, the pack could start pulling away so Arsenal MUST win to stay with the pace. As Wenger said: “It depends now what we will do for the last weeks of November to assess it [as a month]. But at the moment, we haven’t lost. We had difficult games: Tottenham, Man United and of course Paris Saint-Germain. It’s three difficult games in a row but let’s see how we finish November.”

Which obviously means starting tomorrow, and Wenger was asked if it was important to get the three points against the Cherries? “Yes, of course [it’s more important now],” said Wenger. “The positive side is that we don’t lose, but that is not positive enough for us. We want to win our games and build momentum. Sometimes you go a little bit through spells where it’s less easy and we want to come back to the three pointers.

“Slowly there are little differences [in the title race] but I think as long as there is not nine points or 10 points difference, the teams are in the race. Over 10 points difference after a third of the season and you can say that it is too many points.”

Despite our massive talented squad we have hardly looked dangerous, especially in our last two games, so let’s hope that it is not a mental block (as has been suggested) when we hit November. It’s time for us to prove that that is not the case….



  1. Break-on-through says:

    We’ve gone unbeaten since the season’s first game. Someone with better knowledge than myself can probably tell, but is this our longest unbeaten run since the Invincibles, it feels like it should be. This season we’ve been more clinical, we’ve gotten points even though we’ve played badly. Last season and before, whenever we played poor we lost, and sometimes got hammered for it.

    This team doesn’t look like it’s susceptible to huge defeats. So I don’t know how some people can still claim that we’re the same as ever.

    Whether that’ll mean silverware I couldn’t say, the mental block sometimes can be a b**** to get over. Our away form is tops, get our home form right, starting tomorrow, and things should look a whole lot better.

    We came second in the group, lets wait and see the draw before we all start going ape s**t. I’m thinking we should all hope to get Barcelona and any other giant club which claws it’s way back on top, hoping against it has hardly ever worked, so bring on Barca and we’ll show them a thing or two about the new and improved A-Team.

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      Although I agree with you mate, I’d like to point out that the amount of horrendous displays have been several already and in the past few weeks as well.

      Eventually this kind of “luck” without losing will come to an end. That’s why we must step up our performances and win again at relative comfort.

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