After 4 wins in a row, should we all now have faith in Arteta’s process?


Bournemouth was a nice “kick about” in what was a professional performance and Fulham showed how much we have grown in resilience. Two of the three goals we have conceded were self-inflicted.

The club has come full circle after last year’s horrible start, and now talk of a title challenge has been mentioned, and Arteta is well on course to scoop the manager of the month award (This award is cursed I know).

At this point, If you still hate Arteta, then your hate will make you miss out on all the joys that 95% of Gooners are experiencing nowadays. Mikel (my manager) is here to stay, you have a loooong time to stay salty and I pity you!

Onwards and upwards!!!




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  1. There is no reliable cover for Partey in the midfield. Elneney cannot be trusted to have the same impact or better. He had a good passing rate but most of that was at the back.

    Gabriel kept the ball for too long because he did not have options to dispose of it in safety. Tierney was inexplicably too far away and marked. If Partey were there, he would have provided him with an option to receive the pass

    1. Just one question for you on the Fulham game mate.

      Was there any real pressure on our back line apart from Gabriel mistake ?

      They scored with what was their first shot on target in the game from a defensive error. While we could have easily scored a couple before then… (Zhaka and Saka missing very good chances among others).

      There is no need to keep repeating a comment just to make it seem true. Elneny was not the problem with the game yesterday in any way.

      By the way no team have perfect back up to ALL first team players.

      Van D Trent Salah
      Debruyne Cancelo Ederson
      Thiago Kante James

      I could go on for most teams. Let’s just enjoy the team momentum and support players efforts.

      I would like to see Viera sooner though to have a better look at what he has to offer.

      Wish you all the best today, all I need for this week to be super better is a spurs draw or loss.

      1. Excellent comments Mide – I really don’t know what people expect. Partey is a one-off and walks into the team when fit. Not only will you not find a Partey Mk II, no world class player will sign for us to play second fiddle. Elneny is ok – I wish we would stop knocking him. Tierney in for Zinchenko was a much bigger loss as KT just can’t play that role, but are people saying he is not good enough? No! Backups are backups for a reason – because they’re not as good as the starters!

      2. Realistically, we are on a good path. But what surprises me even though the window is not closed yet is the absence of a capable backup for Partey. Enough has been said about Elneny but you can’t help but be concerned he is who we call on incase of Partey’s absence. I really like the football we are playing this season but the personel is really important if we are to achieve the bare minimum which is CL football. I guess we as fans are overly conscious about how last season ended and there is this sense of panic that we can come so close n yet so far away again. I heard in one of the last press conferences how Arteta was questioned about Arsenal breaching the FFP rules and I wonder if that’s the reason we can’t go big on upgrading the middle of the park. I guess we should just enjoy our run n leave the rest for when reality will set in. Believe me the Arsenal is cooking this season regardless of if we can reach our target or not.

    2. You are spot on Atangna, but also Tierney may have been a little rusty or not having involved in the preseason affect part of his game.
      Tierney should have gone wide or make his self available to provide an option.

      Now that’s the difference Zinchenko makes as he would anticipate the pass and gently take the ball out, Arsenal is more press resistance when when he is playing.

      Arsenal need a ball carrying midfielder like Frankie de joong or Savic, it is as clear as day.

    3. I guess some had doubts if he could take us back into the top 4
      And so far he’s failed to prove those people wrong

  2. “Some did, most didn’t”? You guys really live in some kind of negative parallel universe. Most fans fully trusted the process over the years. Just se plastic fans like you guys didn’t. You honestly don’t even have the right to support this club now cause you never supported him during the rebuild.

    1. Big Facts. Comment of the year!!!!. 100% correct about plastic fans with no heart or love for the team. We just won and still negative.

    2. 100%!!
      I’ve been a proud Gooner since the days of Liam Brady and the Irish boys playing at Highbury.
      I’ve always supported the team and the Gaffer …….yeah sometimes we don’t win…..but who the hell gave all these fans the right question Any Manager? If you support The Gunners you support through thick and thin. End of story.

  3. Personally I supported Arteta fully from day 1, as I think most proper fans did.

    I am a bit worried about Piers Morgan being onboard though. I would have much preferred for him to just give up, shut up and go away.

    1. Well said.

      lol re Morgan. Where I come from, someone who was sacked for phone hacking (when he was editor of the Mirror) would never work again.

  4. It doesn’t matter whether we trust the process or not. Kroenke has given the management regime enough time and funds, so I bet he expects a top four finish or EL trophy

    Our playing style is the most entertaining I’ve ever seen in the last ten years, yet it will be useless if the players can’t handle the pressure. We could lose against big teams in away matches, but we must always win at home

  5. We were lucky to escape with 3 points !! the game cried out for a more creative midfielder than Mo and Ödegaard.. Saka was quiet and delt with by Fulham. We
    are anxious and nervous when playing against teams that
    are organised and physical ??

    1. “We are anxious and nervous when playing against teams that
      are organised and physical ??”

      I don’t agree with your opinion, in fact we had a very tough looking team when Tomi and holding came on. And obviously all teams are in for a hard game against organised teams 🙄

      1. We deserved the win. Fulham sat back and played there game well. Not every team will lay down like Bournemouth. Give the team credit

  6. trust the process.” Some did, but most didn’t. Don’t think that’s true not in my opinion. Also it’s not about backing Arteta it’s about back a new “ARSENAL MANAGER” anyway bring on villa surly another 3pts at home with the right mentality for the game, just loving it atm 😁😁😁

  7. Well, Arteta is improving and proving to be reliable. It’s still too early to conclude that we have finally arrived. Consistency and the will to weather the storm when things are going wrong especially with injuries is very Paramount to a successful season. But for now let’s enjoy this progress. Up gooners!

  8. Let’s just say it’s going in the right direction so that’s a real positive. I agree we need another DM as partly is so injury prone and do not have any suitable replacement when he’s out and look weak in that department! Also another winger that way can rotate with saka who looks jaded already and needs a break!

  9. We have a very good team, but what is very clear we need cover, top cover, for Thomas Partey. We also need a striker for what may be over 50 games this season. We all know for certain we will get injuries and that fatigue will come. If we buy 2 more top players, we may cause the shock of the season. If not we may collapse again if we get a few injuries.

  10. It was a great thing to see our team achieve this looking back at where we were 12months back. Kudos to Arteta and both d playing and non playing staffs. Most especially to our passionate fans, they believed and still believing in d “can do spirit” of our manager and d team. There is always room for improvement just as someone mentioned here, we panic against organized and physical teams. Let d manager work on that and other obvious flaws and we will keep smiling. #COYG

  11. Why picked on eleny for gabis flups?it is the ball to go to teineny not gabi himslf!he tries proving sth and we got punished!

  12. Whilst firmly agreeing with the articles conclusion , what stands out to me is that the article itself simply wishes to stir up contrary posts. BTW, so are almost all inhouse articles from the three inhouse writers and some among us realise they are running a BUSINESS with JA, to make a living from it too.
    Why else would it have even been written, I ask myself! WE WHO REPLY ARE ALL SUPPORTING THAT BUSINESS TOO BTW.
    IS THAT WRONG THEN? I say not, if you believe in society profiting from the money that businesses make and the tax government makes from them all to use on all OUR behalves .

    Just pointing out basic facts. No criticism intended. But it’s good to keep context in mind, I suggest.

    1. @JON

      Pointing out basic facts eh?
      Well for one this wasn’t written by me or my writers and it clearly says GOONERBOY at top and bottom.

      Why would it be written? Jeez Jon he is only saying that Arteta deserves everyones support after ttthis great to the season. Must there be an ULTERIOR MOTIVE or can’t he just want to let everyone know how he feels.

      Why on Earth do you write your articles? Other ULTERIOR MOTIVES.

      Give JA a break from criticism for every article posted (No criticism intended lol).

      Give up your misguided conspiracy theories….

  13. Let’s wait until the end of October to judge. No midweek games or top 6 rivals yet so it’s really too early to tell. We also have a habit of struggling to find form quickly again after a loss, so time will tell but it’s definitely looking much better.

    My biggest concern now is the contracts of Saka and Saliba and STILL no DM signed which is ridiculous from MA/Edu. We all know 1. That Partey is injury prone and 2. We have no quality cover/challenger for his position. Elneny is great and I’m glD he’s here but he’s not at the level of Partey IMO.

  14. Credit to the board and the manager including the team for their achievement so far.
    But I don’t understand all these fans police who will rather come here to dictate who Are Arsenal fans and who are not. Like they needed your permission to be one in the first place.
    Everyone has the Right to support and not to support the manager if he’s underperforming. all football managers face criticicsm and being wanted out by their team. It’s Arsenal fc and not manager fc.
    Going by you people’s logic, you are all not a true fan for wanting The korenke out in the past, so you shouldn’t be called fans.
    Let everyone come on board when they feel they are ready.
    Weather you started to support the process from the beginning or at the end it doesn’t matter. As Long as Arsenal is back on top, that’s the priority.

          1. +3

            Lets keep in my mind that most the the things the “negative” fans were highlighting are the exact things that we are improving on and it’s showing. A bit sad that pointing out issues that need work get you labelled as negative. Imagine we never worked on our issues, anyone some people will always chose to keeptheir headin the sand.

              1. Good point Emperor
                There were clearly issues that needed to be addressed within the club. Much of this had to do with the quality of the playing roster and some of it with what had become part of the culture at the club.
                However, many of the “negative” posters were simplistically and unreasonably directing much of their ire at the manager.
                A number of fans have persisted in referring to Arteta as “underperforming” as if this is generally accepted. There are many who do not agree with this position. At the very least it is very debatable as to whether he has ever underperformed any previous Arsenal manager or any current PL manager.

              2. Yes me personally wanted him out because we were underperforming and the football was awful ,what some seem to forget he’s been backed more than any previous manager while breaking all negative records .
                Obviously we should see massive improvement after spending 350mill plus
                Great that after 4 games that we have 4 wins ,but this dick measuring comments coming out about who is right and wrong is proper cringe talk ,instead of being excited about our great start it seems some fans seem more interested in patting themselves on their backs that they stood by Arteta when he should have been shown the door , and high he should have .
                I’ve been more optimistic to this start to the season but I’m very cautious as I’ve been for the last 2 years because we have all seen what happens .
                Some pathetic comments above about not being proper fans and I won’t bring up David below as he’s probably the worst of the snide posters .
                Not sure why everyone cannot now get on board with the direction we have now finally managed to get to ,rather than this constant bringing up the past .
                Personally this is what I’ve been waiting for and I’m glad it’s finally arrived ,just wish every article did t turn into a massive contest to see who was right or wrong .

            1. I agree, but i think the major issue was that we/they believed that arteta wasn’t aware of and/or our couldn’t fix those issues.
              For context, I was well behind arteta initially, right until the xhaka contract, which I thought made no sense. That was the point that really started to give me doubts, because it looked very much like we wanted xhaka gone and only changed our minds when we couldn’t get anyone else – this may have been incorrect, and xhaka himself is actually starting to look a good player recently, so maybe even that will turn completely in Ma’s favour – I don’t think many managers would have been able to turn xhaka’s arsenal career around, frankly, although many would have persisted with him playing average to poorly because of “leadership”. .

    1. I wasn’t going to reply to this article because of the underlying tripe it is spewing out but i agree with you kaay, spot on. We are Arsenal fans first not Arteta fans but if he does what is expected, we can then be Arteta fans. When Arteta is gone like wenger, we will respect what he does or doesn’t do but we will still be Arsenal fans.

    2. -100 @Kaay

      You’re doing the old straw man thing again, setting up an argument to shoot down.

      Those were not the concerns people had over you so-called “fans”, it’s other reasons as you know – always bashing Arteta, disparaging “the process” as a concept, calling him “the apprentice”.

      And stuff like “we must be top 4 because Thierry Henry said so in an clip on TV” is as entitled as it is brainless.

      I may not bother to check back for a reply – tired of the same discussions with you people – but don’t confuse having the last word with being right.

    3. Hmmm. It seems replying to this straw man argument gets moderated.

      It wasn’t about wanting Kroenke out though, was it? But I’m sure you know that.

      1. @IDKWIC
        The reason your comment was moderated was because it contained the word “apprentice” as I (like you) also don’t approve of the schoolboy insults that get thrown around.

  15. Enough with the Elneny Is worst that Satan …
    We are a club in the process of building a formidable team. The bench is begining to have some real quality.

    The right back ups and replacements will come but for the time being let’s give the best support we can for the back ups that are currently giving their all to the club when called upon , no mater how meagre some of u lot think their contributions are..

    1. Well said,also TP cost 50M and Mo around 7/ thing for sure the fee paid for Mo has been worth every penny,as for TP I’m not too sure if we’ve been getting 50M worth,he can’t stay fit long enough.

    2. Im a Partey fan and not an Elnenny but i agree, we are not getting value out of Partey. It is a massive worry having a midfield of Elnenny and Xhaka too much during the season.

      1. Reggie I agree with you on that point, as I do not rate either of those two players and never have done. We urgently need proper cover for PARTEY, who is a fine player but injury prone.

        IF we have to rely on Elneny and Xhaka IN CENTRAL MIDFIELD FOR ANY LENGTH, THEN GOD HELP US.

        We badly missed PARTEY and ZINCHENKO yesterday.

  16. I agree with the main point of the article, but not this “Last season Arsenal were a shambles” (apparently because they lost first 3 games).

    Two of those were City and Chelsea and the first was Brentford away – newly promoted team, playing out of their skins, always difficult.

    The club/squad went on to show that they were actually in pretty good shape, just that the early fixtures were as bad that year as they are good this year (sadly, I suspect there will be a bad patch later and a lot of negativity and “told you so” will start up again).

    It would be interesting to see what WHU’s fans are saying now that they have the same start as we had last season.

  17. When are we ever going to just Come here and talk about the game, rather than picking on each other?
    Picking on players?
    Picking on Arteta?
    Arsenal win let us celebrate,( remember we are not allow to celebrate Richard keys as already started the celebration police watch)
    Arsenal draw let us have hope,
    Arsenal lose let us all encourage ourselves.
    It does not matter who supports who, when, what or how : we all can’t have same understanding nor likeness for samething,
    So for Those who have not get on board supporting Arteta or team or still waiting till we beat all/some of the big teams or win the league pls feel free to choose to do so you have every right to what makes u happy, and to US who are already on the ” Trust the Process” train welcome on board and please fasting your seat belt cause it’s gone be a roller coastal of a RIDE.

  18. I believe it’s healthy to be able to weigh both the pros and cons of the teams performance( individually and as a group)and the managers tactics, selections etc. That way we can as fans/ supporters, better assess where we are, where we’re going and the best possible way of achieving our goal…IJS 😁

    1. NY, whats the point of sites like these, if everyone CAN’T have a say without some idiot slagging you off for having a different view than them. Small minded people!!!!!!

  19. Is is a big lie that Elneny’s performance yesterday was underwhelming. He thwarted a couple of Fulham attacks as well as he recovered balls and quickly circulates them. He had a Fulman man on him who pressed him through out to curtail his influence.

    The actual low point is Tierney being not fully fit yet to influence games as he could. He needs to evolve right now. He couldn’t offer the team Zinchenko’s creativity and quality passing from the playmaking fullback /second DM role and that limited Xhaka who was conservative through out the game. Tierney is more consistent and always world class as a 3rd CB or a defensive fullback. His pace and power are great physical securities in the team’s defense. That’s how Arsenal won their last FA Cup and Community Shield.

    What the team missed in Partey’s physicality, Elneny was able to improvise for with his tactical efficiency, boundless energy and technical simplicity.

    Please don’t destroy Elneny. He’s a guy who will work his socks off on the pitch. He loves the club. How easy is it to get an upgrade on him that will sit on the bench?

  20. Have had time to get over the stress of the game and read the comments above… along with others that appeared during and after the game.

    First of all, it seems from a previous article, that season ticket holders are getting a bashing once again because it was thought the atmosphere wasn’t good enough!!!
    I suggest those that thought this, should clear their ears out and listen to what Smudger said after the game – the crowd never gave up and kept the faith… so that’s one load of BS dealt with.

    Secondly, I see that we have the know it all brigade out in force, telling everyone how they should support the club and the manager…. 90% of whom did the complete opposite when AW and UE were in charge!!
    Double standards and complete humbug – those of us who questioned Mikel have been proved correct!!

    Saliba is a top class defender and we questioned why £50,000,000 was spent on a defender, when he was available. No coincidence that he improved a defence that was conceding more goals than the two previous seasons, so MA has corrected that area.

    We were also questioning his decision to let Aubemeyang go, without having a replacement – he has corrected that with Jesus, but lost out on a CL spot, partly due to that decision.

    We also questioned why there was no cover for Tierney – Zinchenko’s signing has seen that area addressed as well.

    Up and until this transfer window, I was watching games that were polar opposites from one week to the next, culminating in the disastrous end of season collapse – now, I don’t remember any of the “I told you so fans” coming on JA and saying that those run of games were fine and that we should all be positive – far from it!!

    I have no complaints, apart from two areas, with what MA has achieved since the end of last season.
    The football is fantastic and the crowd is 100% behind him and his players… but that wasn’t the case last season was it?!?!

    We all can see, with the backing of the owner, what MA is doing today… the things he wasn’t doing last season and that’s the difference.

    We will, hopefully, sign another top forward and ensure we have another midfield player to cover these two areas, something MA has hinted at himself.

    So all you “know it all” fans who are claiming the superior ground by saying you supported Mikel from day one, bask in your self acclaimed superior knowledge – those of us who pointed out the weaknesses, will take satisfaction in the fact that Mikel actually acted on the areas that concerned us.

    Saliba, Jesus, Zinchenko – thanks Mikel for doing what was required

    1. They are going to come for you and disclaim your comment and tell you how you were never a fan for failing to come on board right from the beginning with the project.
      It’s ok for us to scream korenke out,
      Wenger out, and emery out. What were their crimes?? Underperforming and under achieving Depsite none of the manager finishing 8th in their full season and still majority want them gone.
      I don’t understand why the need to ruin this fine article simply because they wanted to feel they are a superior supporters.. I am not even sure any of the Arsenal bodies recognize anyone here to be an Arsenal fan, but the fan police here will tell you straight away of not being a fan.
      With you being a super fan, and yet nobody knows you at Arsenal.
      Weather you support the project in the beginning or the end, there’s no reward for anyone, nor will you be recognize by Arsenal in anyway.
      We are all fans who want our team to be on top again with whatever it takes. Hence anyone who’s underperforming needed to be gone. From players to mangers to director to the board.
      They can continue with their online fans police to monitor and choose who should be fans or not.

      1. I will also urge the fans police to make sure Henry’s statue is move away from the Emirates since he wasn’t on board with the project from the beginning as well, and for seeing 5th as a failure because he’s not a true fan.
        The statue should be replaced by you true fans as for your rewarding for being a project supporters from day one.

        1. Steady Kaay, your making too much sense – I only wish I had read this article earlier and got my views in quicker.

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