After all the changes, it’s the same old Arsenal

After all the changes, it’s the same old Arsenal. by Konstantin Mitov

Beaten by ourselves again. We lacked confidence, tried to play a style that doesn’t suit us and we lost. It is not exactly the start we needed.

I don’t understand why we play out from the back when we don’t have the players to move the ball? I don’t know what Xhaka does on training to impress so much the coach, but he was so poor. Guendouzi at least tried to make something happen, but it’s difficult when everyone is so static.

We tried to press with no real purpose. Even when we got them to make a mistake there was no understanding between the players. We looked like we meet ourselves for the first time. Something so characteristic of last season.

At the back we again allowed City shooting opportunities. The Sterling goal was pathetic. There were so many people next to him yet he shoots and the ball enters the net through the middle? Why did we buy Bernd Leno? Why was Cech captain? Honestly is there a player in this squad you’d make captain? The second goal we had our CB ball watching and our DMs were nowhere near Bernardo Silva.

Honestly I’m worried big time. For all the video analysis how did Emery exactly miss the way we conceded exactly the same goals last time we played City? Did we analyse this? The problems were so obvious yet we repeated them exactly.

Mikhi and Ozil are not wingers. We don’t have a winger and this creates a lot of problems for our full backs which is something that was ignored again. Up front we killed our potential by dropping Lacazette, who made immediate impact after his addition. If I have to be completely honest, as much as I like Aubameyang, apart from playing him in behind he is completely useless as a CF on his own. He doesn’t head the ball and he doesn’t play well with his feet.

We failed for the past seasons becuase we either failed to add quality where it was needed or we tried to play a system that doesn’t suit the players we have and we showed both on Sunday.

All the other top teams won no matter of their own problems. We cannot sleep walk the start of the season and I couldn’t care less we play City and Chelsea. We were at home and we were scared. We destroyed our own confidence from the start by failing to see the problems.

It’s a terrible start to the season and it will contiously get worse as Kroenke takes over the club. We made so many changes this summer yet we looked exactly the same. If we don’t get back to the top 4 we’re never getting money for real signings with Kroenke in charge.

We needed a performance and it was disappointing from both the players and the crowd which is just used to this. If Emery wants to get the fans on his side, he must work towards that on the pitch. Words will not be enough.

Our record at Chelsea is terrible. I demand a much improved performance, unless we are satisfied with 6th again.



  1. John Doe says:

    Arsenal was awful today , i’m tired of seeing the same kind of game from Arsenal every year and i don’t care about the “work in progress” BS , we have players that are at the end of their prime like Ozil , Aubameyang and Miki , if emery couldn’t get a goal out of them in a home match after weeks of training , then it wont matter after 2 or 3 seasons of “development” , because we will not have any more top attacking player and with our budget we wont be able to get anyone , my hope was that Emery can make them play to their potential but he couldn’t , now it doesn’t matter anymore i already predict a dark future.

    1. Ignasi says:

      I followed Arsenal closely in pre season and their defending was awful. Looks like this has carried into the league.

      Everyone know’s Arsenal’s defence has been the top priority for the last 10 years. So why hasn’t Emery made the defence his number 1 priority? Obviously he needs time, but to me, it looked like Wenger’s Arsenal out there today.

      Finally, Xhaka and Ozil must be dropped. Or just drop Ozil in the big games and play him against Watford et al. when he’s useful.

  2. DANDY GUNNER says:

    You would get good odds on Arsenal
    ForTwo games no goals.Chelsea next week and after looking at Arsenal today we don’t look like we could score a goal.

    1. McLovin says:

      Contes first season had Chelsea crowned champions.

      He won his first 3 matches, then lost next 3. So,he got 9 points from his first 6 matches.

      We lost, but Im eager to see how Emery reacts. Will he start Leno, Torreira and Lacazette?

  3. bran99 says:

    Spot on

    Xhaka does the same mistakes from last season, what does he learn during training?
    Auba should use his pace and not just be offside most of the times, he can take on defenders with ease even if he starts running late, but he’s caught offside most of the times

  4. TW14-TH14 says:

    Wenger is no more yet Mr Wenger Out is still not happy.

    As the season goes by, many would realise what a genius Wenger was to have kept Arsenal for that long in the top 4 without the financial backing of the board. All the ingrates will realise how much wrong they were.

    For all the Emery praise to spite and discredit Wenger, you would soon realize that every coach has his weaknesses and strengths but there’s only much you can do without huge financial outlay in today’s football.

    1. Phil says:

      Well I’m obviously one of the 88% of ingrates that voted on this site earlier this year for Wenger to be sacked.FFS why is awenger always remembered for his first 8 seasons and not for his incompetence in his last 3-4 seasons (and that doesn’t include the mostly dire performances in between).Emery will need time.I liked an earlier post that said Wenger had 22 years and Emery has had ONE GAME.If we had played any team outside what is recognised as the Top6 today and performed like we did then perhaps it would tell a different story.But we played the BEST SIDE IN EUROPE today and we at least did not allow ourselves to be HUMILIATED like Wenger allowed us to be against Citeh last season.

      1. TW14-TH14 says:

        Wenger didn’t need 22 years to win 3 EPL titles (including an unbeaten season) and 4 FA Cups. He did win his first in his first full season and the others in his first 8 seasons.

        Need I talk about a decade of negative spending as a result of the stadium debt. What about having your team yearly dislocated because the stars have to be sold? It was only the genius of Wenger that kept you so high on the table with such spending.

        Enough of this rubbish 22 years narrative. All the ingrates would soon never recognize this club. Without spending (all the signs are there) Emery won’t do nada.

        1. Phil says:

          But you are suggesting Wenger never spent any money at all.He did.He was responsible for everything at the Club because that was what he demanded.So who is to blame if not Wenger.You put him on too higher pedestal Pal-I notice he’s still unemployed

          1. Xxnofx says:

            @phil ,why is emery playing the same players who were not good enough when wenger was in charge .i didn’t see one change today ,there was all this talk of a pressing game I didn’t see that apart from Ramsey who was playing as a striker it seemed .
            A few points
            There’s no excuse this day and age to have to play a player out of position but he played AMN as a left back when he had the Swiss right back on the bench who has played as a left back before .
            What bloody position was Ramsey playing ?we have a very good number 10 and he was pushed out to the side to make way for Ramsey into the team .
            No pace in the side except for auba who looked lost not having a Pacey few players with him ,why not play AMN up further to use all that pace he as .
            And the one I’m struggling with is that centre midfield partnership ,an error prone player in xhaka and a young kid making his debut against the strongest team in the league , absolute disaster in the making .
            Best player today was Cech apart from his error he looked solid .
            That looked more like a wenger side than I’ve seen in the last 22 years

          2. Gurrosco says:

            Wow, never realise this at all.

          3. Xxnofx says:

            Not sure if your replying to me , but if you are maybe discuss your point rather than right a few mumbled words

          4. Xxnofx says:

            Write *

          5. Phil says:

            Xxnofx-unfortunately Emery has inherited Wengers team.He has introduced a few signings but the nucleus of our squad is Wengers squad.Dont get me wrong.I was very disappointed to see Ozil playing wide.For me He has a free role as a No10 or you do not play him at all.Ramsey was played far too high up the pitch.Lacazette should have started.I agreed with the choice of AMN as LB purely because of his pace and he wasn’t playing badly before going off injured.
            My point is it’s far too early for anyone to start criticising Emery.Its one game against a top side.He will need to start playing Ozil centrally for a start but overall I at least saw an improvement than when we played them last season.
            Another point is Wenger has gone.He was SACKED.Why even start to compare Emery to Wenger after one game?

          6. Xxnofx says:

            I’m not comparing him to wenger I said his team looked a carbon copy of a wenger team even the way we played and set up .my questions were those that I posted before .ive posted before the season started that we would struggle again this season ,but got shot down in flames .im just struggling to see what as changed except the manager ,because on today’s evidence not a bloody lot .why our rivals have strengthened yet again we’ve gone for the cheap option . We can go on and on about it’s a slow prosess and how it takes time but like someone else as metioned other managers have come in this league and bought proper and won first time out .This club as gone slowly backwards this last couple of years and the way it’s going we are going to hard pushed to even make 6th place
            We could be bottom of the league after next weeks fixtures ,that’s not really the change I was looking for .we had a chance to make a statement in the transfer window and get rid of some of wenger favourite s that have done wonders over the years but we’ve gone cheap once again ,along season awaits again imo

          7. John Ibrahim says:

            why did Emery keep Ramsay and xhaka and not give perez any chance?

        2. Durand says:

          22 years never won CL. He only had Sir Alex as competition for how many years? He was handed good players and solid defense. He left rubbish for next manager, you conveniently left the inherited squad part out aye?

          His stubbornness, arrogance, and favoritism got him fired.
          If Wenger is soo great, why is he still jobless? Support the club first, not the individual. Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.

          1. TW14-TH14 says:

            He inherited a team that finished out of the top 4 and with a very bad drinking culture. On defence, none of those he inherited were part of the invincibles. It was entirely his own defence.

            Wenger has left a very good team in attack but poor in defence. Let no one tell me the team is all bad. Arsenal had the second best home record last season winning 15, drawing 2 and losing 2. Beside the away performance (not helped by many bad referee calls) the team wasn’t as bad as its made to be.

          2. Durand says:

            You’ve obviously already drunk the kool-aid it’s too late for you. Pity you defend a sacked manger that was his own undoing. You forgot to mention the defense he left my friend. 51 goals conceded was it not? Wenger was the one who got Mustafi, Xhaka, you can’t blame that on anyone else.

            The thrashings in CL Wenger managed, can’t blame another.

            Blaming refs now for horrific away form? Really? That’s too much, what next? VAR? Weather? Fans? I think we’re done, your excuses beyond the pale, you even sound like him. Next you’ll blame “cohesion.”

          3. Xxnofx says:

            Yes Durand he has inherited a bad defence ,but we’ve had all summer to get players in ,why hasn’t the board done this ,because even us fans can see it’s it good enough .signing 2 aging defenders is not what was required.

          4. Durand says:

            I agree with you Xxnofx, no argument here. Torreria was good business unfortunately about 8 years too late. Sokratis done after Arsenal, little or no resale value.

            The owner is cheapskate, all talk and little action. I was merely saying Wenger not blameless, he dug his own grave. Manager and style of play changed, nothing more. Still lack ambition, transfers not good enough, and now Kronke sole owner.

            Rough waters ahead it seems, don’t exp2much if any help from owner.

          5. ozziegunner says:

            TW14-TH14, please check out the squad that Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch to those he left for Unai Emery; overall quality of Rioch’s squad was much better.

          6. TJPAM says:

            Ozzie gunner.. Are u telling me that a team that finished 12 twelve and 5 position in league before Wenger came is better… Dd u even realize that the league is not even competitive like today…but am still waiting til end of season or mid season before I make my conclusion… But I Wenger came in then and make a immediate impact

          7. ozziegunner says:

            In response to TJPAM below the 1995-96 squad under Bruce Rioch included:
            Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Bould, Adams, Keown, Platt, Parlour, Merson, Bergkamp, Wright, Hartson, Helder and Linigan.
            The team had finished 12th the season before and 5th that season with the inclusion of David Platt and Dennis Bergkamp, so they were on the way up.
            There is no doubt there was a drinking culture in the club, which Arsene Wenger corrected and the lifestyle/diet/training regime he implemented certainly extended players careers. However the quality of this list of players allowed the team to achieve 3rd place the first year under Arsene Wenger. I still argue that there are at least 12 players in this list, who would improve the overall quality of the current Arsenal squad.

          8. Midkemma says:

            TW14-TH14: “but poor in defence”
            Durand: “You forgot to mention the defense”

            Did he forget or did you epic fail at reading?

          9. Durand says:

            Thanks for responding to that, if only you would respond to questions i posed to you on several other topics, that would be “epic.” Thanks.

        3. Protiq says:

          Manager like wenger is dying breed. A good example is Pochetino or whats his name. Again the chicken are suffering from lack of signing as well because of the new stadium. Lets see how long they can hold on to their star players.

      2. Uchman says:

        TW14-TH-14 RESPECT BUDDY the likes of Phil and Jon fox who r perenial wenger haters will never tell the group that wenger inherited a team that finished 12th in the league in 1995 below the likes QPR, NOTHINGHAM FOREST, BLACKBURN ROVERS etc , a team in total mess with alot of controversies, a team that changed 3 managers in a year, yet wenger took them to 3rd and won his first double in his first full season, they can’t tell them that wenger ‘s net spend for 22 years was slightly above 200m pounds compared to the likes of man u, Chelsea and man city who r all above 1 billion pounds? they r bunch of hypocrites, man city had alot of players who had little or no pre season while emry has bn with these guys for over a month, y still blaming wenger for an abysmal performance? very very soon we will all realize how genius wenger is for Kiping us up for such a long time!

        1. Wengerball says:

          Let’s judge after 10-15 games please..

        2. Phil says:

          Where has anyone blamed Wenger for yesterday’s performance?And why are you suggesting I and others have never recognised Wengers achievements when he arrived at the Club?Yet again you jump all over something accusing whoever just because your precious Wenger was Sacked.Let me tell you something TRUMPETGOB.When Wenger first came to Arsenal he inherited a GK and back Four/Five that would forever be judged as one of the finest defences in the history of English Football.Those players were first and foremost DEFENDERS.Thats what they were drilled and coached to do.That defence won Wenger his first Double in 1998 and served him for another 2-3 years before age and injury caught up with them all.Sol Campbell arrived in time for the 2001-2 Season and immediately won the Double in his first Season.Lauren had come in for Dixon during that Season and Ashley Cole had come in foe Winterburn the season before but that shows you how talented all those players Wenger had inherited had become that they played together so long and into their mid thirties before being replaced.
          The point I’m making is THAT WAS A DEFENCE.Those players will always be recognised as Arsenal Legends and be respected forever for their achievements.
          Now look at Wenger and his “Defenders” that he brought to the Club.Tell me ONE SINGLE DEFENDER that Wenger has BOUGHT or COACHED since the demise of the 2004 Defence that has proved to be anywhere near the quality of the defence he inherited.Let me tell you how many were good enough to have come close shall I?NONE THATS HOW MANY.Kocielney was probably his best purchase of a defender but he would never in a million years got in the team in place of the defence Wenger inherited.THATS HOW GOOD THEY WERE.
          Now look at what Emery has inherited from Wenger.Tell me ONE SINGLE DEFENDER who Wenger left us with that you seriously believe has the talent and ability to be considered of the quality Arsenal FC require.That and that alone is the problem facing Emery as was ruthlessly shown against Citeh.NOT ONE DEFENDER AT ARSENAL IS OF THE QUALITY REQUIRED TO TAKE THIS CLUB TO THE LEVEL WE NEED TO BE AT.And THAT is on Wenger.
          Emery had a restricted budget due to Wenger leaving us with NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for two seasons in a row.Why?Because of our Defence.WENGERS DEFENCE.The man was CLUELESS and TACTICALLY WEAK when it came to defending.Just look at last years Away results and goals conceded and the proof is there for all to see and laugh at.YES PAL LAUGH AT.Because that’s what people do to. A defence that concedes goals like we did under Wenger these last 10-12 years.A defence that Emery with his restricted budget has to try and gel together and coach into not conceding.
          There was once a banner displayed at the Emirates which read Arsene Knows Best. Well he didn’t when he came to defending Pal did he? And that is why he was SACKED.
          Give Emery a chance FFS.He has a hell of a job on his hands to rectify the deficiencies Wenger left within our Squad and he seems to know what he is doing.God alone knows what the score would have been yesterday if Wenger was still in charge.

          1. jon fox says:

            Phil, The king of truth and realism writes superbly, ONCE AGAIN! Fellow realists know how utterly true every word of yours is, Phil. Applause from me!

          2. ozziegunner says:

            ?? plus Phil, Arsene Wenger inherited Dennis Bergkamp from Bruce Rioch, in my view the most complete footballer to pull on an Arsenal shirt in my 56 years of following the Arsenal.

  5. A.ball08 says:

    You sounded like a spoilt brat at the end.
    You demand.
    Did you actually believe we would rock up today and out play city.
    Our new man has only just got going. Preseason was a false dawn
    The assessments and changes start now.
    We are changing our playing style
    Hopefully we will change our playing mentality
    And win at all cost and dead wood will be exciled even if some signed a new contract.
    He will need a few transfer windows to replace the dead wood but unfortualty I think we are stuck with them for now

    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      It doesn’t matter how many transfer windows Emery gets if he’s got little funds to spend. Good players cost a fortune these days and Arsenal doesn’t spend such money. Aubameyang buy was only possible because you equally got similar revenue from the sales of Walcot, Giroud and Coqueline. The so called “dead wood” are mostly low budget signings or academy products. Arsenal transfers from now on (this season and going forward considering kronke’s takeover with Bank credit) would be mostly such low budget and academy promotions, so expect the accumulation of more “dead wood”.

      Even if Arsenal was to spend, a lot of big money transfers still fail meaning that you have to buy and buy and buy to get it right. Look at City in goalkeeper and centre back positions. Despite having Kompany, they bought Otamendi, Mangala, Stones and Laporte all for huge money yet with relative success.

      Truth is that Arsenal are not in a position to compete but because the narrative has always been to put the blame on Wenger, fans don’t understand that the glory days are over. The FA Cup glory of the last 5 seasons, you would soon realize, was a miracle.

      1. A.ball08 says:

        I agree with you regarding budgets and not being able to compete with the like of city United ect but we have squandered big bucks on poor players over recent years and this might upset a lot of people on here but ozil is one of them
        If I our new boss can get a tune out of him for the big occassion then great but if not it I’ll be same old

        1. TW14-TH14 says:

          Go and read the comment I made earlier below about City spending loads on several players just to get it right with the Centre back position alone. Some big spends would fail. Arsenal (and Wenger) are not immune to such big money transfer failures.

          1. A.ball08 says:

            I did read your post and i agreed with it but unlike city we can not get it wrong. We can’t waste money and need to get it right first time.
            1. The board have the money but won’t spend
            2 wegner got it wrong season after season. Buying players in the wrong position
            I loved wenger and what he done for us for the forst 10 seasons and I hate people who slate him still. But the problem did stem from him. Not addressing problem areas season after season and not moving us forward but making us go backwards
            Boring I know and feed up about bleating on about it
            Let the new man get a at least half a dozen games under his belt and see if there is any improvement
            He still adjusting to us and us to him

          2. TH14-TW14 says:

            1. Wnger did buy the players we needed in the positions we needed but at times it didn’t work out. In defence, he bought Chambers, Mustafi and Holding (that’s 3 centre backs, 4 if he is credited Mavropanos). Only one was big money transfer and has been of mixed results. In defensive midfield, he promoted Coq and bought Elneny and Xhaka, who hasn’t lit it up. In goal he bought Ospina and Cech. These signings were mostly cheep buys and even the so called big buys (Xhaka and Mustafi) are not really big money when compared to other clubs. Wenger couldn’t have spent more than what was made available for him. To put this into context, despite all the noise about “rebuilding” Arsenal’s total transfer spend was less than Chelsea spent on a goalkeeper and nearly same as Liverpool spent on a goalkeeper. Transfers are more likely to be a gamble the cheaper they are because proven players do not come cheap, so you can’t really blame Wenger for the buys failing to address the problems they were bought for.

            2. You said “We can’t waste money and need to get it right first time”. As I wrote above, most cheap transfers are gambles. You never know how they will pan out even if they show promise at first. For every successful Kante or Mahrez, there are hundreds of Bebes. In so far as Arsenal doesn’t buy big players, they are gambling and would likely have transfer failures. Besides, As I wrote earlier, City, United and Chelsea buy several players for big money who fail but because they have money they can always replace. No coach would come to Arsenal who is a magician to guarantee that every big buy (when we do make them) would succeed. So saying we “We can’t waste money and need to get it right first time” is mere wishful thinking.

          3. Protiq says:

            Last season we bought two striker for combined 100m, and miraculously we still profited. this is how keonke do business. You need to hold on your star players not sell them to get another. we are crying a river for a winger, yet we cant hold on sanchez. In last ten season what Wenger did, Please watch Moneyball staring Brad Pitt. You’ll see how American owners runs a club.

          4. A.ball08 says:

            Only a rumour but we could have bought Kante but AW went for Xhaka who isn’t fit enough to lace kante boots.
            We needed a goalkeeper for season and got one who was coming to the end of his career.
            Enough of the past
            The boss has his worked cut out and it will take time for the team to play the way he wants them to play
            After 22 years of playing the wegner way it will take time to get that out of them.
            The bosses tactics did cost us. You can’t play out from the back with the players we have especially not against a team with the high calibre city are.
            Playing with 3 men short because ozil Ramsey and mika didn’t turn up( my opinon)
            Where on a hiding to nothing
            37 games to go to put it right….

            A reality check yesterday. Before the game my heart said here we go we can grab 3 points of the champs.
            Work in progress
            Summary…agree with some of your points. Disagree with other but we both agree we want the best for our club ..
            Onwards and upwards

      2. Protiq says:

        Spot on.

  6. Heyzee says:

    I don’t understand why nearly everyone on here just automatically puts auba in their lineups and say if they were to pick one CF,it will definitely be him..I mean,do you really understand football?dude ain’t that gHPeyzeetunood with the ball at feet,doesn’t head..just speed and we don’t playp through balls..lacazette is a ttter striker to me…good ball playing, linkup,more clinical too..although less pace..playing both of them is better

    1. Heyzee says:

      Love the ruthlessness on the part of Emery…subbing shitty Ramsey at the 53rd minute…huge statement to any underperforming player.

      1. goonrjak says:

        he started him too, shouldnt have sold wilshere, should never have got rid of wenger, now we’ll see how good he was

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Arsene Wenger, by his own admission said he stayed too long at one club.
          He’s gone, lets move on and support Unai Emery.
          By the way Arsene Wenger is still waiting by the phone for his dream job.

  7. Eddie Hoyte says:

    oh Konstantin get over it already with your pathetic moaning, it’s our first game and it’s against city. Fine we were poor but also there’s a lot of positive to take from the game and it’s clear Emery isn’t the coach who won’t change tactics or adapt… I’ve been waiting for this,you take every chance you get to pick in the team.
    It was a bad day, let’s look forward to tomorrow.
    It’s enough for a day please, a lot of us would rather forget it

  8. TW14-TH14 says:

    Again, let me add this. If Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan don’t do well this season, let no one tell us that they was signed by Wenger because all along what I’ve heard many here say is that it was Seven and Gazidis that singed them and not Wenger.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Hey Wenger lover – now sick to death of your last 50 posts all praising Wenger. He’s gone, I’m delighted to say, so maybe you also can move on. Preferably to a different freakin’ board/team altogether.

  9. jon fox says:

    Such unwarrented pessimism by some faint hearted fans. The truth was we were beaten by the best team in Prem by far and that the astute Emery was never going to b ea miracle man. No on eis. Any coach needs organisation, shape, hard work and true fan support ,. He also needs an owner to back him properly in the market, which he has not got. Nor did WENGER FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS. But, unlike Wenger, Emery is a pragmatist and makes no lame and preposterous excuses. Nor does Emery tolerate, even encourage, slackness and player laziness. We are now sure that non performing players will not be picked regularly. Like BELLERIN, XHAKA, ELNENY and many others. But it will take a few transfer windows to ship out and properly replace all the useless deadwood Wenger left behind. Because of Scrooge Kroenke, it will not be possible to so this overnight or in one or two windows. We should accept this reality, not overreact to one game against a stunningly brilliant opponent and expect slow but steady progress. Anything else is fanciful, frankly. And I always deal in reality , NOT fantasies.

    1. Things are changing says:

      So Happy to see a few realists. It is beyond my understanding how some on here cried about Wenger slowly but surely taking this club on a downward spiral and blamed him for having destroyed it, yet expect the new manager to beat the best team with the best manager in his first PL game in charge!!!!

      It is going to take time. But I saw signs of improvement. I love Emery taking of Ramsey and Xhaka and he didn’t wait till the 70th minute to do so. He also managed during the game, whilst AMN was being treated he was taking players aside and instructing them. We were better afterward. We were also a bit better in the 2nd half. Guendouzi was great IMO. Yes, he made mistakes and could have done more for their first goal but the kid is 19 and rightfully stayed on the pitch ahead of Xhaka and Ramsey.

      I suggest fans don’t expect too much from the Chelsea game either. They have a squad that knows how to win and TBH the have a more talented starting 11.

      Be patient and see the improvement of play. Results will come but many good managers (Klopp and Pep) needed more than one season before the team played like a unit.

      I have faith in this manager.

      (unless he starts Xhaka and Ramsey against Chelsea – 😉 half joke.

      1. John Doe says:

        There will be no improvements , Arsenal is now officially on a massive decline , we will be fighting for relegation few seasons later.

        1. Sue says:

          Oh you’re doing my head in mate!! Up the gunners ?

          1. ozziegunner says:

            John Doe, if complete negativity is all you have to offer please go somewhere else.

          2. JJPawn says:

            He can’t.

            He is dead.

          3. ozziegunner says:

            JJPawn ??- have you seen the toe tag in the morgue to make sure?

        2. jon fox says:

          WE’RE ALL DOOMED! DOOMED I TELL YOU, DOOMED! According to you there is no point supporting us any more. What a joke your comments are! A sick joke!

      2. TW14-TH14 says:

        Klop and Pep needed more than a season… and a trailer-load of cash. Like Wenger (many berate and still blame) would Emery get the bottomless budget?

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Give it a rest we want to move on.

      3. jon fox says:

        Tac, Welcome to the land of reality so populated by such as Phil, myself and many others. Though many more on here have never even come across the word “reality” in their entire lives. Fools like the ridiculous Chiza, who excitedly forecast last week that “we are going to have a walkover against City” are the enemies of our club , as their nonsense fosters unrealistic hopes and ludicrous fantasies. They think they are good supporters but I SAY THEY ARE HARMFUL TO OUR CLUB AND I CHASTISE THEIR NONSENSE AT EVERY OPPPORTUNITY. ONLY REALISTS are being helpful by looking the mid and long term future and recognising how far we have to go to regain our title aspirations. Our dreadful owner will also continue to hamper all Emerys heroic and motivated efforts. Reality!

  10. wcrown says:

    Is this an article or pure complains that some blokes without the understanding of what such changes as arsenal is going through as a club would cause? Poorly written, even your points gets a reader irritated. Go learn how to write an article with proper analysis.

    that said, i didn’t expect a magic from the go against a team well drilled and accustomed to the system arsenal is just learning to play. it took Pep Guardiola time to get his philosophy going. John stones and the likes never looked like they would ever get it right, yet they did. And to say the least, city that are very well used to the passing and pressing game was forced into errors in the game and yet you didn’t call the keeper or those midfield players names. get a hold of yourself and your emotions young man and go learn more about football before writing such BS.

  11. Khangunners says:

    Shame on you Konstantin. This is a big joke. Guys city is firing all cylinders and we are still learning alot of new things. This season ill take it as it is and enjoy all the bad moments we get to see. You can’t change players mentality in one month or two it takes time and we will hopefully see it this year. Gutted but looking forwards

    1. ozziegunner says:


  12. Chiza says:

    We lost but I was so happy….I saw an arsenal team that had a plan on the field of play….only Liverpool and man city are a bit better than us in the pressing and also playing out of pressure and why is that??…they both have managers going into their third season with excessive money to spend but Emery has to do it steadily…oh I’m so happy….ohhh I’m filled with so much joy……ohhhhhh the future is so bright for arsenal and we must get there….don’t be stressed out….we will be back……we gave Wenger so many years to put things right?….why condemn Emery after just one game???…..typical arsenal fans…

    1. Things are changing says:

      I share your happiness Chiza!!! Good to know there are reasonable and realistic fans.

      1. jon fox says:

        Chiza? Reasonable? You must be joking! He said we would “walkover” City. His very words , a few days ago. He is an excitable, totally unrealistic, idiot and you should not humour him.

        1. Things are changing says:

          Hahaha! Had not read his comments that we would walk over City – hardly reasonable. Was only responding to his post above, and happy to find some positive posts on here.

          1. jon fox says:

            Positivity is great and welcome. Lunacy in childish and bonkers “forecasts” are harmful. A crucial difference that I am glad to see you recognise too.

    2. RSH says:

      exactly. Commentating I watched said City is a team further along in their project and it’s true. We litereally began ours in June and just played our first competitive match. It’s unfair to get too upset at the result. Some performances were not good but some players showed potential and that’s what I’m happy about. There is potential and there is direction. There was none the past few seasons.

    3. sol says:

      you nailed it right!!!!it is just a game…..i will say the same again if chelsea wins next week….city’s best 11 is a finished product.arsenal’s best 11 is yet on the making…..there is HUGE gap in between them…..REALITY CHECK…..we will have time to judge but first let us support…..remove the negative energy…..FOCUS ON THE STRENGTHS….THE POSITIVE QUALITIES…..THE POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE WILL ATTRACT THE POSITIVE RESULTS…..

  13. ArseOverTit says:

    It’s the first step of a journey of a thousand miles..
    Give him time

  14. Chiza says:

    Arsenal fans are killing the club slowly….just because we lost the fans started leaving the stadium in their packs…that was a big shame…it doesn’t show support for Emery….arsenal fans need to change their mindset…arsenal fans don’t know how to support their club…they lack passion and desire…they feel down quickly……is it because of the so many damming defeats they have suffered under Wenger in the last few years…maybe it has killed their confidence in big games….but to show it to a new manager was shameful….I guess emery stormed out without greeting guardiola at the end of the match…that was also bad from emery…or was he also disappointed with arsenal fans apart from his players??………arsenal fans complain about kroenke and a lot of things that are going on in the club…..but they need to check themselves really well and repair a lot of things within themselves…….arsenal fans need to learn a lot from Liverpool fans,Bayern fans,Dortmund fans,fenerbache,galatasaray,etc…………arsenal fans are a disgrace nowadays….too negative and not confident enough……..shame!.. shame!……change arsenal fans!… change!!

    1. Uchman says:

      lemme remind you @ chiza, for 22 years under wenger, no club in English football has a better head to head record against arsenal except man u with about 3 matches, h guys should play stop fabricating lies

  15. RSH says:

    too negative after one match. Pre-season NEVER matters and people were getting their expectations set too high. Even if Allegri had come in he would not have transformed us into a side capable of beating that City team just within a summer and with a 70mill transfer budget. Too quick to say same old arsenal when there were signs that Arsenal had some life in them. Our 2nd half performance was much better and we had scoring opportunities. Torriera had a great cameo, and Emery is still getting used to the league, and he still needs to make adjustments in the squad. Conte was terrible his first couple of months at Chelsea, then he won the league after he figured out what worked best for the players he had. not saying Emery will win the league, but jumping to conclusions about how the season will go based on one match is silly.

    1. Sue says:

      Thank you RSH…??

      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. Midkemma says:

      Well said.
      I will hold secret hope 😛 I can’t help myself hehe.
      To expect too much though is kinda asking to be disappointed, I was pleased to see a pressing game which has obvious room for improvement (which is exciting as a fan, I want to see it progress) but we shouldn’t be saying “Oooh this wasn’t perfect, same old same old”.

      Unfair on Emery.

      Although I want to praise him and Garcia for upping Cech game, he made some outstanding saves and if that had been Leno then I swear I would be reading an article saying “Sorry he didn’t cost £70 million”.

      Doubt it will last for overly long… Cech is not a young kid but he could have 1 maybe two more seasons with real benefit.

  16. Grandad says:

    Couldn’t fault our effort but we are no longer on a par with Man City and Liverpool.We simply do not have enough top quality players to compete at the highest level.It will take time for Emery to reshape his squad but it was pleasing to see him substitute Xhaka who was the poorest player on the field.Hopefully under Emery he will no longer be an automatic first choice.We have better options in midfield including A M N who will hopefully recover from his injury quickly.

    1. Sue says:

      I nearly fainted when Ramsey & Xhaka’s numbers were held up!!
      ? Grandad

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Really hope those 2 don’t make the starting line up against Chelsea.

  17. ThirdManJW says:

    Calm down folks! It’s Emery’s first ever competitive game as Arsenal manager, and it was against the best team in the land. Only two players that started were Emery signings, so it was still effectively ‘Wenger’s’ team.

    But it’s not just about signings. Wenger had been at Arsenal for so long, that it’s going to take a while to change the culture, and philosophy within the team. For the players, there’s NEVER been any accountability for consistently under performing. It’s been the opposite in fact. Failure has been constantly rewarded with new contracts, never getting benched for some players, and pay raises. Emery needs to change this, but some players maybe too far gone, so he’ll need 3/4 transfer windows.

    I am giving Emery a free season. I think next season, when more of the first team will be his players, I will start expecting some progress. For Emery, I think this season is more about finding out just how bad our problems are, and what needs to be done to fix them.

    Just briefly on the game. Surprised Laca didn’t start, and Xhaka did. Awful from Xhaka again. I am worried that Mourinho was right about Miki. He’s been awful, I think in every single big game he’s played for us. He really has to step it up soon. Guendouzi had some iffy moments, but I was impressed overall, considering his age, and where he came from. I liked the calmness of Torriera when he came on. My favourite moment for us was when Lichtseiner was trying to get Laporte into trouble for a ‘headbutt’. We need more of this ‘win at all costs’ mentality that Lich displayed. If it means trying to get someone sent off, then do it.

    Overall, we were poor, but Man City are very, very good.

  18. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Why are you all still going on about Wenger HE IS GONE GET OVER IT.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Just because he’s not here, doesn’t mean all of the problems he made for himself, and Arsenal, suddenly disappear! I bet Emery wishes it was that easy! You have to accept that he’s inherited a mess from Wenger, so when taking about our problems, it’s actually impossible to not mention Wenger! Unless you think Wenger only did good things for Arsenal?

  19. Arnoldhino says:

    I think a lot of people are over reacting to a loss to the best team in the league. We didn’t play great but I we weren’t aweful. They will get better. Emery will figure out his best 11….. I also thought Guendouzi was impressive for the most part … he is the type of player that will be the heart of the team one day

  20. Dotash says:

    Arsenal players have really changed but the fans remain unchanged, very pathetic.l am proud of the way our players played even in defeat. This is serious improvement, from what I saw today, Chelsea will find it difficult to take all the points next week, well done guys, just a little blip

    1. Andrew E says:

      A baptism of fire for Emery but I think he will have learned a lot. He will need time to adjust to the pace and physicality of the EPL so patience you Gunners patience!!! Judge him at the end of the season.

  21. Yossarian says:

    It’s a shame we lost but it’s not all doom and gloom; It’s going to take time for the players to get used to a completely different style of coaching and play with new tactics, so it’s not surprising that things looked rather disjointed today.

    Mustafi was good, so hopefully he’s on the way to becoming the player he should be. Apart from the mistake he made that sadly led to a goal, Guendouzi was excellent, and looks like he’ll be a star player in the near future. Lichtsteiner was tough and mean, something Arsenal really need to add to their game. Cech made some excellent saves.

    The glaring problem was Ramsey at CAM, but he was subbed, and hopefully that will be the first lesson for Emery in learning that Ramsey isn’t good enough, and that Ozil shouldn’t be playing out-wide. Xhaka was non-existent and that also will be a lesson for Emery, with Torreira likely to benefit from this and gain a starting place in the future.

    It’s early days, and there will be some failed experiments, but things should start settling-down and flowing into much better results between now and Xmas.

  22. John Ibrahim says:

    Emery needs time…didnt the fans say they want wenger out at all cost?
    didnt the fans knew that we will go through a rough transistion phrase….?

    full of complains…….

    the league has just started so just be patient and support the new manager and team

    complains, boycotting etc should be done prior but done did

  23. Matt says:

    There’s no width in that team. All the same tactics as Wenger. How many times do u wanna be offside but grrrrrr

  24. bill says:

    think we’ll now see how good wenger was when we tumble down league without him, then all the wenger outs can watch us in championship, well done

  25. Midkemma says:

    Rambo and Xhaka should both be dropped after that performance.
    Laca offered more as the CF, Auba offered more from the left, we looked limp upfront in the 1st half with Auba upfront with two AM as Auba support.

    Overall, could be better but at least the new players done alright.

    I do think Stirling should have been sent off as he kept causing fouls after getting his yellow, ref just seemed to allow it… Then there was the penalty call, grappling around the neck…

    Ref had a bad game, not using that as an excuse, we could have done better but I feel the team shouldn’t be too down as we are just learning the pressing game in competitive matches.

    1. Protiq says:

      spot on mate. yes same old arsenal in term that we played our star players out of position to accommodate ramsey and xhaka.

  26. Wolfgang says:

    That Arsenal did not lose by a bigger margin is some consolation.
    Playing the best team in the land is always going to be daunting. The next couple of games will indicate how the gunners are going to evolve.
    The gunners shd play like some of the physical sides : go in with with flying tackle etc.where it hurts. Thats how the other so called teams tried to stop the gunners playing and succeeded.
    I believe the gunners shd stop other teams playing to get a result like what some teams did to the gunners during Wenger’s better days.

  27. ger burke. says:

    this transition is going to take two years. lets have some faith in the new manager. i could see changes already today .i am very optimistic about our future, at last we have broken free of the shackles of the more cross pitch football, oh !, how i enjoyed not seeing that today .we were beaten by the champions , no big deal, this will stand to us in the long term . now,nobody will heap pressure on us . the only way is up .

    1. arsenal#7 says:

      maybe more than 2 years. there is so much deadwood in the club that’ll take at least a year change the mental side and maybe another or 2 to get players that will make an impact and fit the
      new coach’s plan. To me this is a good start just by clearing some players out and I had hoped a few more could have gone. Paying Welbeck 70k a week is a sin. That is where Wenger has gone wrong. He bought average players and we paid very good wages for the quality we got.
      Xhaka is another example . Mustafi the same. we need another year of clearing the deck before we start assaulting everyone. We have 3-4 players that maybe considered class.
      Oil/Laca/Auba/Mikhi/ the rest below that. I wished they sold Ramsey and got NZonzi stat least we
      stop the leaks at midfield. In any case is a work in progress.

  28. AlexLaca9 says:

    I had a bad feeling about this match when I heard emery talk about man city pregame. They are a wonderful side and they should be respected, but Emery’s comments were too full of admiration and praise not just for man city but their manager in particular. The same fear and inferiority mentality I saw on the field was the same one that radiated from Emery’s comments. Today was a rude wake up call for Emery, and hopefully he learned that he’s here to compete not admire. He’s gonna meet exceptional coaches throughout the season in the pl, I don’t wanna him licking their asses I want him showing why he deserves to not only be among them but to vying for top spot in seasons to come. The match was lost mentally, and emery for me was to blame. Optimistic to see what he takes away from this match though and how he applies himself and his team in future

  29. olis says:

    all I have to say is xhaka is dreadful.. dude cant control the ball.under pressure.. he can’t drive with the ball.. can’t defend.. can’t read the game.. why was he given a new contract again…

  30. Tatek Girma says:

    Personaly I am optimistic about the team progress in some aspects. However, because of Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil presence in the line up, the team looked the same old Arsenal. Unless these players try to play from their heart, they have to benched and sold after all.

  31. Giddyon says:

    Gosh! Arsenal is so unlucky to have fans like the author. How could you reach such a conclusion after just a game, against Man City the best team in Europe(I stand to be corrected). It’s a shame and naive of you to think a team so shrouded with mediocrity can be changed overnight. I firmly believe in Emery and his team. It’s only an unrealistic person that will claim not to see any positive in the game.

    1. jon fox says:

      Another member of our helpful(to the club) and sensible reality members. Welcome!

  32. Olaitan Kayode says:

    @ Phil,
    No offence but I think a defence that finished 12th and 5th respectively isn’t that strong as u claim. I believe it was Wenger’s genius that worked for him in his first season and not what he inherited. He lost that touch on the long run that’s why I am not disputing the fact that Arsene left a very bad team for Emery. No quality in defence, no quality on the wings, no zeal, no passion but he isn’t that bad as you people painted him. The board make things harder for him and the club.

    How could you give a new Coach $70million for a rebuilding process. Chelsea spend more than that on a Goal keeper (Kepa). Although, I believe Emery will come good, but he will need time and more fund. This season, all I hope for is miracle as KANU said.

  33. ozziegunner says:

    With all due respect Olaitan, Arsene Wenger inherited a squad that was on the improve (12th to 5th), had a drinking culture (across football generally at the time not just Arsenal) which he rectified and he increased the longitivity of players by attention to nutrition, training and lifestyle. However the back five plus Martin Keown were as good as Phil states and Wenger also inherited one Dennis Bergkamp, who in my view was the most complete footballer to wear an Arsenal shirt in my 56 years of following the Arsenal. In my view 10 players Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch would displace players in the squad inherited by Unai Emery. Note I say squad, not necessarily first team.

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