After Arsenal’s shocking defeat to Sporting – we have no excuses not to win the title

Shocking Arsenal out of Europa league by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people it was an absolutely shocking performance. I am sorry, but it’s not good enough. Be honest with yourselves, we didn’t deserve it. The first half wasn’t great, but the second was even worse.
We put out a strong squad, but the way we played was absolutely shocking. It’s easy to blame the changes in hindsight, but we brought out all the big guns in the end and still didn’t win. I just wonder with literally just one game left before an international break, could’ve we gone strong?
There’s something not right with us and European competitions. Our EL exits under Arteta share a very worrying trend. Olympiacos at home – shocking, Villarreal – shocking and Sporting now – shocking. Teams that we are better than.
The look on the players faces and our pedestrian pace gave away a feeling we won’t win the game since minute 1. That goal we conceded was horrendous. I am sorry, if you concede a goal from the half way line something is wrong.
So many players were off it today. Ramsdale – poor, should’ve been positioned better and also could’ve saved some penalties. Our passing was all over the place. Ben White and Zinchenko – sloppy all night, Jorginho – poor – giving the ball away easily on their goal.
Then Martinelli was terrible, poor passing, poor dribbling, poor penalty taken… Fabio Vieira – anonymous.
I sometimes criticize Odegaard for holding the ball too much, but only when he came on did we have any sort of control over the ball.
Trossard – poor. Had a great chance to give us the lead in ET. Reiss was poor. I understand the chance he’s been given for his heroics against Bournemouth, but since than he’s been back to his average self.
Only Holding after coming on had a semi-decent game. I can’t lie, I am massively disappointed. We shouldn’t be disrespecting a  competition like that, given our record in Europe.
City get a lot of stick for not winning the Champions league, but even when they go out I never see them playing like they don’t care, which is what we did. They were dodgy in their first game, but slapped up 7-0 their opponents at home.
We really should’ve beaten Sporting. I mean we now move on, there’s not much else to do, but our recent performances have been a mixed bag. There are now 11 league games left and the math is pretty simple – we need to win 10 of them.
It’s never happening if we play like this. I still think Man City will win it. They’ve been “not the same” and whatnot, but they are still only 5 points behind, we have an away day against them, when we haven’t beaten them in years in the league.
If we don’t win the league, we’ll pay the price for disrespecting all the cup competitions. I would’ve liked to win the Europa, the Carabao or the FA cup. There are no excuses no, no distractions.
We have to win the league title. If we don’t it’s a failure of a season. I don’t care what the objective was at the start of the season. We are good enough to win a trophy this year and we should.

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  1. Pretty sure it was Xhaka who lost the ball, nit Jorginho, but overall we were not good enough, their keeper was exceptional while ours was a case of two sides the passing was sloppy the intent wasn’t there and extra time and penalties was a disaster for us, ensuring more tired legs.Crystal Palace have sacked their manager and we will need yo be up for it as they will be, Let’s hope it’s not Everton all over again. Win this game, we go eight points clear.Better to have the points then the games in hand.Beat Leeds and hope Liverpool beat City we could be eleven points clear

  2. Reading your review was akin to being hit around the head by a 10lb salmon
    I’m pleased for Holding and Odegaard that they at least came out of this loss with some degree of success.

    1. @SueP
      What do you think about the trend Arteta is leading when it comes to Cup competition? He seems to be struggling season after season to guggle League games and any Cup competition.

      1. Guggle is a new one on me Goonster

        The record in cup competitions is not good – apart from year one and a good run in the Europa league last year wasn’t it? I can understand why Arteta is concentrating on top4 as the CL riches and attracting the best players is paramount. Cup runs at our stage in the ‘process’ maybe a bridge too far for now but should be targeted when the squad isn’t all about the first 12-15 players but most of the 25.

        1. @SueP
          I hope that the Negative Cup competition trend is just Arteta concentrating on the league progression more each season.
          I hope we really hold on and win this EPL title this season.
          Can’t end a really promising season like we did last season. 💪

          1. One game at a time, Goonster, one game at a time. I can’t think about ending with nothing but I do think we will be even stronger next season

      2. ” Guggle”? Apparently it means gurgle and THAT, in the context you used it, makes no sense whatsoever.
        But to be fair yo you, at least you arte not a dismal Jeremiah( which means a harbinger of doom) as the article writer certainly is He is also self entitled, immature and a poor sort of GOONER ALTOGETHER.
        As for me, I immediately saw the positive, which is that we now haveonly one game a week to play, while City have on their plate, the CL(in which they have to play Bayewrn Muncih three days before our game at Etihad) If they beat BM, they play either Chelsea or, most likely Real Madrid. They are also still in the FA cup too.
        “Jeremiah” Konstantin failed to see that huge positive.
        It wil prove a blessing in disguise, as brighter Gooners will easily see.

  3. ‘We have no excuses not to win the league’ except that is for the state owned juggernaut called Man City and away games at Liverpool, Newcastle and City. If only it was as easy as you seem to think. I make City still favourites.

    1. We are in such an unexpected position in the league this far into the season. We seem to be well ahead of schedule in our progress and I know City have the experience and are slight favourites. But we can’t just give it up that easily with 5 points ahead. We have got to fight like we have not done before to get over that finish line.
      Now that we are out of each and every cup competition we shouldn’t have any excuses about squad depth, we are now going to have One game per week while City are still in 3 competitions.
      Lets not bottle it at the finish line like we did last season in our efforts to make CL (Top 4).
      It’s our title to lose.

      We need the players and our fanbase to keep calm like we have done all season and take it game by game..

    2. Agreed. The second place in EPL is still a progress

      I’ve been telling you guys that Nelson is more effective on the left wing, because he isn’t a highly-pacey winger. Arsenal shouldn’t repeat the mistake they did with Willian and we should only use a conventional RW as a super-sub in the last thirty minutes of the game

      Loaning Marquinhos out is a blunder, since we only have one specialist inverted RW in the squad. Vieira didn’t play well, but it could’ve been different if Marquinhos worked with him on our right wing for the first 45 minutes in the game, instead of Nelson

      We shouldn’t cry over spilt milk, so hopefully Arsenal will use Cozier-Duberry on the right side when Saka is unfit

      1. @GAI
        Brother you need to calm down and relax a bit. You seem to go into complete meltdown every after a bad result. Stat strong and Keep calm 💪👍😊

      2. “he isn’t a highly-pacey winger”

        Have, I read this wrong?

        If I haven’t then Lingford Christie was no faster than Pascal Cygan.

  4. Lazy passing, a yard slower than Sporting to the ball. Still it was close, we also had chances to win it. I thought Viera was weak the whole game, in fact our midfield looked uncoordinated and the technically excellent Sporting players made a us look ordinary. They won nearly every second ball.

    The lesson is….send Viera on loan for a year and replace him with Charlie Patino. We were playing with ten men as Viera was there in name only.

  5. I feel like our players aren’t as motivated for competitions outside the PL.

    During Wengers final years that seemed to be the opposite: cup games were treated like finals but in the PL our form was, well inconsistent.

    Not sure what to make of it, but especially the Europa League games with MA have seemed a bit lifeless..

  6. I too, thought Holding did really well considering his lack of game time, but my thoughts went out to KT and how he must feel to be overlooked ,yet again, in a match which cried out for his pace, energy and enthusiasm.I suspect last night may have been the last straw as far as he is concerned?

  7. Take it easy Kon., in the recent past we won the EPL 3/22, Europe 0/22,LC 0/22, FA 7/22.We are not serial winners like Sir Alex’s teams of the past. Even Pep failed to win the UCL with Bayern and City!

  8. I must commend how we’ve grown as team under Arteta, to show this now the general feeling among some supporters is that we are good enough to win the title and if we don’t win it under these circumstances it will be a failure. The club as whole is just moving forward, I’ve noticed in many platforms that mediocrity (like yesterday’s showing) will not be tolerated.

  9. We were absolutely dreadful folks, for a huge number of reasons. Our big issue is inconsistency, and it need to be addressed, we never know which team is going to show up.

  10. A poor performance against a good team equals exit from our last chance of silverware. Disjointed, off the pace, individuals putting in seasons worst showings, all the hallmarks of too many games in recent seasons. We may moved forward in some ways, but in others we stay the same. The desperation for cl football makes sense in financial terms, but in all honesty it’s nothing more than a rich man’s feast- with a healthy side dish of poor football and meaningless games. Winning the league means beating liverpool at Anfield something we haven’t done in a decade, actually getting any sort of result against city, beating a recovering Chelsea and getting something out of newcastle. In the meantime city are starting to roll out the consistent results. No-one said anything about ‘giving up’, but ten hag has taken an average utd into the later stages of three cups, has silverware under his belt already, and while yes, utd have been boosted massively by the endless spin (spin that was ruthlessly exposed by liverpool) something we will never get, what price utd with three trophies to our nil at the end of a season in which both are seen as travelling down the same road?

  11. There is a lesson in this, especially for the future. In Portugal and Spain players are highly technically competent and accurate in their passing. So in the future when we come up against teams like Sporting, who are very accurate passers, if we allow them to win second balls, we will suffer. That’s particularly relevant to the Champions League. How to beat very technically accomplished teams, will be relevant next season..

  12. Konstantin – you are ALWAYS negative. Yes we were almost universally poor, but bad nights happen, teams play better and want it more than us, distractions happen. Every team loses.
    “Not good enough” ranks alongside “unacceptible” as one of those emotive phrases that accomplishes nothing except inciting anger or demands to put heads on poles.
    We all know we were poor but the game has finished and it was ONE GAME in a stellar season – please get some perspective. If we play like that on Sunday your argument becomes more valid, but I will be very very surprised if we don’t bounce back, regardless of who’s available.

  13. Also how well would City and United do without Haaland and Rashford as we have done without Jesus for a large part of the season. Sure Jesus does not score as many goals as they do but he was seen as our player of the season by many when he got injured. I think Mikel has a chance to outdo Pep with similar resources but we shall see he will have to make do with what we have and its not bad with champions league money coming in next year.

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