After becoming the first to return to training, what other firsts should Arsenal target?

Arsenal became the first team to open their training ground partially to their players after almost 50 days in isolation.

The team hasn’t returned to full training yet and players are only training in batches, however, they have shown other teams the way and I like that.

I liked it so much that I would like to see us become the first team to make other changes, including:

First to sign their transfer targets

Arsenal is competing with many other teams for the same players and it would be nice, just for once, if we completed all our summer business first and opt-out of the ridiculous transfer window circus. Imagine, if one week after the window opens the club announces no more new signings and no players leaving and that all business is concluded. Wouldn’t that be nice?

First to sort out their players’ future

There are so many players at the Emirates who have unclear futures. However, our focus has been on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I hope that we can realise that we need to sort out the future of others too and become the first team to do that.

That thwarts potential suitors that could have a destabilising effect on the squad.

First to win a Premier League game

When the Premier League restarts, our first fixture remains unclear. Whoever they pair us with, I hope that we can beat them and become the first team to rack up three points.

First to welcome fans back into the stadium

It looks very likely that Premier League football will return in some form in June. Ignore the comparisons with France, that does not apply in England and only the naive would think that. The British Government is eager to get football back on track and have no intention of banning any sporting events as the French have.

Crowds will not return immediately, we all know that, but at some point, they will and Arsenal have to be right at the front wanting that.

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  1. Uefa have a meeting I think at the end of May to decide on the future of this seasons competitions and will have an impact on whether the government decide if football will or will not go ahead this season. Whatever the outcome I believe June is far too early to contemplate any sort of games going ahead, behind closed doors or not.

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