After four games – Arsenal legends advise patience as Emery rebuilds Arsenal

Arsenal fans knew that the team was regressing under Wenger in his last few years, so we all know that there was the need for a change, even if some considered it to be a gamble. Now Unai Emery is the new coach, and some of our former legends have been giving their verdict on his progress after his first month in charge. Nigel Winterburn is not expectin rapid improvement. “It’s going to be a slow process.” he said.

“I think we were a little bit naive if people thought the new manager would come in and everything would be absolutely fine.”

“He really needs at least this season to progress, see where we go to.

“It could take a little while because there’s some really good teams in that top four.”

It’s all subjective of course, but he is simply telling the fans to be patient. We should be used to that by now!

Ray Parlour is not even sure that our players are good enough to change their ways to Emery’s style, as he said “We’ve just got to trust the manager, it will take time. We’ve got lots of new players and new formulas they want to play.

“The standards he is setting are very high, we’ll have to wait and see if players can adapt to that, but hopefully they can.”

So, neither of them are very positive that we can expect any success this season, but maybe Emery could surprise us all and the Gunners will be unbeatable by Christmas. Well, it’s only an opinion!

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    Agree with the legends

    It’s gonna take a while, because Emery needs to slowly exclude the players that cannot keep up with his system first

    If we cannot see major improvements after he’s got his soldiers, then we can start to question him

  2. jon fox says:

    In todays Daily Mail, the hugely respected Chief Sports writer Martin Samuel, correctly summed up the chaos about who , if anyone, is making boardroom policy at Arsenal. He was highlighting the ongoing saga of Gazidis’s”will he go or won’t he” consideration of Milans offer and saying either Gaidis is hugely important and so we need a decision NOW, OR he is of little importance and therefore why is he getting a salary of £2.6 million. It is with this chaos and total lack of owner and board leadership that Emery has been thrust, hampered and restricted at every turn by lack of direction and worse, lack of even caring, from those “geniuses” above him. It boils down to real football people to their fingertips, in Emery, Sven, Raul, Huss and the coaches, including Steve Bould, being shafted at every turn by the “ba…rds” who are conning us fans and supposed to have a detailed leadership plan. These amatuer bunglers are our deadly enemy and we need to get them out at all costs. How I feel for Unai and his dedicated team! And what real chance do they have with that rubbish that passes for proper” leaders, running” policy. Best example is awarding Ozil a huge payrise and then sacking the manager who awarded it and now having to carry a non working but hugely paid passenger- since that is effectively what Ozil now is – for God knows how long! What shamateurs! Oh for David Dein back to run our once professionally club properly again, after a decade of drift and nonsense!

    1. Phil says:

      And let’s face it JF-it all started around the time Kronke came on board.Prior to that we had a board that backed its manager and we were enjoying the most successful period in our history.What is it about Americans and their obsession with British Football?There are at least a dozen clubs that have had U.S. owners and with the possible exception of Manchester United not one has gone forward (and even Manure is built on debt and stripped of its earnings).
      We used to be known as the Bank of England Club for a reason

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil, How sad and how true!

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, your comments on how the owner and board are hampering the manager are very true, why is it now that you see this?
          As events slowly unravel, we see the huge task that Wenger tried to handle on his own for years, once David Dein left and Kronkie appeared.
          Wenger shielded the fans from what was going on, whilst trying to achieve the biggest balancing act of all time.
          i.e. satisfiying the owner and board, whilst producing a team that kept itself in the top four on a shoestring budget (versus our top five opponents).
          The last two years were a disaster, but what he actually achieved during the post Dein era was, in my opinion, incredible.
          We are now seeing just what being in the top four meant. Increased revenue, attraction for players, prestige and the “big club” syndrome.
          Yet because our fan base saw this as a minimum requirement it was dismissed out of hand and ridiculed.
          As were the three cup final wins, just ask Pool supporters if they would liked to have those on their clubs cv?
          Of course he was handsomely rewarded, but he gave his heart and soul to the club. I have no idea what Sven, Huss, Raul and Emery are earning, but I could only guess that the cumulative figures equate to the same or more.
          Now it seems the new boss is already being questioned about his team selection, “favourite players”, team tactics etc etc
          We are still having contract problems, another fault laid directly at wenger’s feet, despite the introduction of Huss to sort this out.
          Surely you must see that this mess was not just down to Wenger?
          Yet he seems to be your one target of abuse.
          I firmly believe our fanbase is now so blinded by the first years of wenger that all realism has gone out of the window.
          We are not entitled to anything in the world of football, as older gooners well remember.
          It’s time for the fanbase to realise that supporting a club is not always about winning something, rather just following through thick and thin.
          I give you Chiza as a prime example of a trophy supporter.
          That’s not our vision of being a Gooner is it?
          I really do believe in Emery and, given time, he will make us a force again.
          That doesn’t mean winning trophies necessarily, it means being respected by other clubs, something we had for twenty of the twenttwo years under Arsene Wenger, no matter what anyone says.

          1. jon fox says:


          2. jon fox says:

            Further to my above comments, I am puzzled how you can possiblly think that ONLY his last two years were below his best. We have had a dreadfully uncoached and disorganised defence for many years past and no decent DM since Gilberto, around a decade ago, till now, hopefully, in Torreira. It seems you think Wenger suddenly lost his magicduring the summer break of 2016, which I think is nonsense. I agree he was covering for the boards lack of care and total ineptitude. But he should instead have been honest to us fans and not done this to cover the ones paying him grossly undeserved wages. So I blame him for covering the corrupt board and owner too . We will never agree on WENGERS LAST DECADE.

          3. A.ball08 says:

            Agree with most of your comments with the manager and the board
            As for David dein returning. Unfortualty not now
            He was probably the only person at the time to make AW come out his comfort zone on certin matters and transfers. as a double act they were 2nd to none for us and gave us the lift to challenge for honours.
            It was a sad day in my book when David was pushed out by the greedy share holders at the time who have now come out at various times to regret there decision on taking the money…. great but we are left with a decade of deteriation at our beloved club
            Onwards and upwards as I always say and let’s see how the season pans out for us…don’t believe it will be as bad as the last 5 years

          4. ozziegunner says:

            Agree with everything above. Yes A.Ball08 Dein and Wenger were a great double act.
            Ken the big difference between Wenger and Emery will be that Emery will walk if the undertakings and promises of support from Gazidis and the board given to him aren’t met. My criticism of Wenget is that I wanted him to use his credibility and bank of goodwill to stand up to Kroenke and the board not be an enabler.

          5. Durand says:

            Ken lets not forget the year Wenger brought in Cech and NO ON ELSE! £11 million spent on team still well short of quality. Needed upgrades in midfield, upgrade on Giroud and sanogo, upgrade on Walcott, Per was aging rapidly, and better fullback than Gibbs.

            Its one summer window, but sure you remember the debates about why no more transfers. Kronke deserves ton of blame, but surely you can agree that epic oversight falls squarely on Wenger.

            I agree with you about not all blame on Wenger, but reading the players comments; Ox when he left, Bellerin, Mustafi, to name a few, can’t be ignored.

            Mustafi said he got no feedback on how to improve defensively, Bellerin saying now they have specific gameplan for opponents. With Wenger they just played the same way regardless of opponents, according to Bellerin’s comments.

            Wenger failed the club in transfer selections numerous times, failed tactically, failed in preparation, and various defensive aspects.

            Wenger not totally at fault, but is surely responsible for failures on multiple fronts. Kronke I blame for his standoffish approach, lack of investment, and deceitful ownership ways.

            It cuts both ways; Wenger ushered in an epic era for the club, rife with accolades. But he also oversaw the demise of the team, not cutting bait on the failed British core, not addressing gaping holes in quality like DM or top striker. He chose to retain favorites rather than sell and upgrade.

            He was both a scapegoat for owner as well as architect of his own demise.

          6. jon fox says:

            Spot on in every word! If only Ken would REMOVE the rose tinted specs he wore during WENGERS LAST DECADE.

          7. Durand says:

            Jon I think Ken pointed out the failings of Kronke and others accurately, but not so much with Wenger. Not all of Wenger’s decisions are money or investment based.

            Tactics, selection, coaching, etc… are all on him no one else. Putting too much faith in Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, and the like did not work out. Walcott as striker was epic disaster, so was sanogo. Giroud never bagged 20 league goals despite no true competition. Ramsey on the wing was bad also, or when Coq bossed as DM, then he’s a box to box guy next year? Drop in form no surprise.

            These are on him, not Gazidis, or owner not spending money. Gazidis sold Giroud for upgrade with Auba for example.

          8. ken1945 says:

            Durand and Jon, those rose tinted glasses can be seen both ways.
            Despite what you both say, until the last two seasons as manager, Arsenal finished in the top four.
            They also won three FA cups Jon, despite your view that Wenger lost it years before.
            What has your favourite manager, Klopp, won Jon?
            It now seems that the top four finish, derided by some, not sure about you Durand, is becoming the holy grail that we are to judge Emery on.
            Of course, the add on of an odd cup win is quoted as being desirable as well.

            I really don’t understand why the signing of Cech as the only player, is credited as another Wenger disaster.
            Durand, could it have been that Wenger was told by the board and Kronkie that that was all he had to spend?
            We don’t know if that is the case, but what I’m trying to discuss with you is that it certainly could be, after seeing what Emery iis having to deal with. Don’t you agree?

            Why Jon, do you apply “this caos and total lack of owner and board leadership that Emery has been thrust, hampered and restricted at every turn by a lack of direction and caring” isn’t the case with Wenger?
            After all, the same owner and board are still in place today as it was then, but you apply different views to each manager.
            I was not saying that you hadn’t argued against the owner and board Jon, please read my post again and you will see that. I said that Wenger is always your first port of call for everything you see wrong at the club.
            What I was pointing out was your continued attack on one manager whilst giving examples of another manager, in the same situation, having a different scenario.
            It’s no good telling me that wenger failed to upgrade his team because he only bought Cech and then saying that Kronkie is failing Emery because he won’t open his purse.

            Do either of you not see the irony of it at all?

            I am not defending Wenger’s transfers, his tactics, his coaching or even his successes.
            What I am trying to bring to your attention is the hypocritical way that one manager is defended for the actions of the owner and board versus the other.
            If you could only take a deep breath, remove those rose tinted glasses and don’t knee jerk react when I try to mention Wenger, we could have a discussion rather than a slanging match.
            Durand you quite rightly name players who criticised Wenger, but fail to name the number of players who say that they were approached by him and nothing happened….could that be the owner and board? It would be if Emery was involved, but not if it was Wenger according to Jon.
            The most telling point of all this was when Dein left and Gazidis was appointed, as Phil pointed out ( probably for different reasons ) and I mentioned in my post, Kronkie began to influence the running of the club even more.

            It’s also telling that neither of you addressed the importance of finishing fourth and three FA cup wins during the second half of his reign and how it affected the club despite working under the same owner and manager that are now hindering Emery (something we all seem to agree on).
            Jon, I have recognised many times how your distrust for the board made me look at the situatioon, so why raise that subject? We both agree on that as well!

            But I happen to believe that Emery is working under the same restraints as Wenger was regarding the owner and board after Dein left.
            If you don’t believe that, and can’t or wont see the similarities, then so be it.

            But rest assured, every time you blame Wenger for everthing wrong with the club (and the board and owner as secondry in their complicity) then contradict yourself by blaming the same owner and board for our current manager’s position I will challenge you.

          9. Durand says:

            Ken i would agree that after Dein left the effect was disastrous and telling. I would bet Arsenal had more than £11 million to spend that Summer; quite silly to think otherwise.

            Wenger said the quality in team was good, despite everyone knowing we lacked quality in positions like striker and midfield. Even backups were not good enough; Gibbs at LB as 1 example.

            For arguements sake, lets prentend we only had £11 million to spend. Then Wenger should have sold some to raise funds like club did last year. Sell Gabriel or Chambers, sell Ramsey or Wilshere, sell Welbeck or Walcott, sell Coquein or Gibbs, or Debuchy who wanted to leave.

            Point being Wenger was in charge of all that, according to him, “Ivan Gazidis is not involved in buying players.”. (Thats title of ESPN article from Nov. 29th 2017). He was asked who Sven will work with, and Wenger replied, “With me. Ivan Gazidis is not involved in buying players.”

            Either way, it fell on Wenger; overestimated team of underperformers, and in turn it backfired. How many years he persist with Walcott because didn’t want to miss the “golden years” as he said? Or Giroud who not only never scored 20 league goals, but had no real competition for years?

            We argree Kronke is bad owner full of blame, agree Gazidis has his share of blame, and board as well.

            But Wenger fielded poor quality he refused to replace, continued with his core that was never up to scratch, and refused to admit his teams were not good enough.

            He preferred to be arrogant and stubborn trying to prove the world wrong rather than admit he was mistaken and try something else.

            That’s his arrogance, not Kronke, Gazidis, the board, fans, or pundits fault. He was arrogant until the end and it cost him his job.

            No amount of hyperbole will convince me otherwise. He refused to change with the game, and was left behind.

          10. ken1945 says:

            Why is it silly to suggest that £11 million was the budget?
            Wasn’t the £50 million budget ridiculed this summer?
            From your previous posts regarding Kronkie, why does this one suggestion seem silly?
            Surely if Kronkie wanted it, that’s what would have happened isn’t it?

            “Wenger said that the quality in the team was good” but you keep on trying to say that the team that finished in the top four and won three fa cups was not.
            Guess you and him disagree with the final result each season then?
            Anyway, what did you expect him to say?
            Of course there was a need to improve, but you fail to acknowledge the fact that, even with this group of players, Wenger achieved what no other manager, with the constraints the club gave him, could have done.
            With all his faults (and he had many) this man achieved miracles with what he was given.
            Likewise, no amount of hyperbowl will convince me otherwise.
            In fact, ten top four finishes and three FA cup wins once he “lost his way” should actually prove the point.
            I just hope Emery can do the same with the exact same owner, board and restraints, plus the five new players bought to improve the squad.
            That is what we should be talking about, but I am more than happy to talk discuss our ex manager’s achievements and, yes, his weaknesses.

          11. Durand says:

            I expect Wenger to say squad not good enough when it clearly isn’t.. Other managers certainly do. Pep does, Allegri does, even Conte did. Many others as well, even at Newcastle it was said. Wolverhampton is another example.

            My problem with Wenger and FA cups are the masking of other shortcomings. Never won CL in 20 years, BUT fa cup wins. No titles in 13 yrs either, but hey fa cup. Blasted 5-1 by Bayern away and home, but hey 3 fa cups.

            Fans wanted some progression, improvement, edging closer to title challenge. Instead we fall further behind each year, and FA cups are brought up.

            I would happily trade those 3 FA cups for ONE PL title. Would you? Would the fans? Players? That’s an interesting queztion I believe. FA cups only English teams; in Europe competitions we have didly squat.

            I’ve said before I am spoiled by the success Wenger brought to Arsenal, I still mean that. I think he got comfortable finishing top 4, comfortable surrounded by same players, comfortable being in control.

            League changed; top managers now, not just Sir Alex, success is measured differently now. I don’t think Wenger could change with the game, and FA cups can’t substitute for shortcomings for title and CL, even Euro league.

            I think people even expect Emery to deliver on Euro league; based on his past 3 titles, not the squad he has now.

            Lastly, with influx of top managers Wenger no longer could achieve top 4 finish. Success measured differently now, Emery has his hands full, don’t think he’ll get the time many of us hope he will.
            Judge him in May as it goes.

          12. Durand says:

            Ken but you are defending Wenger by deflecting blame. Wenger handled player transfers, coached them, selected them, and told them to always play the same regardless of opponent.

            Then say owner hampered him? How? If lack of investment, then Wenger should have sold some as I’ve said.
            Implied previously Gazidis or board hampered transfers? How? What proof?
            I gave you Wenger’s quote numerous times.

            Wenger was given money every transfer window, amount wasn’t up to him. That’s well known; but an injured Kalstrom and that’s it that Jan? All Wenger that one, almost a jab to the fans.

            Players, whether transfer or selection was all Wenger’s decision. Can’t insinuate anything else. If you want to defend his stubbornness and arrogance it’s your right. But suggesting or implying anyone else involed in transfers is ludicrous, Wenger answered that insinuation himself.

            If he wanted Greizman that year, then sell Giroud, or Walcott, or Ox, or Ramsey, Wilshire, or whomever to raise the funds. He was in charge of transfers, no one else.

          13. ken1945 says:

            But he wasn’t in sole charge of transfers Durand as you well know.
            Griezman wanted to come, Wenger wanted him to come, someone in the club did not allow that to happen.
            If the team were as desperate as you suggest ( the team that finished fourth playing awful football but a CL squad nevertheless ) why would he be looking to sell players from the first team squad?
            He was trying to improve the squad, but as I said, someone within Arsenal obviously thwarted his efforts.
            There is your proof as written in Griezman’s autobiography.
            That quite obviously means Wenger was not in control of transfers, despite his belief and protestations to the contrary.

            I have said many many times that Wenger has to shoulder some of the blame.
            Some of his signings were beyond belief (Sanogo, Kalstrom as examples) tactiics (not closing shop against Munich or UTD as examples) stubborness ( selecting same misfiring players) in playing the same way despite the opponents, because he had this idea of wonderful football. He achieved it before and, like many others, believed in his ability to do it again
            He couldn’t and, despite the three FA cups and continued CL qualification paid the ultimate price.
            Arrogance or a belief in ones ability?
            So when you say I am defending Wenger, that is not true, neither am I deflecting blame.

            This debate started with the observation that Emery was being shafted by the present owner and board and I totally agree with that.
            What i am saying is that Wenger had the same owner and board, yet, and despite the facts,that is not recognised and he is given no credit for what he actually achieved under that regime, whilst still having the faults listed above.

          14. Durand says:

            We just disagree about Greizman and “the mystery man” you mention. I gave you Wengers own words about transfers. I would sell Giroud or Walcott to get extra funds for Greizman.

            Did Greizman say who was to blame? Was Wenger told not to sell any players? Anonymous sources usually equal BS. Not saying its the case here, but hard to believe anonymous person versus Wengers own words.

            We just disagree on transfers regarding Wenger. We agree about Kronke, board, loss of Dein and so much else.

            I felt Wenger didn’t do enough to improve team, didn’t sell players to upgrade positions, and didn’t change tactics or coaching to keep up with the sport.

            That’s the overall point I was making, and merely blamed Wenger for those shortcomings. I feel his stubbornness and arrogance trying to prove world wrong and himself right was his downfall. Maybe you see it differently, that’s fine its your opinion.

            Obviously neither of us are changing our opinions, so thank you Ken for another wonderful debate. Always a pleasure to debate with you; no insults, namecalling, or childishness. I am always left more informed, and more to consider afterwards, a true gentleman, thanks my friend.

          15. jon fox says:

            Ken , As I have come to expect, yet another well constructed argument from your viewpoint. I do agree that both WENGER AND NOW EMERY HAVE TO WORK UNDER ENORMOUS CONSTRICTIONS FINANCIALLY. But a crucial differnce is that WENGER HAD BUILT UP A HUGE BANK OF FANS TRUST FROM HIS GLORY DECADE, 1996-2006, and lived on that fan emotional attachment fofar too long AFTER 2006. He became cosy, comfy and could not step back, once DD had gone, and see the whole picture. He knew better than anyone that he would be hugely hampered financially for years to come, AND that that restriction was caused not by actual financial need, BUT by Kroenkes lack of care for the club he owned. Contrast the Abramovitch and Chelsea comparison with a successful owner who loved his club and properly funded them. No, Ken, a more in tune manager than WENGER WOULD HAVE REFUSED TO WORK UNDER A MAN WHO REFUSES TO PROPERLY FINANCE THE CLUB HE OWNS. He would and should have been honest with the fans, the owner and the board and on principle, have to refused to effectively be complicit in betraying our hopes by working under a man not worthy of ownership. He should have been honest. HAD HE BEEN , HE WOULD STILL BE A TRUE LEGEND IN ALL OUR EYES. BUT HE IS INTENSELY DISLIKED BY MANY FOR HOW HE MISHANDLED THE CLUB SINCE DEIN LEFT AND KROENKE TOOK OVER. A HUGE PITY!!! Judged purely on results since 2006, his honours and results since, have been desultory at a club of our size.

          16. Phil says:

            Durand-basically the game changed and Wenger didn’t.He had a set way of playing (noted by Bellerin) and never felt the need to change his philosophy.We could all see it but he seemed oblivious to it all.He never accepted criticism from anyone and refused to bring in the very people who could of assisted him.He continually stated he would never work with a Director of Football and even demanded to know exactly what their role would be.It was his pure stubbornness that was his downfall in the end.His scouting system became flawed proven by Mustafi and Xhaka at a reported £70m for the pair.Good players but have never proved themselves as capable of performing at the level we required.There were players out there that we could have bought as alternatives far better than these two but we are now left with a new Management team to try and get consistent performances out of them.
            For me his legacy was diminished.He stayed too long.If he had gone immediately after the FA Cup win over Chelski he would have left with far more credibility than he did.

          17. Durand says:

            Couldn’t agree more Phil. The team and performance failures fall squarely on Wenger’s shoulders. Mocking director of football, the swipe at Sven for Mavroporas purchase; Wenger said going on loan before even saw the kid play; then changed his mind completely.

            I admit he wasn’t given funds to compete for top 4. But Wenger chose to keep underperforming players rather than sell and upgrade. That’s his fault, not Kronke or Gazidis; Wenger himself said Gazidis wasn’t involved in transfers; until he was with Sven getting Aubamayang.

            Kronke only cared about money rolling in; and when Wenger didn’t 2 straight years he was gone. Not to mention the disarray over Wenger and his last contract; even Wenger said it hurt the team.

            I appreciate what he did the first 10 years, but the last 5 or 6 he was living off past glory. The decline in quality and performance shows that.

            He’s gone, now it’s Emery who has to deliver. Let’s judge him in May; progress of the team and his philosophy. Top 6 is a reasonable expectation; finishing above West Ham, Everton, Burnley and the like. Quality wise we’re way off City, Liverpool, Spuds, Utd, and even Chelsea.

          18. ken1945 says:

            Durand, can I just ask you something from your paragraph
            starting “I admit he wasn’t given funds”.
            If he wasn’t given the money to upgrade, how was he supposed to sell “underperforming players” enabling him to buy better players?
            He had to gamble with the money given.

            You state he wasn’t given money for competing with the top four.
            Isn’t that the position Emery now finds himself in?

            I am not comparing the two managers, just the situation as it is?

          19. Durand says:

            Sell Gabriel Ken like club did, for £8 million I believe.. Sell Coquein after his tremendous year. Sell Debuchy who wanted to leave. Sold Gibbs to West Brom too.
            Point being offers were made, he chose not to sell. Giroud was sold to fund Aubamayang, I’m sure Wenger could have done that earlier.

            He was arrogant and stubborn and rather prove the world wrong that admit he was mistaken and revamp the team.

            That’s why Sven and Raul were brought in; that’s why Aubamayang came in Giroud went out. Giroud on Chelsea bench now too. I loved Giroud as super sub, but only he thinks he’s starting quality in league.

            Before you mention World Cup, yes he started. How many goals though? None. How many MOTH? None.

            Emery didn’t get funds either, true. But team is selling players to raise funds, aren’t they? Wenger could have done that, he was in charge of that after all.

            I agree with you about lack of financial support, for Wenger and Emery. But Club selling players attempting to upgrade. Wenger chose not to, that’s his fault no one elses.

            We agree on much Ken, but I won’t excuse Wengers failings or insinuate someone else is to blame. Not when it involes transfers or selling players.

          20. Phil says:

            Gentleman-if anyone should write a book it is Wenger.It is only then we would find out exactly what went on at Board Level regarding Transfer funds and the selling of our key players.There is no doubt the cost of building the Emirates took away our funds but there are still questions to be answered that we will never know for sure unless it comes from Wenger.Im not sure he will ever write one as he has no need to do so but he certainly has time on hos hands at the moment if the urge proves too much.

          21. ken1945 says:

            Sorry Durand, but WHO HAVE we sold from the first team squad since Emery arrived?
            We have bought in five players to improve the squad, so why haven’t we sold anyone?
            We didn’t use the reported £70 million kitty supplied.
            Contracts still being used to hold the club to ransom.
            We keep playing “the golden boys”.
            Seems like another Wengerlike arrogance/failure is on the cards.

            At least there are four people the owner and board can hide behind now.

            Giroud? A matter of opinion, but he seems to be selected before Lacs by the World Champions and they are obviously not bothered by man of the match or goals scored are they? Same goes for their fans, judging by the support given to him the other night.
            Aba would love to have aworld cup winners medal hung around his kneck that’s for sure.

            The criticism has already started with Emery and until reality steps in, Kronkie and the board will get away with it.

            The irony of this discussion is that I totally agreed with Jon Fox’s analysis of the owner and board and their “support” of Emery. My observation/comment was why it wasn’t also contributed and seen as big a part of Wengers downfall?
            Still, it’s proving a lively debate, even if old wounds are re-appearing.
            So much more rewarding than fig trees and this was why I missed Jon so much this last week or so.
            Totally agree with the book suggestion, I have been saying just that since Wenger resigned.
            Let’s hope he does publish and we are all around to discuss its revelations.

  3. AndersS says:

    Yes, patience is needed. It is not just, that we had fallen to 6’th. It is how far behind we were/are.
    Last season we were:

    7 points from 5’th place
    12 points from 4’th
    14 points from 3’rd (Spurs)
    18 points from 2’nd
    37 points from 1’st

    Those numbers speak for themselves.There is a lot of catching up to do.

  4. reddb10 says:

    We gave wenger 14 years of patience even after humiliating defeats so we should give Emery at least 3 or 4.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Emery inherited a mess, yet only four games in, and we’re already seeing an improvement.

    I would say we’re slightly worse defensively because of Cech’s inability to play it out from the back, and Emery’s insistence in playing that way. I think Leno needs to come in now, given what we saw against Cardiff. But offensively, there’s been a massive improvement! We’re scoring more, creating so many clear cut opportunities, and generally finding more space in the final third. There’s been this misconception about Wenger, and attacking football for a long time, but in reality, we’ve really struggled in the final third since about 2011, or 2012. I can already see a big difference under Emery.

    I think the big improvement in our attacking play, slightly outweighs our defensive frailties at the moment, and coupled with Emery’s brave substitutions, I’d say he’s done a very good job. We’ve got 6 points at the moment, and that’s exactly we’re I’d thought we’d be. Once he starts picking our strongest starting XI, I think we’ll see an even bigger improvement!

  6. Pauladonis says:

    I agree Emery is going to need some time to get us back on track, we all also need a whole lot of patience to go with it. Wenger’s and the board’s mess won’t be fixed anytime soon but I believe we’re going in the right direction. “Time heals all wounds.”

    1. ken1945 says:

      Pauladonis, i read your post three times and totally agree with your thoughts.
      Of course when Wenger and the board/owner parted ways, the club was in a mess.
      No blaming of any one individual, but a collective responsibility.
      I also believe we are going in the right direction, but as Jon Fox pointed out the same owner and board are still here and will give the same amount of “backing” as they did with Wenger.
      Patience is a virtue and Time heals all wounds aptly sums up where we find ourselves and our great club at the moment.

  7. Nakul says:

    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in every man trying to do the best for himself. Football at the end of the day is a business. And it has to be run in a profitable manner with the resources at hand. The Wenger era is over and we all should now look forward to the emery era. One thing is for sure, he won’t get 22yrs here to prove his merit. So there will be changes as and when required, and we will be competitive.

    With regards to the emery being given time, yes of course he should be. All these legends and their talk, none of them have what it takes to manage a team. And I personally never ever agree or get carried away by their options. Most of the time they do it to keep getting gigs on tv, because that is all they have left in the tank now. Not to forget how many times they get proven wrong, their predictions are so inaccurate and their description of a team is never in line with reality.

    Emery’s arsenal sit over mourinhos united after 4 games. We have played much better football and avoided controversies. We have played arguably the top 2 sides in epl. On the other hand United with their 200/300 millions spent and a manger in his 3rd season are nowhere a proper footballing side.

    To reiterate my point, YES Emery should be given enough time to prove his merit.

  8. Pauladonis says:

    Thank you Ken1945, I’d also like to point out to JON FOX that THE BOARD WON’T BE THERE MUCH longer so, there will only be Kroenke and the TRINITY to blame for any future problems and they know that. Trust me things are gonna be much better now.

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes Pauladonis, I do agree that the old buffers on the board will be out the door quite soon. Ten years ago would have been perfect for most of them. But the real snake, Kroenke, will remain and he is the chief oppponent we need out to ever have hope of a Prem title again. It all boils down to KROENKE WITHHOLDING BADLY NEEDED FUNDS. HE COULD EASILY AFFORD TO PROPERLY FUND US BUT HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN GLORY; ONLY MONEY. And simply removing the other old pygmies on the board will not change the real problem, which is that we have an owner who cares nothing for glory and only for more personal wealth. What an obscene and little man he actually is!

  9. Pauladonis says:

    Thank you Ken1945, I’m sure JON FOX knows THE BOARD WON’T BE THERE MUCH longer so, there’ll only be Kroenke and the TRINITY to blame for any future problems and they know that. Each knows his role and the blames that come with failure. RIGHT DIRECTION…

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