After giving up ghost Arsenal give us back title belief

THere is still a mountain for Arsenal to climb and a lot of things we need to put right and things we need to go our way in the race for this Premier League title, but I have to say that in the pace of just over 20 minutes I went from completely giving up all hope that Arsenal could challenge to actually having more belief than when the game kicked off.

It really felt like a turning point and if Tottenham can help us out by at least stopping Chelsea from winning then I think the way that the Gunners came back from the dead will give the players a huge boost and will give us fans reason to believe that the fighting spirit, or lack of it, that has been one of the big problems in recent years, really is there.

If Arsenal can get something from this game, with almost everything having gone wrong in the build up and in the first 69 minutes, then you have to feel that our team will do better from now on. Even the way that Giroud was downbeat after the match despite two assists and the equaliser told us that the Gunners are up for the fight and desperate for this title.

Yes we should have been better from the beginning but I don’t think we will. That was a big wake up call, but will it also prove to be a big point and maybe even the turning point in our EPL campaign?


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  1. sAMa says:

    Bellerin though played like a shadow of himself.

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