After his masterclass v Denmark, McCoist nanes the one thing Havertz needs to become the perfect striker

Kai Havertz once again wielded power as the man leading the attack when Germany beat Denmark 2-0. Over the last few months, the German striker has played as a striker for both club and country. In that capacity for Arsenal, he was such a success that the club is no longer trying to recruit any other centre forward.

Well, Havertz’s stock as a number 9 continues to rise, and following his outstanding performance in Germany’s victory over Denmark, fans can be confident that the Gunner will continue to play as a striker for club and country. That being said, if there is one thing the 25-year-old can do to improve his performance, what would it be? Ally McCoist, on ITV as a pundit, stated that Havertz simply needed to improve one aspect of his game to become the ideal striker.

He admitted: “Composure, the finish there is the perfect example of not realising you’ve got a split second to make your mind up.

“99 times out of a 100 centre-forwards will have a split second to think ‘there, I have it’, but there he hits the side-netting, and it’s a poor finish when he has that split second to compose himself.”

Havertz could clearly benefit from having excellent composure and fast thinking in front of goal; with that, I feel he could add goals to his game and be the 20-goal striker we all want him to be. What a fantastic redemption story, Havertz scoring at will and leading Arsenal to victory. Hopefully, that will be the case.

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  1. He wasnt great against Denmark lets be honest. However the skill he showcased to beat the defence and get one on one with the keeper was world class just lacked the finish at the end

  2. Yes Liam. Havertz isn’t a natural out and out striker. He’s has the ability to create space for other players, and bring players into the game. He lacks that killer instinct that a true striker has. He’s has had a good tournament thus far. Not world class by any means. I’m a full blooded German, and I’m not exactly confident of Germany winning the tournament. Maybe Spain,,, and I dread saying that

  3. All in all he has been the best cf at the euro’s so far. The issue is unless you have someone like Halaand who gets 25 30 goals guaranteed then the out and out cf is more a hinderance than help. As seen with Halaand himself when he wasnt hitting the back of the net week in week out. Havertz allows others to shine around him. I think Germany will beat Spain. Havertz main role for the rest of Euros should be convincing Musiala or Wirtz to come to the emirates !!!

    1. Let me correct a sentence, : “unless you have someone like Halaand who gets 25 30 goals guaranteed…against weaker teams.” Now that’s Fitting. And Havertz is way more influential a player than Haaland against the bigger tougher teams. I would take that over farming goals against weaker teams and breaking personal records only. If Havertz play CF for the whole season, he will have a lot more vital impacts than Haaland, that I’m sure of.

  4. That’s what I said about Havertz,,,, he brings other players around him into the game. Reading obviously is not your strongest point,, obviously

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