After just 71 minutes play for Arsenal this season, Jurrien Timber will be like a promising new signing

In their final match of the season, Arsenal defeated Everton 2-0, but unfortunately, even with the win, they did not become league champions. Despite that, there were plenty of good things to take away from that match, and one of them was the return of Jurrien Timber to the pitch.

Prior to his introduction in the 69th minute of the win over Everton for Ben White, Timber had only played 50 minutes of Premier League football. Sadly, an injury sidelined the Dutch defender just 50 minutes into his Premier League debut in Arsenal’s first game of the season.

Many initially doubted the severity of the injury, but later confirmation revealed an ACL injury. And because of the seriousness of an ACL injury, there was some doubt about whether he would return to the pitch anytime soon. Seven months later, the former Ajax defender returned to training, starting with light non-contact training. Eventually, he progressed to contact training and gained some much-needed match fitness by playing for the Arsenal U-21 team.

During his time with the U-21s, he scored in a 45-minute appearance against Blackburn U-21 and also racked up 70 minutes against Liverpool U-21. After weeks of anticipation, the Gooners finally got what they were waiting for: their summer 2023 defensive signing’s return to the pitch.

Nine months after an unfortunate injury battle, Timber finally stepped back onto the pitch, making his comeback in the 69th minute of Arsenal’s victorious match against Everton on Sunday evening. For someone who had been out for a long time, he had a solid performance against the Toffees, making a positive impact in the 21 minutes he played.

He had no problem handling the ball, passing it, and dribbling it from the wing. He was always quick to support the defense and didn’t shy away from collisions. Since he hasn’t played much at such a high intensity in the last few months, it’s understandable that his moves aren’t 100% perfect. But the 22-year-old definitely exuded a positive vibe. We’re looking forward to some new signings in the summer, but next season, after a fantastic pre-season, Timber will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to Arsenal.

Timber said after the Everton win: “I felt good after so many months of hard work, but on the other hand, we didn’t become champions today and that’s sad. It’s a hard one to take.

“I just wanted to give some energy to the team. It was still 1-1 and there were still enough chances to win the game, so I tried to do that it’s just a nice feeling to be back.

“That’s very important. I think it’s a different feeling when you don’t play any minutes. After getting injured after the first game, then what happened today, getting minutes even though we didn’t become champions, it’s just nice for me to go into the summer with some minutes. That’s very important for me, it’s just my feeling.”

He’ll be like a new signing. What do you think?

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  1. Jurrien along with Emile brought spark and a different dimension when they came on to help grab a winner. I hope Mikel will unleash the monsters in them, cos i think they’ve worked hard for it. Other squad players also, which enhance quality depht and in turn should aid at least a double title haul next season.

  2. It will be interesting. He could end up being one of the best RBs in the league. Ben White who isn’t a RB has actually done well. They could make RB very strong. White last season was earmarked to play back at CB, so it will be interesting. Our RB is strong and our CBs coukd be stronger also.

  3. Timber has been very positive and productive as a LB based on the style that Arteta wants to play.

    Why tinker with something that works?

    Bring in a DM and another midfielder this Summer.

    Then decide if Tomiyasu should be moved to CB where he is solid and hopefully prevent his nagging injuries, or leave him as a backup fullback.

    Either way, we need to add another defender; just depends on how Arteta decides to use Tomiyasu.

    1. He played 17 minutes as a LB for us. He is a RB and has played right side of CD. He was bought as a RB. He was brought on in his last game at RB. The left side will be sorted out with a left sided player.

      1. He started at LB first game last season because of injury. Partey was RB, he is a RB either. Arguably both can cover but they are not specialists.

          1. Timber not a LB? That clearly does not matter to Arteta when he assigns positions, does it?

            Havertz is not a midfielder, yet Arteta insisted on playing him there for a large part of the season.

            Jesus is not a striker, yet Arteta insisted on playing him there for 2 years.

            Zinchenko is not a LB, yet Arteta plays him only in that position.

            Ben White is not a RB, yet Arteta transitioned him there and has been successful.

            Perhaps Arteta sees Timber as the LB going forward for the style he wants to play.

            Whether or not Timber is a LB or RB does not seem to matter to Arteta; his defenders are played all across the back line.

            1. When he sits down to analyse why we failed to win the EPL, perhaps Arteta should consider the part he played in trying to put square pegs in round holes.?

              1. I would agree Grandad; Jesus as striker, Havertz as a midfielder, and Zinchenko as a LB would be excellent places to start.

            2. I dont see why, he bought him as a RB. I don’t see what has changed and made a few people talk that way. As Grandad says, another square peg in a round hole. Yes Arteta could do it but I don’t see why people are suggesting it. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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