After Mahrez or Lemar who will be Arsenal’s final signing?

At the end of last season and once Arsenal had won the FA cup for a record breaking 13th time, the announcement was made by the club that Arsene Wenger was signing a two year contract extension and although that trophy triumph made the fans a bit more accepting of the news it by no means ended the frustration of many Gooners.

So there was a lot of talk about the club and manager making changes and also spending some serious money during the summer transfer window. Wenger being Wenger though, he quickly poured some cold water on the hopes of many fans by saying that the Gunners still could not compete with football’s really big spenders.

He also said that we would probably be able to get three new players in, although whether that included the free transfer of Sead Kolasinac from Schalke we simply do not know. So going by what the boss said earlier in the summer then Arsenal fans can expect either one or two more transfers before the window closes and one of them looks like being another attacker, with Mahrez and Lemar the favourites in the football media.

Assuming we get one of these players or someone else of a similar style, Wenger will still have quite a bit of cash to play with so if he is looking to bring in one more player then what position would you like him to strengthen and which players do you think he should be targeting?



  1. Zimbo says:

    Who we bring in depends on who leaves. If no one leaves then I will be happy if we bring either Mahrez or Lemar.

  2. goonerkhan says:

    Goretzka if we go with a 3 man defence.

    Fabinho if we go with with 2 centre backs

  3. Grimlar says:

    If Sanchez goes then I would like to see Wenger go for both Mahrez and Lemar. Beyond that I would like to see cover for Cazorla, not sure who though, and perhaps another defender or maybe a defensive midfielder who could also play as a central defender, Carvalho maybe.

    1. goonerkhan says:

      Carvalho is good from what i’ve seen. But he lacks pace (another xhaka type) and doesn’t commit to sliding tackles. Also he looses concentration and does not mantain focus throughout the match

      1. goonerkhan says:

        Grimlar? But i like the idea of a CDM who can also play as CB.

        Alaba maybe???

      2. vinie2000 says:

        Carvalho does not need to slide tackles my friend. this fella got a physique of a tree and is one of the best readers of the game as DM right now. he’s young and we let him loose for the last 3 years. i would have loved to have Luiz Guztavo from Wolsburg who can play as DM and CB but he moved to France for about 10 million pounds.If we lose Alexis then Lemar and Carvalho will be good additions.

  4. Nelson says:

    William Cavalho to assist Ramsey! Sometimes Ramsey is not consistent!

    1. VAN DIJK. We need a solid last line last seasons stats showed wee needed top defender top goal scorer and cazorla cover get them in or expect flack more than last season

  5. Tim Aju says:

    Arsenal definitely need a creative central midfielder to work with Ozil. Wingers can only do so much.

  6. We are Arsenal we will never learn why is ozil a sure starte for arsenal just think about it what top ten club in Europe could he be a starting for except Arsenal he is not a starter for these club Bayern Munich Real Madrid Barcelona Atletico Madrid Chelsea Man United Tottenham Liverpool Man City Monaco PSG so at the end of the season when we are 15 points behind the winner we wonder why we need someone to challenge ozil for his position

    1. kev says:

      In 15/16 he created the highest chances than any other player in the top five leagues.Well at least we can say he’s been doing his bit.He might not be consistent but is a valuable asset to the team.His best abilty is creation of chances and to get that out of him we need to surround him with good strikers which we are doing so far.I believe he can do better this season.

  7. Chico says:

    I would Like smalling instead
    Of Gabriel.

  8. Frank says:

    Wenger should bring in lemar

  9. Ian Wrights bruva says:

    I am sure Ozil was a starter at Real Madrid and also a German international who has won silverware with both club and country.

    I would like to see Ozil put in a tackle or two and track back more often but you can’t knock his vision and ability to pick a pass, he would be missed if he wasn’t in the side.

    Ozil should shine this year with lacazette in the side.

    lemar as the new signing, youth on his side, already showing he has got skills and likely to have a long career if he continues to develope and picks up no serious injuries.

    1. Arsenal boy says:

      Riechedly Bazoer, anyone? I can’t believe no one has mentioned the guy. Dude’s a monster of a midfielder. We really need someone that can challenge Ramsey in midfield cos Ramsey+Xhaka for a whole season is a disaster waiting to happen.

  10. Keita balde from Lazio in the position of cazora who has been out for long

  11. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    ?? Lets wait and see if we sign Mahrez or Lemar first! ?? And then I’m going for Messi, to be our final signing ?

  12. JPS_AFC1 says:

    If no one leaves and we get Lemar, I would like a Central midfielder and like goonerman said if we play 3 at the back I would like
    Koke or Kovacic.
    Fabihno or Carvahlo

  13. HaxanSword says:

    Debuchy contract with Arsenal has been terminated . he will be leaving on a free

  14. Kape says:

    Am happy we have our defence Holding a very koscienic and mustaphic shape, anchored by a Real Mon or a Saed, and oxed/hectored well on the right. I know we miss santi and wish to have a very like replacement, but let’s accept there are not so many silky CMs available like Isco. What now? Let’s change the approach based on what is available. Xhaka is very good on the pass, tackle (though he needs to improve on timing) and of course closing spaces. But, we have had no nonsense midfield combos before and we have always won our game on the mid, which reminds me of the invincibles. What if then, we get another no nonsense DM, tough tackling and perfect marker to partner xhaka so that we use xhaka for CM?? After all he can pass and shoot and mark, which will bring ultimate balance to our game. Just make sure it has to be a quick and aggressive DM….not sure who though…Kondogbia?? Carvalho?? Fabinho??Gueye?? Trust me, we would not worry much about Ozil laziness anymore!!!

  15. Matthew says:

    We seem to be the lightest on the roaming center mid position that Cazorla would be playing if healthy. I’m not sure his time table for return, but basically we are relying on Ramsey with the Ox as a very serviceable cover to him. Ox can of course play wingback in 3 back formation and see him and Bellerin both offering similar qualities on that side. The problem is if Xhaka goes down for any reason I think we will seriously suffer as neither Elneny/Coq are players that seem to provide good service going forward. Especially if we get Lemar our attack will be absolutely stacked with talent and depth so the last remaining position would be a roaming center midfielder that could also potentially play a CDM role. I think a player in mold of Jean Seri from Nice would fit perfectly. Carvalho, Brozovic, Goretzka, Fabregas or Keita could all be great.

  16. only people who never played the game of soccer talk about some one creating chance you created chance for yourself by your positioning ozil actually miss more easy goals scoring opportunity more than anyone else what i understand is when people takes a certain position their sense of Reasoning go right to the door

  17. alex says:

    I think Lemar could be a player to replace Cazorla. We missed Santi badly whenever he wasn’t playing and it was a lot this season. Hence our missing Champs League. We always “lose form” when he’s not fit. I like Lemar but Mahrez like he played in theit title winning season would be a good option too.
    We still need someone big in the middle, someone like Willian Carvalho to finally fill Viera shaped whole.
    Van Dijk would be great, we would have best defence as well as attack n the entire league.
    Somehow I have a feeling we ARE going for Lemar AND Mbappe. This would be just perfect..
    Can’t wait for the new season, one month to go.

  18. Frank says:

    If I have the money I will just buy MAHREZ for Arsenal premier league tried tested and proven he’s the best I can think of and I just love to watch him play,reminds me of the great ROSICKY

  19. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Depends on whether any of the following leave Alexis, Giroud, Ox, Bellerin
    I would like another Top CM who is both creative and defensive minded

  20. Sal says:

    Ozil isn’t lazy he just can’t defend he will track back in vain, he’ll shy away from the header or the 50/50 fearing the injury, his head sometimes drops when he isn’t given space or time on the ball that’s why you’ll see him fade away in a game, but we knew that when we bought him!! No one can deny his world class! he just needs to toughen up,and he has compared to a few seasons back he also needs teammates that would create the space he requires to give you a pass on a silver plate. Also ozil when he’s REALLY UP FOR IT is unplayable and what I’ve mentioned above doesn’t fully apply, but that player hasn’t shown himself lately and let’s be honest he’s been inconsistent. On A positive note lacazette, Sanchez, Lemar, ox, iwobi all these guys move into channels and will create a lot of space for him to run into or find a teammate. we are looking good so I’ve got this feeling he’s gonna shine this season with the added quality and especially if we keep our star players.

    As for additions sign Lemar and we’ve improved dramatically in the transfer market. We still have a void in a creative midfielder but that’s just us we won’t go for it 100% if that void is filled with a cazorla type player you’ll watch ozil at his very best. But I’m gonna say So far so good can’t complain with the way we are heading at the moment and will gladly take what we are getting. Happy gunner!!

  21. Sal says:

    Don’t get your hopes up, but here’s to wishful thinking .A Top creative mid who can attack or defend. Rabiot this transfer window if PSG are selling or Keita next season due to his release clause. any of those two and we’ve had the best transfer window since…..

  22. Javi says:

    I’d like to see the team below which I believe would give us great balance between defense and exciting attack.

    Rob, Kos, Mustafa
    Bella. Saved
    Carvalho, Xhaka
    Mahrez. Leonard


  23. amb98 says:

    If we sign Lemar/Mahrez and keep Sanchez then I’d assume the 4-2-3-1 would be our main formation unless Wenger plans to convert Lemar to a CM. If we play a back 4 I think we need to a solid, reliable CDM like Danilo Pereira (Porto have some financial difficulties which we could capitalise on) and ideally a long term replacement for Cazorla but I don’t think we will get both. To help combat this I feel at times Ozil should come deeper to start the play. Also if Ospina and Szczesny leave then we should sign Alban Lafont from Toulouse. Many rate him at a similar level to Donnaruma and would be a perfect long term replacement for Cech.

  24. Douglas says:

    Let’s jst get Lemar & a proven DM, then we’ll be good for the season & a force 2 reckon with.

  25. Ronny says:

    I don’t think we’ll sign anyone else after lemar or mahrez.
    However another dm player would be good.
    I personally like Jorginho of Napoli. Good reader of the game, good in the air, and great at passing forward if need be.

  26. Ronny says:

    That’s a lot of signings….
    MustafA, Saved, Leonard, mahrez and carvalho…lol

  27. Mark Pilkie says:

    Forget both of them and sign Morata and Goretzka

  28. Dashing Rino says:

    Hoping we finallly seal lemar deal nd den bring in jorginho or geoffery kongdobia as a replacement for cazola

  29. Dashing Rino says:

    I personally do fink we nid 2 new midfielders, a cm nd a dm coupled wit lemar cuz ramsey is nt realiable nd we cant count on elneny or coquelin either. Am gunnin for jorginho nd perhaps kongdobia or kovacic if he is for free.

  30. Jack says:

    Defensive midfield please.

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