After missing out on Buendia some Arsenal fans vent their anger on social media

Fans react as Arsenal reportedly miss out on Buendia

According to several reliable news outlets, Aston Villa have reportedly won a two-horse race for the signature of Norwich City playmaker Emi Buendia.

After the news got published on Saturday evening, there was huge frustration and anger among Arsenal fans, which was understandable.

The club has been tracking Buendia for several years and he was considered one of the top targets at the Emirates Stadium in the current summer transfer window.

However, Premier League rivals Aston Villa reportedly increased the pace of negotiations with the 24-year-old’s camp, and it appears like Arsenal were caught sleeping.

The news certainly did not go well with Arsenal supporters who flooded Twitter and Instagram to vent out their anger.

First, if the club was ‘really interested’ in him then why didn’t they match Aston Villa’s offer? It was not a situation of Villa stomping in with a gargantuan bid. Everybody knew Buendia was available for 35 million.

Second. If the club did not see him as a first-choice option, then why did they chase him for two whole weeks? The club should have focused on signing other players rather than chasing Buendia half-heartedly.

Although fans should also consider that it’s not a done deal yet and things can change rather quickly in football.

Regardless, serious questions need to be asked of the ‘Edu-Arteta project’ because if they don’t get it right this summer, the club might end up finishing closer to the bottom half than to the top six.

Yash Bisht

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    1. Caleb.


      Same applies to the last SIXTY YEARS.

      There have been many many ups and downs along the way, but this is just depressing !

  1. I’m over my meltdown now – honestly 😄 – as we’re holding out for Sander Berge, right? Same price as Buendia, he’ll transform us having scored only once last season!

  2. Most likely Buendia saw Villas project more appealing.

    And he’s right. Players who have recently gone to A Villa, have had their values increased. Arsenal players’ values on the other hand are plummeting.

    There’s nothing appealing for players to work with green rookies like Arteta and Edu. Plain and simple.

    Villa are trying to build something, Arsenal is just experimenting with newbies hoping for the best.

    1. Yes, more convinced by Villa’s ‘huge’ ambition and future plans! When was the last time that was said about us?! (Pre 2007 😄)

  3. Arsenal are a joke club. In all my years of supporting them, never have I felt that the owners, directors and manager don’t represent the best interests of the fans ie to put together a squad capable of competing in the PL. In our WhatsApp group, people shrugged their shoulders and said we’ll get Ode for £50m. Firstly he’s not worth that much, secondly, Arsenal won’t spend that amount and most importantly Ode in the Arsenal squad hinders ESRs development as a credible number 10. Buendia’s transfer made sense in so many ways.

    1. SM, if Buendia wasn’t going to compete with ESR, he would be replacing who? Saka, Pepe, Martinelli, Aubameyang?

      1. They should all compete for places. You buy players to improve the squad not to back up the youngsters who are still learning. Pepe has been underwhelming in 2 seasons yet you worry for him getting benched by a better player?

        1. Pepe is a more proven player than Buendia in the EPL if you compare his statistics per games played.
          By the way Emi Buendia is not an ACM, as he has played as a right winger over the last two seasons for Norwich City.

          1. yes i see Pepe excelling next season . Especially with his form towards the end of last season

  4. We’ll probably try again for aouar now that his value has dropped to £25m and lyon need to sell players but I’m not convinced by him. Adam from Get French football news said Aouar is obviously very technically gifted but doesn’t impose himself enough in games, so if he is not doing that in ligue 1 with lyon how on earth will he do that at a club of our stature in the premiere league?

    1. But why were arsenal fans crazy about him last season? Same is happening now about Buenda, how many of us watch him play? We have only be relying on stat and videos with whatever we hear from media, now that we miss out on him we start behaving as if we miss out on Messi, as if he is the only CAM in the world who can improve us.

      Next thing now is to try victimise any player brought in latter and start comparing them and any mistakes from the player will always bring up the topic of Bueda would have done better

      1. Maybe we should focus on getting both Sterling and Bissouma into the squad. If we miss out on Buendia and get Sterling, that is worth it. 45m to 50m pounds can get Sterling. We can also ask for another year loan deal for Odegaard.

        Chambers Gabriel Mari Tierney

        Partey Bissouma

        Pepe ESR Sterling


        Sterling is a proven goal scorer. He has worked with Arteta before.

        Let us look at the bright side.

  5. It’s just over reactive emotional media bs labelling it a transfer “failure.”
    I think possibly we just decided what we would pay maximum and dithered about more. Which I have never heard of before. Even a chief scout quoted Wenger being indecisive enough to drive them crazy when they pushed for Son before the Spuds got him.

    I’d have loved to wake up to the news we got him though but at nearly 4O mill there could be better targets.

    I think he’ll suit Villa better with their proper attacking midfield, running with the ball in the direction of the goal and threading passes. Not our pass-the-parcel, looking to eke out chances and scoring 25% clumsy deflection or preying on mistake goals.

    1. But that’s the thing, he would have suited our attack being someone who would actually take up positions defenders don’t like and start running at them. Not only that he can play multiple positions not just a number 10, he can play wide right/left and box to box. He would have been a perfect foil for ESR to continue to develop as a number 10 and when ESR wasn’t fit fill that slot as a good alternative.

      This is Arsenal showing a lack of football knowledge at all levels. They did it when they placed blind faith in Leno to be our number one last season, when it was clear Martinez was on a different level as he has proved with Villa. And that transfer probably helped Buendia make his mind up now that his compatriot plays for them. Football works like that with overseas players. It’s not just another transfer f up, it’s Arsenal in a nutshell. I fear for next season if we don’t get our finger out this summer.

      1. I agree SM, with all of it, and it’s why I’m disappointed.Also agree about Martinez’s likely influence. It’s a pity.
        I just don’t buy the media idea of it being such a failure and slating our ambition compared to Villa’s. I like Villa and hope they keep Grealish – unless for some reason he fancies hooking up with his Arsenal mates. But breaking fully into being a ‘top six’ club isn’t easy.. Could say Leicester have now after consistent seasons. I think he joined Villa because it was a better fit for him. He may not have been for us however good it looked.

        I think someone like Bissouma will free up Partey to move a bit further forward where he’s looked better and we also have Esr and Saka potentially as more direct attackers.
        But Arteta’s tactics are still a bit of a mystery.
        We need another creative player though.

      2. SM, Buendia is not a #10; he has played the last two seasons as a right winger for Norwich City. How many wingers does Arsenal need, given the Club’s deficiencies elsewhere?

  6. Well the question I have is did Arsenal put in an official offer or was it paper talk as it now transpires they’re after Ruben Neves( wolves) for similar price.Was he first choice all along?

  7. It seems Aston Villa spoke to Buendia and convinced him. Arteta did not. Arrogance. Hubris always leads to a fall. Pride before a fall. Read your mythology. Treatment of players is so important. Probably Buendia thinks Arteta is a over hyped rookie football dope. We can still sack Arteta.

    1. Sean, if Arsenal did want Buendia, what would you expect from the muppets managing this Club?
      No use “getting very excited” until the transfer window closes and we can finally access the situation.

      1. Ozziegunner

        The Zeitgeist around Arsenal was always interesting. Now the Zeitgeist has really changed. The atmosphere and attractivity is at rock bottom. Antonio Conte has just won Serie A and is available. A chance for the Kroenke’s to show real ambition and build our credibility up again.

        1. 👍 It all starts with the quality of the manager and given the available funding, why put money into positions the Club is well served in. Buendia is a right winger not an ACM.

          1. Buendia is covering more positions. I see him more as an CREATIVE attacking midfielder on mostly the right. Not as a traditional winger.

  8. Nothing is confirmed.
    But missing out to Aston Villa is not a surprise.
    Maybe Villa are selling Grealish so have the readies?
    As for a big club Arsenals 8th place two years running is nothing to skite about.
    Aston Villa is actually a huge club with a massive fan base and historically as big as Arsenal.
    The transfer window does not shut for another 90 days what’s the hurry?
    Arsenal does want to buy but is severely shackled by a load of expensive, high salaried contracted deadwood.
    Right now Arsenal simply does not have 30/40 mill to throw at a promising Championship player.
    Maybe we do have a secret 300m burning a hole in the clubs pocket.
    May be Stan has written a 300m cheque or maybe PSG/ManCity/Barca are going to pay 30mill for Kolasinac 40 mill for Torreira 50mill for Bellerin 65mill for Lacazette 40 mill for Nelson
    And buy out Auba’s contract?

    1. Buying most of our new players in the last moment of the transfer window is worth nothing. The manager has to get his players ASAP, so he has the time to work well with the squad to get quality into the playing system.

      1. I agree with you 1000%. The penny pinching in Arsenal date as far back as the Arsene Wenger era. This usually results to getting wrong players and also late for them to adapt during preseason.
        It is depressing supporting Arsenal.

    2. Wyoming
      Now I’ve heard it all.
      So wait for all the other clubs to snap up the better players. What tosh.

  9. Emi is a good player but if missed him not a big loss. You have to trust Mikel, maybe he has someone better.Hope its not Aaour, he’s O— 2.0 to be honest.

    1. Trust a manager that presided over our worse home record for over 90 years? Sorry I don’t. Arteta has a lot of work to do next season to win a lot of fans over.

    2. Maybe lingard, mehn I love the man (Arteta) but for arsenal to miss emi we ain’t getting odegaad and I’m damn sure ancelloti has watched him play in England and his definitely going to need him (odegaad) in his team.

    3. Cannon

      Trust Arteta? Did you watch us…..we were shite? Don’t hallucinate a fantasy. At least be honest. Arteta & Arsenal have become 4th club in London. Great ground, poor manager, small club.

    4. Buendia has been the best player in the championship. FACT.
      Did you see him play?
      Buendia is very creative midfielder and is fighting for every ball admirably. He has the qualities, that Arsenal need. So IMO it’s a los not to be able to get him.
      Creative players are hard to find. We have just missed out on one of those.

        1. I would say he is more an attacking midfielder right than a traditional right winger.

          1. Websurfer

            Totaly true. Really does not play very wide and most of his assists and goals do not come from wide, mostly central. Makes you think do people here watch him?

          2. Anyway pointless discussion now that he is signing for Aston Villa.
            Take a look at Mathaus Pereira the ACM from relegated West Bromwich Albion, 11 goals and 6 assists in 33 games. A very good player in a poor team, only 25yo, versatile and Brazilian (one for Edu).
            Yve Bissouma should be number 1 to partner Thomas Partey in midfield, but Arsenal need to strengthen midfield.
            A good window would be Bissouma, Neves and Pereira, all EPL proven.

      1. Absolutely. I was looking forward to this transfer for that reason. Very few players in the current arsenal squad posse the fighting qualities of Eni Buenda. So sad.

  10. I pray🙏 I don’t die of high blood pressure being an arsenal fan😭😭😭😭🔴⚪till I die though ♥️@Afc

  11. Everyone on Earth goes with the notion that it’s the players that lack ambition but it’s the opposite, how can Villa outbeat arsenal to a player? The owners, directors and managers only have interest for their pockets. Now you withholding the club’s progress, if yours is withhold will you be happy?

  12. If this farce does not convince Arteta is not a total failure what will? Conte is around…..GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Antonio Conte is available NOW….show your ambition and balls… Kroenke….Arsenal, do surgery on the Arsenal disease. Cut out Arteta and Edu.

  14. This is just overreacting just because it’s Aston Villa, we are so much protective of our ‘ego’ thinking only few teams could outbid us.
    News flash: Aston Villa is an epl club with loads of cash to spend too, outbidding arsenal for a player should not be taken as end of the world, besides transfer are dependent on so many factors that are not constant, this doesn’t mean we are less of a team than Aston Villa, this isn’t the first time a team outbid us or we outbid a team, it’s gonna be the last either

    However saying Edu is incompetent because of this is ridiculous, since his arrival arsenal have done excellent with little input on the transfer front

    1. Adajim

      Why do you struggle with the reality that not only have we played the worst football Arsenal have ever played in the Premier League, but Arteta and Edu are unable to convince Buendia that Arsenal are going anywhere. You are just not being honest.

      1. Are you saying Buenda is better than Partey? If Edu could convince Partey to sign why is it difficult to convince Buenda, this is the beat time for any CAM to be motivated to join because he will be a focal point and help with our creativity, so with that am sure anyone will be interested since we are playing less attractive football already

          1. Adajim

            Partey has played rubbish due to your hero….Arteta. Let go of your hallucination.

          2. Admin Pat
            I rate Partey…I don’t rate Arteta. I have an obsession with Arteta leaving …you are right. After 64 years of supporting Arsenal, living locally, spending a fortune and seeing a manager, who manages on the fly under false pretences, and then having to watch our club sink… are right 100%. And others feel exactly the same way.

  15. As much as I would have liked him, we already have Pepe, ESR, Martinelli and Saka. The priority is RB, backup LB and a DM/CM. Possibly a new keeper as well if we’re looking at selling Leno.

    1. Seeing people mention Pepe is irritating. Pepe has been frustrating to watch for 2 seasons now and apart from scoring here & there, he does nothing and losses the ball most part of every match. In Buendia you get a complete package who contributes even when not scoring nor assisting.

        1. Keep deceiving yourself.

          What was Buendia’s performance in the EPL compare to Pepe’s first season?

          If Pepe can score 22 goals and 14 assists in French league, I’m sure as hell he will better Buendia’s input in the Championship.
          This is a player who has never score more than 8 goals in his career(with just a year in between him and Pepe) except this concluded season and you believe he has higher ceiling than Pepe?
          Stat shows us that Pepe always improve every season in his club by scoring almost twice his previous season and with less appearance at that.
          In Lille first season 13 goals in 38 apps
          Second season 22 goals 36 apps

          In Arsenal first season 5 goals 31 apps
          Second season 10 goals 29 apps.

          People forgot few EPL player of the season make it in the EPL, let me put you through EPL best with better goals from 2015 till 2021

          Patrick Bamford wins EFL best player in 2015 and scored 17 goals in 38apps for Boro, yet only match that feat this season since 2015 even when not playing in EPL.

          Andre Gray wins EFL best player in 2016 and scored 23 goals in 43 app for Burnley, yet never score more than 9 goals since then.

          Anthony Knockert wins EFL best player in 2017 and scored 15 goals for Brighton and yet never score more than 3 goals since then.

          Teemu Pukki wins EFL best player in 2019 and scored 29 goals in 43 apps (This is the best of all the players mentioned on this list cos, he’s a 20 goals season player scoring 20goals and 17 goals in Danish league and 29 goals in his first season at EFL and 26goals in his return to EFL But what happened to his scoring in the EPL?

          Ollie Watkins wins EFL best player in 2020 and scored 26 goals in 46apps. One of the best in this list who could still manage to muster double digit goals in EPL.

          Another Example is Tammy Abraham, scoring 23 goals for Bristol and 25 goals for Aston Villa.

          Yet scoring 5 goals for Swansea in between those 2 seasons.

          Though he scored 15 goals for Chelsea but yet I can’t see anyone rating him except people who don’t know what good strikers looks like.

          Even Saïd Benrahma has never score a double digit goals in his career but he started delivering double digits in the EFL and never score more than one since he left EFL.

          So don’t tell me you know how well he will perform here or even in Aston Villa.

      1. Look at Pepe’s stat’s for games played compared to any other player in his position in the EP, including Wilfred Zaha.

  16. Am not supporting arteta nor that am talking on behalf of Edu but I want you all believe me,Arsenal have a better option, it was all about Aour all through last season and we signed Partey instead which was a good decision, if not for partey injury cos Auor was a shambles in France last season… I promise we will all be excited at the end of the window.. .they are working their ass off at the Emirates, its easy to make decisions but making the right decisions is not easy..

    1. Walidomy
      Don’t believe. Intuition is a loser…rely on the facts before your eyes. Intuition for these types of matters is purely hope. Hope is attached to the imagination and fairy tales..

  17. Arsenal always missed out,
    Missed out Top4,
    Missed out Euro,
    Missed out players,
    Missed out Targets…….
    Missed out Everything even PL to Championship soon.
    The management need to the think and make proper arrangements.
    Please kroenke, Arteta & Mr Edu think wise guys….. Our market is boring.

    1. Earlier we were used to be called a “soft team” on the pitch. Now we are being called a “soft team” at the boardroom level. It’s draining to support this club.

  18. Sean Williams, Your obsession with getting Arteta sacked is not ordinary, I think u should see a doctor for ur own good pls. I have the feeling u are really sick. Has arsenal as a club told u that they didn’t get Beundia bcs of Arteta or did they tell u that Arteta is solely in control of transfers in Arsenal? Do something about your health for ur own good before it gets worst. I have read loads of rubbish from u about Arsenal and Arteta and obviously, u know little or nothing about football

    1. Chizaram

      Arteta is not good enough fact. Look at your own delusion….it rules you. Better to dance with the truth than live in delusion.

  19. Conte please

    Serie A record Inter Milan
    38 28 7 3 89 35 54 91 1

    A real manager

    1. If you still have confidence in kreonke reign maybe you need to see a doctor, we are are dropping like fly in every context(competition) even spur now finishes above us consistently oh god of football save us from this misery

  20. I am not surprised that Buendia ditched us for Villa.

    Can we honestly entrust our beloved 20+ year old child in the care of Arteta, who is erratic, knows next to nothing about child psychology to develop our child’s football career?

    Look at what happened to William Saliba and compare that to his compatriot Fofana.

    Arteta should be the last coach a child who wants to develop his football career should chose

  21. Yes this sounds unbelievable considering the status of AFC & the quality of players we seriously need to inject into the team in preparation for the upcoming season. However, if missing out on Emi Buendia to A.Villa which is obviously very painful & psychologically/emotionally draining means Arteta, Edu & the recruitment team getting it right somehow with better qualities in the transfer window then so be it.

    Let’s stay positive with hopes of better transfer news coming, the transfer window is just opening with 90days to go as mentioned by @Wyoming & an avalanche of quality players out there to be prized away from their clubs.

    Hopefully, hopefully & hopefully…. the funds will be made available to get in the quality when spotted.

    1. I’m a season ticket holder and am really struggling to see a coherent plan at Arsenal. I’m perplexed that Bissouma is not a priority signing but Buendia was. Bissouma would join Arsenal in a heartbeat and Brighton will sell for the right price. His stats in a struggling team are amazing. If Buendia was a priority signing why is he going to Villa? Villa accepted £33 million which makes him less than half what we paid for Pepe. If he was a smokescreen to help us get someone better for less okay but who would that be? Is the plan to give more opportunities to players like Willock, Martinelli etc. What is the plan? It’s hard to to be positive when we are in a constant state of flux and no idea what the plan for the future is.

      1. 👍 Exactly right Broli and Yve Bissouma plays as a DM, a position Arsenal needs to fill.
        If Arsenal was in for Buendia, maybe as a right winger, he wasn’t sure of getting playing time given he would be competing against Pepe, Saka, Aubameyang and Martinelli.

  22. Did arsenal really want him or t was just a publicity stunt from the club? Some reliable sources are claiming that we didn’t even put a bid in. I’m not so angry at this because of ESR but if we miss out on Bissouma then I will really be mad…

    1. I am afraid we can miss out on every player, if our manager cannot attract players or convince players APPARENTLY.

  23. I would love to sale some of you fans. Please get the hell out of my club and learn how to properly support something in your lives. Arsenal had the 3rd best record in the league after xmas. Nobody but man u and man city had a better records. Auba was trash this year. Where are the auba out calls at? We finally started winning against top 4 teams and taking points. We are far from the team that started the 20-21 season. We arent where we need to be as a proper team but we are far better than the start of the season. Just gotta get rid of the rot. (ozil, xhaka, sokra, and the rest of you trash fans)

    1. indy, Sounds about right to me. Well said! A good number of our fans are not supporters, even though they are fans. Those are two different words with very differing meanings. I believe in SUPPORTING the club, NOT constantly criticising those in charge of day to day running.

      My real criticism is reserved for the parasite who owns us but entirely and only for his own personal financial benefit.

      He is the REAL VILLAIN IN OUR CLUB; not that he is actually in it, since he lives thousands of miles away and never visits, nor speaks and has no liking for even football, let alone AFC!

  24. My problem is that after scouting buendia for over a year now we still missed him n he ended up at Villa, are we a scouting team, why he’s it that every body we scout either ends up else were or stay put, edu is too lackadaisical, arteta is too stubborn n have no voice, the kroenshit are in a mission to distroy us and our players are bad investment, the philosophy of if we can’t sell we can’t buy is bullshit, who has aston Villa sell to buy buendia, I don’t no when last I saw a player been sold by man city but they will keep buying to improve their squad, if only Arsenal fans can agree not to attend any of our match day so as to flush this #kroenkeout

  25. How can we not criticise Arteta and Edu. If they can’t sell Arsenal to Buendia…..WHO the F can?

  26. Ambition and Arsenal just do not compute. Whether or not Buendia was the right fit for Arsenal we’ll never know, but he and Grealish will definitely make Villa a stronger proposition. Given his age Buendia was the type of player Arsenal were looking for. Someone with youth who could add a more energetic dynamic in the middle. It’s pretty clear by now that Edu and Arteta are lapdogs to Stan and son. Sure players will come in but they’ll be there to plug holes or give the impression that things are happening.

  27. If he was a genuine target and he is going to villa. I would say he knew we had one or two priority targets and was an alternative makeshift option. The media knew Arteta spoke well of him before, Arsenal would be easy pickings if we never bid for him like they say we did. I smell something off with this one, if latest tabloid news is to be believed.

  28. I am, like Sean Williams an Arsenal fan for over 60 yrs and have supported them in the 60s when they were a mid table team. They have been on the slippery slide for some time now due to lack of ambition from the top downwards. Yes, they did build a new stadium and have 60K seats paid for upfront but that’s where it ends, no investment, and poor ageing players bought not always on the cheap. When I look at the players Chelsea have had and moved on it says a lot for our scouting team, poor at best. You can move Arteta on but you won’t get any decent manager in because like Conte, they want a decent budget to build a team which is what Kronke won’t give them, and you also won’t get decent players in because they can see a lack of ambition. I can’t see any change ahead, sad times for such a good club that’s never been relegated with such a history behind it.

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