After Newcastle v Arsenal it needs to be asked; What is the actual point of having VAR?

Is it time to scrap VAR?

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal side lost for the first time in the Premier League this weekend and the game was filled with questionable decisions from the officials and left Arteta raging after the game. With plenty of action on both sides, it leads fans to question what VAR is actually doing for our game and is it taking the fun out of the game with all these long lengthy decisions that they also seem to be getting wrong a lot of the time.

VAR was brought into the game for “clear and obvious errors” and while in some cases it can be useful and can make the officiating easier on the refs etc, when you bring in something that very clearly changing the game, you have to get it right. Yes, it’s all down to human error but that’s just it, why even have the VAR system is you continue to mess it up and look stupid, taking the passion and fun out of the game and leaving fans confused as to why they can’t seem to get it right.

With all this technology, you’d expect them to be able to get it right at the very least, and after this weekend, I think questions need to be asked. Only a few weeks ago we all saw PGMOL come out and apologise to Liverpool after they got an offside wrong and ruled a winning goal out, quickly they came out and said they had messed up and said sorry but ultimately the decision cost Liverpool the game and again, this weekend, the same kind of thing happened.

In the 64th minute the ball was crossed into the box over the head of David Raya and onto the the head of Newcastle’s Joelinton who headed to ball into the path of Antony Gordan who fired the ball past David Raya into the Arsenal net. The ball had originally looked like it went out of play but the referee and the VAR decided that Newcastle’s Joe Willock had managed to keep the ball in. In the same breath of air, Arsenal defender Gabriel looked to have been pushed in the back with both hands by Joelinton and was put completely off balance.

After a lengthy stop and a VAR check, they concluded that the ball had stayed in and that Joelinton’s push wasn’t deemed enough to be a foul. Leaving Arteta, his squad and Arsenal fans with plenty of question marks and complaints after the goal was given. Ultimately changing the game and giving Newcastle the three points.

Not only that, but there was plenty more drama throughout the game that leaves everyone questioning VAR. In the early moments of the game Kai Havertz was seen committing a late challenge down the touchline, which he was very lucky not to get a red card for and lead to a brawl on the sidelines, with Newcastle players and staff unhappy with the punishment.

Only a few moments later Bruno Guimaraes was seen chasing after Jorginho with the ball and raised his forearm and smashed the back of Jorginho’s head, this too went to the VAR who decided it wasn’t deemed as dangerous enough for a red card either.

Plenty of questions to be asked of both sides and with so much technology you expect them to get it right and, in my opinion, they didn’t get anything right the entire night. Havertz and Guimaraes should have both seen red for dangerous play and for me the goal shouldn’t have stood, not only because I think it went out of play but also because Gabriel was pushed with both hands into the back of the net.

PGMOL and VAR has a lot to answer to and with the constant mistakes, VAR really needs to be brought into question as to why it’s even being used if they can’t get it right.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. It doesn’t help that the two VAR refs in our game have been referenced as moonlighting for the very same Saudi organisation that owns Newcastle.

  2. Hi inspite of all that, in preious cases the possition of the feet were also looked at and a line was drawn. Joelintons right leg was way forward of any player and it was nearest the goalline. clearly AR should be lookingat eerything

  3. VAR is used properly in other sports, so questions need to be asked as to why PGMOL doesn’t conform and adapt the successful methods used in these other sports.

    VAR continues costing teams points, and it should not be occurring.

    Be interesting to see a club if they miss out on 4th place by a point what happens.

    Can they take legal action? Can they sue PGMOL for the financial loss of missing CL? If PGMOL admits it’s mistake and guilt with Liverpool, would they have legal standing in court similar to individuals in that situation?

    1. Is VAR this controversial in the other leagues it’s used or is it only the EPL.?
      Seriously something needs to be done as each passing week it’s getting worse 😭.

  4. PGMOL need help and needs it fast, am like a lone wolf calling for the footballing body to invite Mr Pierluigi collina.

    With a bird eye view of the ball crossing the line, how did VAR miss it?

    1. Where’s the birds eye view pic? Do you have a link or site to see, very interested?

      The 3D models I’ve seen clearly show the ball was in

    When i said here many times pgmol and pl its currupted to the core i got laughed at,and rediculed and called a conspiracist ,and we get this treatment every week the problem is we been winning so noone said anything,was i wrong?
    If saudi can currupt the way to winning the rights to hold the world cup then nothing is off limits,you will be naive to think otherwise

    1. Agreed, I’ve been saying for a long time now that VAR is bent, someone somewhere is betting and making sure they get the result they want on the day, scandalous system that should be scrapped!

  6. This is the first time ever VAR looked at a goal for 4 reasons together at the very same time, that is What Arteta was trying to explain to all SKY pundits clowns, who were so cheaply to confirm illusive goal simply by saying no evidence for each, because they hate Arsenal.

    Who are they to decide, are they prophets on religious duties, they can simply use their brain and they know lightening will strike on the same spot 4 time at the very same moment.
    It very messy goal and should not have stood even with our players shortcoming.
    certainly not because of arsenal fan but please use your brain , tell me anther VAR goal was debated for all the possible reasons on the same incidence.
    The ball out of play they say no evidence
    The push on Gabriel they say no push
    The ball hitting Jolinton Hand they didn’t even see
    The offside they say no evidence
    for god sake I never seen VAR discussed for all the possible 4 reason combined and together in the same incidence

    1. That is why counting a goal like that is embarrassing to whole premiership and disgraceful to everyone including even the sky pundits clowns

    2. Fact is certain refs and Var officials are being paid to manipulate the outcome of certain games period that’s clear to see. Example the premier league is suspending players for 10 months for being involved in betting yet they allow the same betting syndicates to sponsor premier league teams, like really who are we fooling here. Sorry to say Gooners the game is rotten to the core and some of the officials are involved.

  7. Should VAR be scrapped? Let’s ask some pretty basics questions.

    Has VAR been given enough time? YES! Four years is plenty of time.

    Have they tried to improve outcomes through modifications, using different personal etc? YES! They have tried different things, which have not improved VAR.

    Has it got rid of or greatly reduced clear and obvious fouls? NO! In fact, it’s getting worse season on season, and decisions are now so bad that they go beyond incompetence.

    Are humans fallible and have bias? YES! Four years has proven that. It’s not the system, it’s how and who’s using it we hear…well humans will always be fallible and have bias (conscious and unconscious).

    Therefor VAR should be scrapped.

    We’ll still be arguing down the pub if we go back to the old system, but not nearly as much as we are now.

    1. I forgot to add one more.

      Has VAR improved football as a spectacle? NO! The game is too stop/start now with some decisions taking up to 4 minutes, and VAR has created too much controversy.

      1. Var has footage of every angle. The officials just decide what they will make available to the media to substantiate their corrupt decisions. Look at the disallowed United goal against Brighton same cenario yet that goal was disallowed. So either we were robbed against newcastle or United were robbed against Brighton either way, certain officials are manipulating the outcome of matches and surprise surprise it’s the same blokes also ref part time in the Saudi league COINcidence??? I think not

        1. I agree with you on the corruption, and that’s actually the one great thing about VAR – it exposes the bias and corruption.

          In the past there were still terrible decisions, but we had no way of knowing if an official made those decisions on purpose, whereas with VAR there is zero excuses for terrible decisions. Incompetence is not possible anymore, therefore we are only left with bias and corruption.

          1. Correct Jen. The officials will probably sit out a game or two and be back to do it all again, that’s the crazy part.

  8. The problem isn’t VAR but the personnels managing VAR in Epl. This guy’s needs to be properly aware of the implication of their mistakes and error. There should be severe punishment for offenders. VAR has its advantage and shouldn’t be neglected because of the errors. No matter how inconsistent it has been, in my opinion I think the merits outweighs the painful experiences.

  9. Who really gives a **** anyway?
    Man City have won the title already.
    Arsenal will fall away because Arteta spent poorly in the summer and brought in the likes of Havertz.
    Kai Havertz whose only positive contribution for Chelsea was the winning goal in the CL Final and yet despite being absolutely useless Chelsea actually made a PROFIT on him all thanks to Mikel Arteta.
    Choosing the calamitous Raya over Ramsdale.
    Relying on Eddie to spearhead our attack despite all evidence indicating he is not good enough.
    VAR is not to blame for that.
    Arsenal is weaker this year than last and Raya and Havertz are leading us nowhere.
    But that must the fault of VAR

    1. Why be bothered by VAR?
      It’s not as if we have never benefitted from it ourselves, is it?
      You have to accept that it goes against you sometimes.
      And if you had read my post my comments were about Arsenal’s signings like Havertz which, unusually VAR cannot be blamed for 🙄

      1. My point is that for somebody who doesn’t give a ****, you seem to have plenty to say for yourself, especially on the match article yesterday.

  10. Of course we should keep VAR, it’s the officials who can’t use it properly who should go.

    Ask yourself this simple question – why has it been a success in all the other major sports where its been used?

    I’ll tell you why – the authorities have ensured that the system is open for everyone to see, listen and understand the reasoning behind any decisions.

    The PGMOL, since var was introduced, have clouded the decisions made in a cloak of secrecy, in order to cover their own inability to use it properly.
    Mike Riley ensured that his band of merry men were accountable to no one and decided to use var in a completely different way to everyone else.

    Howard Webb promised more openness, but all we’ve had is letters apologising for the errors made, while the likes of Klopp get’s hauled across the coals for questioning and accusing the referee of making decisions that favoured his opponents.

    Ask any person off the street, who has played football at any level, if Joelington pushed Gabriel in the back and the answer would have to be yes, as its as plain as the nose on their faces!!

    These awful decisions are affecting every single club, but we had the same c**p before var, only they now can be held accountable… but it doesn’t change said awful decision, it only makes it worse.

  11. Fans only complain about VAR when their team loses. If Arsenal had not spent 90 minutes playing across the park with the team seriously firing blanks up front they may have scored at least one. They lost, they blamed VAR and yet it was the team’s fault. VAR is not the problem or any great solution so bin it and then listen to the moaners come back.

    1. 100% – would they have disallowed that goal without var? I can think of several times we might have given away penalties were it not for var.
      It’s not perfect, but we’re far better off with var than we were before.
      As you say, if they got rid of it, it wouldn’t take more than a couple of games before the complaints started up again.

  12. On a language technicality, it is not NOW thetime to scrap VAR.

    The actual time to have scrapped it was the moment it first came in and every single second since then , back in 2019. It is an abomination and is killing football and theall important fan enjoyment.


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