After nine matches what changes has Mikel Arteta brought to Arsenal?

Mikel Arteta has made Arsenal better since he became the team’s manager late last year.

The Spaniard has overseen an improvement in the mood on and off the pitch and for the first time in a long time, Arsenal players face opponents without fear.

After nine matches, he has just three wins but his team remains unbeaten this year and it seems that the best is yet to come from this Arsenal squad.

In this article, I talk about a few things that have changed since Arteta left Manchester City to manage Arsenal.

Improved defending

The defence was Arsenal’s major problem for some time now but Mikel Arteta has managed to clean up some of the mess at the back.

The team defends better as a unit and as individual players now.

More hunger

Arsenal players played like they had no fire in their belly in the latter part of Unai Emery’s reign. The Spaniard struggled to motivate his players, however, Arteta has managed to bring back the desire to fight for this team into his players.

Arsenal players now play every game like it is a final, credit to Arteta for that.

Improved mentality

Arsenal’s player could be accused of lacking the right mindset under Unai Emery, but that has changed under Arteta.

The Spaniard has turned the players into “mental giants” and their 2-2 draw against Chelsea shows just how good their mindset is right now.

Better team camaraderie

Arsenal’s dressing room seemed divided during the reign of Unai Emery. The Spaniard had struggled to keep his team together, with players forming cliques.

Arteta has managed to bring everyone together and their training camp in Dubai would have helped the players to get even closer to each other.

I expect more positive changes to happen with Arteta at the helm and I might have to update this list soon.

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  1. The best thing MA has done is using what he has got in an effective manner.

    And i dont think its fair to compare MA and UE in terms of results.

    We can clearly see that a team is being built with a good organization and structure.We have got a good style in our play.MA is excelling and proving his doubters wrong.In terms of results all i will say is hes been unlucky.


  2. The performances have largely improved from the harrowing displays Emery was serving us in his final season! However, the results have remained terrible. It’s been a drawfest and I get the feeling the lads already gave up on the season and now are just waiting for it to end.

    Oh well, MA was always going to need time so am still hopeful things will change for the better.

  3. MA has done a great job and will do an even better one… I am such a believer of MA…. The team is starting to defend as a group may be that’s the reason they can’t score so much because they are not used to that type of stuffs. With they way they play now and the break they’ve got I think its only a matter of time before they start picking up wins…… Cheers

  4. After nine games it is clear that the Creative and Goal Scoring midfield of Xhaka and Ozil are toothless or non-existent to say the least. Why don’t we try something new for a change by playing Pepe or ceballos in the number 10 role and Luiz in place of Xhaka and see how we perform after three or four games.












  5. i can’t imaging someone is still complaining about xhaka who was second best player of d month. let us do away with d past & support d gunners indeed

    1. This is what am saying, if we fans hate one player, it means we hate the whole team…

      If we hate the coach it means we hate the team too and the whole players…

      If we hate the board, it is same thing, we can’t love the team either…

      Try and see son good from these guys, and they become good for you…

      One thing is constant clubs will bring in player and sell off others… Whether the fans complain or not..

      Up Gunners

  6. MA has brought nothing when compared to the end result. We are 10th, nothing to go gaga about. Everton, Spurs and Utd. moved up and away from us- Fact! Arsenal remains divided Ozil in/out, we look forward to issues which will suit our thinking/reasoning, not what is good for the club progress. MA is scared to do away with Ozil for some unknown fan backlash, although Cabellos is ready and is the more energetic player. Nevertheless, will not judge MA this season, lets see what he does in the summer transfer market.Initial results do not match Arsenal criteria as for me, who once saw the Invincibles play, today’s games are an eyesore to watch.Will continue to support my club as the playing staff are temporary and when this crop of useless overpaid bunnies are gone, our club will rise again.History says so, Liverpool after 30 years! We too will rise!

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