After Pablo Mari what sort of signings can we expect from Mikel Arteta?

What to expect from Mikel Arteta when he finally decides to sign players.

Arsenal is set to complete the signing of Flamengo’s Pablo Mari but what other transfer business can be expected from the club, either in January or next summer.

Mikel Arteta is currently in his first transfer window as Arsenal’s manager, but the Spaniard is likely to have a quiet window this month even with the expected Mari signing.

The club spent so much last summer and that is expected to happen again next summer and it would be interesting to see the kind of players that Arteta decides to move for.

Because this is his first stint as a full-time manager, no one knows what the Spaniard is thinking but I want to predict the sort of changes he might go for because of his current squad.

I expect Arteta to get rid of at least two of his current defenders and bring one top defender through the door.

He will have learnt from his time at Manchester City that quality and not necessarily quantity is key to success in management.

I expect Shkodran Mustafi to be sold alongside another of our underperforming defenders.

I expect Arteta to also sign a new midfielder to help the current group and I won’t be surprised if he allows Granit Xhaka to finally leave the Emirates despite backing him now.

With Barcelona actively looking to sign him, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s departure could be the only reason why Arsenal signs a new forward.

I expect him to stay beyond this season though and the only forward Arsenal would look to sign would be a youngster like Gabriel Martinelli.

I don’t think I can predict the future with much certainty but these are the areas that Arsenal need changes to do well next season.


  1. Well, just a week left in this window, so not expecting much.

    In Summer (if Arteta is still manager) then it really depends on how much Kroenke trusts him to spend big money

    1. Innit, “If Arteta is still manager”? Barring sudden health calamity, it IS certain and for a long time after next summer too. INTELLIGENT Gooners know with CERTAINTY , that he is here for ages to come. AND HURRAY FOR THAT!

      1. Sounds like those fans who share your views are the INTELLIGENT ones while those who have a different perspective are UNINTELLIGENT.

      2. Intelligent gunners agree with you and thickos dont. Mmmmmmm i did think you knew that opinion has nothing to do with intelligence and intelligent people are not always right anyway.

        1. ON THE CONTRARY Reggie about opinion being nothing to do with intelligence, in your mistaken view. Intelligent folk have better and more realistic opinions than non bright folk. That is one prime REASON why they are intelligent. Decisions are made but first arise because of opinions. EG ARTETA , AS AN INTELLIGENT MAN, DECIDES TO BRING IN THE BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER FOR THE PEANUTS THAT KROENKE ALLOWS. MA would never hqave bought such as mustafi, Sokratis and much of the ther deadwood accumulated by Wenger and Emery. As for your claim that intelligent people are not always right, I agree with you BUT must add that intelligent folk are right far more often than stupid folk. Consider that “revolutionary thought” Reggie and then decide for yourself whether it is an intelligent thought or not! Intelligent folk DO think and think deeply. That is not true of most stupid or dull witted people.

          1. Opinion has nothing to do with intelligence, its to do with what you think. And to suggest someone is thick because they are not in agreement with you, is just arrogance. Now arrogance, thats a totally different thing to intelligence.

        2. Your reply(below) to my post, shows you do not accept the obvious truth that intelligent people have more intelligent opoinions. Opinions are common to all people but intelligent folk have more enlightened and more often right opinions than dull witted folk. YOUR CLEAR REFUSAL TO ACCEPT THIS OBVIOUS TRUTH SHOWS WHICH CATEGORY YOU BELONG IN REGGIE!

          1. jon, with all due respect Emery didn’t buy any deadwood, as he didn’t get the players he requested. He was expected to coach the players bought for him.
            I just hope that Mari turns out as well as Martinelli has, as one of Edu’s scouting and recruitment successes. Also Arteta has knowledge of Mari from his time at Manchester City and he is least a CB, a position Arsenal needs to strengthen.
            Going on how the fan base turned on Emery when he wasn’t supported in the transfer markets to address deficiencies in defense and midfield and the results deteriorated, nothing is certain for Arteta. The owner and Board must support Arteta.

        3. Reggie, Further to my own post, I never wrote nor thought that people are thickos merely because ethey disagre with me. That is clearly not true and I did not say it. You were the one that falsely attributed that thought. THAT WAS YOU OWN MISTAKEN, PERHAPS DULL WITTED, MISINTERPRETATION OF MY CLEAR WORDS.

  2. We can expect Matviyenko loan deal before the window closes. Thomas Lemar was reported to be absent from Atletico Madrid training, so he would probably join on a loan deal as well

    If Pepe can’t produce more assists or goals, Arteta might want to look for another RW and shift Pepe to the left side. Adama Traore could be valued more than 60 M in the summer and he might work well with Arteta, because both of them are native Spanish speakers and they were trained with La Masia system

    Arsenal scouts should have spent years to follow the development of technically gifted players like Traore. They have missed a lot of opportunities, because they just spent a few months to scout the youngsters

      1. Hope so coz defensive issue is a must sort out to avoid missing top six on the table.We must get back to our original status as the Gunners.Forget not that we’re still unbeaten record holders in EPL

    1. Lemar was absent due to gastroentirities(via they also have quoted,
      “However, RMC Sport (via Get French Football News), state that while Arsenal and Atletico Madrid are in contact over the player, a deal between the parties is ‘nowhere near’.”

  3. HONEST Martin says “he can’t predict the future with much certainty”. Well join the rest of us then Martin!. IF ANY OF US COULD PREDICT EVEN NEXT WEEKS RESULTS WITH CERTAINTY, WE COULD ALL RETIRE,FINANCIALLY SPEAKING.

  4. Cela fait longtemps que LEMAR n’est pas à la hauteur. Sous une autre forme (car il s’agit là, d’un prix d’acquisition), il fait du OZIL, les coûts “difficiles à supporter” se rejoignent. En prêt, pourquoi pas, en achat, pour le moment, non. Après, il faut déjà qu’il arrive !!!

  5. I dont know about the lemar deal but if it is true that means ceballos is going for sure.
    And auba leaving or not leaving may depend on our CL qualification.

    And burnley lost to norwich today so that means a drop of confidence in the game with us.Still 42 points to fight for,could make or break hope,but i believe un MA’s vision.


    1. Even the doubters want MA to be a success, nothing wrong with doubt. Being too positive often leads to bigger disappointments.

  6. Dont see why we need Lemar. He doesnt score goals, has flopped since leaving Monaco, so what would be the inspiration behind signing him? I’m not sold on the Arsenal interest and wouldn’t be surprised if we only end up with Mari. Not a bad thing either as long as we spend in the summer.

    1. We dont need Lemar, he isn’t a necessity, he is struggling at a successful team, why should we gamble on a player in a position we dont need desperately. I would only think we are looking for a loan or the summer, even if we are.

  7. Bien sûr, il faut espèrer que MA soit un succés, et on jugera plus tard. Etre sceptique ou douter n’apporte rien. Qu’est ce qu’on veut : ALLEGRI et POCCHETINO réunis ?

    1. Yes, i couldn’t agree more, definitely Allegri et Pochetino reunis. Sue, i didn’t know you could speak France. Lol

  8. Je me débrouille, mais je ne suis pas courant en Anglais et je vous prie de m’excuser.
    C’était : on jugera plus tard.

    J’aime beaucoup Arsenal et sa grande famille.

    1. robin de sherwood
      Sleep well mon petit canard
      ( if you’re from the midlands you would get that…or are you still riding through the Glen?)

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