AFTV embarrass Arsenal again as Robbie gives Claude a free pass after racist comment

AFTV has once again embarrassed Arsenal and this time it really is not just their foul mouth attacks on our own players but outright racism by one of their contributors, Claude.

First and foremost let’s have some context so that everyone knows exactly what has occurred.

At the exact moment that Tottenham’s Son Heung-min was being substituted Claude said “DVDs going off” as can clearly be heard in the following clip.

Now, any reference to an Asian with the words DVD in a specific context is racism, that is well known and something that Son has been subjected to before.

For further evidence of the word DVD being used against Son in a racist manner please take the time to read this report from The Guardian on the racist abuse the South Korean was subjected to by Millwall fans, the term DVD is mentioned clearly.

Naturally, this has been pounced upon and rightfully so, it is racist, regardless who it is about or who said it.

Robbie knew full well he could not avoid this and invited Claude on to AFTV to explain away his comments.

Well, according to Claude he was saying that Spurs were going to bring out a DVD because they won the game, which still was not over at that point.

You can watch Claude’s explanation in this video that Robbie has rushed out.

This, to me, really is not subjective, Claude said what he said as clear as day and his explanation simply does not stand up otherwise he would not have used those words. They just do not make sense said the way they were if he really meant that Spurs would bring out a DVD to celebrate the win.

But just as shocking as the racist comment from Claude is the fact that Robbie just accepted the explanation.

Think about the times we are in right now and ask yourself if something similar was said from another Youtube channel against an Arsenal player in that manner what would the reaction from Robbie and AFTV be.

They would be screaming blue murder and rightfully so. Racism simply cannot be accepted in any form and that is the key phrase here, in any form.

There is no chance of racism being eradicated if an Arsenal channel with over 1 million subscribers operated by a black man with a mix of cultures among it’s contributors casually accepting racism against an Asian footballer by one of its own staff members.

Claude’s excuse simply does not stand up and in any other scenario, Robbie would not have accepted that explanation.

AFTV had a massive opportunity to make a clear statement here and they chose not to.

That is on them now and the words AFTV and Racism now go together for all the wrong reasons. Shame on them.


AFTV has pulled the sorry excuse for a video trying to exonerate Claude, here is part of it saved to a Twitter account. Seems the backlash is forcing AFTV to finally act. Too little too late.

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  1. What does Just arsenal have against or with AFTv?

    Can we leave those guys to themselves and stop bringing their issues here?
    It’s getting constant now.
    This is the only Arsenal site I know that keeps bringing up AFtv

    1. Never heard this racial slur myself
      Would point out though that that if you put yourself on public platform you can’t then say public can’t have opinion
      I like to ask if Arsenal asked aftv to stop talking about them would you expect them to stop ?
      Yet justarsenal can’t do same?
      They also claim to represent the voice of fans so fans should be allowed to say if they feel not represented in positive light

      1. Dan the thing there is AFTV does mor represent us fans.. Not me at least, and they don’t even represent Justarsenal, that’s my point.
        Let them keep doing whatever they want.. Why should Justarsenal be linked with them? Are both groups in any partnership?

        1. it’s not separate to Arsenal though mate
          it’s become well known for talking about Arsenal
          I just think it’s double standards to say Robbie shouldn’t have his business critiqued but he can do the exact same thing about Arsenal

    2. Maybe its because Arsenal fans are sick of being tagged by these jokers, it might not bother you but whatever AFTV says or does is interpreted as the voice of Arsenal fans when it couldnt be further from then truth. Its a money making channel first and foremost. Do you think Robbie sees Troopz and DT as anything other than £££ for his business. Whilst we are on the subject of Robbie, its common knowledge he was a Luton Town fan back in the day. I never saw him at any Arsenal away games in the 90s and back then I used to follow the club all over the country.

  2. Jeez you guys really have it in for aftv lol, unfortunately this will not be taken seriously as it doesnt fit the current media narrative of “racism” that has been thrust upon us, this will be instantly forgotten.

  3. Personally I’ve never heard the saying DVD aimed towards a person of Asian decent ,so maybe I shouldn’t comment ,but personally I feel the world as gone potty with what can and cannot be said in this day and age just the slightest of wrong wording gets taken way out of context and can be used to cause unnecessary drama .
    Like I’ve said I’ve never once heard of this phrase so I will leave that well alone .

      1. Very toxic this day and age Kev regarding how we can live our lives .
        I have a very close childhood friend who I have known since primary school who is from a traveler background ,and for the last 30 odd years is nickname as been Tarmac ,now does that make me and our close group of friends Racists for calling him that name all these years ? Or do we get a free pass because we have known him Along time and are best of friends ?
        The worlds a crazy place ATM and for me the best thing to do is stay away from it all and live my life the way I want to .

        1. These days Dan kit it’s almost impossible to know if you’re saying the right or the wrong thing and it is very hard to know whether banter is just that. I suppose that your friend finds his nickname funny and many times they are terms of endearment rather than deliberately unkind

          30 odd years ago I was called a white bitch whilst shopping at Brent X I’ve never forgotten it. I can only imagine how awful it is for the non white community to hear terms similar like that regularly spoken to them

          1. @SueP
            Always a voice of reason without getting personal or to involved .
            One of a few I always take my time reading there views on here 👍
            Wish I could be more like you 😂

        2. Don’t be a silly sausage (as my 33 yr old son says of me). You always put a fair, well thought out post. Most do. Getting personal happens from time to time, is regrettable and as JF would describe us as being human with all our failings. Or clowns!!!!

        3. Dan very well said, I totally agree with you 👍 everything is highlighted nowadays so as you said it’s best to stay away from it, I would normally just keep my opinions to myself as anything said on that subject can be easily misinterpreted! I think some people like to hang onto every word and make out there’s something more sinister to it and that’s just how it is now unfortunately! If that makes you or your mates racists then I think we’re all in trouble, I’ve heard a lot worse.

          1. Have some empathy though and put yourself in the position of somebody who is racially harassed by these types of slurs. I Read up on this since I wasn’t familiar myself, and this is not the first time this slur has been directed at Son. Kev, I don’t think it is that difficult to not be racist and say racial slurs. I agree that you should not be irredeemable and automatically a horrible person, but one should own up to their mistakes, which Claude seems unwilling to do. My hope is he will. I think there is a lot to say about the subject. Shutting down discussion is your prerogative, but chalking this up to ppl being sensitive isn’t up to you if you are not the target of the slur.

          2. RSH I do have empathy for anyone being racially abused, I completely understand the hurt they endure and I absolutely condemn that disgusting behaviour! As I’ve stated I’ve never heard of the saying so obviously I don’t know whether it’s racist or not, you would know better than me as you’ve read up on the subject! I’m sure a lot of people have said certain things at some point that may have unintentionally caused some controversy, all I’m saying is a lot more is highlighted nowadays so yeah I do think we have to be careful how we word certain things. As for Claude I can’t speak for him, I’m completely unaware of the term used so I can’t say whether he’s right or wrong and if he is wrong then I absolutely condemn his behaviour.

      2. Back off Peter ,you don’t know me personally so don’t comment on what you have no knowledge of 👍

  4. Guys why are we just fighting our own selves as GUNNERS,aftv are doing there own things,we have to look at our game than looking at them..they have nothing wrong against us..we are all supporting one club Arsenal common guyz..NO RACISM IN THAT WORD PLEASE.

  5. When I was living in London Colney (ironically), there were 2 or 3 Asian/ Chinese origin guys selling illegal DVDs around the pubs, and wherever they were spotted, cries of DVD, DVD in mock Chinese accents was Unfortunately the “banter” of the day. It was wrong then and is even more so now in these more enlightened times. Anyone who cannot accept this is totally racist, is either uneducated or in fact a racist. Well done AdMart for calling out AFTV and their purple, juvenile, yobbish racist antics.

    1. I get what your saying but these are definitely not “enlightened times” false narratives,fake news and media bias are absolutely rife.

      1. You’re not wrong on that one Rory!
        Btw, Wigan beating Hull 8 nil after 65 minutes, 7 nil at half time! Now that is mad…..

  6. I really use to enjoy reading this website but for last couple of months all it does is slander aftv like what’s your problem jealous Robbie making more or something its a joke

    1. Jealous of Ozil making 350k per week also. It is okay for Ramsey to get 400k, Pogba to get 500k, Alexis to get 500k but wrong for Ozil only.

      1. Yes, because Arsenal is paying it, Ozil is not performing to the required level and the overpayment is taking scarce resources from other areas of need. If other clubs want to overpay players that is their problem.

    2. Exceuse me? “All it does is slander AFTV”? There have been about 5 posts about AFTV in the last 2 months, out of a total of around 1200 articles. ALL IT DOES! LOL

  7. Sadly I must agree that AFTV is a total embarrassment to the Club would fully support their immediate expulsion from YouTUBE and the Club. I see them as the main instigators of the despicable HATE-ARSENAL-FOR-PROFIT campaign where players and coaches are often berated and mocked for the sake of ratings or likes. While the BLM movement demonstrate on the streets of London for dignity, respect and equality, Robbie and his Team are going in the opposite direction. SHOCKING. Granit Xhaka and his family were rudely disparaged last year by one of their contributors, when he threw down the arm band following a substitution. And I could list many more examples here if I had the time. I recall earlier this year, the entire Emirates sung….Get out of our Club, Get out of our Club …AFTV..Get out of our Club. They are, what I would call, the modern day remnants of the hooligan mentality that almost destroyed the game. AFTV and their cronies MUST be held responsible to the fullest extent.

  8. Lol really? Please name names who here is racist? Would really like to know your logic behind this, most people here say they dint even know what it means and social justice warriors like you label it as racism , people like yourself using words like that unprompted is a major part of the problem. Moral superiority at its finest.

    1. The issue here is not racism. People are complaining about the now traditional articles of bashing AFTV.

      AFTV is a joke and a fraud no need to remind us often.

  9. Lots of totally uneducated comments on this thread from folk who neither know nor seem to even care what racism actually is. This subject is a deep and very nuanced one with so many folk on here who are laughablyand disgracefully ignorant and unable to properly discuss or evenunderstand thetrue meaning of racism Claude is a happy go lucky, not very bright, not deep thinking man who does love our club. But what he said is also clearly racist and he does not even understand why. Robbies loyalty should be to humankind first and foremost but, rather sadly, he is backing his mate and trying to justify his channel, which has degenerated into a cesspit, merely becauseof the ragbag sort of uneducated regulars who spout such nonsense weekly.
    I originallysupported the concept of AFTV and still would,were it properly run. But it is now harming our club and embarrasing it , so that makes AFTV my enemy. But in the greater scheme of things that matter, being my enemy or my friend is of no importance whatever.
    However, being racist in this day and age does matter. Consequently and as Robbie has put his site above morality, I now hope this site is forced to close, as I think it may well be because this story will run and run. As it should, where Neanderthal racism is concerned. If only some folk, in fact countless millions of them worldwide, would educate themselves . That they choose not to says much about their lack of humanity and lack of moral fibre. Weep!
    No decent person would ever attempt to defend racism, Robbie. Just thought you should know that, as you clearly do not!

    1. I also apologise to Ad Martin for not specifically praising his fine and, sadly, necesssary article calling out this embarrassing site of AFTV. I encourage him to do the same whenever this puerile site harms our club with their Neanderthal comments and feel sure that he will do so. You will have my full support in that MARTIN. We all have a sacred duty to stand up to bigotry, hatred and racism whereever and whenever it rears it’ s vile head. One day our race will be free from this scum and evil and I only pray it is very, very soon.

      1. Highbury Hero, your last paragraph hits the nail on the head regarding Ozil and certain readers and writers – I also wonder where the lines are drawn with regards to “hate” not being an issue at Just Arsenal?

        If AFTV’s antics are bringing The Arsenal into disrepute, Highbury Hero is making a valid point regarding Ozils treatment – hate mail being as sickening as racist remarks.

        This is one of the reasons I defend our players so much within JA, it has become a witch hunt from both writers and responders.

        Setting oneself up as judge and jury, does mean one has to have a squeeky clean image oneself and, while JA has a near perfect record, some of our players (not just Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka as examples) might question the validity of that image.

      2. Jon, your stance on bigotry, HATE and racism is commendable as always – if only we ALL stuck by those sentiments in ALL WE DO AND SAY, life would be much more pleasant.

        It doesn’t matter why or who these three disgusting traits, bigotry, hate and racism, are aimed at, the sooner society learns to live and prosper without them the better, wouldn’t you say?

        There is never a reason to use or believe that these disgusting ways of life should be a part of any thinking person’s life, no matter what the situation and, for that reason I endorse your thought regarding AFTV over this episode.

        1. As ever KEN, on all things that REALLY matter we think as one person. In lifes grand scheme football is not important at all, except to those in the game and fans .But all we fans foolishly give it far too much prominence. I know I do and so am guilty. But it is vital, at times when we really think about life, to see exactly what prominence football does and does NOT have, for most of our fellow creatures.
          Enthusiasm and passion is massively a good thing but to elevate ANY passion to a status above its true importance is a dangeous and unthinking thing. I am obviously as guilty as anyone and worse than many but at least have the awareness to wish I were not. Not that that helps much though. Sigh!

  10. Not familiar with the slur, but seems intentionally said that Claude did know the meaning. Have to agree it’s unacceptable. Robbie has to do better than that, and it’s totally ridiculous to pretend that he was referencing the DVD/Spurs joke when it was clearly said when Son was going off. I dont follow over the past few years, but Robbie needs to have zero tolerance for it and sideline Claude at the least. Better if Claude had just owned up to it instead of pretending like we all misinterpreted him.

    Sidenote though, this site clearly has it out for AFTV. Why do you get to decide they are now irredeemable and will forever be associated with racism? That’s not really up to you. Every few weeks there seems to be an attack on AFTV. If you weren’t so frequent in your criticisms, this article would have more weight. It makes this articles intentions questionable as to whether this is more about racism, or more about getting another one over on AFTV.

  11. Just Arsenal should stop playing saints here and learn to keep to their promises. About 6years ago, did a promo asking Arsenal fans to predict the result of NEWCASTLE UNITED VS ARSENAL league match, the goal scorer and the time of the goal. I predicted all three correctly.
    Theo Walkcot as goal scorer
    Time is 42 minutss
    Scoreline Arsenal to win 1-0

    They promised an all expense paid trip to the winner and four members of his family but till date, they have not contacted me. Instead they have failed to respond to all my entreaties. So sad. I am very disappointed but will take action at the right time.

    1. Wow, that is some amazing allegation there, and I am really worried about litigation right now lol.
      Like all the best lies, they are based on a grain of truth. Yes, about five years ago, I used to have a weekly competition on guessing the score in Arsenal’s League games, (Does any readers remember those days?) but the prize was not an all-expenses family trip to London(As if!).
      I have looked in the archives and I have found one of those competition posts, so you can read the format here.

      Bring on ther legal proceedings My Lord!

        1. Correct.
          But how on earth can someone translate that into an all expenses family trip to London and the Emirates is totally fascinating!

          1. Oh come on Pat! It is well known that you personallly are a multi billionaire who is about to buy out our club from Scrooge Kroenke and are soon to offer all expenses paid trips to all Gooners across the whole world. If you don’t, “I will be very disappointed but will take action at the right time” lol.

            BTW Pat,Where do you find these fantasists on here!

            PS. I will collect the Aston Martin I won in your (bogus) competition five years ago personally, to save you putting it in the post!

  12. What meaning has the electronic machine name the ”DVD” that’s the video playing format has to do with Spurs’ Son Heung-min? I’ll like Claude to please interpret the meaning of the 3 letters word as he relates it Son so that I can comprehend his intention for calling Son DVD. Or could Justarsenalnews please explain another different meaning of the 3 letters word which they think is derogatory and Son shouldn’t be called such by Claude.

      1. You need to stop being so superior.

        Many people from all over the globe follow this site, from all walks of life, creeds etc As you can probably tell English is not always the first language and with it it’s various idiosyncrasies.

    1. You have the entire internet at your fingertips, my friend. Do the work to educate yourself. Only took 15 minutes out of my day to get a grasp of the situation.

      1. RSH, Bravo for making the clear point that it is a simple matter for all humans fortunate enough to have access to the internet to educate themselves. Billions of our fellow creatures are not in a position to have even food, clean water or a roof and bed to live under and sleep in. So those who have ALL those wonderful things and have internet access but neglect to educate themselves online are either too lazy or simply do not care about others. Either way, they are to be challenged.

        It is a sacred duty of our whole race to try to banish bigotry, hatred, racism, war and famine. Not to mention this foul disease too which has destroyed so many precious lives and is still among us all. If only more folk really cared for all our race, not merely those who resemble them; as if that matters! Turn this perceived and unthinking difference mentality on its head and just imagine the hell on earth it would be were we all the same. If we looked the same, thought the same, spoke the same. A race of robots in fact. UGH!

        Thank God for our vital and precious difference and let us hasten the day that there are no Neanderthals around, who worry about such unimportant nonsense.

        Football teams(though not all crowds) are virtually all non racist and are perhaps right now the only reason I remain a football fan, given the mass corruption and cheating in the game at top level.

  13. What meaning has the electronic machine name the ”DVD” that’s the video playing format has to do with Spurs’ Son Heung-min? I’ll like Claude to please interpret the meaning of the 3 letters word as he relates it to Son so that I can comprehend his intention for calling Son DVD. Or could Justarsenalnews please explain another different meaning of the 3 letters word which they think is derogatory and Son shouldn’t be called such by Claude.

  14. gerry, good to see you back – one point to make on you fine reply though – sometimes (it has happened to me I can assure you) posts are not even published, so we don’t know if anyone has an elite status or not…I will say, however, that posts critical of admins stance on here are being left up for all to read and comment on – nothing is ever perfect.

    1. hi ken, thanks for the reply. i firmly believe , that, on here, everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others, to borrow a phrase.please do not get me wrong, i am totally anti racist, in any form. i being irish would know all about racism,there has to be a way of finally stamping out this sickness . the only way i see it ever going away from games is if fans out the haters, put their hands up and call stewards, call the police if you see or hear somebody chanting racist remarks. if everybody done this then i think the racist bully boys might think twice before they chant their disgusting remarks again.but, then again, it is easy for me to come up with solutions, i am across the irish sea , far removed from those sickos that sully the good name of football clubs.i am not involved, so i wonder would i hold my hand up and out those idiots .

  15. I long time crazy Arsenal fan i come from Chuncheon of Gangwon Province and i insulted by this man Ken he not now this rascim of my peeple. I not come here no more. so sorry my english no good but i angry i not like this man ken he bad

    1. I don’t really know how to answer you Lee, except to say that you have not understood what I have said.

      Racism in any country is bad and all people are equal and deserve to be respected and have the right to be treated as such.

      Being uneducated doesn’t make one a racist, but being a racist means one is uneducated.

      I hope you can see what I mean and please be a member of Just Arsenal, so we can discuss further.

    2. I don’t know who you are Peter but I have noticed that some posts have been removed since I first read them.

      Racism is a scourge on our society and I am prepared to stick my head above the parapet and say that I have never been aware that Ken makes any racist remarks. He can be really annoying but not a racist

      You have problems with ageism which you need to overcome too if you want to be taken seriously

      1. I have removed most of his posts. He arrived to start an argument and he succeeded. A troll of the first degree. His first comment was to accuse people of racism and then attacked everyone else….

  16. It’s interesting that Claude is labelled a racist for his one comment, yet nothing is said about Troops, who says race related stuff almost on a weekly basis. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he’s white? If anything, one could argue that the attack on Claude, whilst ignoring comments from those from other races, is in itself racist.

    Not surprising given the narrative peddled by the mainstream media at the mo. I was watching a British police inspector the other day saying how something like 15 people had died in police custody last year, and only one of them was black. Yet somehow, that’s a black issue?

    I have a Chinese Australian wife, I am white British, and my dad is white African. I love a multi cultural society because it makes life way more interesting, but I am getting sick and tired of this constant RACIST attack on white people! Yes white people have done bad things, but guess what, so have blacks, so have Asians, so have Latinos, etc. Think how died and were enslaved/oppressed because of the Ottoman Empire. Why aren’t’ we going after the Turks?

    1. TMJW, nobody wins in the “oppression olympics”, but it is also fair to have a realistic perspective on power structures in society. Saying everyone was bad at some point diminishes current issues. Also, i dont think police brutality is exclusively limited to people who die in police custody. And as far as I’m aware the main root of the issue has been about what is happening in America, where the statistics are much different.

  17. I consider myself an educated person, having three degrees, being well read and having varying interests across sport, the arts and hobbies. However I apolohize to Peter Walker because I was not aware that the term “DVD” is offensive to Asian people. I am now “educated” as to this term, but it was not a term heard in Australia, one of the most racially diverse countries on the planet.
    As for AFTV, like any forum (including this one) it has those people I watch, read and/or listen to and those I don’t. It is up to the indivual, due to personal freedom, as to what they watch and listen to and I find Robbie Lyle, Lee Gunner, Kenny Ken, Lee Judges, Mo, Turkish and Graham not only passionate and but also often inciteful in their comments.
    One must just filter out the good from the bad and allow that people make mistakes.

    1. @ozziegunner,I am french and have been living in the UK since 1997(by the way I am known to a lot of people as Frenchy which I admit is completely different )like you I had never heard that “term”, the reason why that I don’t know?is it because it’s not as widespread as people think or because our friends,families…never used it?in any case it is wrong and as you said we now know!

    2. ozziegunner, can I ask why you feel the need to apologize?

      You haven’t used any racial language and do I now have to refer to my collection of video and dvd’s as something else, because some clown in another universe decides to make three letters an insult to others?

      Agree entirely with you on the AFTV remarks, I think I have watched more of their shows via JA, than I have ever done before – having said that, it was right to bring it to our attention, if for no other reason than for the likes of us, who had no idea it was a racial slur, have now been made aware of it.

      Why we cannot all live together on this earth in peace and harmony I will never understand and John Lennon put it all into words with his “Imagine” rendition.

      1. Ken On a serious point and addressing your final paragraph, I have long believed that only when women make all the key government decisions across all, or nearly all, countries will wars and enmity have even a chance to cease altogether.
        We males are cursed by testosterone; it is the hormone that leads to aggression and fighting. Women also have a very small amount of testosterone, contrary to popular belief, but we men have too much of it and with some of us it controls our actions, rather than the other way around.

        On a musical point, the harmonies in Lennon’s Imagine are simplistic and not special, though the lyrics are powerful.

        1. Jon
          Occasionally, – usually about 12 times a year when a woman at the helm is the last thing you want if you know what’s good for you!!! Do you understand me? do you? 🙂

          1. Sue, there have been some very brutal women in positions of power throughout history; it doesn’t appear to be gender specific. 🤔😕

          1. Just “Imagine” it Pat – the most powerful song ever written with a simple message “A brotherhood of man.”

      2. Ken and jon, I must fess up to you and admit that my apology to Peter Walker was meant to be sarcastic. I shouldn’t have been so subtle with my irony.
        Thank you both and Siamois for being caring and supportive.

    3. ozzie I would echo Kens remark asking why you felt the need to apologise. It is always context and intent that makes a comment racist or not, as the case might be . I SAY THIS EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE CERTAIN WORDS AND PHRASES THAT ARE RIGHTLY NOT USED. BUT YOU ARE NOT A RACIST; THE THOUGHT IS LUDICROUS, SO HAVE NO NEED TO APOLOGISE.

  18. 😂😂😂 or as they like to tell us”this was not an AFTV / Ozil bashing article..”just the fact that it is mentioned and the details they bother to go into tell a completely different story!I find it patronising and insulting!

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