AFTV Want Arsenal Fans Back In Stadium Soon – I Wonder Why?

AFTV Want Fans Back In Stadiums Soon – I Wonder Why? By Dan Smith

I have said throughout this pandemic, it’s been a social experiment. Some find it fairly easy to follow guidelines, others have this sense of entitlement when being told what to do.

I genuinely have seen people do things in an act of defiance, e.g., barbecues in parks, the failure to follow the signs around shops, neighbours suddenly adamant they need to stand in the street and have a drink with each other. As soon as they are allowed to do those things, I bet they won’t!

For many they only know an era of instant gratification, they get what they want within seconds with a click of a button. This will be the first time in their life they heard the word ‘wait’.

There is a debate in the game on if, and how long, we should wait for football to resume in this country. Some feel it is morally wrong with so many deaths still happening daily, some disagree. Shockingly some have justifi
ed in their own heads that it is fine if the death rate goes down – not that one loss is one too many.
I never have found out what that magic number is where we accept kicking a ball around isn’t essential.

That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it’s healthy to debate, it would be boring if we all had the same views. Yet no one should be shouted down or mocked if they feel uncomfortable with the sport restarting. You can’t laugh off this issue, football is not essential, now that 50,000 people have died in the UK. Yet for weeks now that’s what Robbie has done to guests on AFTV.

Yes, he has the freedom of speech, that’s his right, but as a host of a successful channel he holds influence on any young viewers. You can have a disagreement while being balanced, and as a role model to kids he should be educating them with the facts the world faces right now. What an opportunity to pass on some knowledge. Instead he hasn’t wanted to hear the counter point. To try and portray this isn’t a serious issue is irresponsible.

You can do that if the subject is Ozil or Xakha, but not a virus. He then ran a poll with the results being over that 70 percent were disagreeing with his outlook. He claimed he didn’t care about the results. So, if your poll is irrelevant why advertise it. You want fans to vote to give your channel more interactio,n then admit it’s irrelevant (remember that when it’s ‘transfer daily’).

Hasn’t his ethos always been that he does this so gooners can be heard, yet only if they agree with him? Then he has the nerve to criticise football for not valuing us supporters, is telling 70 percent of the public who bothered to take part (which gives you money), that they are wrong, valuing them?

Football’s image hasn’t done well the last two months. We knew deep down it was all about money, but those in power hadn’t even tried to hide it.

Nothing will make owners stop the season, they won’t compromise on neutral venues, and are even trying to change the rules of the game. Well I guess AFTV is no different, it’s a business which it’s priority is to make as much cash as quick as possible. Just don’t say you’re doing this for the fans. It’s so transparent.

I mean why would someone who’s job is a Youtuber covering football be so passionate if anyone even suggests maybe it’s worth waiting a while longer? Oh, that’s right, your revenue streams will be low right now, so having Arsenal matches to preview, review, live watchalongs, etc, increase your income. You’re the same as the government and the Premier League, talking how football can be an escapism. It’s PR talk, it’s all about your bank balance.

That’s why he doesn’t want his subscribers hearing figures of deaths and illnesses, because it hurts his image. That’s why this week he thought it best to move on from the row. Clearly, he’s been advised, judging by comments, to be more sensitive in his approach.

Having a giggle while your mate makes valid points, and dismissing the opinion of those who have been loyal to you is no different to how Stan Kroenke and the FA prioritise us. It is not a good look.

Yet Robbie’s not done there. He’s got his way; football will be back.

Clearly there’s so much money at stake, nothing will stop this country from going ahead, even with nations with lower death rates banning sport till November, even with their own players expressing concerns, heck even though it’s impossible to respect social distancing when you consider the rules of Football.

It will go ahead and even if a player gets the virus (what happened to their welfare being a priority?) the juice is worth the squeeze apparently. Sky and BT can restart memberships, sponsorship contracts are met, UEFA get a concrete idea how to fit in the Champions League – and Robbie gets fresh content.

That though is not enough? I’m amazed to say that, with us only at stage one of Project Restart, Robbie’s next request is for the government to now get crowds back into venues. See what I mean about sense of entitlement?

Only last week clubs were not compromising on neutral stadiums (the likes of the Emirates wouldn’t be happy), now we have to explain to this intelligent man why when families are mourning the loss of over 50,000 people, when Boris Johnson is saying avoid transport, with them not allowed to get a haircut …….. he complains more should be done to get a crowd back in to a building because it’s essential to….. . watch football?

Of all the crazy things I have heard since I first went into lockdown this has bothered me so much. Even those who disagree with the likes of Troy Deeney accept that the idea of 60,000 peeps travelling across London won’t be happening in 2020. Literally he’s the only person in media I heard even brining the issue up it’s such a nonstarter.

Wait a moment what’s he famous for again? Oh yeah, standing outside Arsenal and interviewing those who have just witnessed the match. Wow, does anyone else think that it’s a coincidence that the one person ready to debate why it’s safe to have spectators (yet we still have to social distance at a funeral) is the one man who makes financial gain out of it?

I’m embarrassed that he even tried to claim it would be good for fans moral and help the atmosphere.
His action plan consists of maybe only 10,000 in each stadium, all sitting apart wearing masks. That’s really thinking about your fans. You know what you hammer other companies for not doing?

He needed it explained again about the practicalities of thousands now going up and down the country, how that would stretch the NHS and the Police. How do you monitor that not more than the allocated amount have shown up (Some might want to party outside)? He never thought any of those points through, because it’s not what’s motivating his mind. 500 or even 50 men and women in the stands is 500 or 50 more opportunities to upload a video.

Maybe he should do a poll just to say he doesn’t value fans opinion? I know AFTV get very touchy when criticised but I’m doing no different to what they do to the likes of Ozil.

If they are allowed to tell him to take a salary cut, or say Deeney shouldn’t get paid for wanting to protect a 5-month-old baby with breathing difficulties, then they too have to take it. AFTV are no different to Arsenal, the FA, UEFA, SKY, BT, ADIDAS, etc. They want the game back not for us, not me, not you but to line their pockets.

Which is fine, how the world works and been that way for decades. Don’t admit it, but don’t preach that you’re doing this for the people. The NHS are, you not so much…

Yet to function long term an organisation can’t have its image harmed. Once you lose your innocence, you lose the consumer.

Hey Robbie, shall we do a poll? Oh, I forgot, you don’t care what fans think…

Dan Smith


  1. Niyonzima says:

    He never said that football should start even when a lot of people are still dying. He said id the government with the spécialists think is time to start playing football, they should start. He said that those spécialists should be trusted and if they think is safe to play they should do it. It’s a matter of following the guidelines .

  2. goldengooner says:

    This So Called Arsenal fan, has been a Gooner for around 10 years. He used to go to Luton Town, I wonder if he celebrated their League Cup win over us? He has sponsors for his Shite Show. He is a disgrace to True Gooners as is, his little group. If So Called Celebs want to go on his youtube program, then that’s up to them, but why the F a player like Auba likes it, is beyond me

  3. Niyonzima says:

    How can you misjuge someone?
    Starting from the picture you set as headeline ( time when Robbie had issues with some of our fans at Everton), it shows how big your hate is torwards him.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Hate is a bit strong!
      Are you saying he DID NOT advocate having fans in the stadium?

      1. Niyonzima says:

        He did advocate having fans in the stadium but i do not think he is the first one. Many countries have even been trying to look at many scenario’s. Concerning that hate thing, it might also be jealousy. People will always not like someeone as Robbie because of the way he made his weath unfortunatly

    2. Dan says:

      Send you the link of the video if you want
      And again 70 percent of his own disagreed with him in a poll
      If that was 70 percent want Ozil out , he would ( has) pointed out those results

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Well if we’re packing people tightly into the tubes, then why can’t we have fans back in the stadium then? The buses are running as well. I am confused as to how it’s apparently safe on the tube, when at times you can be squashed up against many people, but it isn’t safe to sit in a single seat in a stadium? And before I get hit with the classic, football isn’t a necessity, well the same could be said about about most other jobs.

    As I said right from the start of this “Scaredemic”, IQ’s will drop dramatically, and we’ll see hypocrisy on another level! Greta managed to convince millions we’ll be dead in 10 years because we’re apparently destroying the climate, so with the fudged numbers of Corona deaths, it isn’t a surprise many are in a blind panic!

    Covid-19 is the new 9/11 for the younger generation.

    1. Dan says:

      Did you just compare young people having to stay indoors and wait for McDonald’s to open as the same as 9-11 ?

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        In regards to the mainstream media propaganda, and Governments using the “events” to push through yet more legislation to control us, then yes.

        Luckily there does seem to be a little more push back, because folks remember, and have learnt so much about the false flag operation 9/11, all those years ago.

        1. Dan says:

          What do you mean ‘ false flag ‘?

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            I cannot be bothered to explain everything. Just do some research. Tons of factual information out there. And check out Building 7, from 9/11. A lot of people still don’t even realize a third massive building went down this day…and a plane didn’t even hit it!

          2. Dan says:

            People still suffered though mate
            You can’t compare people in burning buildings to.youngsters who have to stay indoors

        2. Dan kit says:

          The flu thing was ridiculous but now your saying 9-11 was a hoax 🤪
          You tell us to not believe what we see or read In The mainstream media but then tell us to believe some rubbish which weirdos and treehuggers write on the internet ,I know which one I would rather trust .

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            Like I have already said Dan kit, there is tons of FACTUAL information out there. Just because you haven’t read/seen something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Stop being ignorant for once, and do some research.

            Looks like you’re one of the sheep!

  5. Richthe gooner says:

    Have always thought that the whole AFTV thing is just a massive ego trip for Robbie & his “mates”. Perhaps he needs reminding that:
    1) He doesnt speak for all Arsenal fans
    2) During the last few games befor the Pandemic there was a large vocal demonstration of get out of our club aimed towards AFTV.

    With him its his way or no way, If you ask someone for an opinon, be prepared for an answer that you dont like

    Having had to deal with the aftermath of some of his “interviews” on match days when working as a response team steward at the club, all I can say is that he thrives on winding people up. The more fans that show opposition to him, his income etc. will dwindle & hopefully he will dissapear

  6. Declan says:

    Excellent article Dan, your best yet by far 👏👏👏.
    Robbie is about as intelligent as the rock he crawled out from.

    1. Dan says:

      Not saying much lol

    2. RSH says:

      he was intelligent enough to come up with and execute an idea that has earned him millions, and has allowed him to create an entire media outlet. Say what you want, but he’s a self-starter that has worked hard for his success. I’ve never heard an actual good argument for people not liking Robbie honestly. He’s largely been pretty neutral about very heated topics in the fanbase, and allows others to speak their views. Again, OTHERS to speak THEIR views. They are not always his. The ones with bigger personalities do get more of the clicks but he has a decent cast of more level-headed people that dont get as much attention. If you dont like the opinions of some of his regulars, don’t click on the link.

  7. SueP says:

    I have never followed AFTV but did hear him ranting on Jim White on Talksport. All very unpleasant.

    Football CAN start if all are quarantined. I believe that it is a possibility as I think that the players and staff would be more protected during this time than being at home. The fact that there were 6 cases in tests shows that everyone being quarantined together for 6 plus weeks is the only way to keep the virus away and protect the players. The PL, owners etc need football to return for financial reasons. So I do think it can start for those reasons only but it is not a long term solution – just a means to ending this season.

    But should it start? The article mentioned whether it was justifiable to start even with the numbers dying decreasing, as one death is one too many. Every death or severe illness and any future deaths and severe illness are tragedies for families and the country as a whole. There are, however, other consequences of this vile pandemic which will have to be addressed and I am pretty sure that the politicians know that expecting lock down to command support for much longer is likely to dissipate. You only have to look at the crowds descending on the holiday resorts yesterday to know that bit by bit people are starting to venture out. Construction has started. The government are asking people to return to work if it is safe to do so. Businesses are trying to figure out ways to get going again; to get the economy moving otherwise a deep recession is on the horizon and this will bring as many problems as the ones we are facing now. Mental health and well being, suicides, other illnesses not getting diagnosed or acted upon are but a few. Is there immorality surrounding non essential businesses getting back to work in the near future? Football clearly isn’t an essential business but neither are hairdressers or clothes shops as I can cut my fringe and wear last year’s fashions. Is a meal out in the pub essential? – no it is not. But all of us want some hope that some semblance of normality can return otherwise living becomes just surviving. I expect (or rather, hope) that the increased testing and new track and trace initiative will be able to decrease the spread dramatically, and then schools and non essential businesses will re-open as safely as possible. Footballers or the rest of the public cannot be completely protected. It just isn’t realistic. The population can’t be furloughed indefinitely and neither can we eradicate this virus in the near future. We will all have to try to live along side it as best we can and protect the most vulnerable while we do so.

    Let me be very clear, I do not want football to start yet, but accept the inevitable that it probably will as so much money is at stake. As for playing to an audience………

    If anything, I find it difficult to care much who Arsenal are apparently chasing or selling as things stand. Countless articles appear about this player or that one and it just does not feel relevant to me right now. The world is a different place and it remains to be seen if football and the players can be returned to their god like status in the future.

  8. Niyonzima says:

    We all are Arsenal fans and are entitled to have our own views and convictions. So does AFTV. It doens’t mean i always agree with all what Robbie and co say. So all you guys Who do not like him should stop looking at his video. Simple is that. I thouht we live in a free world. We are in 2020 mates. Stop jealousy

    1. Dan says:

      Is that not too easy
      Every time he’s challenged play the jealously card ?
      So when the channel verbally abuses Arsene Wenger , Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, is that them reflecting their performance or are they too jealous
      Can’t have it both ways mate
      Robbie makes money out of critiquing a business
      But your saying it’s unfair to do it to him back ?

      1. AlexLaca9 says:

        Start your own channel then and make money out of lavishing praise on Wenger, xhaka, Ozil, mustafi and everything Arsenal. He has a right to do what he’s doing, and you also have the right to ignore his views outright or create your own platform where you share what YOU think is right. But watching his channel, then getting emotional and writing an article about it is only gonna make us other fans (who normally avoid anything aftv) to get curious why Dan is so touched then we go see what all the fuss is about, thus Robbie gets more views, Robbie makes more money, we play right into his hands.

        1. Dan says:

          I’m not touched by it , I watch it and for example after with DT in this topic
          By your theory they complain about Arsenal so ….why watch it ?
          You disagree with this article – then you comment on it ?
          so your doing what your asking me not to do
          Think jealousy card so easy to play.
          Donald Trump has more money then me does that not mean I can question him if I disagree

          1. AlexLaca9 says:

            Im not disagreeing with the article, I’m disagreeing with you writing it and posting it here by doing so indirectly growing Robbie’s following for him. I enjoy your articles, I don’t always agree with them but I always read them even when I don’t always comment. I do this because I feel you share the same values as the club and even though you might criticize how the club does things you do it constructively and always wish the club well. I don’t get the same vibe from aftv, Infact I feel the worse arsenal are doing the better for Robbie, that’s why I never waste my time even viewing his shows. You proclaim to watch it, I presume regularly since you’re in the know about what’s happening there and that’s okay, but realise Robbie doesn’t really care if you criticize him as long as you’re watching and creating publicity (this article) even if it’s negative. It’s all about the money for him. Lastly I never accused you of being jealous about his money, I only said make your own platform where you can oppose his views and share with us what you think is correct, I’m sorry if you thought that was what I was alluding to, but you do reference the fact that he makes money out of bashing arsenal a couple times so you can understand why others might think you’re jealous of that

          2. Dan says:

            No mate it’s as simple as this …
            If I picked up a paper and disagreed with the back page story I have a right to give an opinion
            AFTV call themselves media so what’s difference ?
            Again by your logic , they shouldn’t watch Arsenal if they moan about them ?

        2. Niyonzima says:

          Nice one

  9. jon fox says:

    I had at one time a great respect for Robbie Lyle. He set up a fan tv in the teeth of much objection from the club and endeavoured to give a voice to ordinary fans. But somewhere along the way he made several huge misjudgements, Giving almost exclusive air time to a regular bunch of non too bright regulars with two esp, Troopz and DT, beng foul mouthed and hateful, whilst being close mates of Robbie did his site much harm. It became a sort of seige mentality where a closed site within a site became anti all the ideals that COULD have made it work, had it been more fairly run with far wider contributors than the same mostly, unconsidered eight or ten regulars.

    It became a sort of joke and I stopped tuning in sometime ago, having originally been a great supporter of the idea. I still applaud the original idea but is has become warped , distorted and a parody of what it could and should have been, given more foresight from Robbie.
    Sadly he has instead , turned it into something nasty, unthinking and peopled largely by low class regulars with nothing of intelligence to add. SHAME, BUT IN LIFE YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!
    Finally DAN , perhaps your best article yet, fullof clear truth, and you set a high standard which few others(though NOT ALL) can even approach on this site of late.

  10. Admin Martin says:

    OK, this is getting a bit weird now with 9/11 and flu etc. Let’s try and get this back onto the actual article, which is an excellent one by the way, and stay on topic please gentlemen.

    1. Dan says:

      Told off by the teacher
      He started it lol

      Only – joking – fair play

    2. jon fox says:

      And ladies too presumably ?

      1. Dan says:

        To be fair Jon , they didn’t get involved in the 9/11 debate lol
        Will admit was uncomfortable it came up in a football debate ?

  11. RSH says:

    There are people who have actual power that have worse opinions than his. At the end of the day his views are hardly any more powerful than anyones on this site when it comes to how football will move forward. I know Robbie is obviously comfortable with the amount of success he’s had, but he’s not the only person who wants things to start opening so he can earn a living again. Idk, it’s just become a bit much to be calling out people with really no power over the situation about wanting some “normalcy” back. Until he is sitting in on the FA meetings, he is just another random online voice with no sway. From what you said in the article, he’d still want the fans allowed to follow social distancing as well. Go out in public now, and a lot of people are not following those rules. I was pessimistic about football returning, but I think there is a way it can be done correctly. I agree it’s too soon for fans to come back, but it’s not horrible for thinking of ways it could be possible.

  12. ken1945 says:

    Dan, this man travels to every game, home and away, spending his money and time in doing so.

    His reviews are normally done after matches, where he gives fans who have also spent their time and money supporting our club… which means they are 99% of the time season ticket holders and pay to be members of the away supporters scheme – so no-one can question their loyalty to the club, both in time and money.

    For me, AFTV is not a site I want to watch, simply because of the abuse of players and the language used and that is my choice.

    As for wanting the crowds back, isn’t that what we all want…once the government say it is safe to do, within their recommendations and the virus is still not killing people.

    That is certainly what the FA, eufa, fifa and most clubs want, so I don’t understand why you are singling out AFTV?

    They have carved out a niche for themselves and want to see it continue. I won’t support them, but recognize that there are fans who will want too – just as some fans might find “justarsenal” not to their tastes.

    1. Dan says:

      If Gary Neville said something silly on Sky Sports
      And I said I don’t agree
      Would you say don’t watch sky sports ?

      If I disagree with Andy Dunn in the Mirror am I not allowed an opinion – just don’t buy the paper

      Why AFTV any different ?
      Again by that logic next time they verbally abuse Wenger , Paul or Koronk e are they not told , don’t like it support someone else ?

      Bellerain, Mustsfi and Xakha all have said how social media effected them legally
      Do AfTV say ‘ we are not happy how business is run we won’t say anything but not watch ‘ ?
      Yet your saying Dan , you disagree with aspects of their companie ,don’t critique them , just don’t watch ?

  13. Sue says:

    This is news to me… I don’t have owt to do with AFTV… on YouTube or outside the ground. What they say/do is up to them, plenty out there who will listen to every word, not me!

  14. Niyonzima says:

    Thanks ken1945 for your comments👌.

  15. kenneth Noel says:

    This possibility the worst article i have ever read. I dont like AFTV but many people out there say that they would like fans back in the stadium, evening players say that playing without the fans is not the same. Robbie makes alot of money for his podcast and daily shows anyways. Also if we are packing people on buses, and the tube and the beaches and parks then why not the stadiums? You call this page just arsenal but here you are doing an entire article on some preaching hate. Also look at all these adverts on your site, you don’t do this for free either and you also make money from you site so why cant he? You are just jealous and salty that he is having more success…. Jog on.

    1. Dan says:

      So you don’t like me not liking content from AFTV and giving my opinion yet you don’t agree with this article and ….give your opinion ?
      How much money Robbie makes doesn’t make his opinion any more valid ( who said he wasn’t allowed to make money )
      should we not question Donald Trump because he’s rich ?
      You seem to suggest if you have a alternative opinion to someone successful it means your jealous
      So by your logic AFTV are jealous of Ozil , Xakha and Mustafi
      Thanks for admitting they are not giving genuine opinions but are jealous
      What about anyone who questions politicians , I guess we are just jealous because of their wage
      Oh and can you tell me when you have seen 60-000 people at the beach , park , tube or on a bus ( all advised to respect social distancing )

    2. jon fox says:

      kenneth, very odd thinking process you have. Equating full stadiums as no more risky than buses and the tube which arefilled with people who NEED to travel for a living, whereas players do not need full stadiums to still receive wages, is misguided at best, biased at worst. I strongly believe and so suggest that you have a personal axe to grind in supporting how Robbie runs that disordered site.

      1. Dan says:

        Does seem very angry about my article lol
        Maybe he’s from AFTV?

        1. jon fox says:

          Dan, I sense a connection. Or if you prefer I smell it. Very few, esp younger people, understand HOW revealing their posts are when you read between the actual lines. It is usually quite an easy and mostly accurate accomplishment , my long life in writing and reading has shown me! He certainly has an axe to grind and that is clear.

    3. Admin Martin says:

      erm, Dan is a guest writer and does not own or run JustArsenal so having a go at him for the ads on the site or the site being run for money is absolutely irrelevant. Maybe before you attack a guest writer for penning a piece that you disagree with you will at least try to get your facts right.

  16. Niyonzima says:

    I don’t think you are using the right wordt by saying ” attack a guest”. The man is entitled to give his own opinion . There is no attack in that. Weither he owns it or runs it it doens’t matter. Is it because the man is talking painfull truth that you call it attack?

    1. Admin Martin says:

      No, if he gets his facts wrong in an unwarranted attack on a guest writer you can take it to the bank I will call him out on it. It was clearly not the painful truth when he made a false statement. I suggest you read the exchange properly before jumping in.

  17. Goona says:

    What did Robbie every do to this site? Whats with the envy,Is it because he is succesfull and ppl like him? I s it because Auba likes him? Is it because he is …fat?

    1. Dan says:

      So you believe it your successful your immune to criticism, pundits , papers , politicians always right ?

      Okay watch …..
      What did Wenger ever do to t AFTV ?
      What’s with the envy ?
      Is it because he is successful and people like him?

      Oh and btw of all the things he wouldn’t like is not me disagreeing with him, that’s what he wants a good debate and this time i had alternative view ……he he more offended by you fat shaming the poor man ( he’s lost weight )

  18. Niyonzima says:

    Goona mate, those are the kinds of questions am asking myself. I even afforded to put it in one word “JEALOUSY”

    1. Dan says:

      That’s the only word you use
      Unless your not reading the cocommrnts ?
      Try one more time ………
      Your saying it I don’t like a piece of his work im jealous of him as he’s succesful.
      Im.not but respect I can’t prove that
      Yet that means Robbie jealous of Stan Koronke , Xhakha, Arsene Wenger
      If a fan says Mustafi not good enough do they mean it or are they jealous ?
      On this site anyone who has a dig at Ozil must be jealous ?
      Some say Owen is a boring pundit , they are jealous
      Donald Trump is rich so he must be a great Present and immune from.criticism
      Also if I was jealous of anyone who was rich , would I not target the players ?
      If the poor couldn’t question the rich ( your logic ) the world would be scary
      I made these points a few times and you just say your jealous so try to answer my answer mate
      Or am I right and that’s why you can’t form an argument

      1. Niyonzima says:

        All i know is that Aftv will always keep doing their good job and guys like you will only surfer to see their chanel growing everyday

        1. Dan says:

          Do you think I will suffer ?
          I ‘m sure I can cope lol

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