AGAIN – Wenger has failed yet another transfer window…

Arsene Wenger is still holding Arsenal Football Club back and he must go! by Adam Kemp

Arsene Wenger has all but proved that he is a complete lunatic when it comes to his ability to build a successful footballing team. I am appalled and disgusted at the conduct of this feeble excuse for a football manager. Arsene Wenger is simply holding Arsenal Football Club back with his outdated footballing philosophies and style of management. The incompetency that this man has developed in recent years is a testament also the inadequate board members on the scene bowing down to his values. I am simply outraged and confused as to why everyone else can see the problems within the squad and yet the ‘greatest’ manager in our history cannot see these problems.

Arsenal had been carrying a long burden when it came to the lack of silverware delivered since 2005. Last season’s FA Cup was a special day for the fans or Arsenal Football Club as the trophy drought was finally all but over. Wenger’s record in the past 9 seasons has been atrocious with only 1 major trophy added to his CV. Nobody cares about the Community shield and it is not worth bragging about! After the festivities of the World Cup died down, Arsenal signed a top class footballer in the mould of Alexis Sanchez. An early statement of intent to begin adding top class players to the ranks, or so we thought…

Arsenal released Sagna and Fabianski and adequately replaced them with Debuchy and Ospina. These players have not strengthened the club as they merely have replaced two first team players. The young and exciting Chambers was purchased from Southampton and immediately Jenkinson was loaned out. This left us 8 first team defenders whilst Vermaelen and Djourou were both still on the books. We then sold both our 3rd and 4th choice centre backs respectively to Hamburg and Barcelona. We now have 6 registered first team defenders whereby we have 2 right backs, 2 left backs and now only 2 centre-backs. We need cover in every position to cope with the rigour of all competitions entered, however, still lack at least 1, if not 2 centre-backs right up until deadline day.

Why on earth would Wenger sell Vermaelen without having a replacement lined up and yet we have seen Roma pip us to the signing of the Greek defender Monolas. A familiar feeling whereby smaller clubs with less financial prowess still manage to beat Arsenal to signings. Higuain to Napoli was a classic example of this last summer! We have been crying out for holding midfielder with power, composure, steel and quality over and above what we already have in the mediocrity of Flamini and Arteta. Again we were linked with Bender, Khedira, Rabiot and Carvalho to name but a few of 100’s of names linked this summer. Again, this area is left to the last minute to strengthen and the quality of the players available may not be the upgrade desperately needed.

Arsenal passed on the chance to sign a proven world class star for £25Million in the mould of ex Capitan Cesc Fabregas. Now the view there was that we already have Mesut Ozil who will remain Arsenal’s first choice playmaker. If this is the case, then why of why has the ‘tactician’ Wenger stuck him wide left out of position. Similar to how he ruined the talents of confidence of Arsharvin in his Arsenal days. We should have signed Cesc and provided competition to Ozil in this area and he is simply too good to turn down, particularly as we had first option on him. Did he really want to go to Chelsea? Did he hell!

Now Arsene Wenger is quick at praising his striking options and the sheer talent at his disposal. I mean Giroud, Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell, Walcott, Sanchez are all wonderful proven goal scoring strikers… Let’s be honest here, Giroud is a strong target man and is capable of 20 goals a season, but is he world class? No! Arsenal has been blessed with world class forwards in yester years and this current crop is insulting to the fans. Giroud is a great 2nd Striker or option to have behind a true world class forward. Then the young and raw combination of Sa-no-goal and Campbell are suitable back up / Capital One Cup options. We still have not replaced Van Persie and Giroud is out until the New Year. This means we need to trust in youth and mount an assault on all fronts with raw and unproven talent.

Walcott and Sanchez are perfect wide/inside forward options on the flanks. They will score and create goals and can easily chip in with 10-15 goals a season. But they are not lone strikers and not good enough in this role! Podolski is a good squad player and again is better on the flanks! The other top Premier League Sides all have better options up top, including Tottenham and Everton! Lukaku and Ade-Barn-door are still better than the injured Giroud. Arsenal fans have seen 1,000’s of strikers linked with us in the current window, whereby other clubs are efficient in getting deals done. Even Bendtner was and still is a better player than Sa-no-goal!

Arsenal is 3 world class talents away from challenging for the Premier League Title! We require a centre-back as capable as our only duo, a holding midfielder and a goal scoring striker. This is Arsenal Football Club! We are one of the biggest teams in Europe with a global fan base! The club is largely operating with low levels or debt and has one of the highest turnover and profit margins in world football. Wenger has the money at his disposal to apparently spend and yet pretends that his funds are not vast. As long as us fans continue to pay excessive ticket prices and membership fee’s the club will continue to be cash cow for the shareholders, offering mediocre viewing on the pitch whereby we may win a trophy once a decade and qualify for the Champion’s League.

Arsene Wenger’s legacy is crumbling and I am screaming for his resignation and an opportunity to be handed to a hungrier manager for success. Every season starts with optimism that this could be our time as long as we make 2 or 3 signings. Those signings never materialise and we paper over the cracks with some okay performances. By Christmas we appear to still be in the mix and then the usual injury layoffs take effect, whereby all of the first team squad has at least 2-3 months’ on the side-lines. We then crumble due to a lack of depth in the side and appear to be losing our grip of 4th place to Spurs or Everton! Then we see them crumble and we get over the line to ensure that we can earn a cool £25Million for making it to group stages. Wenger bemoans injuries to the squad and vows to strengthen if he can find the player with the right quality to play for Arsenal! The games begin again in the summer and yet when the transfer window shuts, we are all left confused and frustrated. Wondering when we Wenger ever adapt to modern football management and use the resources available to build a true Arsenal side.

As far as I am concerned, Arsene Wenger Out! The best transfer deadline news would be his resignation! My patience is finally at an end with this this senile impotent waste of space! Have you say or tweet me @adamjohnkemp

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!

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  1. Mate, are you effin kidding me?

    Sanchez, Debuchy and Chambers have done pretty well till now and we’ve bought them during this summer. I know we need a defensive midfielder and a striker pretty badly, but to call it the worst transfer window ever? Jesus dude, take a chill pill or something because you’re being stupid.

    Arsenal fans MAN THE **** UP IT’S NOT OVER YET


      1. How can you say be positive! We cant even sign welbeck, arsenal have came out and said he hasnt had a medical and no agreement has been made! We wont finish top four at this rate

        1. better not to have him. Maybe Wenger will use Campbell who is better anyways. Thank goodness its not happening.

          1. Ur clueless! We have a thin squad and u dont want signings :/ at least welbeck has PL experience and works with the other english lads on international duty

    1. sanchez and chambers yes but sorry dubchy is a downgrade to mr reliable sagna . also at this current moment chambers is a replacement for TV so in reality we just got 1 addition which is alexis and a loan player back so it hasent been a revolutionary transfer window we all thought would happen with the new sponsors etc

      1. I’m not confident with Debuchy, he’s more of a right winger that can defend rather than a right back that can attack.

    2. It’s a matter who we have got. The point is whether they have addressed the needs. I don’t think so. We need a world class striker, a solid defensive midfielder and a strong defensive back. Where are they? Even if we 10 world class wingers on the pitch, we can’t win EPL. The team is not well-balanced.

  2. I feel deflated. We put in a bid for carvhalo today and it was rejected. WHY SO LATE?! Where is vermalens replacement?! Where is the top quality striker?!

    1. Get used to it! As long as we have Wenger there, we’ll keep getting big promises at the beginning of the transfer window. However, at the end, we get a very little.

    2. q is: why was bid rejected?

      bet its because mr wenger pricing is in cuckoo-wenger-land
      and he made a bid on that valuation
      and not the real world valuation of carvalho

  3. We got Welbeck apparently, and activated Kllas Hunterlaar’s release clause. a Bid for Carvalho got rejected by Sporting Lisbon and we apparently made a 40m bid for Reus.

  4. I would have been more happier if we don’t buy any sticker but y welbeck ???
    Pathetic !!!!!
    Wenger is playing with his words.
    Enough seen

    1. Haven’t even signed and people are saying he’s terrible. Do you fickle fans just want us to spend all our money on Messi and be bailed out by our billionaire owner…. Oh wait we don’t have one. All these “fans” calling for Wenger out think we’re Chelski or something. Stop being such fickle stupid people, if you’re willing to stop supporting arsenal over a transfer window where we spent the most ever, then just leave now.

  5. In fairness to Welbeck he is a big game player. Against Bayern and Real Welbeck was Manure’s best player. People say we need to show more fight in these matches and he will bring that to the team. He is young, fast, strong and works like a horse. People are upset about Falcao but paying him £300k a week would have destroyed the team spirit completely. That is double what our current highest earner earns. I’m not saying he was the best option but he is better than what we have currently and he will now wear the Arsenal badge so we should get behind him for that reason.

    1. And not being able to score goals till next January won’t destroy the ‘team spirit’ at all. What a load of crap. If our footballers can’t stand better players being paid more, I don’t think they deserve to play at our club!

      1. You obviously have never been in management. Gaps like this would destroy the team spirit of the squad players and we would be held to ransom by our players. United had to offer £150k per week to Shaw, that is a joke in itself.

        1. Agree with you mate, but the kinds of ransoms we’ll be held to when we don’t qualify for the UCL next season might be worse!
          The reason United are paying the reported 350K a week to Falcao is that they know that if they don’t get into the UCL this season, it’s over for them! If we drop out, I doubt we’ll be able to make similar investments.
          I’m just tired of the excuses, that’s all I guess

  6. Reminds me of a certain Adolf Hitler and his lunatic decisions when Germany were losing the war. Someone NEEDS to grow some balls and tell Wenger that he’s past it. Let him move up the levels into the board and get someone who is dynamic.
    FYI this is the first time I am saying anything against the man, but he seriously has no idea about what he’s doing anymore :/

  7. Ha ha.
    Joke articles all day long.
    I am now really laughing.
    And for fcuk sake Welback is a decent cover for Giroud. Tall pacy and tricky.
    Learn to be content and not greedy like Falcao.

    1. is it true hes getting paid 350,000 a week by united?
      wtf thats absurd.
      still had all summer to build a league contending squad
      he hasnt dont that, sounds like failure no?

      1. No. Not at all.
        Ospina is a better cover at GK. And may soon overtake Szczesny in the number 1 position(i don’t want it to happen bdw). No more Julio Ceaser and Iker Casillas now, unlike last year.

        Tried to prevent Sagna from leaving, greed got the better of him. Replaced him adequetly. I may add. Even better.

        Added Sanchez. A superstar that will walk into any EPL team unless you are Spurs.

        Brought Chambers for his diverse playing nature. Even you can’t argur that he is a gem of a player.

        Now adding a striker, who brings some something new in the striking department.

        Its a decent squad. But not for 1st.

        I told before also
        Heart says 1st
        Mind says 3rd.

        Next year after more reinforcements we will actually compete.

        1. Too many people forget we are only on the way to compete again, in 1 or 2 years we will be up there, in the meantime we need to hang on.

    2. Welback is wanted by Spurs, and Sunderland, Falcao by Real Madrid, Man City and Man United

      Which group would you like to be a part of?

      If we are happy with mediocracy, then that is what we will be.

  8. For years what we’ve needed is a big strong CDM
    and a GOOD striker.
    and we never get them.
    our list of strikers is pathetic
    sanogo giroud chamak bentner
    we’re arsenal what happened to HENRY RVP
    what’s happened to us.
    and now we’re exicted about welbeck?
    im just happy sonogo wont be playing if he comes
    but like i said wenger’s stubbornness will be our down fall

  9. I think most arsenal fans have multiple personality disorder.. a month ago Wenger was the greatest manager ever, now he needs sacking, after we beat city he’s the greatest manager ever again? Or if welbeck turns good is he a genius again? We need to stop flop flopping back and forth.. I for one think Wenger is the man for the job but for this month at least most of you will disagree

  10. Lets get this straight united are paying falco 300+ a week so if any one thinks that wenger had a chance or even thought about paying that are deluded he just a greedy c#nt who only cares about money we will never pay that sort of money just for a player on loan while the rest of the team get half of that COYG

    1. @61 never again
      What many of these whiny, moany fecks are failing to realize concerning the Falcao saga is, the dudes who own his images rights want to get a chunk of the transfer also. For them it was all about where will he sell the most merchandise. Between MU, MC, AFC, Liverpool, RM and even Barca, Man U has the largest global supporter base. Falcao has no choice over where he lands. And AFC couldn’t compete on that level…

  11. I dont understand why Wenger wont buy a WC striker and a proper CDM.We got annihalated away last season and the same will happen again this season and it will all be on his head.Why does he torture himself?

    1. NO, he just tortures us. He really enjoys himself by just having that skinny boy as striker on the pitch.

  12. Adam Kemp.?
    My god. Where had you been?
    Its like you was the biggest anti Wenger even when i was just a lurker on this site.
    I didn’t see the name till i tead the full article.
    Come crawling out eh?
    You will find many supporter and believers here.

  13. Another transfer window is about to close and Mr Wenger you have done it again you have served us up with another severe kick in the conigilors!

  14. Maybe our offense will be good enough


    Wish we could at least have a quality CB and CDM

    JUST under 4 hours

    Lets hope for the best

  15. I agree wit everything you say Adam Kemp. WENGER is holding Arsenal back but ask yourself why have they not sacked him, answer because he spends very little money the board love him. As long as Wenger and co are running Arsenal the best we can hope for is 4th place at best. I don’t like saying this but I hope we get hammered this season so we can get rid of Wenger.

  16. I must admit I am pretty f*cken pissed that United have signed Falcao. I mean they already have Rooney, RvP, Welbeck etc but again like Jose at Chelsea, they do not let fate rest in the hands of chance. The more I watch Sanchez, the more I realize he is a winger, and not the CF we desperately need. In some games, he might do well there, but I fear against more physical teams he will go missing. This ladies and gents is part of Arsenal’s problem. We have too many short, powder puff type players to really be a threat against the bigger clubs, no REAL STEEL in the centre of the park. If you look at Chelsea, City etc they have players like Mikel, Ramires, Toure etc who give them that added strength and grit. Flamini is probably the only player of ours with the stones, but he lacks technicality that those other players all have. For some reason, after watching Arteta getting pushed off the ball time and time again last season, Wenger still think he is the man for he job. It really is absurd that yet again we sit without decent protection in front of the back four. Carvalho would have been the perfect fit. I shudder at the thought of playing against Chelsea and Liverpool, especially with Mertesacker as our primary choice CB. Seriously, he has great experience, but his pace will cost us AGAIN this season. We made a good buy in Chambers, but not replacing Vermalaen after also getting shot of Djorou was a step backwards.

    It is frustrating knowing that if Wenger really wanted a player like Falcao, we could have gone out and grabbed him. I will give Wenger the benefit of the doubt though, as we did win the F.A last season and were leading the pack for a long time. This season has just begun, so lets forget assumptions and just trust in our manager for now.

    1. Do piss off at them. Even though you hate them, you still should admire their planning and execution skills to run a football team.

      We just have a bunch of crowns goofing around with owner’s money. We can’t blame the owner not investing in the team anymore. Finally, we know who to blame.

  17. People on here, meet the village ass#ole Adam Kemp- the author of this article.

    He has gone into hiding for the past two years. Out of the blue he comes up with this trash.

    He is a proven world class anti-wenger. His ideas and beliefs about Wenger will put the WOB’s to shame.

    He used to previously comment in the articles below. But i dont know about now.

    Maybe comments using a different username. Hafiz something.


    1. You are not Arsene’s long lost love child with a botched monkey experiment by any chance? Idiocy knows no bounds

  18. You know what so pathetic? Its the fact that we where asking for a player who could bench a poor player in Giroud, and not buying a player who could only replace him till he is injured.

  19. Spot on….wenger is more management consultant than football manager…he has been ok at former in terms of delivering a tidy income stream to a greedy board but 10 yrs and one cup puts him on lower rungs of football management….seems to me that the likelihood of finishing behind spuds is higher than ever … Lots on this site have been dismissive but their manager is smart and hungry and last years purchases looking better…despite lpool result I suspect they will do ok…. So no surprises if we finish outside top 4 or even 6… Monreal arteta flamini mert podolski rosicky are all well past their best chambers Campbell ox are still untested …. Leaves kos ozil and Sanchez carzola as quality players and Gibbs wilshere and Ramsey as possibles if they play to their potential…no way is this the basis for a winning team… No way … So yes wenger out

  20. PLEASE, tell me this WELBECK thing is just a bad dream.. Pleeaaasssseeeeeee…

    I now think United will knock us out of our TOP 4 trophy this season.. They now have quality players in that team..

  21. fourth place going to tougher than ever this year.

    Do I think we can do it with current squad.


    Thumbs up no
    Thumbs down yes

  22. Good article Adam Kemp. We simply cannot continue to be naive here. If we make no signings and get fourth this year, which seems to be Wenger and the Board’s objective, it will be an absolute miracle.

    It’s going to be long painful season and I don’t think Arsenal fans deserve it. Whether its Wenger, the Board or both, I’d rather suffer through major transitional changes in personnel and philosophy then aim for fourth place. It drains my spirit.

  23. Wenger OUT and take your arse lickers with you! Fkg laughing stock, if we lose big time to Chelski,Liverpool and Shitty you akb’s will still be happy for Wenger to stay!

  24. Is it true that the guy that has been feeding the story for Wellbeck is not his agent but some random bloke?

  25. When we are being compared with charlton we know we are in big big trouble … FFS get serious… How many more years do you need to work out that the cheese eating surrender monkey is …. Well just that

  26. We haven’t spent anything, after the sale of Vermalen, Fabregas and the CL money we are about even, with the addition of the Puma sponsorship we are in profit. If we don’t invest, we can’t move forward, in fact we would be doing well to stay still.

    I don’t think Wenger alone is in charge of the signings – otherwise why is he refereeing a charity match? There doesn’t seem to be a co-ordinated transfer policy, suggesting Wenger isn’t solely in charge of transfers, as firstly we didn’t want Remy, then there was a desperate rush to buy him. This is such an important period, yet ever since David Dein left, we have got it wrong time after time. Does anyone know why Kronke turned up? He doesn’t seem to have contributed anything. Wenger was looking good after the signing of Sanchez, but he’s hit rock bottom now for several reasons.

    1. For the last two years we’ve needed a DM and striker since the departure of Song and Van Traitor, hasn’t been addressed.
    2. He gets obsessions with putting players into lone striking positions, who are not mentally ready for it, he did the same with Gervinho as what he’s doing with Sanago now. Note how much better Sanogo played with Campbell as a striking partner, because he was sharing the load.
    3. He marginalises players for no logical reason. Take Podolski and Campbell. I think that if Campbell was acting as main striker with Sanogo as a false no 10, it would’ve benefited both players and the club. He could’ve also done a better job with rotaiting players like TV5, so these players don’t leave. Of course he could’ve bought Cesc, who we know can play both main striker and AM, and prevented Chelski from having him.

    The game on Sunday was absolute suicide, and I think a lot of it was down to management rather than players – not taking Koscielny off, when it was clear he would have to use his head, putting Özil on the left side, putting Sanago as main striker rather than Campbell, who is a proven goalscorer in high profile situations.

    We were supposed to have money to spend now after having paid off the stadium, and we’ve spent nothing.

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