Agbonlahor makes a bold claim about the North London Derby

Former Aston Villa man Gabby Agbonlahor has rated the best derbies in British football and he does not think the North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham is in the top five.

Arsenal and Spurs have a fierce rivalry which brings north London to a standstill when they meet.

For several of the last few seasons, Spurs have finished ahead of Arsenal on the league table, making it even more interesting.

However, the Gunners could win the league this term, which gives them even more bragging rights over their neighbours.

Agbonlahor still does not believe the NLD is one of the top five fiercest derbies in Britain. He named the Old Firm derby as the fiercest and even ranked the Midlands derby over the NLD.

The ex-attacker tells Talk Sport:

“Finishing off, I’d say Spurs/Chelsea then. Not Spurs/Arsenal.

“The reason why is that, to me, the north London derby doesn’t seem that big anymore.

“Spurs vs Chelsea looks bigger because of the Battle of the Bridge. But the players will still all be shaking hands.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gabby’s opinion about the derbies is personal and he has the right to rank them how he wants.

But we know our game with Spurs is one of the most important in the league and neutrals also know that it is a huge rivalry we share with them.

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  1. Doesn’t he ever gets tired of hating on arsenal? It’s becoming childish 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. So, Agbonlahor once again has an opoinion about our club.

    For a pundit who is widely scorned by thinking fans everywhere and one who is also pillaried rather mercilessly by his own colleagues on TALKSPORT, I suggest we allow that lowbrow person his own opinion and do not take any utterence he ever says seriously enough to let it worry us.

    There is no point worrying ourselves about what a low IQ nonentity such as he “thinks” about anything at all. True or not!!?

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