Agbonlahor names Arsenal player that may help hand title to Man City

Gabby Agbonlahor has reservations about Eddie Nketiah’s ability to lead Arsenal’s frontline and provide the necessary goal-scoring prowess for the team’s success in the ongoing campaign.

Arsenal is aiming to secure a league title, having come close to achieving this feat in the previous season, and they have started the current campaign on a positive note.

Under Mikel Arteta’s management, the Gunners have emerged as a notable contender in English football this season. However, they faced a setback as their primary striker, Gabriel Jesus, suffered an injury towards the end of the pre-season.

With Jesus sidelined, Arsenal’s reliance on Nketiah to deliver goals has intensified. However, Nketiah’s recent performances have left room for doubt. Despite the team’s efforts in creating scoring opportunities, particularly evident in their match against Crystal Palace, Nketiah struggled to find the back of the net.

This underwhelming display has led to skepticism about Nketiah’s potential to step up as the team’s main striker. Agbonlahor expresses concerns that if Nketiah remains the primary offensive force, Arsenal might find it challenging to close the gap with teams like Manchester City.

“I think Arsenal will push them but that I just think that experience, [Manchester City] know how to do it. Haaland. I was watching the Crystal Palace game and Nketiah, he misses too many chances for me,” he told TalkSport

“He got put through, I think it was by Rice. He tried to dink the keeper, over the bar. Haaland puts that away. So I do think Manchester City will win it.”

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Nketiah has not started the season well in terms of scoring goals, but the striker is a player we know can get better.

The Englishman has done well to deliver top performances for us in the past and we must keep supporting him.

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    1. We won because of him, had he not shown that sharpness for getting penalty then we would not have won. In game against CP, our creativity in final third was quite poor which has nothing to do with Nketiah. And our wide players were quite average who are usually the main source of goals. Last season Nketiah was doing fine but our rhythm got worse after Jesus returned. Just because he didn’t cost 100mil doesn’t mean he is not good. If Balgaon would cost 40mil then Arteta must have seem something in Nketiah so as to rate him more.

      1. Arsenal’s rhythm got worse after Jesus’ return from injury?? Hmmm..💔

        So, basically, you are saying that you’d rather have Nketiah ahead of Jesus, right?? Pls, do reply me, I wish to check sth.

  1. For goodness sake are we seriously talking about handing over of titles after the two first games of the season? Or am I in a different timeline while the author of this article is in March of 2024? Surely this is very premature. If we are to go by this logic then the Premier League title might as well be handed over to Brighton tomorrow.I also find it ridiculous to characterize Eddie’s performance against Palace as underwhelming. Didn’t he win the penalty that won us the game? If anything, he looked the most lively of our attackers. He wasn’t presented with many chances either. The pass by Rice was the only clear cut chance he had all game and you could immediately tell he realized he had made the wrong decision.

  2. Arteta’s tactics don’t rely on a striker who primarily scores goals, it never has. It’s not a criticism of Arteta, it’s just his vision on how the team plays.

    That’s why Auba and Laca failed in his system, that’s why he brought in Jesus and not a prolific scorer.

    It also makes sense why Balogun is being shopped around to other clubs. Having a 20+ goal scorer is contrary to what Arteta wants on the pitch.

    So far we continue to improve and be successful; can we win PL title and CL title without a prolific striker? Time will tell.

    I think Arteta has earned the benefit of the doubt to build his team. However, over 600 million spent and total control must yield titles and trophies in the next couple of years.

    Wenger and Emery couldn’t meet the standards, so were removed as it should be. There must never be any exceptions, not players or managers. The club must always come first.

    We are moving in a great direction under Arteta, but he must start delivering soon.

  3. Important note! No one should listen to anti Arsenal moron like Agbonlahor anyway. When the writer of this article quoted this did he not ask himself ‘ who is the idiot to give Arsenal supporters his opinion?

  4. Sorry Durand, did you just comment Wenger couldn’t meet the standards?!?! The man who led the invincible, the visionary who suffered through the selling years whilst maintaining CL football. And in the end the fruits of his labour are finally visible. Arsenal expected income from stadium football alone has reached the 100mill mark same as manchester united. Although i believe everyone including yourself make greats points please do not disrespect Arsene.

    1. It’s not disrespect, it’s a statement of fact. Top 4 was clearly a goal, and after missing out twice he was allowed to step down.

      Emotional responses can cloud your rational thought processes, objectively analyze the situation based on reason, logic, and facts; not emotionally driven responses.

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