Agbonlahor reckons Arsenal are right to celebrate the way they do

Gabby Agbonlahor has defended Arsenal from criticism that they are over-celebrating wins this season.

The Gunners are the most in-form team in the Premier League so far and they head into their match against Manchester United, having won five of their opening five league games.

Mikel Arteta’s side is in dreamland considering how poor they have been in recent campaigns and they haven’t even played in the Champions League since 2017.

It seems this is the season they will finally break back inside the top four or win a trophy and they have been celebrating their wins whenever they earn one.

Some pundits have criticised them for doing it over the top, but Agbonlahor says they are not.

The former Aston Villa man tells Football Insider

“I don’t think they were [over celebrating].

“I think Arsenal have a winning mentality now, draws aren’t going to be good enough for them.

“Arteta has put a winning mentality on Arsenal where every win is big. No matter if they beat bottom of the league, whoever they beat, they will celebrate like that.

“They want to keep winning games, they are top of the league. It’s another massive result that kept them top of the league, of course they are going to celebrate.

“The next game they win, I’m sure they will celebrate just the same. Every Premier League win is big.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have had one of the best starts to a season this term and we should be allowed to celebrate as much as we want.

We know we have not won anything yet, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating our achievement at the moment while it lasts.

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  1. Agbonlahor has a great “gift” of blowing with whichevr the prevailing wind is going, in his football pronouncdements. Persoanllyu I respect far more those who giv etheoi own honest ipinionds sna argue for them whthr right or wrong.

    Opinions are valid but when, as with IQ lacking GABBY,they change with the prevailing wind, its hard to be anything but scornful of both his brain power and his ethics.

    I compare him to, say Souness and see two totally different types of pundit; an honest one and a dishonest one.

    1. Yeah, he will be the first to turn against us when things are not sailing smooth
      IMO, he’s just trying to curry favour

  2. Never understood why people have a go at celebrating. The only example I can think of that kind of made sense was when Klopp marshalled Liverpool into a line to celebrate a draw early on in his time there. Remember the pundits had a go at us/the team for celebrating getting 4th on the final day over our rivals. Finishing above your rivals on the final day is something worth celebrating anyway never mind including top tier European football with it. Was in no mood to pay attention but I presume Spurs fans/team celebrated their final game last season and probably faced no criticism for it.

    We do seem to get it harsher than other clubs. Can’t remember much media noise with Spurs celebrating their draw to Chelsea or Liverpool celebrating their win against Newcastle midweek.

  3. Admin:Next time you post an article about Agbonlahor ,could you use a different picture please?I just want to see if it is just this picture in particular or his face in general,that makes me want to slap it/him!!

    1. Siamois I believe many of us share your urge.

      I suggest we,collectively as Gooners, have little respect for a former nonentity player who was known for lack of dedication, doing the same non professional type of job now on radio.

      Few can have any respect for a chancer and most of us , I believe, would agree that a chancer is exactly what this overpromoted thickhead is!
      Ther are worthwhile media pundits and such as Simon Jordan and now Souness, who are both on the same TALKSPORT MORNING PROGRAM at 10-1, are of a totally different legue to GABBY “low IQ” AGBONLAHOR.

      You have to wonder HOW do some of these dimwits ever get the job on radio. Perhaps their program producers are no wiser. I suggest that seems to be so!

  4. When did celebrating a win became a subject, top teams in epl celebrate more than ARSENAL but not noticed, leave arsenal alone

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