Agbonlahor urges Arsenal to up their offer for coveted defender

Arsenal is reportedly facing difficulties in securing a new contract for William Saliba, and the club has been warned that they must increase their offer as the young defender could receive a lucrative salary elsewhere.

Saliba had an impressive campaign, making a strong impact for the Gunners and contributing to their competitiveness in the league. Upon his return from a loan spell at Olympique Marseille, he quickly established himself as a key player in the team.

Manager Mikel Arteta has shown trust in Saliba’s abilities, but with his current contract set to expire at the end of the following season, Arsenal is eager to secure his long-term future.

Negotiations between the club and Saliba’s representatives have been ongoing for several weeks, but progress has not been as smooth as desired. Despite Arsenal successfully securing new contracts for Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, there is a possibility that they may be forced to consider selling Saliba if an agreement cannot be reached.

Speaking about the French defender’s future, former Aston Villa man Gabriel Agbonlahor tells Football Insider:

 “It’s a really difficult contract for Arsenal to agree.

“He was so good this season, and Arsenal were so poor without him – that Saliba can demand silly money.

“He’s on £40,000-a-week. Even if you triple that, PSG might offer him £250,000-a-week.

“I’m sure other clubs in Europe will be looking at him, as well.

“He’s a real asset at 22 years old.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba is now a big player after impressing for Arsenal and reaching the World Cup final with France.

Top clubs are circling the defender, so we must be prepared to make him a massive offer before he stays with us.

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  1. Arsenal better not lose Saliba it will be back to square one no one knows how next season will be for Arsenal so we should really keep last season’s first team intact and add more proven player to the team good news is that Tierney will not be leaving arsenal so a CM and a CDM and right winger should be brought in to strengthen the team.

  2. Please Arsenal. Don’t be stupid to pay Saliba £200,000 a week.
    That’s ridiculous. What exactly has he achieved or done at Arsenal to warrant such wages?

    £150,000 is more than enough for a guy that is a bench player for France. Only had a few good game at the start of the season, then started to look like the young inexperienced player he is in the other games before his injury. He was playing on adrenaline at the start and even the mistakes he was making were being ignored by us all because our minds were already in “Pandering” mode towards him.

    I will say it. People need to calm down, take their Saliba tinted glasses off and use their rationality / maturity (be balanced).

    This type if sensationalism has not turned out well for us in the recebt past with regards to player contracts, has it? Two superstars given £300,000 a week contract and how did that turn out?

    We need mature calm heads..

    1. I’m not going to get into a debate about how good Saliba is or will become but I do agree that it’s a bit rich for him to be at the same level as Saka or Odegaard – who is having his contract renegotiated, I believe.

      I become uneasy when so much ‘information’ appears for some players and not others. Is there an agenda and by whom?

      1. Suep
        I don’t think there is an agenda, i just think people are so concern about some players moving away from the club especially when the player is good.

        Odegaard contract situation will also be interesting but i don’t think it will be as tough as Saka and Saliba.

        I believe Odegaard’s camp will also be like Martinelli’s.

        Though i think they agree to pay Martinelli what he wants without the drama.

        Though nobody knows what is going on about the Saliba’s situation but i’m sure they want to negotiate more on his wages and they will finally reach an agreement.

        Also like Goonster, i don’t want it to be more than 150k but if he eventually get 200k and still play his skins out, then still good.
        I don’t think he will be earning 200k at 22years old and then relax and turn a bad player anyway.

        But when i said at the beginning of the season that Nketiah’s contract will come at a cost, this is what i’m talking about.

    2. I think you forgot Saka is also on 300k now as well?
      Do you expect that to turn bad as well?
      The players you’re talking about are players who are asking for their final pay day bcuz of their age.

      Saka, Martinelli and Saliba are still young and they will ask for more when it get to there final pay day. So trust me, they will still perform better than those you’re talking about ( I hope they don’t drop form.)

      I see you’re so pained about Saliba and you bring up showing is immaturity in games. but i never see you mentioning Saliba covering for Gabriel all through before the world cup.
      but you kept talking about pundit saying Gabriel show have teach him what to do as if Gabriel was a better defender.

      Saliba has been covering for both White and Gabriel before the world cup and no mention of that.
      Yes he lost form after the world cup but he came through at last. Martinelli lost form after the world cup too.
      Saka wasn’t uprooting the tree before the worldcup either but came to life after the worldcup. So let just say, except Partey and Ramsdale who lost at the end of the season, all other players have a half world class season performance, so what are you so beat up about Saliba getting 200k if Saka and Martinelli can earn same?

      All 3 are potentials for now and at the same age with high ceilings. and i think is high time for people to know that every position are all equal in a team. Saka can’t do what Saliba is doing, so is other way round.

      So if his asking for 200k, let them give him if they know his potential worth it.

      You will be among people to criticize them if they sell him and he went ahead to turn world class and the player we bought in turn out to be average.

      We’re aspiring to be a big team and yet we have a mentality of a small team.

      How many big team sells his potential players just because of wages? exact same thing Cole went for.
      If you want to take risk, take risk with the good players in your team and not with another player who might turn out bad.

      At least Saliba has been doing it for 3 and half seasons now even if he’s doing it in his first season in EPL which is not bad either. Been in almost every pundit first eleven is not easy.

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