Agent close to Arsenal gives his opinion on the Mesut Ozil situation

Super agent Kia Joorabchian has become the latest individual to give his opinion on the Mesut Ozil saga.

Ozil is Arsenal’s top earner at the moment, but since he signed his current deal at the club in 2018, his performances have been below par.

The German has been axed from the Arsenal first team by Mikel Arteta and only made a return in the club’s last friendly game.

Arteta had thought that he would be able to get the best out of the former Real Madrid man, but that didn’t happen and the Spaniard gave up on him.

His situation is, however, a frustrating one for both the player and the club as well as their fans and even onlookers from the outside.

Joorabchian represents several players in Mikel Arteta’s first team and he has said that the current situation of things between the player and the club doesn’t benefit anyone of them.

‘The Ozil situation should have been resolved two years ago,’ he told Talksport via The Metro. ‘What is the point of a player sitting and not playing? Who gains from that?

‘The club doesn’t gain from that. The player is ageing, he doesn’t gain from that. The agent doesn’t gain from that. 

‘I mean, I’m not exactly sure other than the fact the player has maybe a monetary gain from getting an income I don’t think anybody really gains from such a situation. 

‘I can’t really remember us no trying everything to resolve a problem with a player. I just don’t see the point of it.’

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  1. Personally, whether I agree or not, I don’t give a flying fig about what Kia Joorabchian thinks about any Arsenal player. At the moment (thank goodness) he is not a paid employee of Arsenal FC, so he is driven by self interest to generate as much money as he can from the players in his stable.

    1. their are many people skilled to handle situations like these why isn’t AFC tapping into these most necessary resources to bring closure to this situation

  2. Ozil isn’t playing football because he cares more about money than playing. His wages are way too high for a player thats a nice add on to an already great team. He’s a good player when he doesn’t have to work hard. Unfortunately for us as over paid him. He doesn’t want to lose out on those massive paychecks and so he refuses to move anywhere for less money (because not one single team in the world is willing to pay him what we are)

    1. Mick Gunner, Al Nass’r from Saudi Arabia has reportedly offered him more in post tax wages than he is paid at Arsenal. Naturally he would be expected to play when fit to earn those wages.

  3. Is Edu who has made it necessary for this man to intrude. Kia represents Edu, Willian, Luis, Mari and Soares. He forced Arsenal hands to take Soares permanently even though Soares is not the player we need, 29 for 4 yrs contract and no resale value.

    Sources say he’s pushing Felipe Anderson of West Harm on Arsenal as well. Wages of his players are very high and Sanllehi and Edu were all involved and the fact that Edu was recruited by Sanllehi also create a problem.

    Edu may have to go to free us of Kia. Agents are not the best way to run a club let alone Arsenal.

    1. I just used to reas about this Kia mafia in the media.
      But now it seems like we have let him into our club and he thinks he is now a very important part of our club.
      Wants to bring to Arsenal all Brazilian players he currently represents.

    2. Haha oh he forced us to take players, did he? And how exactly did that happen? Edu and Arteta cowering under a table while Kia draws up a list of targets, putting it on a table with a gun to the Kroenkes head?

      Wise up man and stop believing everything you read in the media.

      1. You have been misled my friend. His agent is Dr Erkut Sogut. A mere google search would have help you against this mistake. It was Mirror who made that false claim yesterday. Kia does nothing different from anyone of us doing. Airing his opinion as an arsenal fan.

    3. Wages of his players very high? Willian is on 100k, Luiz is on 90k and just from guessing, those are the expensive ones. I’d actually say he’s helping us lower the wage bill. Imagine if we got Willian without the Kia-Edu contact. I’m forced to believe we’d overpay like we did for Mikhi

  4. As agent for MO, Joorabchian is in no position to pass judgement on our Club. As a matter of fact, he is equally to be blamed for essentially killing the playing career of his client by agreeing to a contract way in excess of the player’s value to the Club. And who knows, maybe it’s just a matter of sour grapes, due his recent loss of influence over the Club.

  5. This kia guy thinks the football world revolves around him.
    Full of self importance and all.

  6. Leave Ozil alone. These agents are not to be trusted. Give Ozil one final chance and see how he performs. If he does not do well, allow him to run down his contract, nothing can be done. If he performs well play him in the team and let it benefit Arsenal. Agents only fill their pockets they are not interested in the well being of the Club. Whoever plays for us we as fans are interested in the success of Arsenal. MA wants to start with a clean slate, Ozil included. If Ozil can give success to the Club, of which he is definitely capable of , than so be it. Let us not criticise and defile him at every opportunity. At the end of the day he is a human being like all of us and there is a limit to how much one can take. If we cannot appreciate him for what he has done for the Club and for his talent and artistry, at least silence should be maintained rather than bashing him at every given opportunity. Let us look forward as to how to improve Arsenal’s standing in the PL(including Ozil) rather than looking back as to what someone has done or not done. Every player comes to greatness by his merit and talent and performance on the field and remember class is permanent. All great Clubs look forward to improve with new players and improvise with current players and let us do the same.

  7. It’s easy to understand. The club want rid of him, and he’s refusing to go, but playing him is also a no go, because his performances have been dead for a solid few years now.

    I really hate the argument of, oh well we’re paying for him, so we might as use him. Give someone like ESR a chance instead. Ozil has had enough opportunities under 4 Arsenal managers now.

  8. Arsenal fans can come up with all sorts of crap.. what is wrong with Kia saying what we are saying as an Arsenal fan which we all know.. because he is an agent doesn’t mean he runs the daily show at Arsenal people.. Ozil’s situation is not good for anyone that is the simple truth.. we will feel more at ease if that situation is sorted out it is really that simple and you may just be the dumbest person on earth to think that Kia can force players that Arsenal don’t want on Arsenal it is very shallow.

  9. It’s the good old Sun again, isn’t it about time they realised that the only person who makes decisions on the field is Mikel Arteta and off the field, MA, Edu and, with the final word, Stanley Kronkie?

    As a realist, I have accepted that completely and am sitting back watching our club building a squad that will challenge any other in the PL.

    Just read MA’s latest comments regarding Guendouzi and it sums his philosophy up 100 %.

    It doesn’t matter what a player did two weeks or two years ago – it’s if HE thinks a player brings more to his team.

    So let’s get on with supporting him 100 % and stop letting rags like the sun or self opinionated agents try to take us off track.

  10. Kia like any other fan is fed up with the ozil fiasco, he’s hit the nail on the head. Legit points if you ask me.These are the points every fan should be raising regardless of feelings or attachment. Who stands to gain from all this? I’ve known players to always want to play and if the club freezes them like Ozil’s been frozen they simply force a move to a team with guaranteed game time. I mean that’s what 99.99% of players do!! Papa, Martinez, Romero, Sancho, Bakayoko the list is endless

  11. Most agents are just greedy game corrupting individuals who could care less about the game. Just a gib slice of the money pie. Joorabchian is just the crust of the crap that most modern football agents are. In it for themselves..

  12. We have 2 type supporters in Arsenal. Ozil FC n Arsenal FC. Ozil FC fans dont care abt Arsenal Win Trophy, all they want is Ozil. Well, Arsenal FC fans sick n tired of not winning major trophy. Thats why they want to get rid of Ozil n some deadwoods from AFC. Your Call.
    I hope no clown will counter me by saying current Ozil will win us major trophy.. God help them see real world.

    1. No mate, there is a new breed of fans, clowns and you are definitely the king – the biggest load of BS ever written on JA.
      Grow up and talk some sense – if MA selects him on Saturday, what BS are you going to come out with then?
      No wonder we get division of fans, when such absolute nonsense is written and believed – just one more reason I hope MO has done enough to be included in the game on Saturday… so “fans” like you will have to eat their divisive words.

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