Agent confirms Arsenal interest in Serie A star

There is no doubt that Arsenal must be looking at a seriously busy summer transfer window after having our worst ever season under Arsene Wenger, and according to reports in Italy we have an eye on the young Czech international Yakub Jankto who is currently playing for Udinese in Serie A.

We were linked to Jankto last summer as well as in January, but the Udinese bosses said they wanted to keep the team together til the end of the season, but Jankto himself has admitted that when he was a youngster in the Czech Republic he supported Arsenal and Juventus.

Now his agent has revealed that Arsenal are one of the clubs that could be making a bid for the 22 year-old in the summer. Giuseppe Riso told RMC Sport this week. “They are certainly contenders. Jankto is an important player,” he said. “We decided with the Pozzo family not to talk about this question in January; to allow him to develop and mature.

“Milan and Arsenal are teams who keep an eye on young players, so we will certainly talk about it [in the summer].”

Despite his age, Jankto has already made 10 senior appearances for his country, and already has five goals and six assists in 28 matches for Udinese this season. He certainly sounds like a very interesting target, but I have to reiterate that our main targets this summer should be centre-backs and a defensive midfielder.



  1. Gurrosco says:

    Anything that is close to being the next Rosicky should be prioritised. Words can’t describe my love for Thomas and I can see a lot of his style reincarnated through jankto. I’ll cry to see it happen.

    Although would still agree with admin, defendersssssssss.

  2. AndersS says:

    No you are wrong. Our main target should be a new manager. Keeping Wenger will only mean that all players are a waste of money.

    1. MW supporter says:

      How the hell can you turn this article into another Wenger article, get a grip and use this site as an intelligent conversation place to discuss. Absolutely sick of every article ending up with the same rubbish, it’s been said numerous times we all get it, most agree, let’s discuss the topics please.

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        MW supporter
        Agree absolutely with your comments and frustration.
        It seems that some people are so completely obsessed with one point, that they cannot bring anything logicalon another subject to the table.
        Sorry, don’t know enough about this player, but if he is the next Rosicky, then it’s a no brainer!

  3. Shortboygooner says:

    I actually think the squad we have is not too bad. We need to get rid of the following.


    Bring in
    WC CB
    Doucorue from watford
    Another pacey attacking midfielder or work on reis nelson
    Ac milan keeper or oblak

    Ainsley should become a RB or CDM
    Bellerin needs some proper coaching

    We have 2 WC strikers 2 WC atticling midfielders. Ramsey is not bad. And iwobi has potential. We lack steel in the middle as we have done for a while and need a solid GK. Holding and chambers can stay as 3rd and 4th place and fight for starting roles

    1. Sarmmie says:

      All what you’ve said is ingrained the the word *New Manager*

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Hi what’s wrong pal? We win Wenger out! we loose Wenger out! We reach a cup finals wenger out! We’re in the europa Wenger out! This site is getting ridiculous.Even Vieira said that Wenger needs to be respected and honored.Btw Wenger is a loyal and disciplined servant of the club and will be with us till may 2019. Take that Ivan & co and make your grand plans post 2019 – 20 season

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Your points regarding Wenger being blamed for everthing is absolutely correct in my opinion.
          It was Arsene who bought in Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette all top top players.
          However, he has also bought in some mediocre players that have failed to perform to their abilities.
          But he never gets credit, just negatives.
          Those that criticise our lack of buying DM and CD say it’s all down to Wenger, but then tell us that Sven and Raul had a wonderful January transfer period! So why didn’t we get the DM and CD in?
          Is that Wengers or Sven and Raul fault?
          We never seem to get an answer.
          Also, why worry about Wenger spending money? We have been told that Sven and Raul will be doing transfers, Huss Fahhy will be doing contract negotiations, so why the concerns?
          We never seem to get an answer
          Having said all of this, this season HAS been terrible for the club.
          I was at the Watford game and, while it is always great to see us win, the players and football being served up is nowhere near the standard of Arsene’s previous teams.
          I cannot see any of our back four (and GK) getting into the Invincibles team. Those that might get into the SQUAD are Abe,Myk, Ozil, Wilshere and Ramsey.
          Gunner22, this slow deterioration is down to Wenger, even though goalposts have been moved to ensure our three FA cup wins have been demoted to tarnish the manager and teams achievements What would Liverpool and Spuds give for just one FA cup win?
          My hope is that we can win the Europa cup for three reasons.
          1. Success for AFC.
          2. Champions league participation.
          3. Arsene Wenger can resign with european success at the end of the season.

    2. andcliff says:

      I would agree with most of what you said except Iwobi. He is Wenger’s pet, has had loads of chances but still makes the same mistakes over and over. He probably hits one decent pass out of ten, loses too may balls, usually makes the wrong choice and certainly does not know where the goal is. Did you see him against Watford? I rest my case. In his defence I will say one thing, he always seems to be trying but I’m afraid he is not good enough.

  4. JustJoy says:

    from OBlak to a young Jankto under Asene W. b*****ks

  5. Phil says:

    I have absolutely no doubt players are being scouted for most positions.The encouraging point to remember it is Sven and Raul who are now in charge of this and not Wenger.
    Even Stevie Wonder can see some of the absolute DROSS he has brought to our club over the last decade and finally he has had this responsibility removed from him.
    There will also be discussions with potential new managers being held behind the scenes and this will spell the end of Wenger.His demise is long overdue and eagerly awaited.
    Arsenal are a Big Big draw for potential managers and I would imagine quite a few will be very keen to restore OUR CLUB to where we should be.Wenger staying well past his due date has made the new managers job so much easier.Whoever takes over will only have to concentrate on bettering a declining league position with little or no immediate chance of winning one of the TWO major honours that have been beyond Wenger for years.
    Wenger must NEVER be given the opportunity to spend another season at this club never mind spend another penny of OUR money.

    1. Gunner22 says:


      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Well said Phil, 100% right

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah thanks Kenny.It seems I have the big thumbs down from Gunner22.Does the 22 total the number of AKB’s fast dwindling numbers?Somepeople are more easily satisfied than others.Thank god I’m one of the others and have been for a decade now.

          1. John0711 says:

            I don’t think there’s 22 left Phil

          2. Phil says:

            John -you would like to think so but there are still some that just refuse to accept we are where we are because of Wenger.

          3. Ken 1945 says:

            Guess it depends on what your description of “dont think theres 22 left” means.
            Does the 0711 mean the total number of people who agree with your views?
            If it’s that Wenger is the only reason we are where we are, then I think 0711 is much too high.
            Judging by some of the posts we are seeing on this blog there are many more who think the same as Gunner22.
            The owner, board and most importantly the players have no role to play then?
            Take your blinkers off and don’t just blame Wenger.

          4. Phil says:

            But ken-with all due respect it was Wenger himself who demanded total control of the Club,OUR CLUB,from top to bottom,and at the same time become one of the highest paid managers in World Football.You can’t have it both ways.ALL the decisions to do with Transfers in and out,selection,coaching,youth set-up have all been of Wengers decisions so who else is there to lay the blame on when we are in a declining spiral downwards with no realistic hope of the top 4finish he was set at the beginning of the season as being the absolute minimum to achieve.The season has been a failure and the reason and responsibility lie solely with the manager.

          5. Ken 1945 says:

            So what you want me to believe is that Arsene Wenger controlled the club from top to bottom?
            No imput from Kronke the owner?
            No imput from the board?
            No imput from the planners/builders/bankers of the new stadium etc?
            Are you seriously saying that Wenger has complete control over all these powerful people?
            We have both read about transfer targets that Wenger identified that was subsequently turned down by the board, verified by the players themselves after the transfer window closed.
            How is that Wenger in complete control?
            I don’t want it both ways, but I do want some realism from a person whos views I do respect.
            If I accept your scenario that Wenger controlled the club from top to bottom, then the fact he has a £9m salary does skew your “Highest paid manager in the world” quote. He was doing the work of the board, owner and until now, Sven, Raul and Huss.
            I haven’t even touched on the responsibilty of the players in the downward spiralling of the club, but i am surprised that you don’t see that as part of the problem. It’s claimed that Wenger can’t coach them, but these are not Sunday morning players are they? They are full international players who should perform at a consistent level every day.
            I most certainly do see Wenger as PART of the problem, but not the only problem.
            The time is right for him to go.
            But that doesn’t mean I want him to be hung out to dry as the only reason for our problems.
            They go deeper than that and I suggest that the owner and board need the kind of scrutiny you are giving to Wenger for starters.

          6. Phil says:

            Ken-you are not even quoting the simple issues.
            Players brought by Wengerhave gone from Anelka to Sanogo.Who authorised that transfer?The Board?Didthey scout him?Did they sign him? Did they coach him?No of course not.This was Wenger at His ever increasing worse.His scouts.His signing.His coaching.
            You put the blame onto the players yet fail to mention they are Wengers players that were(as Sanogo) Scouted,Signed and Coached by Wenger.
            Again it is very difficult to defend this Manager with any sound facts that are not simple to rip apart with reality.
            Nobody disputes that the removal of David Dein was as big a blow for Wenger as it was for the supporters.They both worked together to the absolute benefit of Arsenal Football Club.What did Wenger do when left on his own?Did he insist on a Director of Football to handle all the issues Dein dealt with?Did he not illustrate to his Board that they have just removed the conduit that made the partnership work to the benefit of Arsenal Football Club?No.What did Wenger do?He took on everything himself including a massive pay hike on his next contract.Ken-do not be blinkered by the fact Wenger has been paid a kings Ransom for his time at the club.The results and performances are not justified by the continued decline that you openly admit to.Wenger would have us all believe he is the only one capable of getting us out of the quagmire we are in while seemingly failing to acknowledge it was him that got us there.
            This Manager long ago lost any respect I had for him and by attempting to remain in his post any longer will be to the absolute detriment of this club.

          7. Ken 1945 says:

            I don’t seem to be able to reply to your post below directly, so doing it this way.
            Let’s first of all identify the facts we do agree on:
            The club is in a downward spiral and this season is just not good enough.
            Wenger has signed some awful players that should never have worn the shirt. (also signed some fantastic players of course)
            Wenger’s salary is obscene, just like so many others in todays footballing world.( Just thought that it should be noted that reports say that Pep is on £13m a year, so Wenger is not the highest paid manager. Irrelevant but factual?)
            What I am NOT saying (a fact) is that Wenger is not to blame. He has to take responsibility where he has made mistakes and you seem to miss that crucial point of my argument. You say he never admits a mistake, but I seem to remember him doing just that earlier this season. Did he not say that he mishandled his contract negotiations regarding staying or going?
            Let’s take Wenger out of the equation so that we can address other points that I asked you:
            You have still not told me how one man can ride roughshod over the owner and board of the “4th” richest club in the world without any consequences. It just doesn’t make sense. I have read that Kronke doesn’t care as long as he is making money….so…there is the first problem, if it’s true.
            I have been told that the board is corrupt…so there is the second problem, if it’s true.
            The players that have the responsibility to perform every week haven’t done that. Is that down to one man, or should they not be responsible and have pride in their own abilities?
            So there is the third problem…if you agree with my player assessment.
            David Dein’s role in our clubs success is undeniable and I haven’t read anything to dispute that. When he left, surely it was the responsibility of the owner and board to replace him?
            Why do you say that it was Wenger’s fault he wasn’t replaced,, he didn’t sack Dein did he?
            At the end of the day, Arsene ISN’T Arsenal and the club will exist long after this particular episode in our history is completed.

          8. hardave says:

            The number of AKB’s might be decreasing but there are a lot out there who still respects the man. Something you AOB’s should learn. No harm wanting the man out but don’t degrade yourself to a level of UTD and Chelsea supporters.

          9. Ken 1945 says:

            So true, respect your fellow gooners opinions, but don’t disrespect yourselves.
            Got a feeling it will fall on deaf ears though!!

    2. AndersS says:

      Agree 100%

  6. Gelz says:

    Squad player at best not going to set the world alight, the last type of player we need at the moment, until a new manager comes in best keeping the money in our pocket.

  7. King henry says:

    My theory is..

    Win the Europa
    Wenger to leave with his head helled high for winning his 1st European trophy
    Bring in either joachim low or max algeri as new “head coach” not manager

    GK Oblak or donnaromma
    CB manolas AND gimenez
    DM fabinho AND nzonzi
    Winger Douglas Costa or fakir

    GK ospina
    DEF mert (retiring) kos possably Mustafi and loan out holding
    MID elneny
    Winger iwobi or welbeck or both!!

    1st choice 11

    Ballerin manolas gimenez monreal
    Ramsey nzonzi mkhi
    Aubamayeng lacazette

    Cech. Chambers.. kolasinac. Fabinho. Douglas Costa. Fakir

    Surely a team with a shout of winning league

    But we can only dream hey lads


    1. Gunner22 says:

      Yes king! I’m of the same view, lets win the Europa and Wenger can leave uf he wants to or next year and we get Alegri. Lets not disrespect the legend who got us to the pinnacle.

      1. Phil says:

        Or just sack Wenger now.

    2. Alkali says:

      Fekir and fabinho on the bench ????

  8. wengers coat says:

    Arsenal is missing that Cazorla and Rosicky in the middle, our “pogba”. Someone who can turn nothing to something in the middle of the park. Xhaka is too poor in dribbling to succeed and doenst have the composure and temper of Rosicky and Cazorla

    1. hardave says:

      Honestly I feel if we had Cazorla we would be challenging for the tittle. If you observe the last 4 seasons when ever Cazorla gets injured our season goes into downward spiral. This season from beginning we didnt have Cazorla and true enough from beginning we were bad. David Silva from Man city is miles better the Ozil and guess who is better than Silva? Santi bloody f#c%kin Cazorla. God I miss him so much. Xhaka is not even 15% of what Cazorla was. Sighhh.. If only we put a 60m bid on Isco.

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