Agent denys Arsenal in talks over Lacazette to Roma

There have been understandably various rumours surrounding the absence of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette from yesterday’s Arsenal game away at Brentford, with many pundits suggesting that the future of both Arsenal’s most expensive strikers may be in jeopardy.

There appears, from recent rumours, a triangle of possible moves involving Tammy Abraham going to Arsenal or Roma, with Arsenal trying to get the Itaian giants to take Lacazette so they can get Chelsea’s young hitman, but the Roma website LaRoma24,decided to contact the agents of Lacazette directly to get to the heart of the matter.

This is what transpired..(translated by Google naturally!)..

EXCLUSIVE LAROMA24.IT – Alexandre Lacazette, according to some media, would be a target for the Giallorossi attack if they do not go into port negotiation for Tammy Abraham of Chelsea. The editorial staff of LAROMA24.IT exclusively contacted Jeremy Sutter of Score Agencies, agent of the transalpine striker under Arsenal. These are his words:

Is Lacazette a possibility for Roma?
“No, there are no negotiations underway with Roma for him.”

Did you have any contact with the director Tiago Pinto?
“No, I haven’t had any contact.”


So, according to the horse’s mouth (colloquially), there is no activity between Lacazette and Roma. If this is true, then we can assume that either Laca is in secret talks with other clubs, or maybe he just caught a cold along with Aubameyang?

I am sure we will find out shortly, eh?

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  1. I think there are real problems behind the scenes and in the dressing room. Xhaka being captain last night and all the missing players was strange. They may be ill but it was strange they were all from one area. Giving a player we were trying to sell weeks earlier is just bizarre.

    1. I believe if it’s covid it has to be reported and we would of heard the news like all the other footballers that of contracted it .
      Very weird what Arteta said in the post match interview when asked if both would be fit for Chelsea “I don’t know “ in a pissed of reply is what I made of it .
      Annoying AF that this is now our season over before it’s even begun ,same old sh1t different season .
      First time I can remember that I was not even excited for the season to start .

  2. Hi, Arsenal as a club is too big for Arteta to manage, sack him and bring another coach. we have Conte and Zidane to do the job better

  3. Damn Overrated Lacazette and his Brother in Dullness/Laziness, Aubameyang!!😕😣
    See the way Chelsea threw out Giroud, Abraham and Bashtuayi!

    But here, Both Arteta and some Fans pamper these 2 Apologies of strikers!!
    Put them up for Sale and no Club will cough out even 15million pounds to sign either!
    Just like As Roma refused to pay 12m pounds for Xhaka!
    Just like no Club will pay a paltry 10m for Pepe!
    Yet These Unproductive Guys are Praised to High heavens by some Fans!😒
    This Club needs Spiritual Cleansing!

    1. protest and have his goals and Auba’s goals and assist removed for last season….

      let see where we will be…..

  4. Tired of seeing pictures of players giggling their way through training.
    Tired of the fawning video’s of players picking their favourite music or commentating on their own performances.
    Show me footage of footballers training hard, putting in and actually behaving like extremely (overpaid) well paid professionals.

    1. You have excellently captured Auba and Laca!
      2 Lazy, misfits Strikers living on Past glory!
      When I was clamouring for Andre Silva here, some of our Fans claimed we have Laca n Auba!😕
      He went to Leipzig for a Paltry 30million pounds!
      A Striker who scored 28 Goals in the Bundesliga last season!

      Laca, Auba, Xhaka, Pepe, etc Would not be bought by Brighton, Burnley let alone Villa or Everton!
      Yet, Doz are the Darlings of some Fans and Arteta!😒

        1. So
          Tell me one club in England or Europe dat rewards Strikers in Decline with contracts and more Playing time?
          Burnley, Southampton, Everton, Napoli, Barcelona..🤔
          Give me one Plz!
          You see why I said you Fans pamper some of diz players!
          Even Pep Guardolia sold off Aguero bcos he well knows the Competition he will face dis season!

  5. Hmmm,
    a Nigerian Arsenal supporter! Double Pain/Heartbreaks everytime!
    In another post, one Taiwo Guy was saying we can Beat Chelsea next Sunday!!😕
    Would be the football Miracle of 2021!

    We are Poor, Directionless and useless all over Pitch! We have loads of untalented players defended by some Fans!
    Even Thomas Partey must be Ashamed of us! That’s why he probably feigned an Injury!

    Arsenal Fans should 4get about football and Pick an interesting Hobby to engage in..
    Because Depression is Real!😔🙂

  6. There is more to the absence of Auba and Laca than we are being told IMO. No explanation regarding the nature of their “illness” and unlikely to be covid related as it would have needed reporting. I believe they were dropped due to training indiscipline but leaks from the club have been deafening in their silence!

    1. 👍It is really strange, Declan. No mention of it anywhere, then to read ‘they’re doubtful’ for Chelsea 🤷‍♀️

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