‘Agent-driven’ transfer to Arsenal no longer happening

Journalist Ryan Taylor has claimed that Youri Tielemans move from Leicester to Arsenal is now off, with the agents having worked hard to orchestrate the move.

The midfielder has just 12 months remaining on his current deal, and it could well have been the ideal time for him to move clubs this summer, but if he is, it doesn’t appear likely to that it will be to come to the Emirates now despite the player’s agents trying to make that happen.

“It’s an interesting one, Taylor told GiveMeSport. “The information I had was similar to others, that it’s been pulled.

“I was told not to write about Tielemans anymore with Arsenal and that it was very much agent-driven and has never been as close as has been suggested, which is strange because all signs were kind of pointing towards Tielemans happening with Jesus in the past few weeks.”

It’s a shame that this now seems unlikely to happen, as I think he could well have proved to be an important addition to our squad. He has a great blend of experience and talent for his age, and I think he would have been a huge upgrade on Granit Xhaka through the middle.

Tielemans is a top player, but it could well be that Leicester were overvaluing him with just one year on his contract with the intention of keeping him. They may well be ready to run the risk of losing him for free in 12 month’s time however, and I hope we are at the head of the queue if that does happen.

Do you agree that he would have been a great signing for us?


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  1. Wouldn’t rule this one out completely yet, although as the days go past it is looking less likely. However on the flip side maybe we see the Tielemens as a more straight forward deal to get done so we are focusing on the more difficult negotiations ala Raphinha and Martinez.

  2. He would have been a useful addition to the squad. However, even if he had joined I don’t believe he would have been considered a replacement for Xhaka.

  3. I don’t think the club will reach the next level of competitiveness with Xhaka in the midfield.

    We’re on our 3rd manager, tried different partners with Xhaka, and several midfield combinations, but still doesn’t work.

    Perhaps that shows Xhaka isn’t a good fit for the PL, it happens with some players.
    He’s slow, rash in tackles, doesn’t create/assist/score goals, and doesn’t drive forward with the ball.

    Until we replace him in midfield the team won’t take the next step. Tielemans offers more at least.

    A B2B midfielder or DM and move Partey to B2B should be priority after a striker.

    We still lack a solid DM or B2B midfielder, hopefully Arteta and Edu correct that deficiency this Summer.

    1. I personally think Arsenal need more athleticism and
      power in the midfield position opposite of TP

      Although both lack EPL experience either S Fofana
      or C Doucoure would be PERFECT complimentary
      partners to the Ghanaian.

    2. i dont know why no manager does anything about his position. There has been one consistent component in all our lacklustre midfields over recent years. It’s not rocket science. As much as I like to see us going all out on attackers, why is the same attention not being given to this very obvious area we need improvement in?

    3. Durand, Could not agree more. Particularly about the wretched and “God alone knows how OR WHY this immobile tortoise has lasted so long at our club”, Xhaka!

  4. When you look at the arrivals already and the needs that are still to be filled, this guy doesn’t feel like a high priority.

    Unless they’re planning on spending £200-£300m, this seems to be an unnecessary use of limited funds.

    1. I think someone for cm should be a fairly major priority for the summer. The CF is needed badly of course, but after that the biggest weakness in our first team in the middle of midfield – we’re frequently outfought out outplayed there. After that we need to look at bulking up the squad to ensure we can cope with Europe, but surely that’s a lesser priority than the first 11?

  5. Granit is always poorly treated by the fans.
    With much trust and well set-up team, Xhaka is a prime Pirlo.

    Check his country’s contribution.
    I think we lacked composure while transitioning with the ball last season and Mikel is working on that.
    With Partey fit, Xhaka and Elneny can always deputise each other and other additionals in the wide midfield and forwards, especially with clinical finishers, Arsenal can finally compete with big boys.
    Remember we were only a few losses behind Liverpool and Manchester city before our season ended in the Southampton, Brighton games.
    We lacked leadership and concentration to finish off the good run.

  6. Iam still optimistic that the deal will still take place because he will really be a wonderful addition to this great young team with his experience.

  7. Arsenal need goals and assists from their midfield. All the signings the club have made to date are for depth. None will have an impact on the points total because they are not upgrades of players already receiving minutes.

    Marquiunnos is a young player who might get minutes in place of Pepe on the right, as a reserve for Saka, but he is not an upgrade on Pepe. Neither is Jeff Reiss Nelson, if he remains an Arsenal player.

    Raphinha, if he signs with the Gunners, will either come in as a reserve of replace one of Saka, Emile Smith Rowe, or Martinelli as starters. Again, not a major upgrade in terms of goals and assists.

    Arsenal’s central midfield has under performed since Aaron Ramsey left. Granit Xhaka (1 goal, 2 assists, 2,300 minutes) offers a lot, but he just does not score enough to be on the field so much.

    Youri Tielemans, James Ward Prowse, Marcel Sabitzer, Carlos Soler, Fabian Ruiz, John McGinn all offer both goals and assists from the center of the midfield. Ward-Prowse, for example, scored 10 and assisted 5. 15 more goals last season would have been the difference between Europa League and Champions League.

    The players Arsenal are bringing in are good players and look to be astute signings, but without an upgrade at central midfield, it is difficult to imagine a higher points total.

    As a counter point, Tottenham have already dramatically improved their team; clearly identifying weaknesses and addressing them; with Kulusevski and Bentacur in January; and Ivan Perisic and Yves Bissouma, and Fraser Forster for far this summer, with Antonio Conte expected to make two more signings.

    Liverpool and Man City have improved their squads, while Chelsea is struggling in the window thus far, but has huge financial muscle and could yet bring in the kind of quality players that make Arsenal’s Champions League dream much harder to achieve.

    It is difficult to imagine Manchester United will be worse next season. If the Red Devils improve significantly, Arsenal will need to be better, not just deeper.

  8. By far, the most accurate and complete assessment of our ailing or non-performing midfield, I have seen for ages. Well done, Paul 35mm.

    I would add the 22-year-old Chieck Doucoure to your list of preferred candidates, who could be available for less than 15M. I think your comment deserves to be posted on its own as a separate article.

    1. My word.
      Raphinha wouldn’t be an upgrade?
      If one says we have other priority I could understand.

      With the new five changes, his impact will be instant.

      Primer league battle hardened, Raphinha can make any of the top four side,
      Please get this deal over the line gaffer, only then we will remember Ramsdale all over again

      1. Exactly what i keep repeating @gunsmoke we need more attacking options and raphinha is exactly who i’ll love we get but some still thinks we don’t need him and went as far as claiming he is no better than pepe even when stat states otherwise only to call it an opinion,this site is full of experts uno.

        1. More attacking options needed, when there is a more pressing, gaping hole in our midfield, yet to be filled? FK’s ”bogus” logic for building a premier league team to compete for top4! Your partner Gunsmoke is right…Raphinha would not upgrade/improve the team if there are other urgent priorities. No matter how matter times you repeat it, FK, it is still rubbish. Sorry.

        2. FK am amaze if a single fan haven’t seen his contributions last season.

          His work rate was outstanding, he virtually Carrie’s that Leeds team on his back to safety, it’s no wonder they wont stand in his way of a transfer.

          Teams like Man City and Chelsea will flourish next season with there big quality squad.

          1. Yeah,i like that fighting spirit in him,saka was overused last season cos pepe could’nt be trusted yet they still want that to continue which is dangerous to the youngster who suffer unlimited fouls while playing.

  9. I don’t think it’s as dead as is speculated, it sounds more dependant on movement within our squad, it seems that Jesus and Raphina are within budget without exits.
    Tielemans is likely hinged on Xhaka leaving, and Martinez is likely hinged on Ballerin leaving and Tavares on loan. Echoes Arteta’s comments they have certain resources not unlimited, given the relative competition for other transfers Tielemans seems relatively uncontested so it makes sense to play a waiting game, it wouldn’t have taken much to say to agents we’ll be back in for this soon, it’s important we get another CM and I can’t see many better for the price, PL experience isn’t something to be ignored.

  10. The demand for Tielemans is almost nonexistent, his value could plummeted to as low as £10 mil in January.

  11. Tielemans is IMO a very good attacking midfielder, who has an eye for the deep pass in the box and can score goals from outside the box. Tielemans is good at winning goals in the midfield battle as well. He would bring Arsenal power in the midfield for sure.
    But maybe Arsenal don’t want to play “waiting game” with Leicester City.

  12. @RFrancis,signing a DM probably has to do with outgoings plus it is not as pressing as having two quality attackers joining.imagine having partey,xhaka,elneny,lokonga and AMN for just a soon to be one spot when we switch to 4-3-3 and still feeling pressed to add one more without any departures compared to a three/four spot position containing saka,martinelli,ESR,pepe who wants away,odegaard and viera in four competitions. jesus and raphinha are joining.DO YOUR WORSE!!!

  13. “I think he would have been a huge upgrade on Granit Xhaka”

    not sure I believe this statement kind sir

    he wasn’t coming as soon as Vieira walked in the door, even though they don’t play the same position…if we start the season with Xhaka on this squad, we will never be able to deploy a 4-3-3 or get over the proverbial hump…that said, I wish nothing but the best for Xhaka, his family and anyone who might like this particular player…happy holidays to one and all

  14. It’s not about quality attackers, FK. We had two quality attackers last season (PEA and Lacazette), as you will remember, and they were deemed useless – within the context of artetaball. Prioritising DM is essentially strengthening the spine/core of the team to allow our attacking players more space and freedom to express themselves. This was the foundation for success for the “invincibles” with Patrick Vieira in the middle. It worked before; it will work again.

  15. Quite surprised we have not attempted to sign Fabian Ruiz, who is available for a similar price to Tielemens, standing at 6″2 would bring height and physicality to the Midfield, decent defensively, a good passer and gets a few goals midfield, although not the quickest himself, but that isn’t the be all and end all. Surely Arteta must know about his fellow compatriot.

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