Agent gives Arsenal a boost in chase for Dortmund striker

Youssoufa Moukoko is one of the teenage sensations in Europe at the moment as he continues to shine on the books of Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

The youngster has been in fine form since he was in their youth team and earned a promotion to the senior side because of his many goals.

He is just 18 and will be out of a contract at the end of this season, which has BVB worried, and they want to tie him down to a new deal.

They have made him a starter to convince him to stay, but the club and his entourage continue to discuss a deal and hope to reach an agreement soon.

Some reports had claimed he had been offered a big-money deal to stay, but his agent has now clarified the situation.

“I can confirm that we are not about to conclude a contract extension with Borussia Dortmund,” agent Patrick Williams told Sky Germany via Football London.

“I can also assure you that the numbers that are circulating are simply not correct and Youssoufa was never offered that much. But we are still in contact with Dortmund and will see what the next few days bring.”

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This gives us some assurance that he is still available and we can still add him to our squad.

However, it does not mean adding him to our group will be easy and we must be prepared to convince him about his first team chances before we can win the race for his signature.

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  1. We have Balogun waiting on the wings to take the PL by storm. No need to engage in any bidding war with other clubs for another teenage striker

  2. Arrange a pre contract and take him in the summer for free.

    Now that we acting like a big club, send him on loan as he develops further under the tutelage of the gaffer.

    This what former Chelsea, Marina Granoskaia does with an abundance of talents to choose from and sell.

  3. I would still like to see us try to get Giroud to return. If he is willing to play a strategic sub role he would be a great pick up. Imagine his hold up play with our attacking midfield/wingers! And he would not threaten the likes of Eddie or Balogun as he will age out of competition in the next few years…most likely.

    1. YK, it is your very IDEA of HOLD UP PLAY, that makes your suggestion as to its use so outmoded and passe! I refuse to believe that you cannot have noticed HOW our constant fast movement of the ball and inter changing its position, esp in attacking plays – the very antithesis of hold up play- is destroying opponents.

      The very LAST thing our team needs is a very slow moving, immobile and lets not forget also AGED, OLD FASHIONED AND OUTDATED STRIKER. However good he still is at heading the ball.

      I thank the stars it will find no favour with those who run our team! Mobility and pace is vital. We are in 2022, not any longer in 1982!

      1. Soooo…you don’t agree then.😁? Lol!

        Despite your good points about mobility and pace, I still believe there is an opportunity to employ other skill sets…especially during emergency crunch times when the other team is parking the bus and pace and mobility is just not doing the trick. To illustrate my point, consider my rankings for hold up play and aerial dominance:
        G Jesus: very good/good
        F Balogun: good/pretty good
        E Nketiah: average/average
        *I think I am being generous in all those rankings.
        O Giroud: phenomenal/phenomenal

        Admitted that he is slow…he still has qualities that a good manager can exploit during the right time. The right tool for the right job. As I stated, it is a bit part role i envision for Giroud, that he would have to agree to as well of course. But he would bring a unique skill set, a wealth of experience, and would/should. not expect more than 1-2 years. This way Balogun & Nketiah would not feel threatened.

        Just my opinion though Mr. Fox. You are right that I have no influence with the powers that be😁

        1. YK well my friend, this site is about we Gooners having and stating our opinions . All well and good!

          But you may have read, if you are a JA regular, that I always call myself a realist.
          To be frank, I am not much concerned with what some may think “left field opinions” which I too think your Giroud view is best called.

          And all that matters, in the end, is that I know and I THINK YOU KNOW EQUALLY WELL, that Giroud is not going to interest MA in the slightest and it will never happen, Not in reality land, where I choose to live.

          1. Absolutely agree that he in nowhere near MA’s radar. I was playing bit of “fantasy manager” with what I think would be a nice addition to the tool box. All in fun. Appreciate the conversation…all in good spirit.

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