Agent hints that Arsenal are closing in on Aaron Ramsey replacement?

Arsenal continue to be linked with the Sampdoria pair Andersen and Dennis Praet, and of the two it would appear today that the Gunners are getting closer and closer to signing Praet at least. The Begian midfielder looks like he would be good replacement for Aaron Ramsey and at age 25 he should be approaching his prime and have many years left in his career at the top.

It is now being reported that his agent Martin Riha has hinted that his client is getting close to leaving the Serie A club. He said: “Dennis is a complete player and ready to move to a top club,”

When asked if Arsenal are one of the clubs chasing Praet, Riha added: “I don’t want to say more now, I think you can understand.”

So does that sound like he is on his way to the Emirates? Considering that he has been linked to us for quite some time I get the feeling that his arrival is looking more and more likely don’t you?

Belgium have been producing a lot of quality players lately and they have soared up the international rankings so Praet could be a great addition to the team. Once known as a “wonderkid” at Anderlecht he progressed enough to win the Belgian Golden Boot as the country’s player of the year in 2015, just before winning his move to Sampdoria.

Could we expect an announcement very soon?



    1. Yes, he is way better than what we have also I would sell Toreira and buy Kessie from Milan who is stronger on the ball.

  1. Praet should be a good support player. Like Dennis Suarez at Barca…. But in our current midfield he would start

  2. I seriously doubt we can expect any announcement soon.. not just regarding these 2 from Sampdoria, but any bloody Tom, Dick or Harry!!

          1. I’m not disputing that, Matovu.. I just meant you know how it is with Arsenal.. waiting till the last minute, refusing to pay the full amount.. then because we’ve dilly-dallied, we miss out on that player! So I’ll be amazed if we buy anyone before – at least – mid to late July!!

  3. As the transfer window continue unfolding, it is becoming clearer that our tightwad of a board have no plan to move this club forward. It’s even more disheartening that most fans have accepted this nasty illusion that we have no money to spend. For goodness sake, we have lost all our pride as a club even lesser teams are taunting us. The only thing we are left with is “when Arsenal was Arsenal”
    In the midst of all these, those scammers still had the effrontery to declare a 40m transfer budget. I wonder if they are aware how shameful that budget is. We are now talking of players we can get cheaply and not players who can improve us. Some of the players suggested here are even worst than the ones we have. If you believe that 40m will improve this squad then you are deluded.
    Most of us were rejoicing because Tottenham lost the Champions League final to Liverpool. It would have been worst if they won but for them to play in the Champions League final while we played in Europa league final, it already a win over us.
    The way we are going we are getting closer to relegation than the top of the table.

    1. So true my friend unfortunately, its getting embarrassing now. £40 mil, what a joke. Can’t see us ever getting back in top 4 let alone winning anything, so sad….

  4. Yes, it will be revealed he is to join a club that can afford him and that has ambition.

    Toothless Arsenal once again fumble through another transfer window. We have no money apparently (well Stan has lots of it but is not giving us any of it) and as only the eighth richest club in the world we are cash strapped with no real ambition other than to deliver and average return for a team with the self sustained football model. Great for balancing books but not so great for getting success on the field;)

    No doubt our transfer dealings will be slowed even further than the usual snail’s pace because of the desperate and essential need to remove Ozil from our wage bill because of our self imposed poverty.

  5. You can’t blame the board for this mess you av to blame the shareholders who sold they shares to the yank stan we need 100 million + sells to rebuild we av some good players all we need is LB CB LW RW AM DM but we live and hope

  6. Happy Sunday to all our fans all over the world, and those in the UK aswell! I have been reading all your comments and complains out here, over the past couple of weeks. My advice to every Arsenal fan out there is that,” Even if you rant from this day until next year, no one would hear nor listen to you”. The least we could do is sit and relax and watch how the transfer window unfolds, all this articles linking us to everyone are all just Ballant nonsense! The only thing you as an Arsenal fan can do is not renewing your ticket, until the window closes. Let us all protect the mishandling of our dear club, quietly and with something that would get to them. Talking won’t do nothing! I know Arsenal are going to sign, so let us all keep our fingers crossed and see how it all unfolds. I wish you all a happy Sunday, I love Arsenal with my heart and I know everyone out there do too, so if you are a ticket holder, please wait a little while for the transfer window to end first before you renew your ticket. Have a nice day everyone

    1. Austine, The simple fact is if season ticket holders did as you recommend, they would lose their tickets, as there is a long waiting list. I liked your post in its general theme but you are wrong on the tickets comment. “HAVE A NICE DAY”, despite its American type sounding insincerity, is nevertheless, when sincerely meant, as I AM SURE YOURS IS, A GREAT COMMENT!

    2. For all other clubs looking on this is a perfect example that not all “investors” have the club’s best interest at heart and as such they need to keep them out of their clubs if at all possible. Some invest just looking for a return on investment and winning or being truly competitive is not priority. I am sure the people who initially brought this dross of an owner to the club must regret their decision to this day, as he has no interest in moving this club forward. I don’t think Kronke cares or knows anything about football as evidence by his lack of attendance at games but unfortunately all talk from us fans will not matter as he has no intentions of selling as Arsenal is too valuable to his portfolio. The unfortunate thing is that by the time this clubs stop making him money thereby forcing him to sell, Arsenal will be in such bad shape it might take decades for any one to bring it back.

  7. Don’t know much about him

    All I know is that he’s got good vision and accurate passing. Good linkup man. Also works hard defensively

  8. If it is true that Satan Kroenke will not pay £25mill for Fraser or Carrasco yet West Ham have paid £25mill for Pablo Fornals then Arsenal are finished. Satan Kroenke’s MLS Colorado Rapids are our American counterparts. Kroenke starves them. They are on course for possibly the the lowest points total in the MLS. At least West Ham’s owners support their club. Kroenke supports his portfolio. Our own owner does not support his own club Arsenal. Where can THAT lead?

    1. AUSTERITY. President Satan Kroenke believes that starving Arsenal will lead to miraculous revival. Delusion. Perhaps it’s unconscious punishment. Perhaps he hates the supporters. We are under AUSTERITY.

      1. Sean, yes that’s true, as we all already know and have known for a decade already(at least the perceptive realists among us). MANY HAVE OFTEN STATED THIS FACT, ME INCLUDED. But surely the question is what do you think we CAN or should TRY to DO to change things? Identifying the problem is an important start BUT unless action follows and there is the real problem, nothing EVER changes.

  9. Do you know I think us Gunners are beeing taken for a ride.We have been convinced that moving to the Emirates would take us financially to the levels we needed to compete with the big northern clubs…it not true is it? AFc have had a non stop flow of big money going in since the move and very little going out. We have seedn incompetence of a great scale withcontracs being allowed to wither away so we lose again and again. We have not produced ONE top defender from any of our reserve and youth teams since Adams…why/ if Burnley, Bolton and Southampton can why not us? We are basically just another business for Kronke and a place for his son to play at being the big man. In fact I see only one way to get them investing or to sell up and that is to boycott all home games. It worked in the 60s and it would work even more now. If we dont we will end up exactly where we were when I was in my teens ( 1955- 1970) being a mid table nothing club until he loses money!

    1. Gunnerpete, Great post in general . I too am an oldie whose teenage years ended in 1970. I am amused that your age 13-19 years spanned 15 years but am only teasing. YOUR KROENKE COMMENTS WERE SPOT ON AND I GUESS YOU MAY -OR MAY NOT – HAVE BEEN THERE WHEN WE HAD THE 4554(I think it was,but may be wrong,crowd which finalised the sacking of Billy Wright in 1966. I was there and even after that debacle which we lost 0-3, remember walking down Avenell Rd with a pathetic home made “banner”, if you can call it that, saying “Wright must stay”! Ah the ignorance of youth!

      On your important “not ONE defender” comment I so agree that the defensive shambles at Arsenal for over a decade now is possibly the single most disgraceful and long running team scandal in our post war history. To not be able to get EVEN a single real top quality CB since Sol Campbell , save only the half decent Koscielny, in all that time is a total disgrace and I hold Wenger,along with Gazidis and Kroenke , as the money men, responsible. I have been perhaps the most prominent voice on this site over many years past highlighting the awfulness of our sham defence for all those years. Merts to my mind was a virtual statue and as such useless, though some on here rated him but never me! MANY OF OUR YOUNGER FANS HAVE NEVER SEEN A TRUE TOP ARSENAL DEFENDER IN THE FLESH SO HAVE NO IDEA HOW GREAT ADAMS, BOULD, THE YOUNGER O’LEARY AND McLINTOCK WERE. That some, youngerfans, even rate such poor players as Sokratis is laughably naive. SHADES OF ME BACK IN 1966 WITH THAT PATHETIC AND WRONGHEADED BANNER!

  10. Austine Wenger, love the name and your obviously a real gooner…just like everyone on this site!!!

    Now, if I did what you suggested and waited until the tranfer window closes, I would AUTOMATICALLY be taken of the season ticket list and someone on the waiting list of over 40,000 fans would be offered my seat.
    I had to renew it by July 17th (I think that was the date) or lose it and that is something I just wouldn’t be prepared to do.

    Just thought I would explain this particular situation to you and why s/ticket holders do what they do.

    1. Ken it was June 10th-which is at least 2 weeks later than normal.The reason ? If we had won the EL Final and got CL football the prices would have gone up.

      1. Thanks Phil,
        I know I renewed mine ASAP, but couldn’t remember the cut off date.

        Austine, we must remember what happened since our move to the new ground.

        The oil money has completely changed the landscape of the premier league and if Newcastle are also bought, it will inevitably change again.

        I cannot see any difference in the situation we find at our club under kronkie than in previous years however.
        The club was always run as a self sufficient model and we never competed with the clubs who consistently used money to buy the top players.
        The only difference is that it’s a single owner rather than shareholders and a board.

        Our transfer kitty has always been smaller than our rivals and even when we bought lacs and aba, we only committed approximately£20,000,000 in actual hard cash, as we sold over£110 million worth of players in the same time frame.

        It’s easy to say we’ve been lied too, but I don’t think anyone could really say, in all honesty, that they could have seen the change that would take place over the ten yesrs.

        As for our most successful manager AW, time has proved that finishing in the top four was, as he was so often derided about, the first thing that any club needed to achieve.
        It is only just dawning on those who didn’t see this as a success, just what an incredible job he did for twenty of the twenty two years as manager.

        Let’s hope that UE will be able to show the same consistency as the game continues to change due to the money rolling in and changing the goalposts every season.

    2. Thank you Ken1975 for your honesty. If we can’t stop them from earning how then do we get to this fraudulent Owner of ours?

      I haven’t been able to dream like other fans had for the past couple of seasons. Arsenal have truly portrayed a level of unseriousness in executing transfers. I am gutted with the way they are already going about with this window. I am patient because I feel maybe they are waiting for Copa America and the nations cup to be concluded first, maybe they will find cheap bargains there. But I would suggest we go for a direct winger like Chukwueze or Neres of Ajax. Those two I have watched them all season and with the kind of football they play, all they need is a coach to take them to the next level of their career, which I believe Emery is 100% up to the task. He has done it with Iwobi and the rest of the squad, well with that said, they could get doucoure, and we would have a midfield of Torreira, Doucoure and maybe Xhakha to complement.

      I just want to see things happening, is not a crime to demand change after years of being lied to and being patient for Wenger to turn things around. We’ve all seen that if we don’t act then things won’t change! If we hadn’t pushed Wenger out, no one would have and if we don’t take actions now no one would listen. We would only complain and fight on comment sections without being listened to, while that fraud smile away with his earnings. I feel so disgusted mere thinking of Korenke alone! Why don’t those Arabs place a bid for Arsenal ? I have seen they are the only ones serious about investing in football. Whoever brought this peace of shit into our lives, I believe he is happy with how the club has turned out. How mighty we have fallen, Imagine west ham making a 25 million pounds signing and we are here saying we don’t have funds. Arsenal just needs to be reminded that we exist so let’s do something this season. We shouldn’t be accepting 4th as a success, we should be targeting the the league for Christ sake, how can a Cub of our status begin a season with the aim of only achieving top 4? Isn’t that shamefull for you all ? And all those idiots players would win couple of games and come on social media to celebrate like they have won the league, that nonsense should not be tolerated this season. I am standing my found so everyone should, when they act like that we should remind them of where they are and not get over their heads like they have done something important. What a shame what we have become. I feel so sad ☹️

      1. Well put. Our emotions are tied to Arsenal. It hurt to wimp out at the back end of last season. It broke my heart to see West Ham sign Pablo Fornals, he is a really good player. Vinai Venkatesham & Raul Sanllehi have as much urgency as a snail and we got rid of Sven Mislitat who saw through our structure. We are not in good hands and Satan Kroenke is a curse on the game of football. He is our owner. You are right….what have we become?

      2. Austine, I am certain you speak for the huge and overwhelming majority of us. Anyone who disagrees has serious perception problems, IMO. I am also certain that UNLESS we remove the creature from hell, whatever it takes, we will never again win the title. And I write that as a fan who retains the utmost faith in Emery as a top manager. Some of the ridiculous calls for Emerys head, from frankly silly people, have been laughable and nonsensical. BUT however good he is – and he certainly IS – no manager has a real chance when starved of funds by the creature.

        1. Jon, so good to see you are saying that no manager, however good he is, has/had a real chance when starved of funds…however some are not appreciated until it’s too late.

          By the way, with reference to your “huge and overwhelming majority” quote AND the fact that you put so much faith in the polls conducted on here… can you explain the result regarding who was to blame for the results last season?

          I seem to remember the overwhelming majority was that it was down to UE, just wondered if you are setting as much faith in this poll result as you have done in others?…just curious Jon, just curious!!

          1. ken, people who blame Unai Emery as the principal cause of Arsenal’s failure to make next season’s Champions League are irrational. Arsenal was closer this year than the previous two seasons, improving from sixth to fifth with more points; however the fact remains that the majority of the Arsenal squad have failed over three seasons under two well credentialled respected managers Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery.
            Emery’s contract was for two seasons, with apparently an option to extend at the end of 2019/2020. Should Emery’s contract not be extended or should he choose to leave, which well credentialled respected manager could be attracted to the Emirates given the quality of the current squad, inflated wages of some players, the apparently low transfer budget and a disinterested owner?
            We were told Arsenal left Highbury and spent a fortune on constructing the Emirates to compete with the best in Europe. Now Arsenal are competing with Everton, Leicester City, Watford, West Ham United and possibly Newcastle United. Yes the financial balance has changed with the apparent unlimited funds to firstly Chelsea and then Manchester City, but this only accounts for two clubs. Previously Arsenal competed with Manchester United with their greater riches.
            Where is the £60 million per annum from the Adidas kit contract going? One hopes that once the new contract with Adidas commences (01/07/2019?), a number of signings will be announced wearing the Adidas shirt.

  11. JON FOX,you right. UE has done tremendous work with this team and has developed some young lads moreover, many clubs are manager thirsty with ‘top managers’ scarcity in market is utterly useless. For some fans who think Emery is failing the club with extremely low funds it’s beyond my understanding.

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