Agent lands in London to thrash out Arsenal move for top midfield target

Arsenal is edging closer to signing Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid after the midfielder’s agent arrived in London to conclude negotiations.

The Gunners have maintained that he is their priority target despite looking to add the likes of Manuel Locatelli and James Maddison to their squad.

He spent the second half of last season on loan at the Emirates and he impressed Mikel Arteta greatly.

The Spanish manager is now looking to add him to his squad again and to build his midfield around him.

Odegaard hopes to break into the Real Madrid team, but he will struggle to achieve that as Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t think he fits his plans, former manager Zinedine Zidane also didn’t rate him highly.

He was left out of Madrid’s squad for their opening league game of the season at the weekend in what is an obvious message that he can leave.

The Mirror is now reporting that his agent has flown to London to thrash out a deal with Arsenal for his return to the Emirates.

Madrid is looking for around 40m euros for his signature, but it seems the move would be for an initial loan period with the option of making the transfer permanent for a fee.

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    1. Wisdom…but will he do that? spent 3weeks on White, spent about 2wks on Maddison. now he is rushing

  1. Totally understand why Odegaard isn’t everyone’s Ccup of tea. Much of his time at Arsenal was underwhelming.

    But for me there are three reasons why I want him:

    1) He knows the system and won’t take anytime to bed in. Very few players hit the ground running with their new team, especially without a preseason.

    2) We can have different opinions on his quality but we can’t argue with the fact that we somehow muddled our way to the third best record in the league following his loan signing. Not giving him all the credit but facts are facts.

    3) He’s good mates with Haaland and will get him to sign with us. Okay, that’s more of a dream than a reason…

    1. 1 – agree

      2 – agree

      3 – I wish

      In all fairness, we’ve seen him play with the worst Arsenal team in 3 decades so it’s a bit difficult to judge how good he is. Lot’s of fans are saying he’s bad but his first spell he was young, new league, strange tactics, low team morale.

      Difficult for anyone to perform in those conditions. I don’t want us to sign him but I can’t see us getting anyone better either.

    2. I want Odegaard back at Arsenal. I saw enough in him to convince me that given another season at Arsenal he will be a success.

      I know people have already made up their minds about him, which is understandable, he was a bit underwhelming. But there is something about him that reminds me of the former teams of ours that used to play entertaining football.

      I feel like another season here will see him winning people over.

    3. In a nutshell, you have no reason, IMO we need players with stamina and pace.

      I wonder why Arsenal takes so long in signing players.

  2. Like I said before if we sign MO he will prove many fans wrong just when he started performing he got injured and before that he needed time to settle in and to get to know his new teammates this time around he’ll slot in pretty much straight away.i’m actually quite happy & positive m

    1. I don’t know why but I feel the same way..
      We might get pie on our face if ever we get him and he underwhelms.

    2. I think he is a good player, people don’t realise it takes a while to acclimatise to a new team and playing in the premier league if we just go by a few months of playing Robert pires and Henry would of gone after their early arsenal careers

    3. siamois, I agree with you regarding Martin Odegaard; we haven’t seen the best of him yet at club level. Now all Arsenal has to do is approach Lyon for a package deal for Houssem Aouar and Bruno Guimaraes. A more costly alternative would be Aouar and Yves Bissouma from Brighton. In either case midfield would be significantly upgraded on last season.

  3. Arteta ball
    Nuno, Cedric magalies Mari and white
    Lokonga, odegard and willian

    Trust the process

  4. With these owners, Edu, and arteta. It just a dream. If we have Brendan Rodgers with current team we will finish in the top four. Auba will score 20+ goals. Br just need an attacking midfielder. But arteta want 20 new players. Arteta must play to their players strength. This club is finished.

    1. yes. Arteta isn’t playing to their strengths atall, he just wants players to play according to what he has in his head, Pep has so much entered into his brain not knowing that Pep is in an Oil Well team

  5. Arteta will be gone by Christmas (maybe before).
    I believe the players do not believe in him or his brand of football!

    1. if its true he’s been falling out with Auba or Lacazette, it shows there is a pattern with Arteta not being able to manage players. Guendouzi was a one-off, but it seems we can now add Ozil, Mustafi, Laca, Auba to the list and it’s far too long and there is no way there can be harmony in the dressing room with him falling out with players constantly. Something is off with this Auba/laca situation for sure.

    2. his brand of football is too rigid and hard-codedly manual. no freedom to be creative. it’s difficult finding a balanced manager these days

  6. Let’s take it this way:
    Leno at the goal post,
    Then holding, white and pablo as back three,
    In the middle let’s have saka, Granite, Lokanga and Tavarez,,
    Then front three let’s have pepe, martinelli and Smith.
    You can as well replace pablo with Tierney

  7. I am perplexed about the hype surrounding Odegaard and if he is the answer to the mid-field problem. If Ancelotti does not rate him enough to see him in his plans there is possibly something that Arteta does not see that is missing from his game. Of course Arteta has not the experience regarding players that Ancelotti has so it would be no surprise if Arteta got it wrong. I think that 40 million euro is to much of a risk and should be avoided and a loan the most we should do if at all. The other point is that perhaps RM are being crafty and want Odegaard to get game time and develop, until their aging midfield goes (next season), then take him back. Then the process of finding a replacement starts all over again.

    1. im not sure there is even much hype around odegaard anymore. Arteta seems to be the only manager that rates him as highly as he does. Many of us here are not convinced, because he was so unconvincing due his first loan here. And he cant break into the Real Madrid squad at all.

  8. Wont complain if we got odegaard but not gonna be excited either.. With odegaard, Im confident we can secure the 8th position again.

  9. Odegaard looks like it’s happening as long as it’s not another loan deal, it’s a good piece of business.

  10. I’m betting that if we get him it will be a loan. Good skills but lacks pace, maybe the reason RM want him off their books.

    1. Exactly. Arsenal team is so slow to open up defences with electric pace.
      We are almost the slowest, and dare I say weakest. No stamina.

      Mari, holding, Xhaxa, Elneny, the list goes on .
      to add a slow MO and not either that creative does not make sense. We should have kept the kid sold to Newcastle even Willcok

  11. Willock spent half a season with NU and scored 8 goals while MO in the same period scored just 1 goals with us and we want to get MO for Willock +£10m…what a way to run a clubs. Arteta by the end TW if we be bring in a player or two would be spending over £300m in just two years and have nothing to show for it other than falling out with his players

    1. Arteta is a crumby coach and I do not like it.
      Its either his way nor no way.
      These players cost a fortune and you dont just cast them away on disciplinary matters.
      Even my son dumping away bicycles because they have not tyre pressure, I will not just buy another one.
      He can not manage players and their emotions.
      A club is formed of different players from different backgrounds. its give and take the best out of them.
      He should be fired.

  12. welcome to Arsenal, where we’ve been lowering the bar for well over a decade now

  13. i fully believe that our great club are going to have to chhoose between arteta and some senior players. i dont know whho is going to win this but i sincerely hope it will be for the better of our dear old club.

  14. Reading the comments, what a bunch of wino’s; you all wanted Arsene Out, Our best mangers ever, Now you all want us to be like Spurs, also rans, as they keep changing their mangers every 2 years. It takes time to develop a team, and even Fergy took 5 years before winning the FA cup. Patience is required to get the players gelling together. Too many new players take much longer to blend in. Man City Lost!!!

    1. Raj, dont see how you can look at the actions during this transfer window and seriously think things are going to come together. Or look at how Arteta has had us playing since last season and think this is good. You’re willing to allow this club and our play on the pitch to such a degree because you are scared of changing managers too frequently? In case you haven’t noticed by the way, we are worse than Spurs, so to call them alsorans is quite something. And to suggest Arteta has anywhere close to the know-how that SAF ever had is just ridiculous. Him and Edu and begging for Aaron Ramsdale and you think they are the ones to lead us forward? Get real.

      1. I applaud you RSH for your tactful dressing-down of the honourable Mr. Raj, as I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have chosen such an amiable approach

  15. I think he is a good player, people don’t realise it takes a while to acclimatise to a new team and playing in the premier league if we just go by a few months of playing Robert pires and Henry would of gone after their early arsenal careers

  16. Arsenal should take him on loan with an option to buy. Hope he performs better this season as compared to the last. But still the selling of Willock is totally baffling.

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