Agent looking to convince Arsenal to accept transfer proposal next week

The agent of Hector Bellerin will be in London next week to persuade Arsenal to allow the Spaniard to move to Inter Milan.

Bellerin has been linked with a transfer away from the Emirates in this transfer window as Arsenal looks to bolster their squad.

The Gunners have been in talks with Inter Milan over selling him, but both clubs cannot agree on the type of transfer.

Inter Milan wants a loan with the option to buy him, but Arsenal favours an outright sale or a loan with an obligation to buy.

The Italians are insisting on their method and Arsenal is also not shifting their position.

But the defender wants to move to Milan and Corriere dello Sport via Sempre Inter claims that Bellerin’s agent will meet with Arsenal to convince them to concede and accept Inter’s offer.

The Gunners need to cut down on the number of players in their squad and they have two more right-backs at the moment.

Calum Chambers and Cedric Soares can play in that position, but that still doesn’t mean that they will allow themselves to do business that wouldn’t benefit them financially.

The full-back is currently with them for preseason and unless things change, he might remain on their books when the new campaign starts.

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    1. Agree with your comment. Agent should be insisting on obligation to buy and not just renting the player for a year.

      Otherwise Bellerin can play early cup games and sit on the bench until he decides to improve his defending.

      Waiting for the “ruthlessness” Arteta chirps about to apply to veterans and not just young players like Guendouzi, Saliba, Mauro, etc….

      1. Durand Assuming – which is not a given, that this articles headline is even true at all – his agent comes to speak with us in person and NOT use all those “boring and highly inconvenient devices of 21st century communication” instead, imagine the conversation(possibly in Spanish).

        “Senor Arteta , you should lower your asking price or he will not leave”.
        “Senor Agent, you are simply repeating what you emailed to me yesterday. There’s the door. Please close it behind you”.
        What a wasted plane flight in this carbon fighting world!

      2. “Until he decides…” Durand? If it was only his “decision” that was needed and not his obvious total lack of any defensive nous whatever, than don’t you agree that he would have decided to improve it ever since he first made our team.

        Of all the senior players still here from Wengers days, which are, in PRACTICLE terms, just Bellerin, Leno, Chambers, Holding, Xhaka, Laca and Auba, I have long wished Bellerin to be first to leave, and I cannot even stand Xhaka , though he is still in close second place behind defenceless Bellerin, the single most hapless non defender of the entire Wenger reign and ever since too.

        None of the other Wenger remainers come anywhere near either Bellerin or Xhaka for me.Thank God!

        Nothing personal, as Bellerin is a fine person but we are talking footballers here, not evolved human beings.

  1. What’s the problem with Italian clubs?
    They find it hard to pay top dollars for players but if you want to buy from them the reverse is the case.
    I sincerely hope Arsenal will not allow inter Milan to get Bellerin for a peanut

    1. There is nothing wrong with Italian clubs that’s how business works Arsenal should probably take a leaf out of their book!

      1. I totally disagree with you.
        If you really want a player then you must be ready to pay for him that’s how business is done.
        They should stop being cunning.
        We did not get the player for free or loan when joined us year’s ago.
        We payed his former club because we need his services years ago.
        If they are serious about him let them back the desire with concrete bid.

        1. So easy to assume that our “beloved Stan” will gladly shell out! Now, for that early morning cup of tea!

  2. The most important thing is to get his wage off our bill.
    We can still sell him next summer if Inter refuse to buy.
    Option or outright buy, he should go

  3. How does anyone know outside of the clubs and the agent himself what he is coming to London for, it’s all speculation?

  4. If belerin has made up his mind to leave, Arsenal should look out for a way to send him to Milan. Also our wage bill will be reduced if he leaves, we can still sell him next summer if Inter is unwilling to buy, which may not be the case, they seem to like him and he likes Inter.

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