Agent reveals why coveted striker refused to join Arsenal

Arsenal was desperate to sign Dusan Vlahovic from the start of last season as he scored goals regularly for Fiorentina.

The Italian side seemed too small for him and he kept getting better, making Mikel Arteta consider him the best player to replace the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

However, Arsenal hardly stood a chance of signing him because the Serbian was interested in one team only, Juventus.

The Old Lady eventually made an offer for him and he moved to Turin at the start of this year.

The attacker’s agent has now admitted they had interest from other clubs, but Juve was his preferred choice.

Darko Ristic told La Gazzetta Dello Sport via Sport Bible: “It is true that there were many other clubs interested, but Juventus are Juventus, one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“It seemed like the best option from the start and I haven’t changed my mind on that.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

The only reason we did not sign Vlahovic was that he was keen to join Juve and no other club.

If it came down to money, we could have paid more for his signature, but he only wanted to wear black and white.

As we storm towards an unlikely league title, we will soon become the go-to place for the best players around.

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  1. Which everyone knew ,which makes you wonder why Arteta wasted all January trying to sign him ,to me that was the difference of not being able to get top 4 by not signing an Auba replacement.

    1. I reckon Arteta was just hoping it would work out cos he didn’t want anything other than very best player he could possibly find – and at that moment in time if he couldn’t get his man he’d take his chances with what he already had. We now know it cost us 4th last season, but we’re still in a better place than most were hoping for 🙂

  2. This retrospective to me is a distraction. Jesus runs into the box and opens up spaces for others to score. Consequently we have the second best attack. Our statistics show that keeping up this momentum guarantees minimum top 4 for us. the title will be a bonus.
    Destiny is definitely on our side as Jesus is a blessing.

  3. The past! Gone by! Move on and talk about something relevant to now or the future and not in the past.

    He is not even OUR past. THAT I could at least understand talking about.

  4. Misleading title – it would be fair to say that the “agent confirms” rather than “agent reveals” the reason, since we already knew he only wanted to go to Juventus (God only knows why, they’re rubbish and they won’t get any better with football finances as they are these days- and then there’s the cheating thing, hmmmm).

    I imagine discussions with him didn’t last very long, anyone thinking otherwise should stop believing everything they read in the media.

    Last January I remember the reports of us trying to sign him started early in the window and it was clear from the start that he was prepared to wait until the summer to go to Juventus. That didn’t stop the rumour mill regurgitating that story ad infinitum of course.

    Some people are gullible enough to believe that stuff and even think it was an attempt to replace Aubameyang, but that’s not the case, the Amazon series showed that the Aubameyang deal was only finalised with about 10 seconds to go before the window shut, there was no time to replace him, his situation was not directly related to the Vlahovic thing.

    This was simply a case of looking to build for the future, buying a good player if he was available, interested and the right material – and clearly the latter two criteria were not met here. And they won’t be in future – knowing what we know now, this guy should never play for Arsenal.

  5. I for one can’t blame the gaffer for doing everything in his power to get this kid service.

    This is a hungry gaffer with an appetite the size of a macka breadfruit, Arteta knows we are not bless with endless unlimited funds, he knows this striker is like a cheaper version of Haaland, but what is to be must be.

    But there will comes a time when he’s manage to get all his first choice players he wants, but until then we can only imagine what if.

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