Agent reveals why Mesut Ozil quit Arsenal when he did

Mesut Ozil’s agent has opened up on his departure from Arsenal and claimed the German midfielder was unfairly treated by Mikel Arteta, which made him leave the Emirates.

The midfielder is now playing for Fenerbahce after having his contract terminated by mutual consent at the Emirates.

He was a key player under Arsene Wenger, but his influence died down when the Frenchman left and he struggled to adapt to the demanding styles of Unai Emery and Arteta.

The fed-up Spaniard eventually banished him from the first team before he left the Emirates, with six months left to run on his contract.

His agent, Dr Erkut Sogut, has now revealed that the midfielder was unfairly treated at the Emirates.

He said, as quoted by The Sun: “I just ask for fair treatment like with any other player. But to not be in the squad at all, that was a couple of days before the window was closing and it was too late for us to react anyway.

“Maybe three days, four days before when I was told he might not be in the squad at all, he might not be listed.

“So that was a surprise. First for the Europa League and then for the Premier League as well, that was not expected by us at all.

“The coach didn’t want him in the squad and the player has to accept that, what can you do?”

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Ozil fell out with Emery and Arteta, and that clearly shows he was the problem and not the managers.

To further buttress this point, they have banished him from the Fenerbahce first team as well for reasons still unknown.

It seems trouble always follows the undeniably talented German, and it is great that we have offloaded him from our squad.

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  1. Arteta has his own blame too. Cananyone list how many players he has had issues with. A manager should adopt certan attitude that will always allow peace to prevail.

    1. Adapt to stinking attitudes like Ozil’s?
      Why should anyone tolerate such nonsense in real life?
      May be the people with stinking attitudes should try to behave like normal mannered people instead of acting like entitled narcissists?

      And why would anyone even suggest such a thing?

      Bad and disruptive personalities should never be tolerated or rewarded. Should never compromise when it comes to people like that..

    2. I think Ozil’s case is not Arteta’s problem. For me it has to do with the board and Arteta has no choice than to obey them and shoulder the blame. When Ozil refuse to accept salary reduction was when he fall out with the club.

      1. Exactly. And many later supported him for his decision especially when the board still went ahead and sacked many backroom staff contrary to the agreement with the players. He was even willing to take a 30% pay cut. Like you said, the problem was with the board and not actually Arteta who had no choice but to follow orders

    3. “I just ask for fair treatment like any other player”

      What other Arsenal player was allowed to twice go abroad to spend the New Year with their family, and then twice to spend time in February abroad with their fiancé ? None is the answer.

      His agent moans about him not being in the 25 man squad, but any agent worth his salt would’ve gone to the club to clarify where his player stood, seeing that Ozil never played again after the resumption of the games in March.

      Let’s not forget his attitude after he was subbed in the final of the EL, telling Emery that he’s not a coach.

      Good riddens to bad rubbish is an old expression that springs to mind.

  2. It’s funny that there’s always an issue when it comes to Ozil. I think by now, we all know who the problem is with.

    Thank Arteta for getting rid, and banning him for a playing for a while.

  3. Madrid realised and got rid as fast as they could.

    The German National team got rid citing the same stinking pompous attitude.

    Arsenal experienced exactly problem so they got rid.

    Now Fenerbache are also experiencing the same stinking attitude and can’t wait to get rid..

    Surely these footballing organisations all can’t be Islamaphobes colluding with one another in order to ruin the life of the greatest humanitarian / world’s biggest victim after Trump of course..

  4. Thats right! Did up the long ago past about this fraudulent creep, just as you need another article, but with no news around.

      1. PAT, “NEWS” MEANS SOMETHING HAPPENING NOW OR VERY RECENTLY. OZIL IS NOW ANCIENT “NEWS”, like Arsenals move to Emirates for example!

        You know it is just scraping the barrel for any old tosh but have not the guts to admit it, so you pretend Ozil is still news. It is NOT!

  5. I think Ozil’s case is not Arteta’s problem. For me it has to do with the board and Arteta has no choice than to obey them and shoulder the blame. When Ozil refuse to accept salary reduction was when he fall out with the club.

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