Agents deny Arsenal Mkhitaryan for Crystal Palace tie?

Bryan Swanson has claimed that the final specifications of Manchester United and Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez-Henrikh Mkhitaryan swap deal could be down to agents fees.

Negotiations have been ongoing all week with the Red Devils pursuing attacking talent Sanchez, and we have managed to persuade United to part ways with their Armenian forward as part of the deal.

Rumour has it, terms are all-but agreed with both players to complete the deal, but it is the fee of the agents as well as some minor issues which need to be dealt with.

This delay is less than ideal, especially for our club who has struggled with form since December, and we are now having to play without Sanchez, and could have been boosted by the availability of Mkhitaryan this weekend.

The cut-off time for the duo to be able to be registered in time for the weekend’s Premier League fixtures against Burnley and Crystal Palace respectively has just passed with neither player having been confirmed, and it would be a disgusting thought that it could be mostly down to the fee of the agents which has stopped us from being able to field the Armenian this weekend.

This deal now looks set to be negotiated next week, giving our target the weekend off for his birthday on Sunday.

How crazy is it that agents fees can stop a deal from being completed on time for a deadline to play for their new teams? Would Mkhi have started this weekend if we had signed him in time this morning?

Pat J

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  1. stubill says:

    This is what Raiola does, he delays and delays as long as he can, trying to squeeze the last drop of blood from everyone, the man’s a money grabbing snake.

  2. Phil says:

    I don’t believe he would have started this weekend even if he had arrived earlier in the week.Would most likely have come on for Lacazette after 70 minutes as is customary.

  3. Phil says:

    Following on regarding Agents who negotiated Wengers contract extension on his behalf and with whom?Surely the club can have no complaints over Players Agents when the Managers Representative gets away with earning fees from what many of us believe to be the Crime of The zcentury

  4. Towers says:

    Arsenal fans simply don’t learn. Expectations are high and guys sleep online consuming fake news. As usual Arsene is penny pinching and will only make a swap deal for the Manchester United flop!

    1. MarlonE says:

      I wouldn’t say he was a United flop, but a Mourinho flop. Look at De Bruyne he was a flop under Mou but now I would give my left testicle for him.

      1. Sue says:

        What will he be under Arsene??

  5. Break-on-through says:

    This Riaola lad is a dik to deal with. Now he’s saying that he proposed the move in the first place, ..yeah right kid it surely looks that way. But as much of a dik to deal with as he comes across, so to are our guys with Auba taking the same amount of time as these are. We needed Raul S. asap.
    …And what about a CB, Kos is not reliable, Mert is not reliable, Mustafi is card hungry, Monreal is not a CB ..clearly, and the other guys are gonna have definite bumps to smooth out.

    Merson was an interesting read yesterday, he reckons we got the better of the deal (if) so are improving the quality in our squad ..rather than the anger management (theory) from a massive fan backlash.

    He also reckons Evans is a top top CB, one of leagues best. I’d love to believe him but you should never go on an Englishman’s words when he’s talking about British players.
    For one thing – They all have people in common, it’s a small community.
    …Also we know that many of them are regularly overestimating British strong points -v- the strong points of their foreign counterparts.

    England come up short when talking about defenders who can play a bit. Top clubs need defenders who can see things early and play their way out of pressure. They (GB) lack these qualities, not completely, enough to matter though. Also CM, they (GB) come up short compared to their not so distant cousins. Ramsey would get into the English team going on 7 or so seasons now – Argue if you like but someone watching the international game over that time period and whom is honest with him or her-self will know it’s the truth that was spoke. Cazorla would be a freak of nature if he happened to be Half-Englsh – He’d be talked about as if there isn’t nor had/has there ever been a player of his glorious magnitude – nor might we ever see one again …you know cos of the hype and all.

    England do have wide-players all the same, ones who on their day, can and do stack up decently v their foreign cousins.

    CF – Indeed, right now they have the one – Whom certainly has the hunger – The ambition ..we’ll see – The quality (He has that in Spades). He also has the physical strength & strong aerial prowess – And a very quick mind to boot.
    After himself, England are below average if comparing only the biggest nations, Welbeck was their main man after Kane, and Defoe. Charlie N. went in the other direction to Merse, might be the Scotsman in him.

  6. Nayr says:

    agents noawadays are so greedy

  7. Victorvictory says:

    Mhki is a player I am desperately waiting to see in an arsenal shirt. This weekend would have been good to end the wait.

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