‘Agreed personal terms’ – Xhaka’s Arsenal exit moves closer

Nicolo Schira has claimed that Granit Xhaka has agreed a four-yerar contract with AS Roma ahead of a proposed move away from Arsenal this summer.

The Swiss international is claimed to have an admirer in former Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United manager Jose Mourinho, and could well team up with the Portuguese for his new club Roma.

Xhaka has two years remaining on the five-year deal he signed in 2018, but having fallen out with the fanbase previously, the time to leave could well have come.

The midfielder was the club captain, but was stripped after throwing his shirt down whilst aiming abuse at the fans whilst being substituted back in November 2019, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang eventually picked as his replacement.

I believe many fans would be rather happy to see Xhaka leave, despite him recently being named in the CIES Premier League Team of the Season for the 2020-21 season.

His exit could well be close now however, with Schira claiming that he has agreed a four-year contract with the Giallorossi, with Arsenal and Roma not far away in their expectations of the deal.

Would anyone be unhappy if Arsenal agreed to sell Xhaka? Could the midfielder’s stocks rise if we waited on a decision until after the Euros?


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  1. I am massively elated that at long last and many years too late, this immobile slowcoach appears to be moving on.

    Hurray! Now, wherever is that champagne bottle !

    1. Yyeeeeeeeeeesssssssss at laaast oh God I’m so happy today. The worst and most expensive player ever in Arsenal History. He single handedly bundle us out of the champions league with his oaf like tackle in the box on a Brighton player who was going nowhere at the time and we’ve not gotten back since because in every single season since he’s been at the club we’ve shipped more and more goals and scored fewer and fewer, season upon season, which means he is of no use at either end of the pitch and a huge liability in the middle

  2. Bissouma is a must, not Neves.
    Then we need to secure Lokonga, and maybe try Aouar when other positions have been sorted out

  3. Thank you Jose Mourinho for this piece of news, i’d never expected Jose to be a well wisher for AFC by wiling to hire one of the most boring and bad tempered player to pull on the iconic red and white jersey. Good luck Xhaka as Arsenal will not cross paths this season. Edu, just take what they are offering and be grateful.Others left for free. In his place sign Sambi Lokonga as proposed by Henry, he would do twice the job that Xhaka did for his five years with us.

  4. Not to sale but to buy.Go pump champagne but this time u will turn to arteta for selling ur cm and to replace him with lokonga.Low thinking fans….Full of bias.Aftv

  5. I would say 25 million in £.
    Sell him on installments since it’s convid. Roma can either pay 10 or 15 million upfront the rest later we must do it quick. I hope and pray and wait for his departure

  6. After loosing out on Emi Buendia, at least we got one good news. Thank you xhaka for the efforts you put in but arsenal need to move on. If we can get someone with xhaka consistent efforts but more talent then our midfield will be better. Next is Bellerin. It is best we start the season with chambers and Niles than having Bellerin.

  7. Oh, so happy Xhaka is signing for anybody else. He was so sloooooooowwww, that he could induce instant sleep. Doctor’s prescribed him for insomnia. His only credit was his temper which matched Conor McGregor. Maybe MMA is his hidden jewel. He f£$&£d us against Brighton a couple of years ago and cost us 4th place, we finished 5th. A throwback to caveman football.

    1. As much as Xhaka has not impressed at Arsenal as we would have liked, we cannot afford to give him away cheaply as he is not that cheap, remember he is Swiss International and definitely has his strengths, moreover, we also want to Strenghten that area of the pitch Xhaka is vacating and we won’t get his replacement cheap.

      Arsenal has been giving players for free and this has made teams want to buy our players cheaply or take them on loan when just last season Liverpool sold an academy player for £30million! Unless we sort out our transfer strategy we shall continue drifting to obscurity.

  8. Alex

    What rubbish are you talking. This is a forum is to exchange opinions….not for your immense arrogance.

  9. At the moment I am very nervous about Edu and his business.

    Despite Xhaka’s obvious short commings as a DM I preffered him over Eleney or Ceballos as partner for Partey.

    So if we sell Xhaka before have sign a decent DM to replace him I will be nervous.

    TBH I had hoped we would have signed Bissouma and Buendia by now. Once the Euro’s start it will be more complicated to sign or sell players and after that we are back to pre-season training.

    If Villa can sign Buendia by now how come we have not signed any of our targets? Where we not prepared? Do we not have the know-how to get deals done?

    1. Your right to get nervous about Mr (brown envelope) Edu. He’s making a lot of money out of the club personally bringing in washed up old Brazilians. On top of that we have a manager with an ego problem who’s not showing that he’s up to the job

  10. Alex,

    No reason to stick around then,
    hopefully the door wont hit you to
    hard on the way out

  11. Has it been confirmed by any reliable
    source that Arsenal actually bid on
    Buendia. Charles Watts and David
    Ornstein are IMWO the two most
    reliable Arsenal reporters and neither
    have gone on the official record
    UNEQUIVOCALLY stating that AFC
    submitted a bid for the Argentine.
    Serious interest YES, but perhaps Edu
    and MA determined that £30+M for
    the Norwich star was a little much. I
    personally tend to agree with them.

    Mathias Perreria is a similar type
    player that was absolutely brilliant
    pulling the creative strings for a
    terrible West Brom squad that is
    avaible for almost a third of the
    price of EM.

    With talents like him and Aouar
    available for less money than the
    Championship player of the year
    Im not quite convinced that AFC
    BOTTLED this transfer.

  12. And any of the following IMWO are
    upgrades to Xhaka.

    The Belgian kid (lol)
    Westin McKinnie

  13. I’ll be pleased to see Xhaka leave if only because it saddens me to see a player who gave his all to the club and was picked consistently by successive manager be so vilified by so many supporters.

    No doubt he had his faults and I’ve no doubt we can bring in someone who can do many things better. And if they cant, then at least we will have at least half of a season of grace before everyone piles on his weaknesses and wants him sold for a bag of chips and a pint

  14. After watching Pereira on YouTube, I am excited we didn’t get Emi Buendia. Even though YouTube videos can be quite misleading but it won’t be wise getting Buendia at 30M if Pereira can be cheaper. So following thesame thought process, I doubt if Edu actually made formal bid for Buendia.

  15. Xhaka, Guendousi ,Torreria and Elneny will hopefully be sold to enable us to finally revitalise our midfield where we have been so poor during the past 5/6 years.Apart from using ESR and Willock we need to bring in at least 2 athletic midfielders to enable us to match teams in this vital area.Bissouma and Lokonga of Anderlecht fit the bill for me.

    1. Dont you think Bissouma and Partey are too similar? Id rather go for someone that would have a skillset that Partey is lacking. Partey is an agressive, powerful tackler, but because of that leaves his position too often which would leave us exposed. He is also not technical enough to be the one that builds up our play from the back. My ideal choice would be Locatelli. He is good under pressure, as Sassuolo also build up play from the back, even under great pressure. He is also a disciplined midfielder who is a great tackler as well. Not to mention we would miss our starting midfield to the Afcon..

      1. Plus our midfield would be left threadbare with him party and elneny going off to the African nations Cup. So for me lokonga would be a better option plus either locotelli/neves

        1. Yes, thats why I was hoping Guendouzi would make up with Arteta and stays. But I can get why we would sell him

  16. I’m so happy that this player to leave gunners but if arsenal buy greate one like bissoma.

  17. To pick up Trudeau’s point Xhaka has consistently been picked by three successive and very different Arsenal Managers, if available he has played, plus he has been a regular for the Swiss national team for quite a while now

    I’ve never really “got” him myself, maybe his assets & contribution are/is too subtle for fans, perhaps he is a Manager’s player, if Mourinho now really wants him I probably have been missing something all these years and he could be one of those that will be appreciated only after he has gone, he could do well in Italian football

    Great and important free kick against Chelsea last season but if he goes I will remember him for costly defensive mistakes and unnecessary red cards unfortunately

  18. Until all the usual go-to sites are reporting this news, I won’t be getting too carried away!!

  19. I appreciated his efforts most of the time except his brain farts… but if it comes to fruition Maureen and Xhaka will be a match made in heaven.

    I posted the below on another thread

    I can’t see the infatuation for another standard DM when I believe we have a more than capable one already. He was the team player of the year as a DM, he isn’t a slouch, passes the ball forwards and is able to spot danger and never goes hiding.

    Step forwards Mr Callum Chambers.

    If you want someone to patrol the gap between the midfield and defence I don’t see anyone better than what we already have.

    I still feel this boy has a big career in front of him and better than Declan Rice and Jordan Henderson. I just wished he never lost so many years on the treatment table.

  20. Had he scored more goals especially in big match deciders like Gerrard did, his shortcomings may be forgiven. But otherwise he is just a functional midfielder playing to keep the manager satistisfied.

  21. Khaka has mistake all over him, he has cost us a lots , he has been red carded 5times plus in his time with us, and we lost all of those matches. Elney is another mediocrity player who refuses to grow. We need more energic Midfielders who can imposed in games. Please Arteta and Edu act fast before is too late. We need European football next season.

  22. It’s always easy to condemn xaka but we lost or drew a lot of matches last season coz of using William a head of pepe, auba a head of lacca, it’s not until the introduction of smith, and pepe that we earned more points than before, xaka is not a problem but we need arteta to know how to exploit the real xaka of Switzerland and get us creative midfielders, and a striker not relying on auba, though lacca is the best linkup striker we have and finally get the best out of martinelli, saka pepe and we can the best attacking force in epl next season!

  23. We can say all we want about Xhaka, but he’s Wayyyy better than Partey. Xhaka is the type of strong no-nonsense midfielder we need with bite. Partey is not that, unfortunately. We are just making out Midfield spine weaker. Buying an attacking midfielder to replace Xhaka will not fix our Midfield backbone. We need an attacking midfielder and another strong, fast Midfielder to replace Xhaka if he leaves. If we do not replace Xhaka with a solid Midfielder, we will finish 10th next season. Partey is not that Midfielder. I hope Partey improves next season but we cant wait on hope.

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