Ajax star names Arsenal as one of the clubs he wants to join

Ajax star Brian Brobbey has discussed his future and named Arsenal as one of the top clubs he would love to join.

The Dutchman has been in top form for his struggling side this season and has chipped in with 17 goals from 26 league games so far.

This is an impressive figure, and because he is just 22, there is still room for him to develop before or after he joins a bigger club.

Arsenal will sign at least one attacker at the end of this season, and it is unlikely that Brobbey will be on the plane to North London, but the attacker has had a good season.

Speaking about his future recently, he clearly thinks highly of himself and names Arsenal as one of the top clubs he wants to join.

He said, as relayed by Soccer News Netherlands:

“If I see myself and how I have played in the last few months, I think I am doing quite well. I still want to achieve many great things in my career, such as playing for a very big football club.

“Real Madrid is a beautiful club. Arsenal, Manchester United… How much am I worth? After the European Championships, €80m. Going to the European Championships is also a dream of mine.”

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Brobbey has been followed by some top European clubs since he burst onto the scene, but he does not seem to be on our shopping list at the moment.


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  1. He looks like he would be a great addition. A striker that stays central and bosses defenders with his back to goal. Even as a plan B back up, he’s better than what we have.

    Can’t shake the image of Jesus in the 90th minute of a second leg quarter final, 1 goal down and he’s strolling about in the right back position while we had possession. He was our plan B to get back into the route, with Eddie the plan C the only player “allowed” in the box?!?!

  2. Have heard of him and he seems to be a capable lad. Not sure though whether he is in arteta’s and Edu’s sights. We sure do need attacking reinforcements this summer, preferably a striker and a right winger to rotate with Saka.

  3. I take it back. He thinks he is worth 80 million. If he’s using Antony as a way gauge his value for moving from Ajax to England, then he’s only worth 15 mill at best!

  4. Probably agood player, but SO WHAT, this REALIST asks himself!


    But that is how its always been and we can STILL ever only have around 25 or so in our first team squad. And top players cost huge money which no club can nolonger spend stupidly and wastefully, as we HAVE DONE in even the recent past.

    PSR iis now terrifying even big clubs.
    Chelsea are more likely than not, to be deducted points ere long for beach of PSR. They will certainly need, at very least, to tout some big earmers and get decent fees , which in this new fear of PSRage willnot be as easy as some folk believe.

    We too will not be able to get any formerly so called “realistic” fees for OUR deadwood and we DO need to shift them ,in order to bring in better.

    We also need to FINALLYstop ovepaying clear non top quality players , such as Nketiah (and I would also include HAVERT, though NOT a non quality payer) such silly salaries.

    As for this latest JA rumour, one even the writer says will not be coming, I again say “SO WHAT”!! We all know it wont happen so why bothe rrep[oring a non event? THAT is why I call myself a REALIST.
    I am only interested in things that are likely to happen and not even a tiny amount in things that clearly WONT!

    BTW, I still EXPECT Zubimendi TO ARRIVE HERE THIS SUMMER. As I have been saying on here for some months past.

    Time will tell, but we are FOR CERTAIN really keen on him and only lack of an agreed fee could stop him coming I say he WILL COME!!.

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