AKB or AOB? Arsenal fans should stick together and SUPPORT the team

It seems to me that EVERY YEAR, when Arsenal are not winning every single game, the readers on JustArsenal start abusing Arsene Wenger and start calling for his head, and EVERY YEAR Wenger manages to turn it around and get the team challenging in the Top Four, and even winning the last two FA Cups, but this is quickly forgotten when we have another couple of dodgy results.

We all know that Wenger has taken a risk by not buying a striker, especially in the light of the injury to Danny Welbeck (who may not have helped much anyway) but at least Wenger still has faith in his team, and as supporters we too should have faith in our players to compete for trophies – which they will as the season progresses. How do I know this? Because it happens EVERY YEAR!

Recently there have been many personal insults and abuse towards OTHER ARSENAL FANS, which I find totally unacceptable. We all support Arsenal and should respect each others opinions even if we disagree with them.

Let me tell you my philosophy when I started this website many years ago. I believe that ALL Arsenal fans should be allowed to express their views and I provide this platform to allow their opinions to be discussed by Gooners all over the world. And I mean DISCUSS, not a platfom to abuse anyone who doesn’t agree with your personal opinion. I rarely delete comments and then only because I feel they are extra abusive and totally out of context to the discussion. Hell, enough of you say some very nasty things about ME just for publishing a view they disagree with!

Secondly the readers need to understand that, although Bob and I publish the articles, I would hazard a guess that nearly half of the articles published are written and sent in to me, by YOU, the readers themselves, and I always provide the names or initials of the writer. I publish EVERY story sent to me if they have a point to make (whether I agree or not) unless they are grammatically unbearable (I am a stickler for spelling and grammar I’m afraid). So not ALL the articles are written by me or anything to do with my opinion.

I am NOT an AKB or an AOB, I just want whatever is best for Arsenal IN MY OPINION, and my opinion now (which may change in the future) is that it is not good for the club to consider sacking Wenger because of a couple of mediocre games. I personally believe that this is just a blip and the team will improve asalways. That doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to other peoples objections and call them idiots!

I was a regular at Highbury from the days of Frankie McLintock, Charlie George, Johnny Radford et al, so I have seen many managers come and go, but that doesn’t affect my loyalty to Arsenal. I have changed girlfriends and lovers many many times over the years, but for me it is impossible to switch allegiance to another club, no matter how badly Arsenal are performing, so we just have to deal with what we have in front of us.

According to various opinion polls at different times, there are slightly more AKB’s than AOB’s in the world, so I am finding it hard to understand why a majority of my commenters (You lot!) are totally Anti-Wenger, and that is why I sometimes go out of my way to represent the silent majority at times. I DO NOT want my site to be off-limits to half of the Arsenal fanbase just because they get abused by the AOBs.

Right now Arsenal are not at the top of the League, whoever you blame, but the fact is that we have been in bad places before, but Wenger has ALWAYS managed to turn it around and get us back into the Top Four. We should allow him to work his magic again until the end of the season and then re-assess the situation.

Until then please just support the team and encourage them to finish as high in the table as possible.

Thankyou for listening….

Mr. ADMIN (Not AKB, Not AOB)

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  1. I’m an aob, i support arsenal, i don’t support wenger and i wan’t him out when his contract ends. We need a change in management

    1. CONTEXT: “i’m not AKB or AOB, i want what’s best for Arsenal”
      U LIE!
      This is a Totally Biased AKB post!

      1. Nice Article by the way and you came across in a good manner. We know how easy it is for these people to bully over a key board and it’s not just a problem with differing fan opinion as there is a big problem with it all over the internet.

        It used to be certain types that bullied out in the open but now you get all walks of life doing the cowardly and insulting/bullying people from the comfort of a different country.

        I abhorred when I seen someone I knew threatening a person over the phone ..I’d mention how cowardly that is and advise him not to do it again as he just looks yellow. It is the same thing here with people doing or saying something that they would never say to someones face and in the end they are just making themselves look weak.

    2. what i just can’t understand is if any Top club in Europe can Tolerate Mediocrity Longer than a Decade!…………… Realmadrid, Barca, bayern, manure, chelski, Citeh, Pool, Ac milan, inter, Roma, zenit, juventus, Psg????……oh pls name em…….The List is endless…….. But Just ARSENAL!

        1. Why do you lot always seem to omit the two cups, correct me if I’m wrong here but does winning a cup not mean you were successful in that competition. The Article did mention this. Your kind are so single minded that it hurts my brain in processing and dissecting the few of yous that do make sense and come across intelligent from the single and narrow mindedness of the other 95%.

      1. SoOpa this I just don’t understand why some arsenal fans are satisfied with top four for the last decade. When did arsenal become spurs or everton?

    3. # Admin;
      You are an AKB, and this article is the proof of that.
      Now you need our support after your stingy stubburn fool Wenger failed to deliver!!? this is a new plot by AKB’s to ease the pressure on Wenger.
      NO NO NO, Wenger must go, he has done enough damage already.
      Wenger out.

  2. I think what you don’t understand is that AOBs also support the TEAM. They just want someone who’s not delusional to be the manager. Yes, Wenger always turns it around but it’s a reactive approach to his own faults. Also, I do agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should not be abused for it. Cheers.

  3. Hear, hear! I applaud this position from the site admins. Hope we can debate Arsenal and football and not defending our ideas in front of the people having nothing else to publish but insults.
    Here’s for a new beginning!

  4. In 1958 I watched my first game at Highbury. The game was Arsenal vs Man Utd, just before the Munich tragedy. United won 5-4 and I was hooked on football. For a year I supported United, a response from the heart to the circumstances. Didn’t take long for me support the Gunners as my dad took me more and more. Eventually I became a season ticket holder in the upper West Stand. I feel at 66 years of age I can have an authentic point of view. I support the Arsenal team and Club always will whatever. But I do not support Wenger one iota. To me he has become a tyrant. He seems to have no respect for the supporters wishes. He seems to be much too narcissistic and that is not healthy by any standards, for the club, or for himself. What he has done this summer is unforgivable by any standards. There is a limit and Arsene Wenger has reached that limit. He has tried to become bigger than Arsenal and that cannot be right. The chances of us challenging for the Premier League are diminished and unlikely. I believe he should leave the club because he has done damage to this wonderful club, the best club. It’s like seeing child in trouble and wanting to intervene, but not being able to. Deeply frustrating and painful. So to many my wisdom of the older man will be laughed at, but nevertheless I believe Wenger should go. That is what I peacefully believe

    1. Well said.
      Wenger had more than
      enough time + chances.
      Win the league this season
      or gracefully step down.

      1. Yes Yes, he has been doing this for 11 years and each year through AKB’s he ased for a break for another year.
        No he must go, Wenger out.

    2. Am glad someone has also seen that wenger has become a god at arsenal. I don’t want him to be sacked (although we all know this can’t happen with the board we have) but also don’t want him to sign another contract

    1. and now i expect the Admin to place all WOBs in moderation!…….. LoooooL

      And it’s gonna begin with an inability to post comments on the site! LoooooL

      1. I willmoderate anyone that gives out personal abuse instead of valid discussion, and I always have done…..

  5. The article is heavily
    biased toward the
    AKB point of view
    You have not fooled anyone
    not even your self I suspect.
    Pull the other one Bruv.
    It plays Jingle Bells 🙂

    1. Some have missed the point of the article. It is NOT asking you to become a AKB. Or for AKB to become AOB. Admin simple asked both sides to respect the right for us all to hold our opinion. I was a regular for years and as you can see I still drop in. It was once a great site for discussion an banter. However over the last few seasons it changed. Instead of banter it became abusive. E.g. it use to have well articulated comments e.g. Arsenal – Steve above and good responses like urs after. However a lot of response have been nothing more than abuse. No facts no reverse opinions just naked abuse. You are definitely not one of these. Bring back your great banter to stop the naked abuse. If the best response any of can make is ” you are a f**king arse butt idiot”. Then say it to self rather post it. Come back with opinions and facts. This the message admin is trying to get across.

      1. Which in the end is good for AKB’s, so, the answer is no, Wenger must be sacked and booted out of Arsenal. We still support the team but demand Wenger to leave!!!!

  6. We undrstnd Ur feeling, Mr Admin. Hwevr, Wenger nd his AKBs too shld always consider our plight dt we are tired of being an inferior club whn we shld hav being a superior one, had he (Arsene) has put d needed tools in place. Otherwise, he shld willingly step aside for someone else who is willing and ready to bring back d lost glory of d club. We (d fans) are nt going to fold our hand nd let d club finish jst like dt. We are Arsenal fc, we shld be too hot for other club to handle.

  7. in last season the comment be like “we are two world class away from being contenders and Wenger will do that this season” from the akbs.every arsenal fan knew that including Wenger.then why didn’t he strengthen the team this season? l am not saying he should make a complete overhaul of the squad but to strengthen the weak areas . the club is there for the fans and we suffer emotionally when things don’t go well. every manager should know that cos players and managers come and go but the fans remain glued to the the club they love. if you fail to listen to the cries of the fans whom this club rest on their shoulders is something that cannot be tolerated. I feel very sad because Wenger is not listening to the fans for once. if things don’t go well this season, he should leave.

    1. didn’t we already say “if things don’t end well, he should leave end of last season?” ……….. U see?……. We are in a merry-go-round and we are being taken for a Ride…….. I’d say Wenger hand in a Retirement request NOW or make a press statement (Like kLopp did before the season’s end) then we can all be 100% sure he’d be gone at the end of the season!

  8. The truth about Arsenal is that they only play with any consistency when it is mathematically impossible or unlikely they can win the league. This suggests that they either lack the mental strength to play under pressure or there is an issue within the squad in that the players are much of a sameness – Wenger seems to have moved towards a certain type of player whereas before when he first came to the club we had strong, physical leaders such as Vieira and Keown and smaller, technical players like Overmars and Anelka.
    Arsenal has no leaders.
    Wenger has lost his way and has forgotten the successful formula that won the club major trophies…

  9. Agree, the windows shut now, let’s all move on.
    I am neither AKB or AOB but hover in the middle somewhere.

    Normally the press love to try and wind up us fans and stir up discontent around Arsenal.
    I read this article this morning wish whether you agree or not it’s refreshing to read this different mediaa point of view.

    Arsenal were right to hide Danny Welbeck injury… they have had a better transfer window than any other Premier League club

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3222231/Arsenal-right-hide-Danny-Welbeck-injury-better-window-Premier-League-club.html

    I am concious I am posting a weblink and not sure if this is allowed, if not apologies in advance Admin.
    It is worth a read though and some debate.

  10. Please release my last post admin, it may prove an interesting and positive read for most down beat Arsenal fans.
    Over to the current players now!!

  11. As some famous Texan said the only thing u find in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead armadillos …. And arsenal fc if we have to read this kind of twaddle

  12. a student who goes for lectures, reads his books, does his assignments and buys his text books with the money given him, will get my backing any day any time even if he doesn’t come out top of his class. but the student who pockets his text books money (not spending in the right positions DM and ST) , doesn’t do his home work (same tactics every game), doesn’t read his books which will lead to failure in exams (no ambition….4th place trophy) will NEVER, NEVER, have I said NEVER? NEVER ever get my backing….UNLESS he changes his ways. I support ARSENAL, if Arsene can do the right things, he will get my full support any day any time. This should be the opinion of someone who wants what’s best for the CLUB. I’m not an AKB, not an AOB…. I want CHANGE… Be it a change in managerial personnel or change in Wenger’s attitude, I’m all about the change, for the forward movement of this beloved club. COYG

    1. If youvneeded a MPV for a large family would u wait until one is available or would you buy a minibus. AW is waiting for the right ST who Inthinknis Higuain and DM who I believe is Carvalho. I still p**sed because I would have settled for Jackson Martinez and Snerdlin. But part of knows that Hiiguan is younger and Carvalho is a better fit and IG I need to wait till Jan then I can live with that. Do I think AW is just pocketing that money? No. I think his spend over the last 3 transfer windows supports that. Do I think this squad is not good enough to be challenging at Christmas. Well we have added a great goal keeper. The squad has significantly less injuries and it has come off a great 2nd half of the last season and great preseason sonyes I do expect them to challenging. Only for the lackluster Westham game were over confidence imo was at fault the team has shown that we can grind out results. We do need to start scoring with ease again. But there is goals noe allover the pitch. I also feelnthe OX will be one of our best attacking players this season. Our 3 forwards are capable of 30 goals each a season and there are goals each for our midfield. Our defense has improved with Paulista and Kos together and the Coq is coming back into form. Yes. I still think we have a stable squad with great cohesion who are more than capable of having a great 1st half to the season. Let’s see if the right players become available in Jan.

    2. Oh look at the ignorant cr*p.

      Lets tackle “Not Spending” 1st;
      Tell me 1 time we didn’t buy a player because of a couple million BEFORE Gazidis (you wont be able to).
      1 factor changed and our spending changed, why not point the finger at that 1 factor that made the change?

      Before you say I’m wrong, I got some evidence to back up my claim, I can point to what Nasri said about being told he was sold by the board even though Wenger had promised him that he wouldn’t be sold. I can also point to Welbeck, he was a LOAN TARGET, UTD was willing to accept a loan deal but the board wanted to buy him. You can google and find the quote from Wenger himself!

      Wenger did spend in the right position, we got Cech and we needed a TOP GK to help our current GK to step up a level.
      Yes we also needed other positions, a lot of fans have screamed for a CF and holding CM but in all honesty I would only say a holdiong CM so a CF is automatically questionable. Fans claim Theo, Giroud and Welbeck are not good enough. I recall fans saying Henry wasn’t good enough! Great CF are made, not bought.

      Change of tactics…
      I know this is hard for people who play football manager to comprehend but the squad you have can restrict the amount of tactics you can play.
      Do you remember the season prior to Alexis?
      We had no pace when Ramsey and Theo was out and we had no pace to get in behind, we couldn’t use a tactic due to players not getting in behind.
      Wenger sorted that out with Alexis.

      Now I strongly believe that Gazidis is being the penny pinching man at Arsenal and he is doing that because he wants to please his boss, Silent Stan.
      Not getting the players that Wenger wants will restrict the tactics he can deploy, this can make Wenger look stubbern/arrogant.

      I will agree and say I want a change to help Arsenal progress faster than they have been, I want the change to be Gazidis Out. In a dream world I would replace Gazidis with Dein, Wenger and Dein got any man they wanted! I dont think Dein would of messed about with a £40mil + £1 bids, Wenger has never shown that arrogance previously either.

  13. Arsenal competing for the title every season the writer said….laughable,yea compete till January and then fizzle out right? And how exactly does finishing a massive 12 point off winner of title competitive?…..and for your information people just don’t moan off the back of a couple of results they moan because most times circumstances leading to the bad results could have been avoided e.g playing players out of position to accommodate some players,not been prepared adequately for injuries we all know will happen, refusing to address the issue of much needed back up and competition for the squad ..

  14. the reason i stopped coming to this site is because im tired of reading comments from AOB,s,constant negativity and stupid comments which most of times don,t even stand up,using the same ones time after time i won,t name anyone but it seems to be the same people . can people take what they read on the internet or newspapers as the truth is beyond me,i don,t mind criticism but only when is constructive!!anyway good article COYG!!

  15. dear admin, we have been supporting Wenger for the past 10 years without spending cause we know we have limited cash, but this season I’m fed up already, will you if given the opportunity as a coach make GIROUD your top striker? transfer is not my major concern, the biggest problem I have is Wenger playing players out of position, killing the pace of our team and playing deluded tiki taka, for God sake we don’t have a Messi in our team that can score from impossible situations, Wenger should learn!!

  16. Trouble is, the club is obsessed with 4th place on a budget, so much so that fans paying top ticket prices are left frustrated by our inability to win the title, not realising that is isn’t actually part of the business plan. It would be a bonus if we won, but we are actually performing very well to our outlay of money on players. Certainly better than Man U and Liverpool as their spending is higher than ours…

    So until and unless we change our spending philosophy or get very lucky, we ain’t winning the league with this set of players. That has nowt to do with the mythical WOB / AOB or AKB. I too don’t count myself in any of those categories, but remain a frustrated fan that can see we will never attract the top top players precisely because of our obsession with our target – a Champions League place, and that is mediocrity relative to targeting top place like the big spenders do.

  17. In The Matrix,… Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Tank, Apoc, Switch, Dozer, Mouse and everyone in Zion are the AOBs.

    While everyone else are AKBs. Wake up you guys!

  18. Admin is clearly a gooner, one that respects our history, has experienced some of it, sees the good and the not so good and recognises that Wenger is not perfect.

    Akb has become a by-word here for something negative. It is used to imply that you support Wenger first and foremost irrespective of whether he is damaging for our club. You are repaired to accept second best and drag the club down. At least that’s how the anti Wenger bloggers use it.

    The reality is that many fans who are tagged as akbs are in fact fans of the club first and foremost, can recognise the realities of Wengers reign, feel certain frustrations, but can see the line between being a loyal fan (with the ups and downs that go with that) and actually being a self opinionated jerk who thinks they know better.

    Aob conversely is used to describe someone who no matter what, wants Wenger out. That in isolation is fine. However many (not all) aob’s have gone beyond that viewpoint. They are simply full of negativity. Every action, every event, every opportunity is used to point the finger. Hysteria prevails. Accusations that are simply not factual feature strongly in many aob arguments. We didn’t get x, we weren’t prepared to pay for y whether real or press fantasy are blamed on Wenger. You’d always prefer to see the negative (we’ve already lost the league for instance) after 4 games. You make reference to other fans, Wenger, the board, many players in crude terms and have no respect.

    The aob viewpoint is damaging to our club and depressing for true supporters. You may claim to be AFC fans but you’re never going to be true supporters. You simply don’t support the club. In fact the sad reality is that (and lots of people have written such rubbish) that you’d prefer to see us suffer, lose, fail in order to help your viewpoint. You slag other AFC fans for being positive or for being optimistic. You simply do not support the club. Every comment from positive fans (it can be seen on this article) is greeted by some inane, childish retort slagging the blogger, the team etc. It’s a culture of pessimism and almost hatred for AFC.

    I think that’s a fair representation of the two camps. I know the aobs will disagree.

    The difference is therefore clear. Akbs are SUPPORTERS of the club and accept reality. There is no offence in their posts excepting defence of our club from unrealisitc negativity and abuse. We are happy to debate performances, results, formations etc but can also remain grounded and supportive of the club. Aobs by contrast are simply DETRACTORS, they detest anyone who doesn’t accept their view, whether it is born out of hysteria or perception. They attack or abuse fellow fans and just about anything that is AFC.

    Akbs know that Victoria Concordia Crescit “victory comes from harmony” is our club motto. Aobs never will.

      1. Precisely, inane comments. It ain’t gonna happen. Surely you realise your voice is meaningless in that respect?! Are you a bot?

  19. Wow I’m shocked simply cos I want the club I support to win the epl and UCL and not just satisfied with top four finish, someone calls me a DETRACTOR. Seriously!!!

    1. Depends. No issues with what you want, we all want the same. But do you emotionally slag the club, do you understand the financial climate we’ve operated in and understand the limitations that has placed on us, do you slate other fans cos there more positive, do you irrationally blame Wenger for all the clubs problems? If not, then if your an AOB (I said not all are a problem…it’s those that go beyond wanting better and turn to out and out abuse and irrational blame) that’s cool and my comments are not aimed at you. Don’t which you are tbh.

  20. When will people wake up and stop blaiming Wenger for everything and start looking at the facts?

    Look at when Wenger has broken our own transfer record, until Ozil, our record was Arshavin who was bought without Gazidis… Wenger done that transfer on his own. He also got Nasri after Nasri had resigned a contract with his previous club so it would bump up the transfer fee… Wenger just paid it.

    We can look at TH14, how he was less than £5mil away from the English transfer record (Shearer at the time) but this was for a winger who hadn’t convinced everyone yet.

    So we had a ‘bad’ transfer year, is that all Wengers fault? Look how Gazidis messed about with Suarez and the time wasted, can we say Benzema was another time wasted transfer?

    Gazidis deals!
    Look how Gazidis is penny pinching!

    Look at Arsenal transfers over the years, go back about 15 years and just look at how we have acted as time progressed. Mark out when Dein leaves Arsenal, when Wenger is on his own and the transfers that happen, when Gazidis comes into Arsenal and how that effected our transfers.

    Only people who can’t think for themselves would keep saying “Wenger Out” as the ones who can think for themselves will realise the patten, Arsenal have been a limp di*k in the transfer market since Gazidis. Wenger has pulled the odd rabbit out the hat, luckily for us! but we have not been the same in the transfer market since Gazidis came to Arsenal FC.

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