AKB v AOB – Arsenal fans need to STOP fighting each other!

The fighting has to stop by Sam P

The war between AOBs and AKBs reached new levels after Arsenal’s defeat at Stoke City. First of all we had supporters (???) booing Arsene Wenger as he boarded the train for the trip back to London, and then we have actual fist-fights amongst our own fans on the journey home.

The Sun took to twitter and found some interesting tweets from Gooners like: “Fist fights between Arsenal fans after the game, absolute joke. Disgusting to see our own fans punching each other.”

Another one said: “Watching our fans attack each other is scaring me. Just want to get home now.”

When I was younger I was around to see the roaming packs of hooligans who used any football match as an excuse for a riot, but at least their anger was focused on opposing fans, not our fellow Gooners. I agree that Wenger seems to have lost his tactical genius, but he has done very well to keep us in touching distance of the Top Four considering our unending injury list.

Arsenal fans booing Wenger at Stoke Station

This active abuse on our most successful manager ever is making us the laughing stock of the footballing world, and there must be a way to end this infighting amongst our own fans. Even here on JustArsenal we have seen many examples of fan-on-fan abse, and this is really not a constructive ay to sort out our internal problems. Arsenal are NOT facing relegation, We are still in the FA Cup and the Champions League. As Wenger keeps saying “We are judged by our performances on the field”.

So let us reserve any any more debate about Wenger’s future until we have reached the end of the season, and we can make a more informed decision on whether we eally want him to leave or not? Until then let’s support ARSENAL!


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    1. For once, I think an article like this makes no sense.


      I’m not saying it is good to literally call a grown man like Arsene “sh*t” to the face, but when one is badly provoked and damn angry, you just can almost do anything at the heat of the moment.

      Before now, he used to act like the fans never existed, so did the board. I can never forget the comment made by Arsenal’s chairman, and Wenger never said anything to negate that comment, all affirming the fact that he (Wenger) is primarily responsible for everything that happens and should happen at the club.

      I respect elders, folks older than I am. But I hate it when the respect I have for a person is mistaken for FEAR. GOD knows I fear no man, and when I get to think we are all humans and someday we all shall eventually die, I get so damn bold that I could eat any sh*t with anyone that brings it.

      Too bad it had to get to this, BUT WEBGER IS NOT GOD, HE IS NOT UNTOUCHABLE.

      1. ‘but when one is badly provoked and damn angry, you just can almost do anything at the heat of the moment.’

        And that is exactly why the typical over-emotional fan does not make the decisions: success comes from the ability to stay calm and make proper decisions with the bigger picture in mind. This is the reason we don’t just sign anybody, our margins are too tight, so bringing in even one or two unsuitable players will set us back further than most people realise. So if you want success, look at the bigger picture and realise that the only thing that you can and should do is support the club and stop pacifying your sensitive emotions with conspiracy theories about the board not really trying to win, which is just plain stupid if you think about it with any kind of logic. Whether Wenger needs to go or not, pragmatism is the most important thing in sport: making the best out of your situation. Booing the manager/team is not being pragmatic.

  1. Still in the FA cup cos we haven’t played a game yet.
    Out of the premier league race in September.
    Out of the league cup
    European Cup,Ho Ho Ho,well it Xmas.

    1. So we are pretty much in the same position as Man U, Man C and L’pool but the whining is not quite so loud.

      First comment applies to all PL teams.
      Second comment applies to all PL except CFC (unless you really think an Aguero-less MC is in with a shout).
      Third comment who cares (the FA cup gets derided on here because we won it so f**k knows what the Capital One Cup means to AFC “fans” on here, also applies to Man C, Man Utd.
      Fourth comment applies to everyone except Real and Bayern.

      Chelsea are the only ones to have anything to shout about on the back of a loss and a draw in their last 3 PL games. Jeeez.

  2. Thanks to wenger i’ve Learnt more recent words which i would be incorporating into my Arsenal vocabulary…….they are thus:

    – INEXPERIENCE at the back/ front / middle.


    – SOFT .

  3. Wenger is the reason were fighting each other, you know we’re going to have the same season each year, where we go out of all competitions in a week then string a run together and sneak top 4 (yawn). Don’t you think we deserve more for the money we pay? Summer transfer window will go as follows, we need a couple of cb and a dm, but what will happen? Arsene will buy where needed but sell mert or monreal and we will still be short at the back then injuries and struggle follows! He’s had 10 years of repeating the same mistakes, we the fans can see it so why can’t he? He isn’t guna change so he needs to go. Maybe he will do well at another club but we need freshening up and a new direction coz this one clearly does not work. WENGER OUT

    1. Actually you talk bull. Everyone here thought we may actually challenege for the title this season (including me) until the first injury rocked the team. And gave up all hopes once Ozil and Wilshere were deemed not fit until next year. Add to that Arteta and Walcott and it will make your day pretty unpleasant.

      1. @budd Is it the first time arsenal have injuries?no it been going for years.
        Is it the reason we are not challenging for tittle?a big no
        the truth is that we are in this mess because wenger didnt sign defensive players(dm and cb)

        1. @budd: “Everyone here thought we may actually challenege for the title this season (including me) until the first injury rocked the team.”

          no, when we saw the TW close and no CDM or CB, many (including me) knew we werent going to be challenging for PL (CL is out of question). FA cup is knock-out so depends much more on luck (or lack of it).

          1. Our best hope to win the League was last season, we had something going on when WENGER signed Ozil (ONLY AFTER HE WAS PRESSURED BY LOOSING TO VILLA) Ramsey was at his best, Koz and Pert where doing the job, GIROUD was scoring, but most importantly MANURE had MOYES, MAUREENS 1st season with CHELSKI’S, we were serious contenders, THEN injuries happened WENGER not to blame, BUT comes JANUARY and the man makes a fool of himself by sitting in his ar…se and signing a FREEBIE Brokeback KALSTROM, the rest is History…

    2. Had he left 2 seasons back, i wud hav been in support of dis, but since we have actually started spending(d board is finallly giving funds) , around £100 million in 2 seasons, also we haven’t sold any of our top players in dat time, i m in favour of Wenger staying.
      u may not realise , but dis is d best squad we hav had in years. So good day podolski is warming bench and walcott is still to play.

      1. yes, we’re spending more. thats good. but not in the right places: needed cdm and cb more than welbeck.
        + wenger out is more than just lack of spending; its not studying the opposition, not rotating players, not addressing why we have so much more injuries than others, not subbing early enough to give incoming players a chance to influence the game, not playing players in their best positions.. .. … …. ….

        1. U r absolutely right mate dat d more important positions are not being taken care of, i too am disappointed and frustrated, but we are only 2-3 players short to actually compete for title. It was no coincidence dat we won d fa cup in ozil’s first year. I know d patience is running out and we don’t want us to start another drought but lets not panic.

  4. I remember people calling for Martin O’niell, then David Moyes, then it was Brendan Rodgers, and Klopp. Wenger outlasted them all and is still the man for Arsenal. Some of these AOB’s need to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Only ones I would take are Guardiola or Ponte, and they are not available, so I will stick with Wenger thank you very much.

    1. @sureli…..stick to mediocrity then…..but know that the idea of getting another top class manager is not inconcieveable…… Money works wonders!

      1. Yeah when we had no money and he worked wonders, it was cool huh? Now that we have money, he is suddenly irrelevant? There is simply no one available right now that can do a better job than Wenger. Do you think that he is injuring his players on purpose?

    1. obviously he’s f’d up not making signings. but the transfer window is shut, there isn’t much we can do about it now. we just have to get behind the team, not boo them, fight each other, shout abuse at the players/manager face to face. how do you think that’s going to help their confidence? do you expect us to pull a signing out out thin air? obviously we can all see it’s time for him to go but the man makes the club millions, why would our owner get rid of him? he’s a business man. until Usmanov owns the club we’re going to stay like this. unless we can sort our training/fitness methods out to stop the injuries then we’re never going to win the league.

  5. the reason were fighting so much on here is because the people on here just go off there emotions and all rational gets tossed out the window. Absoultely there are reason why we should be upset with what is going on, to say wenger and the board deserve no blame or are not at fault for our struggles is ridiculous and you’d just be a blind follower but putting the blame on wenger can only go so far.
    I know people will disagree with me but this season when we play the “big” teams i have this sense of confidence that we can win at any ground and I’ve never had that before. The way we absolutely dominated spurs and united was awesome. Against united i think that was our best performance of the year, IVE NEVER SEEN AN ARSENAL TEAM DOMINATE MAN U THE WAY WE DID. And against chelsea i thought we should’ve at least come away with a point, wenger got his tactics spot on that game we just couldn’t finish, you could cut the tension at the bridge with a knife.

    So in short wenger is at fault but he can’t take all the blame, but we need to give him till the end of january and see where we are

    1. but this is the problem, it doesn’t matter how close we get to beating the big teams because at the end of the day we probably have one of the worst records when facing any team in the top four, and our confidence is not going to build if we don’t find ways to get the three points. Man U had two shots on target yesterday and still got the win because of a clinical striker that, surprisingly, used to play for us.

      And its all well and good turning up for the big matches, we expect Arsenal players to at least have enough fight to go out and give them a match, its when we go 3-0 down to hull in 45 mins showing barely any fight across the pitch. But what worries me most is the manager doesn’t even have the balls to front up to the fans and say that was a bad performance, all we get fed is bullsh#t about “team spirit” and “great passion”, after each desolate display of football. There is no transparency between the fans and management at Arsenal, and if the board and manager continue to pretend as if everything is rosy the animosity will rise unfortunately.

      1. defensive discipline against manU was shocking: seeing Per so far up the pitch : shocking and saddening.

        playing a slow CB with 2 fullbacks that go up field (and often dont track back enough) has been found out again and again. you cannot play FBs upfield when you have 1 slow CB and a fill-in for the other CB.

        being caught on fast breaks again and again: huge management failure.
        continuing failure to get better at corners (attacking on them, and defending them): all our slick passing comes to nothing bc teams just concede the corner knowing it wont cost them: this has not improved in 3 years.

  6. If you consider spurs as big club than we have fallen for real.barcelona are also dominating but what counts is a win.in football you only celebrate wins,so stop trying to look for a positive in a defeat accept and how big teams think(winning mentality) @goonsquad8

    1. You have a point ..but recently,even our passing game is not patient enough and our wing play is certAinly not cutting it!..we should learn to keep the ball more..that’s the way we used to play..but now we are all in a hurry because of our immobile striker giroud..if we have a mobile striker,pass pass pass,,space opens up,we pass he scores!…we actually have players that can pass the ball..so whose fault is it that we are not patient enought with our passes?

      1. improving our wing play is certainly a way to make us better…the ox and Sanchez likes coming inward..who should be screaming at them to stay out wide?…a leader on the pitch?,the manager?..that’s why I feel Sanchez should play off the striker,Joel and the ox can take places either side….but for this to work ,we need a strong DM and chambers playing beside the boss …mert lacks the speed needed for transition.

  7. Why should we be happy with what we’ve got? Forget the past and concentrate on the present, we have money now, stadium to compete at the very top, remember all this was to become an elite club! Wenger manage sud like a relegation threatened club, wigan, burnley sized clubs. We need a manager with passion, simeone type manager!

    1. @5pur2 wenger thinks like a mananger who is fighting relegation.have you ever had a top mananger like SAF,pep,ancelloti and moron saying they are taking a positive in a defeat?no,because what their aim is a win whether it a ugly one or a perfect one

      1. wenger has had too much practice dealing w defeat and has become good at it. now it does not hurt him as much as it used to.

        1. True. 4th place is his goal now.
          Fighting and losing is too painful .
          All managers lose their nerve
          Wenger lost his nerve when Mourinho
          showed up and never recovered.
          He can’t take the heat at the top
          so cruises in the 2nd tier.
          Making a profit gives him an achievable
          respectful role which doubles as an excuse
          to never seriously compete.
          The AKB’s have lost their nerve too
          and are not up for the fight any more.
          4th is our trophy now.

  8. as much as I hate arsene, that was very childish and classless, their are more classy ways to hurt arsene, I can’t believe fans are fist fighting, PEOPLE WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, let’s attack the real enemy, whilst we lash out and pummel each other, those rich fat snobs (arsene included) laugh there way to the bank, let’s show them who owns the club, abandon that stadium and they’ll be holding emergency meetings with arsenal care group on how to fix the problem, we’ll have them eating out of our hands, verbal arguments are fine, I never badmouth arsene or arsenal in front of a chelsea supporters but when I’m with a gooner I vent my frustration and that’s perfectly fine, that’s why this website exists………

    1. signs in the stadium have a huge effect. dont let anyone tell you otherwise. look how much media play the recent banners got. that puts a much bigger pressure on wenger than yelling at him at the train station (although i didn’t mind that either: he’s a massively stubborn dictator and it will take everything we can muster to move him).

    1. That was what 2-3 people talking smack to Wenger? Yes it is disrespectful. But Wenger will be OK you guys, he’ll survive. He’s still the manager and he’s still making his millions. He probably gained more from this incident – the sympathy he got was incredible. It is he who has the last laugh.

  9. You know that the reason for this in-fighting is whether Wenger should leave or stay, if you don’t give a good response to that question you’ll just be deceiving yourself that you’re arbitrating. Now you say the “Wenger outs” should give him till season’s end, they say that’s what you said last season and the season before and the one before that, yet when season’s end came you said “how can you judge him before you’ve seen what he’ll do in the new season. And then we wash, rinse and repeat the scenario. So if you’re an AKB and are looking for reprieve for Wenger, don’t you think you need to come up with something new?

  10. Did any of you people even read the article? The point is not whether Wenger should leave or not, that will get sorted out regardless, it’s that you all need to stop embarrassing the club with your antics and start acting with a bit of CLASS, the thing that sets us apart from clubs like Chelsea or City. Whether Wenger leaves now, at the end of the season or in three years, Arsenal is not a pitchfork club, and stands apart for its calmness and tact.

    The ironic thing, which goes over so many heads, is that the negative energy is probably the biggest reason for our nervous displays. Our kind of football played confidently is unplayable, as you all have seen. And this team have definitely done it. Trying to determine what came first, the poor performances or the negative energy, is like the chicken and the egg: absolutely pointless. The only thing that is certain, is that the longer our own fans keep carrying on and poisoning the energy when things don’t go right, the longer we will underachieve, regardless of who’s in charge. Do your job, support the team.

  11. We are the laughing stock because Wenger and the board have caused so much division amongst the fans. I can’t speak for other Arsenal fans but I always support the team and the players no matter what.

    The division is caused because we are a huge club that has built an amazing stadium up there with the best in Europe but we have a board and manager that disinterested in taking this club forwards. They are all to happy making money, securing fourth and perhaps having a little push at winning a trophy. You can bleat all you want about the FA cup and Charity sheild but in my eyes those were papers to huge cracks in this club. I’d bet my house that we don’t win anything this season.

    There are then the fans that, for some reason, seem content with the above. And i’m one of the fans that can’t understand why. Why have we built a new stadium? To me it seems that this was done so more fans can attend games and ultimately earn the board more money. Why did we negotiate a host of new and lucrative sponsorship deals? To give the board more money. Why do we pay the highest prices for tickets? To give the board more money. Why do we pay Wenger £7million pounds a year? Because he brings the board more money. But what happens to this money? Yes there are overheads and costs associated with running a club but that still leaves a huge sum of money in the pot. We the fans get treated to 1 big signing a season, and then a number of cheaper, for the future, players. And to rub our noses in it Kronke takes himself a nice little £3million bonus.

    The more I think about the above the more I can’t understand why so many fans settle for this! We are meant to be up there with the best. Wenger seems to have turned his magic with players on the pitch to magically making money for the board. This is why there is division. And this division won’t go away until things change. You can protest all you like on here, you can be the most staunch AKB in the world but I guarantee if i were to have a conversation with an AKB it would end in shouting and abuse (not violence mind!). Simply because it’s how I feel.

    With the exception of the early Emirates years I think it’s fair to say Wenger has had enough chances to change things. How did we manage to throw the league away last season? And please don’t tell me we were unlucky with injuries, i’ve heard that record too many times. We have so many injuries because we don’t have the ability to rotate the squad. Someone said on here yesterday that we need to buy players that will be ok with not playing every minute of every game. What?! No, we need players that want to play every minute of every game because they have passion. They bring something to the team. They want to be out there helping us to win. But we also need a manager that knows how to keep those players in the real world. Every match is the same. We have the same players on the bench week in week out, and Wenger brings the same subs on at the same point in each match, simply because he has no faith in his squad.

    Another area we seem to be incapable in is scouting and finalising deals. They always seem to be massively drawn out and hard work. Why is this? My thoughts are that even if we agree a fee for a player we then have to go down the route of trying to negotiate another fiver a week off a players wages to feel like we’ve got a good deal. Yet we pay some of our lesser or long term injured players (Diaby) extortionate wages! Now this may sound harsh but if I were a member of the board i’d be telling Arsene to tell Abou Diaby he’s going to have to take a 90% pay cut until he’s able to play again. I certainly wouldn’t have a job if i was off sick for 2 years so why do we feel it’s right to pay long term injured players?

    I could go on and on but it’s pointless. There simply needs to be changes. We need to forget about the ‘Risk’ of a new manager and just accept it. I’ve had enough of the safe, fourth place, making money from player sales, option now. I want value for my money, I want us to be competitive, I want teams to fear the Arsenal like they used to. not bully us into submission.

    1. Thanks! I don’t like the division as much as i’m sure all the fans don’t. I’d never force my opinions on anyone either, we are all entitled to have them. But people aren’t looking at the big picture. I’ve copied (see below) a section of another blog on here and put my comments against each item because I feel this highlights why the manager and board don’t push this club. Some fans have very rose tinted glasses.

      “1. There is no way that any manager can plan to deal with the crippling amount of injuries that Wenger has had to deal with. There are other clubs that have had big problems on that front too, but none of them have had the same amount of games as us and none of those managers has taken as much stick as our Prof.”
      Why do we have so many injuries? Because we don’t have the depth in the squad. Actually think about it. We rush players back too soon and then they get injured again. Who’s fault is this?

      “2. Some key refereeing decisions have gone against Arsenal. For example, when we were trying for a come back from three goals down, the ref wrecked our momentum at 3-2 by sending off Chambers, harshly. Whereas when Anderlecht came back from three down against us, their first goal should have been ruled out for clear offside and they would never have got their momentum started. Small things yes, but if they had gone the other way the fans would be much happier. I could also point to harsh red cards for Ramsey and Debuchy and the Fabregas handball at Stamford Bridge.”
      Wow! Erm……….Why were we 3-0 down against Stoke in the first place? I sure as hell don’t think the ref was to blame for that was he? Did he think the match was unfair so gave Stoke a 3 goal advantage? NO! How did we manage to let 3 sloppy goals in against Anderlecht? Ok the first was offside, but what about the second and third?

      “3. Our bad luck has not been confined to the injury list and the bad decisions. If we had got what we deserved against Man United, which was a comfortable win, then we would be in the top four and the pressure would be on van Gaal instead of Wenger. I know that the buck stops with the boss, but surely he cannot be held responsible for every little thing that happens.”
      Hmm……..Wenger couldn’t understand why we only had 1 defender back when Rooney scored. Yet he’s on the touchline, with a view of the whole pitch. He can see his whole team piling forward and didn’t think to call someone to drop back? An all too familiar problem because his tactic at 1-0 down was to allow everyone to pile forward!

      “Don’t forget what Wenger has done for us or that he is the man who kept us in the elite of Europe with no money, won us the FA cup last season and signed Alexis Sanchez. Doesn’t he deserve some credit?”
      I will always credit what he’s done up to a point. He’s been amazing up to a point. but no longer. Yes Sanchez was a fantastic signing, but why did it stop there? Why was he not here on deadline day, why did he not sign a DM and CB?

  12. English football passion originated
    in the indescribable 19 century slums
    99% of fans lived in back then.
    Football for most people was a temporary
    escape from abject poverty, filth and hoplessness.
    All the illogical hatred toward opponents and their fans
    came from that era. The English slums were
    only really cleared in the mid 1980’s but even today
    millions still live in bleak terrace housing.
    The gentrification of the football audiences has softened
    the fanbase so the criticism of Wenger is
    gentle compared to past era’s.

  13. Hahahaha chelsea would come knocking??? You serious why on earth would they want wenger over jose who is a tactical genuis 9/10 times

  14. Firstly I totally agree as fans we should not be involved in fist fights with each other.
    However after our worst start to a league season in over thirty years when we have more money than ever before to strengthen the team then yes boo the man responsible for failing to strengthen the team in two key areas in the summer,boo him for his tactics and boo him for his team selection.banners should be displayed as we need to show le fraud he is not earning his huge pay packet of 8m a year.
    He has one last chance to change things in January but for one I’m not holding much hope as he is a stubborn out of date dictator who needs to go before things escalate to more scenes we have seen at west brom and stoke.

    1. You just said that he’s going to be here at least until January, so why would you boo him until then? Do you want the team to suffer? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      1. Do nothing and the stubborn idiot will do nothing hopefully by showing we are not happy with the way he is failing to address consistent issues with the squad he may just may act and buy players we need .

        1. Nope, you and the rest of the over emotional knee jerk fans won’t have a bit of influence, because the club makes it’s decisions in a calm and detached manner, exactly the way it should be. So you really will just be causing damage with basically no silver lining.

          1. History is full of examples of the consequences of sitting back and doing nothing,Wenger is destroying this club as well as his legacy.its not just this season go back in previous years and there have been many counts of booing Wenger and protests at game.

  15. I don’t like to be labeled AOB and definitely no AKB I am just an AF (ARSENAL FAN) as such I want my team to win whatever it takes, if that means that WENGER needs to leave so be it.

  16. @mr lean
    So true, weeks ago Newcastle was in deep shit. The fans made their feelings known, kicked the backsides of the manager and players, result? Massive improvements. Letting the management and team know in no uncertain terms how the fans feel doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Even if Wenger remains but sits up and does a better job I’ll be satisfied not minding the fact that akbs would instead of thanking us for firing up the tired manager, feel vindicated.
    PS: AKBs we’ll be expecting your appreciation if these events serve to wake up mr Wenger, so he can bring all of us better days.

  17. Arsenal Fan’s don’t expect any players of real quality to be bought in the January Transfer window. If you listen to Wenger he is more or less saying this but he will buy but it will be a young lad for the future. You see Wenger has share holders to keep happy so he will buy young and cheap and hope he strikes it lucky so he can sell at a big profit. Wenger no longer thinks like a football manager he think like an Accountant. ARSENAL under WENGER are a 4th place club at best with the odd cup thrown in.

  18. Thanks our undercover AOB agents @ stoke. Your efforts seem to have started paying off. There was much more fire and hunger in today’s performance, unsurprisingly the result was good too. More power to your elbows. No slacking now

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