AKB v AOB – Arsenal MUST change managers next summer

A thought on the AKB v AOB discussion on JustArsenal by KM

Arsenal fans seem to be divided in their opinions of late, regarding to whether we want Arsene in charge or we want a change. Now name calling is weak and I don’t like this “brigade” thing like we are some sort of sect, not just people with opinion, because at the end of they day all Arsenal fans want what’s best for the club.

What is best depends on how satisfied people are with results. I am not happy with the results and i think a lot of fans start to be unhappy with them too, but others seem happy with a top 4 finish and a champions league last 16 appearance which does bring in money but does not mark any sign of improvement or moving forward.

The admin of the site wrote an article on the situation and a quote of his states “but Wenger has ALWAYS managed to turn it around and get us back into the Top Four. We should allow him to work his magic again until the end of the season and then re-assess the situation.” For me the key words here are “top four” (meaning fourth), “magic” (no idea what he’s doing) and “re-assess” (extend his contract for no reason).

We covered the standards and the acceptance of fourth, but it’s not magic that get’s us there. Words like “magic”, “belief”, “spirit”, “bad luck” and so on, are what Wenger and his deepest supporters keep repeating, but in reality the league is not won by magicians, but by the people with the best formula of quality and hard work, and we do have the quality. That’s why we finish fourth. There’s nothing to re-assess really, we gave Wenger chances, and he failed.

We are better than most sides in this league and eventually that sums up to fourth place. Bad luck with injuries is another untrue statement, because if you get your leg broken like Ramsey, you are just seriously out of luck, but if you go limping off, because you have played 20 games in a row with no break, and the manager has ZERO trust on any player on his bench and decides still not to bring in bodies to cover, that’s not bad luck. That’s something that can be prevented and has not been done.

I want to speak with facts, and the results against the top teams are there for everyone to be seen. Don’t tell me it’s unavoidable after I saw a terrible Sunderland side beaten by 8 goals not a month ago, draw that “invincible” so far Chelsea side. We start the season with 6 defenders, which is 1 injury away from a defensive crisis and with our record of injuries, we should’ve worked on that.

Arteta and Flamini are on the wrong side of 30 and as you saw Arteta limping off, do you see how he cannot play 3 games in 7 days especially after just returning from injury. What about all the goals we concede from headers? What do we train on the facilities? Mertesacker said that with Low and Germany the defense has to be tight, while Wenger gives freedom at Arsenal. That is not freedom, that is lack of defensive preparation right there, spitted out by our actual vice-captain.

What about individual preparation? DNA tests cost what – 500 pounds? Technology is advanced, doctors now tell you which foods are good for you, they tell you which foods are better fuel for your body and how you can improve your body regeneration, how to reduce fatigue. Do we take advantage of this? No, we don’t even do video anayisis on a daily basis.

The pundits say it themselves. It’s no longer about not having money. It’s about not being able to adapt. We need a change. This season is already thrown, Wenger will finish it, because I agree sacking him now wouldn’t make sense, since no top manager will leave mid season, and we do need a top manager, not a Brendan Rodgers who spent over 200 million pounds on pretty much average players.

So finish in the top 4, thank Wenger for the job well done and move on to a better future.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. I agree Arsene Wenger cannot take Arsenal to a Premiership title or Champions League trophy and should be replaced as manager.

    1. Please read…

      First of all, I’d like to say Justarsenal has been very interesting lately. Interesting topics, interesting comments. Sincerely, the fact that we always disagree to agree, then agree and disagree after agreeing is one distinct flavour of Justarsenal blog. Imagine we all share the same opinion on this blog—- where’s the fun in that?

      Personally, I’d like to greatly laud JustArsenal’s Mr. Admin and Sergeant Bob–sorry, I always like to think all Bobs are police officers and sergeants in particular–for maintaining this site and keeping it thick with fresh and sweetly engaging topics on a regular basis. Keep up the good work. And every fan on here has been awesome too. Every fan!

      For some days now, I’ve not been commenting here, the reason is that I badly injured my right wrist so it’s really been terrible trying to do anything with my right hand. However, my injury afforded me the privilege of meeting Abou Diaby who’s no stranger to injuries himself. He sent his regards. Lol!___OMG! I hope that was funny.

      Ok, let me just hit the nail on the head now. Very recently, Admin wrote an article captioned: JustArsenal Admin Responds to KickAssFan – AKB v AOB?______ well, I’m grateful for the mention there. In the article, a particular comment I made some time ago was quoted ( a very long comment at that). I found it interesting that Admin archived it, I guess mainly because it was quite upsetting to him and I never intended that but that comment was just all about my feelings and thoughts.

      Mr. Admin said so many interesting things in that article— I even learnt some very cool personal things about Mr. Admin, lol! Admin is actually a “he” and he isn’t a boy at all!!! Respect!!! One basic thing he said there is: I [Admin] am NOT an AKB or an AOB, I just want whatever is best for Arsenal IN MY OPINION, and my opinion now (which may change in the future) is that it is not good for the club to sack Wenger (or any manager) in the middle of any season.”

      Well, to be an AKB means one thinks Wenger is still good enough for the club and sees nothing wrong in all that he’s been doing lately and that no matter what happens or how bad whatever happens is, he should remain our manager, perhaps because no one else might be able to manage Arsenal “as well” as he does.

      To be an AOB means one thinks Wenger isn’t good for Arsenal as a manger anymore, with particular reference to his tactical ineptitude and redundancy, together with his irritable refusal to purchase much needed defensive reinforcements— there are countless reasons—hence, he should leave ANY TIME SOON for someone better to come in— Diego Simone, eh? Eh? Lol!

      So Mr. Admin, if you say you want what’s best for Arsenal, just what exactly would you consider as “what’s best”? It doesn’t matter weather you don’t want him sacked in the middle of the season, so long as you want him sacked (middle or end of season), you are an “AOB”. Personally, I felt you just might be an AKB because, just like me, some persons here have been complaining that certain very direct comments criticising Wenger posted by them got deleted. Now who can delete such comments except you or Bob? Besides, there was a time you explicitly said in an article (I can’t tell which one precisely) that you don’t think sacking Wenger was a good idea and that Wenger is a major part of Arsenal’s history and that no other coach could understand the club as much as he does (not your words verbatim).

      Admin, I agree that serious abuses shouldn’t be tolerated on the site– I won’t lie, sometimes I do lose my cool and just sting some folks with some pointy words. We are all fans of one great club, Arsenal, we really shouldn’t take certain things too personally– but sometimes the banter and expletives make everything interesting too.

      Finally, Mr. Admin, whether anybody likes it or not, you are entitled to your opinion and I’m sure no one will be victimised here simply because their opinion is radically different. Here, we can say some pretty dumb and silly stuff but please don’t take them too personally.

      1. oh KKKKKKKKIIIIIICCCCKKKKAAAAASSSSSSSSSFFFFFFAAAAAANNNNNNNN ……. That was expLosive! …….how’s ur wrist coming tho?

      2. Daaayumm bro,sorry about your wrist. I hope you’re left handed or muff diving any time soon if ya know what I mean!

        Giving yourself “The Stranger” is no piece of cake!

      3. I think it’s pretty clear and has been for a while now that most readers on this forum all want Wenger out regardless. The segregation is that some want him out now, others (like Admin, myself and the majority of fans who voted recently on this forum) want him out end of the season or as soon as we have an adequate replacement for him, not some makeshift manager that will make things worse. It is unfortunate that those who think he should stay till the end of the season are categorized as ‘Wenger worshippers who want him to manage Arsenal for all eternity.’ Just thought I’d clear that up as it seems those pain killers you are inducing might be doing a little more than what is says on the bottle.

        1. Ahahaha! @Big_Gun, howdy, pal? I’m very impressed with u. Like I said, whether now or later, #WengerOut is #Wengeout.

          However, to be frank, if Wenger starts doing the right thing: stops playing players out of position, becomes tactically flexible (studies opposition teams and changes tactics accordingly), buys very good players for every position (like Alexis), stops what seems to be favouritism when selecting players, etc., there won’t be a need for him to leave. Personally, I wish Wenger could just change for good, but I also wish I could walk on water.

          1. @KAF
            Sorry about your mitt dude.
            But I sense the deep down AKB in you hoping for the best.
            It’s all good dude…

      4. @KickAssFan.
        Always nice to see you around, man!
        Your wrist must be hurting badly. Little wonder I didn’t not see you comment on the aforementioned article. It would have been explosive! loool.
        Anyways, nice debate you and Mr. Admin are having, cos it represents the concerns of a number of folks on here.
        Personally, I have never felt that Mr. Admin shows a bias for any of these ideologies (AKB/AOB). This is my personal opinion. like he himself admitted in the aforementioned article, I just feel that he tries to balance it at times -in the articles published.
        But you gave your reasons for your opinion on the matter, and I respect that. Yes, I will never support that comments be deleted just because of the ideas they promote (so long as it is not abusive/offensive).

          1. @Big Gun.
            Looool. LMFAO!
            So you think I haven’t tried?!
            You know what? How I about I wire transfer funds to you so you can attempt to buy one of Stan’s “little babies”? Yes, I mean to try buying at least 20%.
            After all, no manager will want to mess up when he knows that he has as one of his bosses a man whose name is BIG GUN. Come to think of it: Arsene wouldn’t dare challenge a 30% owner whose name is BIG GUN. Would he?!
            Go on Big Gun, you have my full support (and funding if you want).

    2. people talk about giving wenger money…but it is so clear for every one to see that he can’t even get the best out of what he has at the moment. The money will be splashed the right players brought in and wenger will still play his favurites or others out of position and we will still struggle. So i’d suggest he goes a tactically gifted manager comes in and we are ggo to go

    3. KM wrote this: “We are better than most sides in this league and eventually that sums up to fourth place”

      I want Arsenal to be on top of the league too but i don’t agree with this. Do you really think our squad is better than Chelsea, Mu, Mc ??? To be fair, Arsenal including manager and the players must work harder than their 100% to be above 4th spot.

  2. We can sack Wenger only if we get a descent Manager.. Smaller PL mangers will not work. See what happened to MAN U.. Wenger hast to be replaced by a top class Manager like Gardiola or Hiddinik or Deogo Simmone or Klopp who have success with them.
    Until we find these quality manager, we should stick with wenegr.
    I can not see manager like Martimez or some body like rodgers will take us any further.

  3. I am an arsene fan. I love him when he always gets arsenal in top 4 when there is always question mark abt arsenal that they wont. I luv him fr d fact that he guarantees top 4. Many teams including united wud hv wanted top 4 badly last season as you can see wat it means financially to be in top 4. He always blows up the chance of winning the league but how he has done 18 consecutive years of top 4 with rebuilding of the new stadium is beyond anyone in the world ryt now. But he should change not the manager. He should be compelled to make signings which are obvious. The man who is capable of going the whole season unbeaten is never a failure. He will win trophies. If he can believe in teenagers why cant we believe in the veteren?
    Guys who want klopp are silenced now. That is something wenger can do. Arsenal fan should have a huge banner at the stadium saying ” we believe in you wenger” He is a legend . He is immortal. He can take criticism fr the club he loves coz he can take it. He bcms villian if the players dont perform bt he never makes any player villian in public. He is a true master. He is a silent guardian . He is the white knight..

    1. @ ArsenalGenes……… Typical wenger worshipper!….. Pls make an idoL of him and worship him morn, noon and night

    2. Wow! Firstly due to the grammar it took me three attempts to understand that fully.

      Anyway. Once again we have a classic example of why this club sits where it does. Clearly we spent all that money on a new stadium, relocating businesses, building new apartments, battling the council, listened to promises of this making us one of the biggest clubs in Europe, listening to promises of this bringing us trophies, all so we could sit here and look forward to the magic of fourth place every season and the usual Jan/Feb capitulation. (although it appears to be happening early this season).

      How many times do I have to ask our fans if they enjoy spending hundreds of pounds per game just to be fourth every season? Liverpool fans complain of £43 tickets. These look like concessionary prices compared to ours. Perhaps that’s just their OAP rates.

      I don’t deny Wenger did very well to keep us in fourth when the money wasn’t there. The unfortunate economic crash came at the worst possible time for the club when rebuilding. But Ivan Gazidis tols us that new sponsorship deals meant that money was there to spend. Things started well with the signing of Sanchez, i was full of hope and optimism at that point, but once again it all went downhill. Wenger speaks several languaages, has degrees, has been an “invincibles” manager, so clearly he’s not stupid. But who is to blame for the lack of signings? The board are useless and I doubt most could negotiate their way round IKEA let alone a decent transfer. But the man who should be telling the board who to buy is Wenger. He should be telling the board we NEED certain players. And to get these players we unfortunately have to pay the money and the package that goes with it.

      Now i’m not suggesting we lower ourselves to the levels of Chelsea and to a degree Citeh and buy for the sake of stopping others from getting the player. Everyone has their price, every team will do business if you talk the right amount of money. There are many players we could afford that would add to this squad and make us stronger and they don’t have to be big name stars. We’ve (Wenger) proved this in the past. So why not now?

      To me their appear to be two key factors in his downfall. 1) He is stubborn. He refuses to accept that players cost more money now. You can’t buy the same players now for the sums paid in 2004. He appears to want to make a point of doing it his way despite all the failures.
      2) His tactics haven’t changed. Every team knows how to get at Arsenal. We can sit here and say we’ve won two games in a row without conceding but lets be honest Dortmund didn’t look too great and West Brom can’t score. But that said i was on the edge of my seat every time West Brom or Dortmund broke forwards against us because we always look vulnerable on the counter. We don’t have a proper DM, and we always seem to unnecessarily push players forward. How Wenger could say he was surprised at the lack of defence when Rooney scored is beyond me. That to me was insulting. You’re the manager, you stand on the touchline, you can see the whole pitch so why can’t you organise the team?

      As i’ve said to may people, and said on here in many posts, I WILL ALWAYS love Wenger for what he brought to this club. The early years were the stuff little boys who support a club dream of. The way we took the game to the opposition was a sight to behold. I will remember Henry scoring against Real Madrid, when he ran the length of the pitch to taunt the Spuds fans after roasting their whole team, The Invincibles, the memories go on and on. BUT, the time has come to say goodbye. Not now, but at the end of the season. We need to plan carefully who will take over. We need a manager who will be firm with the board, bring in the right players and take us forward. It’s what this club and it’s loyal fans deserve. It’s what this stadium deserves.

  4. we need a REVIVAL…….. We won’t get that untill there’s a big CHANGE………we need RESULTS……. We won’t get that until there’s IMPROVEMENT……we need to feel like in Highbury again….. We don’t Like this dull frenzy in the emirates….we need to be FEARED…. And not seen as the easiest contestant…..we need mordenization……..and not outdatedness borne out of past glories…….we need to be title CONTENDERS…….and not just 4th placed UCL suitors or F.A cup scrammblers against a Wigan-like contestant ……. We need REVIVAL!!!!!!! ……..I REST MY CASE

    1. And REVIVAL will happen. It does not exclude the current team though. Personally, I think now that we are pretty much out of the race we can relax and play football. Good football. And I want to beat Chelsea with Mourinho before Wenger leaves. I truly want that nemesis gone.

  5. Benik Afobe scored a hat trick over week end because of him he ..MK Dons got a penalty.
    What a player he has been.. I guess scored some 18 goals in 21 games. It is fantastic and i dont know at what no he will finish this season..He is now scoring for fun.
    Next season if he plays on loan for a PL team, then we can seriously have prolofic scorer already for Ardsenal

    1. Buzzing for this lad, his stats at MK Dons are really impressive. I totally agree with you that next year he should be loaned to a PL team for his continuous development, experience and to give a chance for some of us to watch him play week in, week out. (Am sure some PL clubs are keeping tabs on him aswell)

      We could have a star in the making here. Afobe, lets watch the space.

      But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!!

    2. SUNNY 13.
      Why should he go on loan to another premier team, if he’s good enough to play in premier next season he’s good enough to be in Gunners squad.
      He already seems as good as Sonogo but on reflection perhaps your right since our Leader’s son wil always get a game over Gnabry and Joel Campbell.
      If he’s really good at another PL Team next year then AKB will sell him to United or City at a hefty price. Without giving him a chance at the Emirates.
      He’s already 21, no longer a youngster when you consider Walcott ‘s age when he joined us and Chambers still only 19.

    1. @Twig.
      Yeah, I agree.
      I hope many on here right now, aren’t overlooking the brilliant method Konstantin used to lay down his points. This should be the blueprints for comments and articles alike.
      KUDOS TO YOU @Kostantin Mitov!

      1. Thanks mate, it really means the world to me that someone takes the time to read what i wrote on this website about my favorite football club! Cheers @Usmanov, and also great thanks to @Admin and @Bob for providing this beautiful platform that is justArsenal so all fans can express our opinion about Arsenal.

  6. Top four is not guaranteed this year. Man city is finding their form Chelsea looks like they taking it. Southampton will fight to the end. Man utd with a couple of additions in January will probably reach third place. So we will be battling with the likes of Southampton, Tottenham, Swansea, Everton, West Ham, Liverpool. It might look easy but the dynamics of these teams have changed. Like us they are all hitting form and turning the corner. I can’t see our injury problems improving. Than off course, there seem to be the December issue we always seem to choke at this point of the season. Quite frankly, i don’t see Wenger taking us to top four. There is a dark horse hidden in the pack. I think we gonna be shocked this season. Brace yourself gunners.

    1. In early season, we are fighting with Southampton, Man Utd, West Ham, Spurs, Swansea, Newcastle, but not with Everton and Liverpool.
      Let’s just wait till mid January, who are we competing with and for what position?
      I will not be surprised if top 4 would be for Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Man Utd. Because it always happens the same in the end.

  7. Arsenal Owner the Board the CEO
    the manager the players and
    75% of the fans are comfortable
    with ECL 4th and ECL last 16.
    So with no pressure to win a big trophy
    the team buys decent but not stellar players.
    The team plays neat tidy possession football
    and play in front of a quiet but loyal audience.
    4th place is celebrated with gusto each May.
    The ECL is a money making exercise and no body
    seriously thinks the club will win the ECL anytime soon.
    So unless the club changes the model
    I see Wenger completing his 3 year extension.

  8. An article that makes sense and just does not put out hate on Arsene wenger for the sake of it

    Well done to KM brilliant writing

  9. Well we looked to be heading for a top 4 finish again and thats not good enough. I have 2 main issues with wenger. Firstly, I feel that he is not tactically flexible enough, especially with his substitutions. Wenger tends to favour certain players and thats why players like podolski hardly gets a sniff. Top class managers can outwit wenger whole day since he refuses to switch up his tactics or try something fresh.
    The second point is wenger is not aggressive enough in the transfer market. I know we signed both ozil and sanchez, who are fantastic players (though Im starting to have doubts over ozil), but we managed to get them as real and barca are willing to sell. I rarely see wenger playing hardball in the market and trying to force a transfer from another club (suarez case aside, which he failed in). I feel that was the main reason why we didnt sign a dm in the window. Wenger was too nice and didnt have the balls to try for world class dms such as javi martinez or mascherano.

  10. This article raises some good and bad points. First of all, when you say ‘We gave Wenger a chance’ are you referring to the last season and a half when we actually had decent funds to spend of top players? Because if that is the case, he has been successful up until now, because we have won two trophies and this season is not over yet. If you are referring to the time between 2005-2013, then I’d have to say again, Wenger has been successful, because during that period we built a stadium worth 500m pounds and I still cannot understand why some fans keep saying that Wenger had nothing to do with it and was not affected by it. OF COURSE HE WAS AFFECTED BY IT!. Because of initial outlay, our transfer budget was severely limited and we just couldn’t afford the Ozil’s and the Sanchez’s back then. On top of it, and unforeseen situation was that all our best players decided to jump ship. Yet, despite all this, Wenger was able to accomplish consecutive top 4 finish with an ever changing squad. I remember every new season, we had lost 2 or 3 key players and because of our budget, we had to replace them with inferior players, but Wenger still managed top 4!

    What is frustrating now, looking at those facts, with funds, Wenger should be dominating the league right now, but we are not, and this is why people are upset but at the same time unfairly throwing in the period from 2005-2013 in the mix and calling that part of the failure. Yes, Wenger should have bought at least one more CB in the last window to be safe and his tactics and selection have been poor in some games, but I still think he deserves until the end of the season to redeem himself.

  11. Its a hard topic really but here is my take:

    If only Wenger could take some time and listen to what the whole football world has been saying we wouldn’t be in this mess or been divided. We the funs should be one and united for the red and white and now because of 1 man, 1 man we are been divided.

    – If only Wenger can buy the right players required to have a full squad
    – If only Wenger could employ an effective rotation policy before and during the games
    – If only Wenger could be less stubborn and listen to the funs once in a while
    – If only Wenger could deploy tactics based on our opponents at hand and switch according to how the team if playing
    – If only Wenger could get out the idea of 4th place been a trophy from himself, the board, players, and some section of the funs
    – If only Wenger could admit to mistakes he makes and take it on the chin
    – If only Wenger could appoint a knowledgeable assistant who could take over after him or one who is capable of bringing something new (positive of course) to the club
    – If only Wenger can be willing to learn and adapt

    Hate him or love him we all respect the man for what he has done for the club and football as a whole though there is time for everything (everything that has a begging has an end, like the Matrix, lol), I would like him to leave on a good note and leave the club more united than before though as things stand and him trying to prove everyone wrong wont help any1 at all.

    At the end of the day lets all remember we the ARSENAL, we might have different thoughts but let us continue been united for the betterment of our beloved club

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  12. Off topic.
    why don’t we try getting MILE JEDINAK. He’s quality and not very expensive, a realistic target.

  13. Okay so Wenger is brilliant. He managed to get us top four through “tough times” (even during these times we were posting profits). Even during this period teams like Portsmouth, Wigan, Birmingham, Swansea, Tottenham (rivals) have won cups. Now the tough period is over. Where is this brilliance people are talking about? Manuel Pellegrini managed a team (Malaga) in far worse circumstances and did wonders. Diego Simeone turned Atletico into a force. Can someone please explain to me what brilliance we talking of when it comes to Wenger? We are playing worse and worse year after year. Never had i imagined a Arsenal team so boring. So predictable.

  14. The fact that Wenger’s sack is even been discussed prominently these days is an indication that an era may be coming to an end definitely definitely at Arsenal. In the past, we used to stand united against criticism of our manager and our team and our patience with the club was all encompassing and never in doubt. But these days, given the relative financial stability the clubs enjoys coupled with having a manager of 18 years experience (!) in charge, we have no reason to be where we find ourselves today. We are increasingly finding it difficult to win matches against top sides. We now see a draw against the like of Tottingham, Everton, Swansea, and even Southampton as a good result. A decent bashing against Man U, Man City, Chelsea is also now considered decent results at Arsenal. Unless things change dramatically and quickly too, the sharp division and steady uprising against the manager will only get bigger.

    1. Your comments suggest you started supporting arsenal two seasons ago. In tge 2011/2012 season there were far worse cries for wenger to go. One of arsenal’s goalkeeper legends had to come out strongly arguing that the British media had always wabted to see aserne go and if fans are not carwful they will help the media achieve its objective. There waa even an online petition to force aserne out. 2014/2015 Aserne is still arsenal manager with a new contract. So never think that the club’s decision about the manager will be made based on media opinion

  15. I was talking to a fan during the West B game on Saturday and it became quite heated…
    He was upset with fans calling for Wenger to go and (I am quoting the guy) “he should stay and take us to another level”.
    Obviously he had the all gear: the new shirt (mug!) the scarf, the hat and the all “attirail” I was just wondering if he had been watching football for the last 5 years…??
    In his 30’s, and comparing Wilshere with Messi (again, I am quoting that fool) “Wilshere injury free could be as goos as Messi and Welbeck could emulate Henry”…!

    I looked at him and realised that it must be painful to be delusional and still being taken for a ride by people (Board, Wenger and the monkey shareholders) who do not give a f*ck about you and not knowing about it…!!

    Change of manager? lol 🙂
    Wenger should have been 4 or 5 years ago.
    The metastasis have already spread…
    And if you think he is not going to complete his contract, you are just as deluded as him…!!

    Deal with it…

    I was watching Real Madrid on a program in France and they were talking about how they were significantly reducing their debts and still improving the squad…

    They were talking about Ancelotti and his skills… I mean…. We are just miles and miles away… They are on another planet… And when you consider that we are miles away from Chelsea, you realised that since 2006 we have been regressing on a constant basis…

    And Wenger “top cub” thing is just a “useful” statement to throw at the “delusional” fans and he does not believe in it… You have to be a top manager to know what is a top club… Wenger is not, not even near.

    1. Should have asked if he also believed in Santa. Then you’d have known for sure if he was the full ticket

  16. My best bits of this article:

    “What is best depends on how satisfied people are with results…”
    “We are better than most sides in this league…”
    “We covered the standards and the acceptance of fourth, but it’s not magic that get’s us there….in reality the league is not won by magicians,”

  17. Benik Afobe is a very good striker but Wenger is too timid these days to try his youngsters! I am really surprised that Campbell hasn’t been given some game time so far!

  18. I think there is so much crap talk on this just arsenal page of late. It don’t matter what you say if our first team is fit I don’t think there is much about that can turn us over. What AW needs is a replacement yes but as his number 2 so that AW arsenal will not die when he becomes a pen pusher. Arsenal owe a lot to this man but not for ever. Leave the banners at home and get behind our great club

  19. @KM
    Nice try. No cigar though…
    Next time you make a claim to roll with the facts, lay them out in their entirety. Or say from the start that this is a biased article…

  20. We are stuck with Wenger for at least another two years. How about an organizational change. Wenger needs to stop haggling over player acquisitions. He should decide the players he wants and let someone else negotiate the transfer fee.

    1. To be honest that is arsenals doing mate. AW should be told now tell who you want and we will get them. And all the sick notes get rid of them and get new EPL players that can come on if we are 2-0 up and just do s job

  21. This site just isn’t balanced. With all due respect KIck Ass, who are you to analyse what’s wrong with Arsenal? Likewise all the AOB’s who follow – all full of comments as to why it’s so bad but I doubt there is an established football manager amongst you.

    I read several articles over the weekend on the plight of Arsenal and the comments are infinitely more balanced. Fans generally support Arsene and the emotive detractors are far less evident. The AOB’s are in the minority except on some dedicated sites, especially this one. Not all Arsenal sites are negative either, many are constructive and positive. You guys have found a place to bitch and it makes JA a depressing place for true fans.

    I see issues with Arsene, but as Wrighty said today, crap like the banner at West Brom makes him (and me) angry. Classless acts of derision for our greatest ever manager. Sad day in my view.

    Still people bang on about klopp…yet Arsene who competes in the worlds toughest league, against several hugely bankrolled teams, with the same injury problems, with our players bought off like nothing Klopp has ever faced from Bayern – still finishes top four year in year out and has never languished at the bottom of the league. Bizarre in my view. I imagine if the AOB’s come up for air long enough to get up to speed on world football, Simeone will now be ‘the one’.

    You guys just have an agenda and sense of self importance and self congratulatory egos drive you on. If and when Wenger goes and it all goes south I hope you will all issue apologies week after week.

    JA is unfortunately now often a depressing read. It has become lopsided with the vocal minority (maybe 8 or so constant anti Wenger bloggers) always moaning, always being negative, always slagging off Wenger, often with rude and offensive phrases. Some of you are seemingly unable to even enjoy victories when we have them and immediately start to say why it wasn’t good enough. No class at all.

    Nothing said is anything more than personal opinion. However, given none of you know the intimate details of what goes on at the Emirates, who runs what, who decides what, or what goes on, it is at best ill informed. Given that I am also pretty confident in saying none of you have managed one of Europes top clubs (unless you consider FIFA or some low rate Sunday league team as a parallel) over nearly two decades…it is just laughable.

    Admin….putting AKB or AOB on articles (as you suggested yesterday) will have one major benefit of allowing readers who are fed up with the broken record that is the AOB’s to consciously let them get on with it in quiet isolation.

    1. Haha eza…

      I think your thinking is as fcuked up as your spelling. I didn’t say Wenger is without fault in my eyes, blind or otherwise. I did however say you guys have no respect and seek to effectively resort to insults. As you demonstrate quite successfully once again. Think logivally man!

  22. Thanks KM great article, pretty much condense the thoughts of every ARSENAL fan that does not settle with the current STATUS QUO…I would like to add that Sunderland not only draw with CHELSEA but they deserved the WIN (that would’ve been GLORY) POYET is not revered as a great Manager, but hell he is a good tactician, did the right changes at the right time, and let’s face it, he doesn’t remotely has the Quality players that we have rotting on the bench. He did not park the Bus, but presented a solid defense and then he went for the win, this is the kind of Manager that we are craving for….on another subject, I agree that is not for the best changing Managers Mid season, especially because we owe gratitude to WENGER for his past glories, BUT start looking for one from NOW is mandatory, this needs to be done by the Board and WENGER gracefully must accept it and why not pinpoint who would be his successor…no negotiation, this must be done.

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