Alan Shearer gives his opinion on who is better Sergio Aguero or Thierry Henry

Alan Shearer has chosen Sergio Aguero over Thierry henry as he ranks who is better among the Premier League legends.

Aguero overtook Henry in the Premier League’s top scorer list when he netted his 180th goal in the competition earlier this season and Shearer has argued that the Argentine is just ahead of Henry.

Henry scored 176 goals for Arsenal and won two Premier League titles with Arsenal, however, Aguero has won four titles with Pep Guardiola’s side and he is threatening Shearer’s record of the most goals scored in the competition and the Englishman has paid a special tribute to Manchester City’s star man.

Shearer was debating with his fellow Match of the Day hosts, Ian Wright and Gary Lineker and he was the only person who didn’t choose Henry among the three of them.

‘Aguero is now coming up to his 32nd birthday and he’s still banging in the goals left, right and centre,’ the Newcastle great argued as quoted by the Daily Mail

‘I know he’s playing in a magnificent team but 180-odd goals, 260 appearances and look what he’s won also. 

‘I love both of them, Thierry was different. The role now as a forward has slightly changed. 

‘There’s not so many centre-forwards now, it’s a forward but the one constant is you have to score goals and both of them are not only great goalscorers but scorers of great goals.’   

Football is all about opinions and Shearer has expressed his, personally, I feel Henry was better because he offered more outside of goal scoring.

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  1. Of course is Aguero better than Henry. Thierry left the game ten years ago. A stupid remark, Alan. But watch the way Thierry Henry scored his goals, and compare with Sergio Aguero. Then you know the answer to that inadequate question. It’s always a matter of how you do it, how you do the things you do in life. The quality in your activity. And Thierry Henry outscore Sergio Aguero every saturday of the year. By the way, you were not that bad yourself, Alan. But why all this talking among explayers? You must be bored.

  2. ‘Social distancing’ isn’t too hard to understand, is it?? So the last thing you do is throw a party!! And then go out and crash your car! Bloody hell, Jack Grealish…. and this comes not long after he posts a clip telling everyone to stay home, save lives, only go out for essentials!! Unbelievable…

  3. Henry was better, could win a game by him self, carried Arsenal for years while at man city Aguero has had the best talent to assist him. Aguero is great but Henry is greater

  4. I rate thiery ahead of Aguero because Henry even left Arsenal just to look for more trophy other wise he would have been the premier league altime top scorer if he hard not left foe Baca.

  5. That show was hilarious. It was PAINFULLY obvious that Shearer had laid down a “I’m not doing this unless I win & you have to agree” on this show – akin to the “if I get charged with kicking Lennon I won’t play for England again” situation. Late on, Lineker showed a glimpse of the actual honest situation & the look on Shearer’s face is priceless when the truth is even revealed for a second. By no rational metric would anyone choose Shearer over Aguero OR Henry – Yes he scored the most goals, but over a MUCH longer time at a MUCH slower rate. What a sad man Shearer is & Wrighty showed the patience of a saint to magnanimously fluff the poor guy’s ego.

  6. A programme of just fair interest and what I most enjoyed was the way some were treading on eggshells to avoid denting mostly Shearers tender ego. Much over the top humour, as footballers constantly do, mainly to hide embarrassment , I thought. Ultimately though, it was merely the personal opinions of three footballs legends and they were quite entitled to give those opinions. Whether all, or even anyof them, were being TOTALLY honest though, is arguable. I could not tell for sure either way. We all have our own biases and mine arelike most of this site firmly for Henry. But if you ever want TOTAL honesty, you need to remove fan and club bias and that is a very rare thing for football folk, fans and players alike, to achieve.

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