Alan Shearer left shocked by Arsenal battering

Alan Shearer has admitted that Bayern Munich’s 5-1 defeat of Arsenal left him stunned.

The Gunners travelled to the German capital to take on Bayern in their opening leg of their Champions League knockout match-up, but have come home knowing they have a huge mountain to climb when they face them at the Emirates next month.

Shearer has revealed that he was very surprised in the way they allowed the German side to dominate them in the second half, especially after fighting their way back into the tie after a tough 20 minutes at the start of the match.

“Watching the first half of Bayern v Arsenal game you would never have seen that scoreline coming,” Shearer said.

“Arsenal had done well to get back into the game after being completely dominated in the first 20 mins but I was amazed at their capitulation in the second half after Koscielny went off injured.

“There was no leadership or organisation on display. Not one player was trying to motivate or galvanise the side.

“The only question that remained was how many Bayern were going to score. They went through Arsenal like a knife through butter. It was so easy.”

Our side capitulated and suffered three goals in only 11 minutes early in the second half, and many have claimed that this is the same old Arsenal, with this stage of the competition proving to be a curse for our side year on year.

We have also witnessed some serious attempts to overturn opening leg deficits, but surely this year that mountain is just too high. Saying that, Lincoln today showed that some big dreams do come true, and maybe, just maybe, we will be happily shocked early next month.

Can we take solace from the non-league side’s dream FA Cup run? Is a 4-0 win that unheard of?

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  1. N4NICOLAS says:

    Arsenal have Lots of average players n a poor tactical Coach so we should expect this.. my fear is the fact that Wenger will be given more years to toil with our hearts n nothing is going to change. Each year opposition team, Fans and pundits alike say Arsenal will fold up by December, January and February and it happens just as they predict what now makes us feel it’s going to change if we give Wenger another chance? We will still meet this same teams that beat us in the Champions League and Premier League.. Let’s give someone else d chance to coach this team

  2. leo says:

    even those average sides in budesliga have put better performance than arsenal need a massive squad clearout incl – scz , coq, ospina , jenks, debuchy , Campbell , sanogoal , gibbs uptp 320/w could saved on wages which can be used for sanchez , ozil new deal + need a world class gk ,lb , wide player and strong cm

  3. leo says:

    wenger needs to get rid of this socialist wage policy where avg players are paid well & his loyalty to players is the reason why arsenal are in this mess + need a director football (overmars) arsenal haven’t been the same since david dein left & a board with ex arsenal players like bergkamp/pires/lehmann etc like at Bayern , get rid of chips Keswick/ivan gazdis

  4. Koss says:

    let’s just hope Wenger leaves at the end of the season and then rebuilding of Arsenal begins.

  5. frank says:

    The only curse Arsenal have is the fading Arsene Wenger and his predictable formation for the last 10+ years that doesn’t work against good teams. Same old Arsenal? They aren’t wrong.

  6. Jansen says:

    Not sure where Shearer has been. I don’t think too many Arsenal fans were shocked or surprised by our second half collapse. Disappointed yes, shocked no? We have seen this many times this season and in the 10 seasons preceding this season.

    This team doesn’t play for 90 minutes or for Wenger.

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