Alan Smith reveals which Arsenal player sale “would hurt the most this summer”

It’s that time of the year when we start to access who we should and shouldn’t be selling this summer transfer window and of course this can always be a tedious time with lots of rumours and misleading reports, but it does seem pretty clear that Emilie Smith-Rowe could be on the way out this summer after losing his spot after fitness and injury struggles last season.

It’s being said that both Crystal Palace and Fulham are interested in the 23-year-olds signature and if reports are correct, Arsenal have put a £25 Million price tag on his head, which in my opinion is a steal for the play making forward. Reports have also come out saying the Smith-Rowe is considering fighting for his place at the club, and other than not playing as much as he would have liked, is still happy to stay..

Ex Arsenal striker Alan Smith has spoke on the possibility of Smith-Rowe leaving and has said this: “If Arsenal were to sell Emile Smith Rowe, there would definitely be plenty of regrets felt by people inside the club & the fans that follow them. He would be the one sale that would hurt the most this summer if Arsenal were to move him on.”

“Him & Saka came through together, almost as a double act. Saka has gone one way & Smith Rowe, via injuries, has gone backwards. He’s come back into the fold but needs must sometimes & if you get offered a good price, sometimes you have to reluctantly wave goodbye to a player.”

“Eddie Nketiah is another one who has climbed up through the ranks. I’ve got a lot of time for him, he’s a good finisher. He’s another player who a club would think could do a job & score 15 goals at least in the Premier League. He’s probably capable of doing that & would fetch good money as well.”

“You never like to lose these academy products because you’ve put all this care, attention & love into them, only to wave them goodbye. It’s a bit of a sad time when you sell an academy player, but it’s just business at the end of the day & you can’t let your emotions get in the way.”

A bit conflicting as he did say a few weeks ago that we should be looking to sell off Smith-Rowe and Nketiah. Obviously if we sell our academy projects, we will get more money as they’ve come from the academy, but of course it’s never easy to watch player’s leave who have grown up through the club and fans have watched them grow as players.

For me, I think if the right price comes in, we should go for it, with FFP becoming so strict, selling academy projects is what most clubs need to be doing and I honestly don’t think Smith-Rowe or Nketiah will end up getting the minutes they want next season and them leaving is probably what’s best for them and the club.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Sell and forget these few players! It’s a shame, but… And make some real good transfers on entry! Don’t write any more of this nonsense about Isak’s option!

  2. Arteta will certainly leave Arsenal before Smith Rowe. I’m happy that the club have not extended his remaining one year contract. He must win one of Premiership or Champions league before its being extended. Thank God Smith Rowe has two years remaining.
    We cannot understand why Arteta is very reluctant to start a player who has 100% percent winning rate when he starts any game. He lost 9 of his 52 games this season and prefer to keep those players that contributed to this loses.
    We should remember that a Randy coach that have even won both Premiership and Champions league titles before then, sold both De Bruyne and Sallah at Chelsea back then. Arteta has sold Martinez who later went on to become the best goalkeeper. I see more blunders in decision making coming if the authority fails to have a deep check on him.

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