Alan Smith slams Arsenal for making two big mistakes in the summer

Arsenal had what can be considered a successful transfer window the last time out as they landed the likes of Gabriel Magalhaes and Thomas Partey.

Willian had been released by Chelsea after he failed to agree on a two-year deal with them and was also signed.

Arsenal handed him a three-year deal, but the Gunners will probably want to tear up his contract now.

David Luiz had joined them from Chelsea at the start of last season and the club also handed him a new one-year contract, despite his poor first campaign at the Emirates.

These two players were supposed to use their experience of being older players as well as winning the Premier League with Chelsea to help Arsenal, but they have been liabilities for the club so far.

Alan Smith has slammed the Gunners for signing both Brazilians on to new contracts.

He wrote on his column at Standard Sports that Willian has regressed at Arsenal, while Luiz hasn’t given the club anything new.

He wrote: “I said last week Arteta is bound to make mistakes as a rookie manager. And he has. Extending David Luiz’s contract cost the club a lot of money without giving the team anything extra. Likewise, the expensive acquisition of Willian didn’t look good business at the time. It looks even worse now following several anonymous outings that reek of a player with little to prove or achieve towards the end of his career.”

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  1. Luiz is better because it’s a 1yr contract. Willian’s acquisition is a disaster, because he’s been an average player at Chelsea. How can Arteta give him 3yr contract when the guy is 32yrs. Besides Willian, Arteta’s signings are just average players. The guy doesn’t have an eye for quality players

    1. Willian wasn’t average at Chelsea, he wasn’t just a player we should sign at 32. He was a very big and an important player at Chelsea.

        1. Willian as been a quality player for Chelsea ,having watched him plenty (my old man is a Chelsea fan )over the years .
          I was quite excited about his arrival
          But he has been a disappointment so far ,maybe it’s the system that does not suit him I’m not sure .

          1. Apparently the system does not suite any players. It is physically demanding and exhausting because it requires a lot of running. That’s not a good formula for a 32 year old skinny winger.

  2. Alan Smith has hit the nail on the head.Apart from the money aspect,he left Chelsea because he knew he would rarely figure in their first team.They have in my opinion,arguably the strongest squad in the EPL.That does not mean they will win the League , but they will be in contention.

    1. I think if we get a cup this season and a europa place we will be doing well,
      In January and the summer get rid of arteta, Bellerin, mustafi, sok, holding, kolas, xakai, willian, ozil, auba, lacca.
      Bring in a new nó 2 goalkeeper, rb, cb, cm, cam, striker, winger.
      Forgot… Sell Pepe as well…

  3. Luiz took a pay cut and I don’t have a problem with the one year extension

    Willian hasn’t started well at all. This could be the last big pay packet syndrome or temporary lack of form. The same can currently be said about Auba. Let’s hope it’s the latter

  4. He is correct as to point “a rookie coach”! That is shoking reality, we are no rookie club. and why we sit at 15th as a rookie club should with a rookie manager.

    That board imposed Luiz as they offered him willian, as ceballos, a cheap option…Benrahama xas player we neeeed to put 25M on, i kept writing it. First game with westham won it against leeds.

    Emery asked for Partey, Board proposed him Ceballos or nothing!

    He asked for Maguire ou Koulibaly, as Kos did in order to stay, they refused, got rid of Kos, gave Luiz for Emery to deal with!

    I blame board who are Kroenke puppies; he just trusts them, coming up with plans he approves.

    That board is a mess and why we so deep in it; they pick Luiz, Willian as they picked a rookie coach with zero experience in a top club.

    kroenke doesnt know football, did not fire Wenger who resigned as fans made it hell for him, humiliated him, aski’g him out of a stadium he built for these ignorants!.

    Today is indeed another day and must focus on that; Arteta is as Luiz, Board picking and imposing it!

    We are 15th for that, cant blame it on poisonned portion of our fans, there’s none in any stadium!

    Nor on team, we have one of EPL most exciting squad, best and more completed one, in decades.

    We are a top club with a top academy & young talents, a top squad but we have a rookie coach not even yet in his first 12 month of coach experience..

    He is not even a Rookie Lampard is, Frank went in a lower league to learn job, make all mistakes, grow from it as Gerrard is doing, not easy at start but doing well, 2nd year at Rangers.

    he will be ready for Reds! EPL is a coach competition this year mote than ever!

    we are 15th as a rookie club and coach should be, not Arsenal.

    I will go for a loan swap deal with Leeds who have a top coach but rookie team and need few players to remain in EPL.

    Give them Arteta Willock, Nelson, Rowe, Chambers, Ceballos,Nketiah. for 18months. Add Willian & Luiz as bonus

    Get their coach & benrahama. We will finish in top4; be too late for title by time they fire Arteta but we will make it and in EL final 4.

    Bielsa will bring this house back in place and order, has a high pressing and attaking dna from argentina, fits our football, he will play Bellogun and known for giving youth chances

    He is that experimented Prof who cares for players and has great football values and of course that wining spirit!

    We not playing many young players as they must do in order to grow.

  5. I don’t think the summer signings were bad . Willian was doing better than all our wingers last season , Gabriel has be quite good , even partey hasn’t really done anything else aside his performance against United .
    I don’t think it’s the player, it has more to do with the system , even auba the goal machine is struggling.
    So it’s more of the team than individuals

  6. The reality William I particular is an arsenal player and he is going through a bad spell!!! But make No mistake as an Arsenal fan I hope that we all want him to turn this around. Sure we can criticize and be disappointed at player performances on any given day but we have to make sure we are still behind players while they play for our club. We have to think bigger picture here. A system change, personnel change and he could be one of our most important players.

  7. The Edu / Brazilian connection.
    When we signed Willian and Luiz I was not happy but what can we do?
    And willian started off really well against Fulham but then has been a complete disaster.

    Arteta signing these types of run down players makes me feel nervous. But because he is a new manager so you give him a bit of a leeway.

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