Alarm bells: Arsenal mix-up revealing Alexis exit?

Arsenal’s official website has made the mistake of revealing Danny Welbeck as the new owner the Number 7 jersey, which would mean Alexis would be giving up his preferred number.

The Gunners revealed their new home kit this week, and with the opening of sale of the shirts, they made the mistake of placing Danny Welbeck’s name alongside the number 7. The error has since been corrected, but that will have set off the alarm bells as doubts over Alexis’ future increase.

Sanchez is into the final 12 months of his contract in North-London, having failed to agree a new contract with the club in recent years, and is wanted by a number of potential suitors, including Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain.

It is believed that the Gunners will refuse to sell to a league rival, while holding out for a £50 Million fee, but Arsene Wenger has also claimed that he expects both Alexis and fellow contract-rebel Mesut Ozil to stay beyond the summer. Unfortunately the Frenchman always keeps his cards close to his chest, and his actual thoughts on potential transfers regularly remains a mystery, and his words cannot be relied upon.

The recent error will only have moved to increase the belief that the forward, who is currently in Russia on international duty, is set to depart from the club.

There could however be the possibility that Alexis will take up a new number, with Lucas Perez number 9 shirt likely to be vacated in the current window, but the fact that he chooses to wear the number 7 jersey for his country leads me to believe he is already wearing his desired number…

Does Welbeck deserve a more respected squad number? How easy a mistake is it to type 23 as a 7? Is Alexis staying or going?

Pat J


  1. My main concern right now is that we are 3 weeks away from preseason and 3 weeks almost into the transfer window and it seems that all the good talks are fading and a similar pattern of dissappointment is unfolding as per usual.
    Kolasinac is our only signing and he probably came because we simply offered more in wages and bonus on signature (goes tobshow that when you dig into your pockets usually things happen). And I believe he is a shrewd signing as one of bundesliga top performer. But that is it and we don’t know what is really going on. We hear countless rumours but no big signing so far…will we start preseason with just one free signing? Will we sign players at the end of the window like we usually do and not have a complete team?
    We hear so much about Lacazette but unlike most I am not too crazy about him not when players like Aubameyang are available. For me even though league 1 is becoming more competitive with Monaco, Lyon, Paris, Nice, Marseille and Lille the bundesliga is still better. Not only that Lacazette is 26 and 5’9″, Aubameyang is 28 and 6’1″. They are both as clinical in there finish specially with Aubameyang beating Lewandoski to top goalscorer in bundesliga ( 31 goals in as many games). They are both pacy and play to Arsenal strengh and game though again I give the edge to Aubameyang in pure speed. Him being taller makes him more of an aerial threat like Giroud. They are both as strong but I’ll also give the edge to play back to goal to Aubameyang. Also he seems available and has had issues with his club. If there price range is similar like the rumours would suggest there is no reason not to have a go at him and it is a no brainer.
    Are we finally selling some players to bring 2-3 top players?
    If Arsenal main business is to change Sanchez and Özil minds to have them resign long term and show there ambition at the moment they are failing in epic proportions. You would expect that club savvy in marketing like Arsenal would use the opportunity of a nee kit launch to present a surprise big signing…

  2. Come on man, it’s no shock or surprise that Sanchez wants out.The only alarm bells that are ringing are the ones in our transfer activities.

    Oh & there’s some hope in signing Mbappe, one of his relatives have stated that he may consider joining a stepping stone club before he joins one of the Spanish giants. ?? that’s if Wenger doesn’t fork up his progress, if & when he joins Arsenal.

      1. And here’s another Alarm Bell ?? there’s no slacking when it comes Ramsey’s contract extension.

        According to the Daily Mail, the 26-year-old could be about to receive a significant pay rise taking him from a measly £100k-per-week to £160kpw.

        To put this into perspective, Mesut Ozil currently apparently earns around £140kpw. Although, this will skyrocket if he signs a new deal with the club this summer, which would explain why Rambo is getting such an improved contract.

  3. If or when Alexis leaves we need to reserve that jersey 7 for a better player and preferably his WC replacement who I have no idea who that is. It should not be given to another injury prone player we suffered enough under TR7!

    If Ozil wont take up the number 10 shirt then we should also give it to a new recruit rather than it routing in the medical room with Jack.

    The number 9 jersey says it all too. It needs a WC player to wear it come next season.

    So Wenger needs to find WC players to wear jersey 7 / 10 or 11 / and 9. The current crop don’t deserve those.

  4. Pierre-emerick aubameyang is the top in king would not make it at arsenal Bundesliga is very open play league how is he going to score with all the options players inside the box at Borussia Dortmund they player with winger who get behind the defence on put crosses inside the box go on YouTube on look at is gools it he was that good he would not still be playing for Borussia Dortmund at the moment is priced tag is too steep for a player like him

  5. This is a non-story imo. Why would Arsenal go through the trouble of using Sanchez image in a kit launch only to score an own goal with the number? Besides, the official shop website has the right details. What is scary is that the new kit is priced at £100 ( I sh*t you not) and the club (and Puma) look set to continue milking fans while we are yet to see tangible investment (bar Sead) in the squad.

    Sign a damn striker AW!

    1. Don’t buy the kit.
      It’s the same pretty much every year anyhow give or take a tweak.

      The creative geniuses at puma must have spent at least an hour on that for their ££££££££

  6. Alarm Bells. Alexis was always leaving

    the only bells that ring for me are that:

    A. Getting this admin mistake it is indicative of the club
    B. Dannby Welbeck staying and getting the No7 [again indicative of the vision, or lack thereof
    of the club, and loyalty to bang average players]

  7. Why are not after William carvalho? That guy alongside xhaka would be incredible.. Steel control and creativity

    1. doesn’t look as though we are after anyone.
      Wenger thinks the team is strong enough to compete 😉
      Wenger will be our only signing haha

    2. @jamaican-gooner, william carvalho is no different from Xhaka.One is ball winner and other is ballpasser. But both are stagnant. None of moves forward with the ball. one of them needs a proper ball player beside them,like carzola or ramsey, or wilshere or someone esle. Both can’t play toghter except we are playing complete defensive game.

  8. Wenger signs a new contract at the same thing is happening in transfer window. Trust me, this guy will never change when it comes to transfer. He always waits for an opportunity to present itself instead of being active when it comes to top top players. Both Real and Barca said they didn’t need Ozil and Sanchez and thats why he went for them.

  9. I thought the alarm bells would have rung when he signed a two year extension.
    What did people think – that he would suddenly turn 360 degrees and become ambitious and sign top players?
    Nothing will ever change as long as the fans allow him to remain at Arsenal.
    Only the truly ignorant can fail to see that.

    1. Well, a 360 degrees change takes on back to where he was at initially.. that technically means no change. A 180 degrees change on the other hand takes one to the opposite direction 😀 😀 😀

  10. I the leaked kit poster, Sanchez and Ozil where there. In the new poster everyone else is still there but Ozil and Sanchez have been substituted by Bellerin and Nacho.

    1. SOryy my bad, that was another poster with four players missing (Per, Cech, Ozil and Sanchez). Almost exactly the same though wihtotu those players.

  11. You think Wenger and Kroenke are people are willing to let Sanchez go for free next season if he doesn’t sign contract extension. When they see £50m they will sell no matter to who.

  12. Er, in the complete list it showed Welbz as 7 and Alexis as 7 and the error was quickly rectified. The list was there for ordering shirts ffs and they would hardly allow people to buy shirts with the wrong number on.
    Anyway I reported this 3 articles ago.
    Old news or actually fake news.

  13. no surprise he is leaving, that’s expected. We just don’t know where yet. And why is welbz our new No. 7? That’s embarrassing. English players getting preferential treatment again. Wilshere better not be No 10. next season either.

  14. Oh for when shirt numbers showed where you played.
    2-3-5 formation.
    1 Goal Keeper
    2 Right Back
    3 Left back
    4 Right Half
    5 Centre Half
    6 Left Half
    7 Outside Right
    8 Inside Right
    9 Centre Forward
    10 Inside Left
    11 Outside Left
    If I got anything wrong, please correct me.

  15. Just calm down. Arsenal is preparing for reshufling numbers. Waht about Welbeck (7), Sanchez (10) , Wilsher (8) and Ramset (out)? That would be nice, wouldn´t it?

  16. What then if he depart @ didn’t met some players when he arrived at the north london? If he reached some, so, he most surely leave some @ let him go as it seem he so wish

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